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December 5th, 2004, 5:27 AM
Okay, people, that is my first RPG and I tought I might as well make it interesting lol. There's the background of the story:

Extract from newspaper "Pokemon Journal":
.... cannot find cure for the misterious disease. It has affected people on the other side of the ocean as well. The matter is very serious. There are reports that the virus has spread to the continents of Hoenn, Johto, Kanto, and Orre. The deadly disease does not affect pokemon, but is really hazardous for people. The infected are having difficulty breathing. The symptoms are very serious and since no cure has been found yet, some of the infected are already dead. Thousands of relatives are mourning and are making protests in front of the police stations and hospitals. They are not aware of the fact that they should be under quarantine, because they might as well be infected. The government, however, does not take any precautions. The scientists are working hard to find a cure, but one of the most intelligent researchers who was just a step close to revealing the secret (Name: Dr. Stevenson) is now not among us, because he as everybody else who was infected ...

Extract from Dr. Stevenson's notes:
... the mysterious disease is spreading everywhere. The virus is mutating so fast that we cannot monitor it at all. It affects the human's lungs, and spreads all over his/her body through the blood vessels. It also affects the kidneys and that is why the patients are having great pains. We tried to give them some antibiotics and some herbal medicine extracted from the medical herbs of Lavaridge, but it did not help at all. Now the patients are on morphine, and even so, they still feel the pain. When their kidneys stop functioning properly, they cannot get the proper vitamins from the food and the drinks they consume. Their body is dying slowly and painfully from lack of minerals.
I had an idea to search for cure among pokemon. They might be the only creatures, which could help humanity survive. The legendary pokemon, for which I've read only in fairy tales, are said to have mystical powers that could cure any disease. The one, which could help a lot would be the mysterious Suicune. It could provide an answer with its ability to purify water. That is why I left searching for it and managed to find a sample of that purified water. I tried it on a patient and it worked. Unfortunately I feel the symptoms of the ilness myself. I am afraid I won't live long enough to find the cure. We would need a miracle. If we could travel back in time it would be somehow possible to get rid of the virus, but nothing is sure in this difficult situation ....

That's where you come in. You are a pokemon trainer, whose family is infected with the virus. One member (of your choice) is already dead. On the day of their death, you swear to find a cure for the disease, and to help the other members of your family. You don't know yet, but you are infected as well. (You may choose not to be, but sooner or later, you will meet other people who are, and then become infected no matter you want it or not). You set on a journey to find Suicune, and/or a legendary, who could help you fight the disease. Mentioning that, I hope everybody got the end of the extract of Dr. Stevenson's notes... Time traveller ... Does it ring a bell?

The criteria I'm looking for: We would try to make this RPG smooth and exciting at the same time. I am looking for people who are interested in the plot of the story. They also need to be able to write descriptively and in a lot of detail. I'm sure that in the end it would be better than most fanfics. Whoever is in the RPG, try to develop your character, and think a lot about the fact that you've lost someone very special to you. You can even loose your best friend, if that's what would make you develop your character better. Try to make your character dimensional, by adding emotions, and inner dilemmas. Just stating the actions does not make the RPG look good. That would make the plot more individual, more personal, and in the same time more interesting. I reserve my right to ban anyone from the RP whom I don't find suitable for the purpose.

There's the form you need to fill in:
Lost which member of the family?:
Pokemon: up to 6, no legendaries
Items, which you find indispensable for the quest:

Name: George
Age: 17
Gender: male
Lost which member of the family: his little brother
Infected/Healthy: Infected
Pokemon: Salamence, Tyranitar, Gyarados, Metagross, Gengar, Snorlax
Background: George does not come from a wealthy family. He set on his Pokemon quest when he was 11. One might say that it's too late to start a pokemon journey, but George thought that he needed experience in one particular sphere - relationship with Pokemon. He took his time to study and try to understand pokemon, because he knew that once there was a link between two creatures, nothing could stand in their way. He was very happy when his mother gave birth to his younger brother - Ned. Although he sometimes felt jealous for his mother paying more attention to the youngster, George secretly was happy for having a brother. He knew that one day his little bro would be the one who he could trust most. George became an excellent pokemon trainer, mastering the evolution techniques, and the raising of the pokemon. He also had some skills in breeding, which added a lot of strength to his team of 6 pokemon.
When the disease started spreading all over the world, he had beaten all the elites amongst the pokemon trainers, and was resting at home, preparing for another journey. Watching as everyone around him started feeling worse and worse, he tried to help them in any way he could. It did not work. Watching as his younger brother was dying in his hands one night, George swore that he would find a cure even if the price had to be his own life.
Appearance: George is slim, not very tall. He is a good athlete, although he doesn't practice sports anymore. He wears strange coloured clothes, which always seem to be blending with the surroundings. He has dark blond hair, and blue eyes. His eyes are rather strange because his iris is coloured dark blue, but around it there is a star shaped figure filled with lighter colour.
Personality : After the loss of his brother, who also was his best friend, George kept distance from the other people. Unable to recover from the wound in his soul, he sometimes sobbes at night, when there's nobody around to hear him. He is now lonely, but does not regret that. On the other hand he used to be cheerful and happy. He treated Pokemon as his equals, and one could say that he cared for them more than for his dearest people (except for his brother). Deep in himself he still has hope for recovering from the trauma, and starting a new life afterwards, but that lies too far ahead in time for him to think about. He is able to focus really well, and fights until he either wins or loses.
Items which you find indispensable for the quest: Full restores, mystic water, bicycle, TM/HM case, Full heal, Max revive.

We'll start with the RPG as soon as there are four more people.

Composer of Requiems
December 5th, 2004, 6:29 AM
Muahahahahaha fun!

Name: Nic.W.
Age: Um........ apparently 14
Gender: What do you think?! *checks pants* Male.
Lost which member of the family?: Clone... no, twin.
Infected/Healthy: Infected
Pokemon: Skarmory, Magneton, Metagross, Steelix, Scizor, Forretress. Steelix, Scizor and Metagross are not evolved at the start of RPG.
Background: Community works in an industrial region. They have a long history of working with metals; and this area is supposed to have the best craftmen when it comes to metals.
His twin brother was one of the first in the area to get the disease, when an infected human stumbled into the village. The visitor had died, but Nic's brother had already caught the disease off him. Afraid that it may pass, the commitee had his brother removed and buried underground by a team of Pokemon. It was too late- some others, including Nic, were feeling unwell. Before the others could remove him, he ran away from the village.
Legend has it that their ancestors had mastered their skills through the careful observation of a Steel Golem (*hint*), but lost most of the advanced techniques after the Golem was buried underground by a rival stone-worker village.
Among these lost skills, there was said to be a technique to turn metal into liquid without heating; it began a cure for anything. Sceptical (sp?), Nic decided to search for the buried Pokemon, as it was his last hope.
Gah! Shouldn't you know already?
Oh well... something like this (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v116/ComposerOfRequiems/art/naruto_rpg.jpg)
This is still my fav. art of my normal RPG character.
Personality: In a sense, trusts everyone, but at the same time, doesn't trust anything anyone says unless it is backed up with scientific proof. He's willing to sacrifice anything or anyone for the common good (I.e. own benifit) with the exception of himself or his belongings.
Items, which you find indispensable for the quest: Metal Coat, Magnet, Choice Band, TM case... can't think of anything else at the moment.

December 5th, 2004, 6:55 AM
OOC: Good Job Composer, you're in. I will post extra info about the story when more people join.

December 5th, 2004, 11:20 AM
Name: Akira
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Lost which member of the family?: Younger Sister(Wish I really had one)
Infected/Healthy: Healthy for now
Pokemon: Ninetales, Flygon, Milotic, Togetic, and Stantler.
Background: She was a simple Pokemon trainer from New Bark. Her parents died in a car crash not long after she left on her journey so her sister is alone alot now. She won a few leagues then the disease started to spread around. She was concerned for her sister and returned home. When she got there her sister was fine. She decided to take a break from training and stick around for a bit. Then her sister, Sulia, caught it. She stayed by her side day and night hoping against hope that she would get better. But she got slowly worse. Her time is short and there is nothing Akira can do about it.
Appearance: ocean-blue eyes, dirty-blond hair, always wear a pony tale, navy hat that has the letters PL in yellow on the front(which by the way stands for Pokmon League), a navy T-shirt which also has PL in yellow on the right shoulder, blue jeans, gloves like Ashs but a different color(navy on the hand part and yellow on the wrist), Backpack (Navy with PL in yellow), and a jacket that looks like my shirt that I wear around my waste unless of course its cold out.
Personality: She is a loner by nature. Really the only human she is really friendly towards is her younger sister. They used to do everything together until she left on her Pokemon journey. She is very brave and calm. No matter what happens she will always help a friend in need even if it means making sacrifices, even the ultimate one. When it comes to the matter of her sister, she would risk life and death to make her happy. She hardly ever shows her emotions so its hard to tell how she feels. She only tells those she truly trusts how she feels. And apart from her Pokemon the only one she truly trusts is her sister Sulia.
Items, which you find indispensable for the quest: Rainbow Wing, Pokegear, Pokedex, some Pokeballs(more than one kind), 4 super potions, labtop and basics to that, plus some other basic trainer equipment.

December 5th, 2004, 1:15 PM
OOC: Right, a few interesting ideas here. As the plot suggests, each of the trainers should have an element and try to extract some cure using an element. Example: I am trying to find a cure in the power of purified water by Suicune, that's why I carry Mystic water. Composer of Requiems is searching for cure in any known metal, therefore he has to have Metal Coat (he has chosen his legendary already, so I am not giving it away, find out for yourself). You should be looking for an element that does have an equivalent item, as well as type of legendary.
The RPG is going to start off separately for each one of us. We don't know each other. We are spread throughout the world. May be its a good idea to know which continent you're from, but if I decide I'll include this later.
The thing that unites us is the cure. Only one element has to contain the cure. As creator of this RPG I am going to look at the posts you make and I am going to decide who would find the cure (the others would fail). Then there is another task, which we have to overcome - time. It only just starts to become interesting.

Flygon trainer
December 5th, 2004, 2:19 PM
Name: Eclipse
Age: 13
Lost which member of the family?: Father (not like she really cared)
Infected/Healthy: Infected.
Pokemon: Flygon, Blaziken, Gengar, Alakazam, Vaporeon, Scizor
Background:She set out on her pokemon quest 3 years ago, battling around the world. She returned home upon news that one of her family had fallen sick, though her consern vanished when she found it was her father. Later that evening, she was raped by her father, which is how she became infected. When her father died, she was almost overjoyed.
Eclipse's main quest is to find Deoxys, whom she beleives posesses the knowlage to stop the infection before it fells the rest of her family. She once met Deoxys a long time ago, and she had been kidnapped, but what she doesn't know, is that Deoxys had been not only infatuated with her, but was saving her life.
Currently, she has the police after her because she killed a young boy who had stolen her Flygon.
Appearance: She has raven black hair going to the center of her back, that is wavy, and seems to absorb the light. Her skin is pale, and she wears black clothing, basicly a black sweater, and black jeans. Her eyes are red, and around her neck, she wears a black diamond on a gold necklace.
Personality: She is harsh, unforgiving, and will kill anybody that doesn't consent to her demands
Items, which you find indispensable for the quest: Twisted Spoon, sun rock, and a capsule containing Deoxys DNA.

Dragon Paw
December 5th, 2004, 2:22 PM
Name: Kristen
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Lost which member of the family?: Younger Sister
Infected/Healthy: Healthy
Pokemon: Espeon, Charizard, Sneasel, Flygon, Dragonite, and Salamence
Background: Kristen was a fairly ordinary trainer. She caught Pokemon, battled gyms, and all the other thigns Pokemon Trainers did. but right before she was about to go challenge the Elite Four, Her little sister fell ill. Kristen returned home to watch as her sister slowly died. The rest of Kristen's family is now infected and Kristen hoeps to search for Mew to try and find a cure for Kristen had heard Mew holds a purifying pyscic ability that has to do with transformation.
Appearance: She is 4' 10" and weighs 87 lbs. She has hair that appears black in most cases except when sunlight hits it. Then her hair loosk a reddish brown. She has deep brown eyes that many have commented on how "beautiful" they are.
Personality: She is a bit distant to those she doesn't know but none the less caring. She is normally quiet and mature to those she doesn't know but tsometimes she can act younger then her age and be very playful to those she knows well.
Items, which you find indispensable for the quest: Twisted Spoon, TM Case, Pokeblock Case, and bicycle

December 5th, 2004, 5:52 PM
Name: Logan
Age: 12
Gender: male
Lost which member of the family?: Dad
Infected/Healthy: Healthy
Pokemon: Charmander, Eevee and garados (Magia)
Background: Logan has only been on his adventer for only two years. But he acts like he's been on it for five. He loves the sae very munch. He had herd about the desis but didin't wory. Then he got a call that his dad was dead. The call was from his sister because his mom is also sick. Now he is on a serch to find the grat Mewtwo. Even though he hats Mewtwo he has no cous.
Appearance: Brown hair and green eyes. he wheres a blue shert and pants.
Personality: He won't let anything stop him from finding a cure. He is usuly very kind when he's not detremind. But you don't want to make him angry!
Items, which you find indispensable for the quest: Pokemon translatter (He invented) and an empty bottle.

December 5th, 2004, 5:56 PM
GVG can we start? How many people do we need?

December 5th, 2004, 6:20 PM
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Lost which member of the family?: The girl he loved.
Infected/Healthy: Infected
Pokemon: Quilava, Milotic, Absol, Scizor, Ampharos, Salamance
Background: When Kai set out on a journey when he was ten, With Absol, Natsume, And Her Mareep, He was just happy to be on an adventure, And was Annoyed To be dragged down by a Girl. But hey, He was young and stupid, And thought girls were Icky! As he got older, He started to fall in love with this "Icky" Girl he had wanted to leave behind. Now that she was gone, He swore he would get rid of this Epidemic. He took her Ampharos, To remember her, The pokemon agreed. He did some research, and found Oh-Ho Was the protector of the world! Surely Oh-Ho Would help him, And Maybe even bring back Natsume!
Appearance: Kai Has Messy brown hair, and brown eyes. He Wears Blue jeans, A Black tee shirt, and A Metal cross with Pointed Sides.
Personality: Kai Is very quiet, but wasn't always that way. Before Natsume Died, He was Loud, and cheerful. But now, He is depressed, and Is determined to find the cure for this disease.
Items, which you find indispensable for the quest: Sacred Ash, Picture of Natsume, Berries, Luxury balls, Revives, Pokeball Case, Superpotions, Ultra balls.

Edit: Logmon...Um you might wanna Make it a little mre readable, and lengthen it up...

December 5th, 2004, 7:03 PM
OOC: Kai you've got competition for Ho-oh. Hehe. So can we start now?

Composer of Requiems
December 5th, 2004, 7:42 PM
GVG, how about each person finding a seperate cure, but it can only heal partially, and to remove the disease completely you and your legendary sends everyone back to remove the source?


There are already at least 4 people... I hope you don't mind if I start it off. Everyone should introduce their quest...


Nic was tired. He hadn't slept well for a long time. He didn't dare to sleep, in case he woke up coughing and unable to get up again.
Fresh air. That was what he needed.
He stood up and walked out of the make-shift shelter in the cave. The Magneton standing guard was slightly surprised that he had gotten up, but continued to watch for an angry mob. Magnetons make good watchmen. They don't sleep.

To find the buried Pokemon, he had to dig deeper. The old legend...

Many years ago, this area was a giant quarry filled with ores. Miners would dig for the ores, while workers from the neighbouring village took back the rocks. They existed in harmony until the rock became too thick to work through.
The chieftians came together to discuss a solution. In the end, they build two huge Golems, one of Steel and another of Rock. At first, it was impossible, but new techniques were discovered. Finally, they succeeded and broke through to the precious resources underneath.
However, instead of digging for metal, they had begun to guard the resources. Humans who came to collect their harvest were killed instead. To regain these materials, the golems were taken down by a team of warriors. The golems would not die- but they were sealed off underground with the secrets used to create them.

The liquid metal was supposed to be a vital part of the Steel Golem. It coursed through the veins and brought life. It was said to be a cure for anything, but in fear of misuse, it was buried with the Golem as well.

If the stories were true, then the Golems were buried far away, near the ruins of yet another village. Researchers have tried to unearth them for ages, but had always failed. There was a sheet of rock too thick and solid to be drilled through. At last, they had given up and left it alone. Vegetation now covered the area.

But Nic had seen another old scroll. He found it being sold by a travelling salesman. He did not know what it contained- all the salesman knew was that it was from an old library that was demolished.

As soon as he saw it, Nic bought it off the salesman. He liked old legends, even if they made no sense. But, now that he was sick, he was willing to try anything.

The Golem had to be stuck under the rock layer. But according to the scroll, the key to this rock was hidden in an undersea cavern off Pacifilog (sp?). None of his Pokemon were able to tranverse water, so he needed to find someone to help him.

December 5th, 2004, 8:54 PM
Name: Raven
Lost which member of the family?:Best Friend
Pokemon:Quilava, Taillow, Squitle, Flygon, Eevee

Background: Since losing his best friend, he has turned emotionless. Even his Pokemon sense this change. They once feared him, but he started treating them better. Determined to stop this virus, he searches for Suicune and Ho-Oh, the bringers of life. He wants nothing more than to save his family.

Appearance: He is about 6 feet, and is always wearing the darkest blue clothes. Since his best friend died, he has started wearing hooded clothes, and often shields his face.

Personality: He is an emotionless trainer, with compassion only for his Pokemon and family. He hates this virus and the government for not stopping it sooner.

Items, which you find indispensable for the quest: Amulet given to him by best friend, Suicune data, Rainbow Wing, Master Ball

IC: I was still unable to accept that he was gone. I can't believe it. Now, my entire family, maybe even me, is infected. I MUST cure them! No matter what it takes!
It's been 6 days since I left home, searching for Suicune and Ho-Oh. I've always heard they were the " Bringers of Life" Now, it's time to find out for sure. They shouold be able to help me...at least I hope they can.
What will I do if I can't cure them in time!? I'll be alone, just me and my Pokemon.
All I have to do is find Suicune and Ho-oh. Suicune can give the infected Purified water, and Ho-Oh can revive the dead, as the legends state.
Now, Flygon is nearing me yet again. He went out to search the near city for food.I wonder what he found....

December 6th, 2004, 12:07 PM
OOC: Logmon1, if you want to participate in this RPG, then you'd have to be more detailed. We cannot guess what your character is by giving us so little information. The possible questions which might arouse spontaneously when two characters meet should be included in your little biography. We can't possibly make our way through and search for hidden traits of your character between the lines. It's not convenient if you see what I am getting at.
To all others: I think it would be quite a good idea to start off with introducing your basic feelings. Even if you don't feel sympathetic for the loss of your family, you'd have to include that as well. We want some development of the characters, we aim to make them more versatile, and as detailed as possible. Remember, that when you're reding a book, there would be a separate chapter for the introduction of every single character. Even the characters that don't play major role are introduced along the way. I hope that all of you play a major role in this RPG, so please, for the benefit of all, do the best you can. I won't help you with advice because I don't want to annoy you, but you have to know that I am behind every word you write and I support you. We all are going to take note of what each of us is writing, so have that in mind as well.
To Composer of Requiems: I made only one element to contain the cure for two reasons:
1. To make you aim at the top of your abilities, so that you could be the one who finds it and ...
2. Look at the reason above :P Plus, it makes it more interesting.

IC: George moaned in his dream. Something was chasing him... He had to get away ... He was running. His brother was behind him, trying to follow. He could hear the footsteps, he could feel the breath of the creature on his bare skin. With every breath he took, his lungs burned with pain. He tried to accelerate. Ned suddenly tripped and fell. "George," his brother cried ," h-help me!" George looked back while running and saw Ned in a hopeless attempt to try and get up. George took a sharp turn and headed straight for his brother. "Hold on, Ned, I am coming!" yelled George with fear in his voice. The trunks of the trees and the short bushes were hiding Ned from George's vigilant gaze. Not hearing Ned's answer George stopped and listened. The silence was overwhelming. "Ned!" called George, his voice trembling. "Ned, are you still there?"
No answer.
Suddenly a galloping shadow rushed from behind and leaped towards George instantly covering every bit he could see.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" George woke up screaming. It was his fault. His brother had not survived and it was all his fault. He felt awfully guilty. Quietly through the tears streaming down his face, he mumbled "I could still save him." It sounded as if he searched for a reason to feel innocent. There was not such a reason.
The only hope left was to find the cure. He turned to the side, took his backpack, and searched for the Mystic Water. He took the luminiscent bottle out and lifted it towards the clear sky. The moonlight reflected in it and made it seem illusory. The transparent liquid was gathering all the light of the stars as if expanding the sky and shrinking it in the same time.
"I know you hide the answer," the boy uttered quietly. Still not quite recovered from the nightmare, he stayed up all night, looking the stars in the tranquil silence.

December 6th, 2004, 2:09 PM
Akira was sleeping beside her sisters bed. Nothing could possibly make her leave. She muttered somethign in her sleep that sounded like, "Please Sulia, stay with us." Suddenly her sister started to cough. The first one wasn't bad but it got worse. Akira sat up. "Sulia?" She whispered. She crawled over to her sister and felt her forhead. As soon as her hand touched her head she recoiled. "Sulia!" She cried leaping to her feet.

"Sister?" Gasped Sulia. "Akira what's wrong? Akira...you're..you're crying."

Akira whiped her eyes and didn't answer. "Just rest." She comanded.

"But you never cry. Never. Why?"

"I just have something in my eye. Thats all."

"Am I really that sick?"

"Of course not. You're going to be alright. I promise. I'm here to look after you."

"Promise you won't leave me."

Akira took her sisters hand. "I promise."

Dragon Paw
December 6th, 2004, 2:12 PM
Kristen gazed at the stars throguh her bedroom window. She found them very pretty and comforted her a bit through this ordeal. Kristen had just arrived home in time to hear her little sister was dying and not just 'simply sick' as Kristen had heard before returning home. An hour later after Kristen arrived she died. Kristen hadn't been particularily upset over this. Mainly becasue she absolutely hated little children. She had really only come back to please her parents. But what struck her the most was finding out her brother and other slightly younger sister were infected. Kristen loved both of them dearly. Particularily her brother. Back before she had started on her Pokemon adventure, they had always done everything together. A tear rolled down Kristen's cheek.

Kristen held up what looked like a spoon that was twisted up. 'I'll find you Mew...' thought Kristen as she sat the spoon down beside her on the nightstand. Kristen turned her gaze back out the window and at the stars before pulling the pink blankets on her bed over her. Kristen closed her eyes. 'I'm coming Mew...' she thought as she drifted off to a dreamless sleep.

December 6th, 2004, 5:55 PM
Kai Looked at the limp Corpse in the casket in front of him. "Natsume..." He muttered sadly to himself. Later, After the funeral was over, He bent down next to the body and Asked it, not expecting an answer "Why did you die? You never asked me! Your pokemon need you... I need you..."A tear fell from Kai's eye. The next day Kai left, And set out on a journey to find Ho-Oh to stop the epidemic, and Maybe Bring back Natsume...

December 6th, 2004, 6:03 PM
OOC:Ok I'll edit it now. Then I'll post when you reply. Ok?

Flygon trainer
December 6th, 2004, 6:05 PM
I woke up with a scream, bringing my mother running. I had been dreaming of horrid deaths for my parents, again. I had been this way since my father died. "honey, are you-" my mother started.

"I'm fine. I'm leaving." i said, pulling on my jacket. "I'm going to find Deoxys. After existing in space for who knows how long, he should be able to stop this." and without looking at my parents, I grabbed my pokeballs, and ran for the door. My Flygon awaited me outside. I hopped on his back, and took off, ignoring the pleas of my mother. I had to stop this, and now.

Composer of Requiems
December 6th, 2004, 10:31 PM
OOC: Ahh ic, ok ^^
He had fallen asleep without realising.
These few days have had their effect on his well being. When he took his glasses off, the dark rings encompassing his eyes were clearly visable.
He glanced around furatively. Although he knew that his fellow villagers, no, those who used to be his fellow villagers, would not care about him anymore, now that he had left the village, he just could not put himself at ease.
There was always this sense of guilt following him like a malignant phantom. He had deserted his village. He was bringing the disease with him, risking the lives of all he met. He stayed away from people, not just for his own safety, but their safety. Not that there were many people who would be at risk- they were already sick.
Why did he care about them? They had betrayed him, stolen his brother from him, and would have caused him to vanish mysteriously, had he not chosen to do so by a safeter way before they could ambush him. But, for their sake, for everyone's sake, he had to find a cure.

Nic was nearing the port. Up to now, he had been worried about finding a way to tranverse the ocean. But there was no one in sight. It would be so easy just to take a boat. But that was stealing, wasn't it? Even if he intended to return after he was done with it. Even if he was not caught red-handed, the guilt would stay with him.

There was someone behind him in the docks. Only one person.
His Pokeball was already in his hand. His fingers moved over the pattern of grooves on the top. It was Forretress.
The weight of the Skarmory feather tucked into his belt was reassuring. People always expect Pokemon to defend their masters, but very few people expect the master to stab. He held it with one hand as he moved towards the doorway.

What was he doing!? He was going to attack someone he had never seen before, and take off with his boat! He hastily pocketed the makeshift dagger and walked up to the stranger.

December 7th, 2004, 10:48 AM
Logmon1: I really don't want to sound mean or to disappoint you in any way. But you make way too much spelling mistakes. Sometimes I have difficulty understanding what you write, because I don't know what you meant to write. I am still working on telepathy, but I am not very good at it right now, so you either have to correct most of your spelling mistakes in the post (and promise you won't make so many in the future) or you'll have to stop posting in this thread. I am sorry for being so didactic and pedantic, but I really want to make this RPG look good.
To those looking for Ho-Oh: Okay, it's really good that we have people who are looking for a common cure. That would certainly be a new storyline in the RPG. All of you have two obvious choices: To unite and help each other in the finding of Ho-Oh, or each of you trying to find it individually relying only on his/her own abilities. That is up to each of you. Either way it's fine because all of those who look for Ho-Oh would meet earlier than the others. Although it does not mean that you'll meet in the next post. Aim to meet once everybody makes 3 posts from now. I will read through your posts and determine the setting of your meeting. By setting I mean the background, not the actual establishment. Otherwise it would be confusing. For example if you meet somewhere in the see, you can't throw stones, this sort of stuff. It would make it more clear for you I hope and the reader as well.
To all who chose psychic legend/twisted spoon: I've got a really good idea about what you actually are looking for. But first I'd like to hear your ideas about the matter. What is going to be your cure? PM me about it if you don't want to spoil the story. Actually it would be better if you PM. That's all for now.

IC: The playful sunlight of the next morning found George's face as it were hours ago. He hadn't moved, his eyes still fixed on the eastern horizon. He was waiting patiently for the sunrise. The rays touched his cheeks making them pink from the warmth, and continued down his bare neck. They brought life in his very skin. His eyes reflected shining blue. It was so unbelievably wonderful. After those dreadful nightmares, George couldn't even think of going to sleep again. He spent his time thinking about the good moments he had had with his brother. They were not a whole lot, but they were as precious to him, as anything related to his brother could be. He knew that they were sacred, and were the only motivation he had left to start his quest. He knew it was going to be an exhausting journey for both body and soul but he left home with the clear consciousness that he wanted to do it.
The sunrise had awoken the other inhabbitants of this deserted place. Birds were quietly singing, accomanied sometimes by the loud uncertain peck of a Fearow. It was time to get going. George packed up all his belongings, took his bycicle, which was by the way a present from his brother, and started riding down the hill. The weather did not suggest anything related to shelter or food, so he decided that he would travel as much as he could this day, slowly shortening the distance to Ecruteak city.
From what he heard it must be a beautiful city, Ecruteak. Especially when it had to offer such attractive sites as the Burned Tower. He loved to visit ancient places, ruined by nature or civilization. Everytime he went to such a relic, he learned new and useful information about himself. This time, he thought, it was not going to be different. He pedalled the bicycle hard, wishing to reach Ecruteak as fast as possible.

December 7th, 2004, 2:13 PM
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December 7th, 2004, 6:11 PM
Akira was fixing some herbal tea. She figured it would help her sisters pain. She walked over to Sulia's bed and offered her the cup. "Here ya go Aquirt. This should make you feel better in know time." She nelt beside her bed and offered the cup again. Her sister made no move to take it. Her breathing was very shallow. "Sulia?" akira's voice was begining to shake. She looked into her sisters eyes. What she saw made her drop the cup. Her eyes were bright and cloudy. She was at deaths door. "Sulia!" She cried. She grabbed her sisters hand tightly. "Please Sulia please." She begged.

Her sister gripped her hand. "You knew all along. I know you did. You never could fool me." Her voice was faint and fading.

"No don't talk like that. You'll get better. You will." Tears were now streaming down Akira's face.

"We both know thats a lie." She took a rasping breath. Every word she spoke cost her a great effort. "Promise me something Akira."

Akira knew er sisters time had come. "What?"

"Promise me that you'll stop this disease before it takes more lives." She muttered. Her eyes glazed. "Promise me."

Akira gripped her sisters hand so tightly she could her sisters bones creak. "I promise." Sulia suddenly shuddered. Her musslestight. She gripped Akira's hand with equil force.

"Thank you. Akira you were and always will be my best friend along with my only sister. And I love you with all my heart. Don't forget me ok." She tried to smile. Her eyes became more glazed. "And don't forget...you...pro...mis..ed." Her eyes became blank and unseeing. Her grip slackened.

Akira sat beside her sisters bed. Tears were streaming like rain from her eyes. But her pain was far beyond tears. "Sulia." She begged her voice quavering. "Sulia don't die on me. Please." There was no answer. "Sulia." Akira buried her face in the blanckets. She was crying hard. At last she stood up and said, "I swear on my life that I will not fail. I will find a cure to this disease even if it means losing my life. I swear it Sulia. I swear it." She buried her sister under her favorite tree then packed everything she would need realesed her Flygon and left. "I will not fail." She repeated. "And I will not return until I fulfill my promise. I swear it on my life Sulia. I swear it on my life."

Dragon Paw
December 8th, 2004, 10:24 AM
Kristen awoke the next morning to have the sun in her eyes from her window which faced east. kristen quickly put a hand up to her eyes to shield them. She got up and then stretched for a few moments. She quickly got out of bed and got dressed. She then picked up her back pack which contained her pokemon which sat on a golden chair on the side of her bed. She also picked up the Twisted Spoon. She put it on her back and walked out of her room. She came to a hall. She walked down the hall. Right before the last door at the end of the hall which led outside, Kristen looked at a door leading off to her left. She could hear coughing coming from it. It was the room her brother and sister were in.

Kristen almost broke down sobbing as painful emotions surfaced inside her. She was very sad about their infection and also mad at the disease. Kristen knew she shouldn't be just standing around now of all times. She opened the door beside her and stepped outside. Her bike was parked in the driveway of her home in Viridian City. She lived on the outskirts of town. As she hopped onto her bicycle and took off down the road towards the Viridian Forest.

Flygon trainer
December 8th, 2004, 1:17 PM
I hovered atop Flygon for a moment, when I realised I had no particular destination in mind. I had to either figure out a way to get into Space, or get Deoxys to come down. Well, a way to get him to come down, I decided, was to awaken it's worse enemy, Rayquaza. And to do that, I had to awaken Kyogre or Groudon. My mission decided, I ordered Flygon into a spiraling decent into the clouds below, into Mt. Prye.

Once I landed, I looked around, finding the alter holding the orbs. i heard a yell behind me as the old man and woman came after me, and i plucked the Red Orb from it's shrine, hopped onto Flygon, and sped into the air. I could sence the Red Orb's power, and I hoped that there wouldn't be anyone that knew what I had chosen to do...

Composer of Requiems
December 8th, 2004, 7:45 PM
Nic walked over.
-I need a boat urgently. Please, I have to rent a boat.

The man thought about it, for an unnaturally long time, it seemed. Nic tried to anylise his features, but his face was hidden in the shadows. At last, the man spoke.

The boat was really too expensive. But, what did money matter now? He was going to die anyway. The boat was a pathetic excuse for a craft. The only good thing about it was that it wasn't leaking. No motor, no shade, just pushing off with oars under the blistering sun.
He begun to wish that the weather would change. His fever seemed to be getting worse- he needed a cure, soon.
The small ocean town didn't seem to be any closer.

The clouds that crossed the sky provided slight relief. Very soon, it started to drizzle. The rain just got worse and worse. The thunderstorm was bad. Nic was soaked. The boat was really too expensive, for such a lousy piece of work. He paddled on.

Without realising, he fell asleep as the rain pattered on the wooden boards.

December 9th, 2004, 9:20 AM
OOC: Whoa, Flygon_Trainer, you've got a whole lot of legendaries to deal with Lol. Everything is fine, as long as you fit it in the plot somehow without blowing up the planet. I think you could find a better solution in the PM I sent you. Awaking both Groudon and Kyogre could potentially cause massive disaster.

IC: The eyes of George were filled with tears from the streaming air. He pedalled faster and faster wanting to reach Ecruteak as fast as possible. The scenery in front of his eyes was changing rapidly as he was leaving clouds of dust behind the rear wheel of the bicycle. He suddenly braked leaving a long trace on the road. Something weird had attracted his attention. Although he followed the labels very carefully, he should have been in Ecruteak half an hour ago. He couldn't see the labels anymore. Could it be that he had taken the wrong route? Not yet dismounting his bicycle, he looked around. On the two sides of the road there were trees and grass, but nothing was indicating civilization. He looked up searching for smoke in the sky, or at least something that could tell him where he was. There was nothing. Only a few pidgeys flew past with loud sqawking as if they were mad at something. "What?!" George angrily asked a rhetorical question looking as the pidgeys were getting smaller and smaller in the distance.
"Great, I think I'm lost" whispered the boy to himself, and continued along the road. He was planning to go back if there was still nothing after 15 more minutes.
Turn after turn, the road was seeming to lead nowhere, and was becoming narrower and narrower. Just when he was about to prepare to go back, the last turn revealed a tiny little hut hidden among the trees. George had already noticed that the route was getting darker and daker, as the forest's trees grew thicker. They were beginning to enclose the route up to the point where he found himself staring confusedly in the little hut. Seeing no further possibility to continue, George mounted his bicycle again, and was about to cycle back when he was interrupted by a vigorous female voice: "Wait!"
"Huh?" the boy turned around to see who was calling him. An old lady in her sixties was standing impatiently on the door of the hut. She weared a green dress, complemented by a whitish-yellow hat. The hat seemed very ancient due to its countless stiches and its fading colour. Strangely enough, the lady spoke with the voice of a young woman: "Don't be afraid boy, just come in. Are you lost?" she asked soothingly.
George was confused and did not know what to answer. Time was flying fast and the sun was almost beginning to set, so he thought he might be better in the company of the old lady for the evening. "Um ... yeah ... I think so ... " he replied uncertainly.
"It's getting close to dark now, why don't you leave your bicycle in my garden, and come inside?" the lady proposed still not making a step outside the safe boundaries of the door.
"Okay ... I will just stay for the evening, however. I am not going to stay during the night, I have a long way to go." he said reluctantly as he was leaving his bicycle in the garden.
"No problem, my dear, just rest, and you can go whenever you want to" the old lady grinned and disappeared inside the hut.
George sighed and stepped inside. She could have some information about what he was looking for, he thought full of hope.

Flygon trainer
December 9th, 2004, 9:30 AM
OOC: that's the point. We've got to bring the charecters together soon, or this RP will die, and kyogre or groudon awakening and causing chaos will do the job.

IC: It was a long flight, I had to admit that much. And it was getting late. I had to stop soon. I knew that there was not time for adventuring tonight. Flygon gave a loud yawn, as she spiraled down, landing at Lilycove, on the top of the department store. I returned Flygon to it's pokeball, and settled down to rest for the night. Above, in space, beyond human technology's ability to see, the object of my quest watched me.

December 9th, 2004, 2:17 PM
OOC: It's not the point of this RPG to bring the characters together if you know what I mean. They are searching for something that does not need a union. It is very personal, very private. They have lost a loved person, and they are experiencing a great loss. We don't want so much action in this RPG, we want human feelings and emotions. Would your character expose so many people to danger? Would she risk the live of the ones she's trying to save by finding the cure? It's something worth reflecting over. We have to represent, each one of us, the feelings they cannot get past. We have make a self portrait of the character, and then do what's required. The better you know your character, the more interesting it gets. It may not be like the other RPG's, but that's what I'm trying to create. Do not emphasize on action. Stress more on description, individuality, originality, concept, and themes. That's what a real writer does. By playing this RPG you improve your writing a lot. Don't you want to improve your thinking as well?

IC: George was trying to imagine the hut through the eyes of his little brother. "It is so magical" he would exclaim. Then he would whirl around and explore every tiny bit of the hut until he finds the perfect place to hide. "Find me if you can, George" his voice would sound somewhere from the hut while George would try to pretend he doesn't know where his wee bro was hiding. "I seriously don't know where you are, Ned," George would say with a mischievous note, "and I will definitely give up becase you're so good at hiding. I bet I wouldn't be able to find you even if I searched for a thousand years."
"Young lad, now tell me what are you staring at?" the kind voice of the old lady tore the melancholic dream to pieces. His blank gaze was fixed into the wall and had not moved since he entered. He had just frozen still when he'd imagined that his brother was still alive.
"A thousand years," he thought, "how right am I to think that I will find you never again, Ned? Is that what you'd congratulate me for? For being pessimistic?" he smiled bitterly.
"I'm sorry, young man, can I help you with anything?" the lady was beginning to worry. There was something strange about this boy - the way he looked, the way he acted, the way he spoke.
"No, everything's okay. I just ... was too ... busy looking around your wonderful hut, that's all." George muttered as he couldn't think of a better excuse. "You've arranged the hut perfectly" he quickly added making it sound more trustworthy.
"Thank you" gratefully replied the old lady. "My name is Evelin. Come and sit by the table. I've made some pancakes just before you arrived. You can have some if you want."
"No, thanks, I'm not hungry right now," George lied. He was ashamed of what he was doing but he really did not want to be involved in a sweet conversation and forget the questions he had to ask. "Do you know anything about a legendary Pokemon, named Suicune?" George decided that it's time to get straight to business.
"Ah ... Suicune ..." the old lady whispered with a strange gleam in her eyes.

Composer of Requiems
December 9th, 2004, 8:04 PM
Nic woke up.
The boat felt unnaturally soft. He sat up in the bed.
Where did the bed come from?

He was no longer in the boat. He was in a room. Alone.

Someone came in.

Nic was no longer in the room. The curtains fluttered through the wooden windows, framing the ocean glittering in the sunlight.

So...bright.... and the last time he saw it, it was such a dismal, gloomy place. The weather changed so abruptly.

He couldn't risk anyone's life. This settlement was isolated, no one came here. He heard that this was one of the last places not infected.

All his belongings were with him. And his boat?

Amid the glittering waves, there was a dark, boat-shaped thing. Broken in two.

-I'm very sorry... but I have to clear out the disease...

Hopefully, the only affected area was that house. They were all isolated.

He lit a match and dropped it on the bed. Then, he took out his Skarmory.
It shouldn't be too far to the ruins. Short enough to fly there.

December 9th, 2004, 8:26 PM
Akira's eyes closed. Flygon slowed to make shere she wouldn't fall. He was used to her sleeping whilst flying. She dreamed about Sulia and about the disease. She saw Ho-oh fly over to her and something landed in front of her before he vanished. Akira opened her eyes and began to search in her backpack. She found the Rainbow Wing as it was called. it had been a gift from Ho-oh that she had recieved so long ago. That was it. Who else could cure this disease? Ho-oh! "Then I'll find Ho-oh. And put an end to this once and for all." They flew on.

December 10th, 2004, 5:55 AM
Kai walked... Somewhere Aimlessly. "Where Am I? I'm so lost" He muttered sitting down. I hate this Stupid disease, And I have No CLUE where I am" He said to himself angrily. "Could This get ANY worse" Kai Stood up, And looked to his left. Standing there was Three Bandits with knives "Oh great..."

Dragon Paw
December 10th, 2004, 6:01 AM
Kristen was soon in the Viridian forest. It then struck her that she had no idea where to find Mew. "Where can I find Mew?" she said to herself as she rode her bike through the twists of turns of the maze-like forest. After a few hours, she came out of the forest and into Pewter City. Then Kristen had an idea. She had heard of a cave just by Cerulean. She'd head for there, she decided.

She rode through Pewter City slowly while re-living memories of her brother and sisters. Now she couldn't help but be a little sad for the passing of her littlest sister... Kristen sighed as tears rolled down her cheeks. She sped up through Pewter City so no one would notice she was crying...

Composer of Requiems
December 10th, 2004, 8:46 PM
The waters below were in turmoil. It was too dangerous to land now. Nic had to make sure he would not fall off.
At least it was no longer raining. He begun to wish that he had taken some food.
When was the last time he had food?

He managed to find some emergency rations in one of his many pockets. This could count as an emergency, so he ate it, sharing some of it with his Skarmory.

The rushing waters seemed endless. If they fell, it would be too easy to drown. Even if they didn't drown, the rocks... he didn't want to end up as mangled fragments on a rock. But Skarmory was getting tired.

Another Pokeball. Scyther.

Nic let the Pokeball fall to the ocean. It opened to release a large, green bug. Although it would not have as much stamina as Skarmory, it was enough to give Skarmory time to rest. Nic fell backwards, landing on Scyther as Skarmory returned to the Pokeball.

Closer to the water, he could see beneath the surface. Then, he saw the small ring of rocks. They could rest there.

December 11th, 2004, 6:05 AM
Akira was jerked out of dream world by a vilant strike of lightning and a load crack of thunder. "Great." She muttered. "Theres a storm rolling in. Bteer fly lower." She tapped her Flygon and they started to fly lower. She could see a lake below. Not where she wanted to be with lightning striking so close. "Look theres some trees over there. We can take shelter." They moved closer but a sudden unexpected gust of wind caught them off guard and through Flygon off balance. Akira slipped and fell into the lake. She came back up coughing. "Just what I wanted." She grumbled as the rain started. "To go swiming in the rain." She climbed out of the water and called Flygon. "No point in flying any more." She said as the wind picked up. "To dangerous." She recalled Flygon and moved into the shelter of the trees. Evntaully she found a small cave and went inside to rest.