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Captain Fabio
January 1st, 2011, 12:14 PM
The Heavenly AMV Contest - Public Voting

Ok, so after a few days of taking submissions, the AMV contest will now be open for 1 day of voting.
I would just like to thank everyone who entered and wish their videos good luck.

Choose wisely and here are the videos below.

Username: AshPikastar
Name of Video: Purple Lines
Anime/s used: Pokemon DP
Song used: Purple Lines
Artist: DBSK

Username: Sammyskitty
Name of Video: Aim for the Head - High School of the Dead AMV
Anime/s used: High School of the Dead
Song used: Aim for the Head - Creature Feature

Username: Me2Hack
Name of Video: Prelude to Darkness
Anime/s used: Bleach
Song used: E.S Posthumus: Unstoppable || E.S Posthumus: Indra

Username: Mew~
Name of Video: Pokemon - Hero's come back!
Anime/s used: Pokémon
Song used: Nobody Knows - hero's come back

Username: Destiny Demon
Name of Video: Naruto Girls AMV - Tik Tok
Anime/s used: Naruto
Song Used: Tik Tok by Ke$ha

Username: Rukario
Anime used: Melancholy of haruhi suzumiya
Song used: "I'm on a boat" by Lonely Island
Warning: Rated R or T for strong language.Name of video: I'm on a boat

Username: MEGAS
Name of Video: Pokemon Absol AMV~Falling Inside The Black
Anime/s used: Pokemon
Song used: Skillet - Falling Inside The Black

Username: Akihara
Name of Video: Pokemon-Prelude
Anime/s used: Pokemon/Pokemon Advance/Pokemon DB/Pokemon BW, Pokemon Movie:The Power Of One
Song used: Prelude 12/21
Artist: AFI

Username: Razer302
Name of Video:One Piece AMv - Saving Robin
Anime/s used: One Piece
Song used: Three Days Grace - Someone Who Cares

Username: WildGamer
Name of Video: Ash Vs. Paul - My Way
Anime/s used: Pokemon
Song used: My Way - Limp Bizkit