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The Vince Knight
December 1st, 2004, 10:39 PM
Plot: A dragon,Named fodeth,Has risen from the shadows he had risen from before. The evil demon king,Was causing destucrtion until,Ephraim and his sister,Eirik helped stop Fodeth. He banished once again on that day... Until now.... He has come back to haunt Magival... But this time he revived Leon to do the work with him.

You can either be your own charecter or a One in the games. Oh yes if you want to you can be a charecter you can choose.
Example: Sorcerer
If you don't know who Fodeth is you can ask Oni flygon,Digispirit Virus or me.

As usual....
Age: (10-25)
Weapons: (Only E,D,C weapons allowed)
Items: ...
Type of unit and level: (No upgraded yet) (LV1-5)
Rating for weapon: (E,D,C FOR NOW)


Name: Vince
Age: 18
Weapons: Steel Blade(C)25/25 use,Iron sword(E)42/42 use.
Iteam: Vulnery
Affinity: Fire
Type of unit and level: Mercenary lv5.
Rating for weapon: Sword(C)

If you Join the first 3 gety to have upgraded units.(If they want to) But have to be LV1.

December 2nd, 2004, 10:44 AM
Age: 15
Weapons: Iron Bow, Emblem Bow
Items: Vulnerary
Affinity: Dark
Type of unit and level: Archer Level 5
Rating for weapon-C

oni flygon
December 2nd, 2004, 3:44 PM
A Fire Emblem: Seima no Kouseki roleplay...finally...

Name: Katsu
Age: 10
Weapons: Thunder
Items: Vulenary
Affinity: Lightning
Type of unit and level: Trainee Mage 5/0/0
Rating for weapon: C
Appearance: Red hair, head band, mage robes
Tethys and Yuan/Ewan's younger brother and also one of Seraph/Saleh's apprentice. Less of a womanizer than Yuan.

HP: 12/12
Strength: 7
Skill: 8
Speed: 8
Luck: 10
Defense: 2
Resistance: 6
Constitution: 8

The Vince Knight
December 5th, 2004, 3:04 AM
I could of chose light brand but that'd be to evil. XD
And this is a FE8 RP because other people ain't bothering to make one and Oni is sick and tired of FE1-FE7. I think....

December 7th, 2004, 5:42 PM
Um,Ive only played one of the FE games but I did beat it. Unfourtunatly I dont know which.

Name: Aries
Weapons: lightning
Affinity: lightning
Unit and level: Monk level 3
Rating of weapon:C

I cant wait to start!