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Everyone Esplode Noaw
November 26th, 2010, 9:38 PM
Accurate Description ;)
Our radio show is one of the best on the internet with all kinds of music that everyone loves! Unfortunately, we will not be able to take requests for a few shows, but it won't be long until your favorite songs are up and running. Although we are amateurs in the DJing arts, we will get better in time. But, for now, enjoy the laughs and the news while we aim to please everyone.
Hey, I said it was 'accurate' not unbiased. :)

Normal Schedule

Begins at 5:00 PM Central Standard (-6:00) time every Friday and Saturday.
Nick and Patty intro
Two songs
Anime of the week (Saturday only)
One song
News / Discussion
One song
End message

None currently, but tune in tomorrow for Nick, Patty, and songs galore!

None currently.