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November 22nd, 2003, 6:56 AM
Okay, well. I have only seen pokemon 2000. 2 and 3. My favorite so far was the second one! I watched the third one last night and it was weird and I didn't like it because I don't like unknown. So what is you favorite pokemon movie? Is there any movies that are good that I should rent? (pokemon movies )

November 22nd, 2003, 7:13 AM
I like the fourth one, the one with the Celebi and Sammy. But my favorite is the second one. The first one is good too, I haven't watched the fifth one yet, so I'm not so sure about it. It seems scary-ish in the commercial though.

November 22nd, 2003, 7:15 AM
Yes, I like the 2nd one the best also! Do u know any I should rent?

November 22nd, 2003, 1:12 PM
I've seen the movies 1-5 and this is my top 5 so far:

1. movie 5 & 3
2. movie 4 & 2
3. movie 1

I haven't seen the 6th movie yet. But from the clips and amv i've seen it looks like a great movie.

November 22nd, 2003, 1:22 PM
Oh, Nice but. I thought that 3 was odd.

November 22nd, 2003, 3:18 PM
My favorites in order

1) 4th movie

2) 5th movie

3) 3rd movie

4) 1st movie

5) 2nd movie

November 22nd, 2003, 3:20 PM
I can see that you didn't like the 2nd one that much. How come?

November 23rd, 2003, 2:44 PM
I can see that you didn't like the 2nd one that much. How come?
I don't like Melody, she interfered AAML in the stupidest way. She KISSED Ash

November 23rd, 2003, 4:03 PM
Ok here is my list:

1)# 5th (i love Latias and Latois. Also i think it has a good story)
2# 3rd (I like all the battling in it. Has a good story)
3# 1st ( like tha battleing, has mewtwo and good story)
4# 2nd( it was ok but no battling and i sisi not like the guy that was trying to get Lugia)
5# 4th ( just a odd movie but liked Celebi)

I have not seen 6th one yet but from what i have seen it mgith become my new 1#

November 23rd, 2003, 4:10 PM
I liked 2 because of lugia!

November 24th, 2003, 3:45 AM
I've only seen upto 4 *mumbles about lousy Miramax releasing 4ever only on video/dvd, and releasing it only last month* But faves is a toughie. If i could join up mewtow strikes back (i.e. Pokemon the 1st movie) with Mewtwo Returns, I'd say they are the best as a whole. Though if it had to be one movie on its own it'd be the 4th ....not quite sure why. All i can say is that i've never cried so much in a movie (and I bearly ever cry anyways let alone in movies). Awww when Ash tries to feed Celebi the berries *sniff* though i loved the twist with Sammy :)

November 24th, 2003, 3:56 AM
I loved the 2nd one whith Lugia and the legendary birds but I also like the 1st one, I never saw Mewtwo Returnes and I never saw the 4th and 5th ones in theater *stupid miramax* but did see the fourth finaly.

November 24th, 2003, 4:23 AM
I knoe. Thatwhy I liked the second movie because of the legndary birds! And I love the snow!

Dark Suicune
November 30th, 2003, 12:41 PM
I like the fourth movie the best 'cause it has Suikun in it.
I was greatly disappointed by the sound of its voice. It sounds hidious! It just doesn't seem right to hear a low voice out of such a beautiful Pokemon.

November 30th, 2003, 1:16 PM
Well. It's a large pokemon. You know!

November 30th, 2003, 1:31 PM
1.2- what can I say? I just liked it a lot!

2.4- kinda cute. It had Suicune in it too!

3.1- If it wasn't for 2000 and 4Ever, this would be my fav. I just thought it was cool. It had a good plot.

4.5- I thought it was kinda cool, but in the end I was a touch confused. I'm not quite sure why.

5.3- It was okay, but it was ... Hmm. Odd? Also, strange.

November 30th, 2003, 1:33 PM
I agree. I never understood the story of the 3rd movie!

December 5th, 2003, 6:33 PM
I agree. I never understood the story of the 3rd movie!

Hey! At least there's someone out ther who agrees with me! Go me! I'm not so weird after all! *does victory dance*

December 6th, 2003, 5:11 AM
No. You not wierd. Pokemon 3 is wierd!

December 9th, 2003, 2:25 PM
No. You not wierd. Pokemon 3 is wierd!

Go me again! Someone doesn't think I am weird! Goodie!

December 9th, 2003, 2:57 PM
Well. Ok! LOL! Can anyone tell me more about pokemon 4?

December 10th, 2003, 10:41 AM
I like them all. I watched the japanese originals. And in comparison with the german dubs (how cruel) the dubbings made no sense to me. The story has changed to much. And if I had to rate them (the originales) I would have to say: No, sir. I couldn't. (I loved the birth of myuutsu and the radio drama)

December 10th, 2003, 1:46 PM
I was wondering. Is pokemon 5 good?

December 10th, 2003, 5:08 PM
Im yet to see 5...*throws a torch at Miramax* well 4 is about young Oak finding Celibi in a forest and this hunter dude wants to get Celebi so it sends itself and Young Oak to the future where Ash is and they meet up and try to stop this Rocket dude who catches Pokemon and turns them evil...somethin like that! :D

December 10th, 2003, 5:15 PM
Sounds really interesting! So. 5 hasn't came out yet or... you just live somewhere they haven't released it...!

December 11th, 2003, 9:42 AM
I haven't seen the 5th movie yet, thanks to Miramax. *runs to plant bombs around the Miramax studio* o.o; But so far, I love all of the others. Pokmon 3 was confusing at first, but I think now that I've watched it several times I can understand it more. As for my favorite.. I liked Pokmon 2000 the best. I dunno why; maybe because everything looked pretty, and I love Lugia and Articuno. ^_^ I really recommend that you atleast rent all of the movies some time.

<EDIT> And I'm pretty sure that the 5th movie is coming out sometime in January.. I want to say the 16th or 18th.

Hiroshi Sotomura
December 11th, 2003, 12:37 PM
The Pokmon 3 Plot also confused me. But since watching it over and over again, the storyline came to me. At my view, it was aimed at an emotional audience. The music made me start crying. The scenes only a small bit made me cry.

December 11th, 2003, 1:25 PM
Oh! I might rent the 4th one! And then I might rent the 5th one when it comes out on dvd!

Hiroshi Sotomura
December 12th, 2003, 4:38 AM
The 4th movie is a poor dub. It misses out on things like emotional or action-style music. And they thought they did better than Warner Bros? Just look at their distribution plan!

December 12th, 2003, 2:06 PM
Oh. Well that stinks. I guess they messed it up! Well I might just rent the second one gain! I love it!

December 12th, 2003, 2:53 PM
@ Sapphire Latios

yukinari isn't young prof. odamaki.

btw i also liked the raikou special. i've searched houndrets of internet sites to get a copy from it. (but its a bad one :'-( )

in my opinion the story of pokemon: kesshoto no teio is a little bit weird because they dubbed it bad. all movie storylines are clear to understand in the originals.

December 12th, 2003, 5:30 PM
Well. Thats what I hate also. I hate when the stories are hard to understand! Like thethird movie! I might rent some pokemon movies these weekend. I hope they are at the video store. I bet you I will get so embarresed when I'm looking for them! Ahh!

December 22nd, 2003, 6:47 AM
I have only seen the first three movies, all in the theatres. I must say that the first was the most boring, second was my favorite, and the third was the most action-packed, but as usual they are all too preachy. I heard the fourth one the horrible, but I don't know about the fifth.

December 22nd, 2003, 8:59 AM
I'm mad. I can't find the videos anywhere. ( well rental stores)