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January 17th, 2011, 12:40 AM
Now i was wondering since gen 5 kind of mirrors gen 1 in terms of starting fresh, if the 6th gen could be a sequal to B/W like G/S was to R/B/Y. If you think about it pokemon pretty much coverd all the regions in japan.( regions in the game are based off places in japan in case people were unaware) And isshu is based on NY in th states so i doubt the next region(if there is a 6th gen) will be placed near Kanto johto and the rest, i figure it will be near isshu. so i was thinking the region could be conected to isshu and the story takes place some time after B/W so the game will have older versions of characters like N Cheren and Bel and the player of course.

So this thread is to disscuse
1.would you like to see a 6th gen
2.your thoughts on my theory above
3. If there are other regions near isshu
4.The story in the isshu region after B/W and if it should be included in the next gen
5. Ideas based on the hypothetical idea that the 6th gen will mirror the 2nd

Now i know its kinda early to be talking about the next gen, and peolpe are probably wondering why its on this thread. So mods there a several reasons why i think this should stay in this section and not be merged with anything else
1. even tho it talks about 6th gen it also talks about the future of isshu wich is technily related to B/W
2 This thread is to discuss my theory of how the 5th and 6th gen should mirror the 1st and 2nd in terms of the story and conections

January 17th, 2011, 12:47 AM
Even still, this forum is only about discussion about the games we know now, not future games. :(

Speculate everything else you want in a game related to B/W in the third game thread, cause it's waaaay too early to even bother trying to guess what will be in the 6th generation - and even still, it wouldn't belong here, since this forum is only about the Unova/Isshu region and not other places, so...

Wait until a forum for the sixth generation games is made and discuss your thoughts then.