View Full Version : AC's GIVEAWAY thread

November 30th, 2004, 4:52 PM
like my banner shop, only i'll post scraps or banners i made that i don't want. (don't worry, i won't put my name on 'em XD but make sure you don't say they're your's) you don't need to give rep, but you need to give credit. This one i made is actually pretty good... or so i think...
EDIT: btw, the background was actually made by me XD i learned a new effect.

November 30th, 2004, 6:51 PM
hey AC then can u make me a avatar?if u do them.it would be the forums max avatar size with a pic of a ninjask in a background like that wolf banner with these initials:LM


November 30th, 2004, 6:54 PM
dude, i have a request thread, this thread's just where i post stuff and you use them XD

November 30th, 2004, 6:55 PM
oh XD sorry..........AC....

December 1st, 2004, 2:57 PM
here's another one... i call it Ecstatic 2... i used a different blend option on the text tho... http://img127.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img127&image=Ecstatic2.png

December 1st, 2004, 3:00 PM
Wow nice banners AC....*waits for a greenish banner* XD's