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December 19th, 2010, 1:16 PM

I wrote that article on the best people to put on an NFL jersey. Thoughts? Who do you think is best?

December 19th, 2010, 5:32 PM
First off I think it is a well constructed list. It is hard to find a greatest player on some franchises like Packers, Steelers, Cowboys. If I were doing it I would probably list a few honorable mentions on each team.

Buccaneers - I have to disagree with Hardy Nickerson above John Lynch. Yes they played different positions but looking at 4 of the major defensive stats John Lynch has more then twice as many tackles 490 to 201, Hardy Nickerson gets heads up on Sacks with 21 to 13, Lynch has Nine more Forced Fumbles then Nickerson 10 to 1, in the Interceptions category John Lynch again has more then twice of what Nickerson has 26 to 24. Pro Bowl wise Lynch has more then Nickerson 9 to 5.

Cowboys - Personally I would rate Roger Staubach above Michael Irvin. Don't get me wrong he was one of the best receivers I have every seen, but I don't rate him above Staubach.

Lions - Honestly Barry Sanders number then on the Lions? 3rd All time in Rushing and he is third rated on the team and the Lions of all teams. Sorry I strongly disagree with this if anything you listed. If you put Sanders on a decent time with decent blocking he would have probably had lesser "injuries" so to speak. And with adequate blocking and less injuries he would have surpasses Emmit Smith hands down. I still rate him above Emmit Smith.

Packers - I have to disagree with Don Huston above Brett Favre. I have a appreciation for the past, but Brett Favre holds all major records for QB's albeit even the bad ones like INT's.

Patriots - Even though Adam Vinatieri is a Kicker he did clinch two Super Bowls for the Pats that is more then I can say about most players on any team ever. Not to mention has been a great Kicker through out his time in the NFL.

Raiders - List needs more Marcus Allen. 10 All Time in Rushing, Super Bowl XVIII MVP.

Rams - Marshall Faulk anyone? 9th All Time Rusher, one of three Running Backs to have at least 12,000 Rushing Yards and 5,000 Receiving Yards, 2 Time MVP in 2000 and 2001, Super Bowl Champion in 2000.

Titans/Oilers - Frank Wycheck honorable mention.

Vikings - Although I like Chris Carter I feel Randy Moss is above him. They are both great receivers in there own right but Randy Moss is slightly ahead imo.

December 19th, 2010, 6:18 PM
Wow, this is pretty great, you definetly know your stuff, my two cents are below.

Broncos: Tbh, I know what Rod Smith did, but he doesn't seem memorable to me, like a Jerry Rice or Steve Largent, I'd put Champ above him, as Bailey was in his prime with the Broncos and was one of the greatest Defensive Backs in their history.
Bucs: Going to agree with the above poster, Lynch>Nickerson
Cardinals: Fitzgerald may be modern, but he plays damn good.
Chargers: I'd give Kellen Winslow an honorable mention there, one of the best TE's of his time.
Dolphins: At least give Griese credit for the super bowls he won.
Cowboys: I do agree, although they have a ton of players worth debating.
Giants: Gifford or Simms would work at No. 3
Lions: Not going to lie, never heard of No. 1
Redskins: While Doug Williams was no Baugh, I still think he should be mentioned.
Seahawks: I'd put Largent above Jones

December 19th, 2010, 7:14 PM
Broncos - Rod Smith was alright but not top tier. Jason Elam needs some love there.

Chargers - I was going to allude to Winslow Sr. but the top 3 is pretty strong. Gates is also a beast.

Dolphins - I think Griese admitted on his own accord he wasn't that great, but it was the team as a whole.