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January 31st, 2011, 6:56 PM
The Official Nuzlocke Challenge
The Nuzlocke challenge is one of the funnest, emotional, and most rewarding ways to play a Pokemon game.

Here are the all-important RULES:

1. If a Pokemon Faints, its dead, release it.
2. No Healing Outside of battle (optional)
3. You can only catch/recieve one Pokemon in each Area. A town is one area, a route is one area, a cave is one area, etc. Should you fail to catch a Pokemon for any reason (other than game corruption) than too bad.
4. You must nickname all of your Pokemon (optional, but highly reccomended)
5. No catching legendaries.
6. Trading is disallowed, but the reasons following this clause are allowed. Egg trading is okay, same thing with Pokemon that can't have eggs. (optional) Trading simply for the purpose of evolution is perfectly OK.
7. Change the battle style to SET. (optional)
8. Make Comics whenever something amazing happens. (optional, but still reccomended :I)
Have Fun and take on the Nuzlocke Challenge!

The rules in bold are the only ones that are required, the others are simply commonly used, or for fun.


Champions: Myrrhman, Vaporeon7, AustInsane, edwardo999


Champions: Gogoshinydunsparce


Champions: Dark Sceptile, Sammuthegreat, Mondays Suck, Myrrhman, Hawkfire-The-Cat, Zaroas


Champions: DefiningTheDecade, SeventySeven, Sammuthegreat


Champions: Diablerie, Necroflame, Rews11, Karpman, Sammuthegreat


Champions: Vaporeon7


Champions: Zaroas

Champions: Chaos1011 (Moemon Fire Red Omega)


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For more info, here's nuzlocke's official site: http://www.nuzlocke.com/?page_id=2 (comics contain suggestive language)

January 31st, 2011, 8:02 PM
are these really all the people that have completed the nuzlocke challenge? That doesn't seem right...

January 31st, 2011, 8:08 PM
I honestly haven't had the time to update every champion.
If anyone who has completed the challenge and isn't on the Original Post, please VM me and
I apologize for this.

January 31st, 2011, 8:13 PM
Rofl, I was like "that's odd, I can't believe this challenge is so popular and so few people have finished it. It must be a lot harder than I give it credit to being.

January 31st, 2011, 9:00 PM
Pokémon Emerald Nuzlocke
Chapter 3: The only chapter which is truly shocking. BAHAHA!

Well, as I had just finished defeating Brawly, I thoguht to myself as any other trainer would "hey, let's go into that cave over there". So thats what I did. I don't know why I had to go through there, but I did. Upon arriving at the cave I found someone so giving and caring, you could even call them amish, but for now, we'll call him a hiker.

(It's good to know some people still have morals.)

I was training throughout the cave, and finally found a Sableye after much searching and named him OhMahGawd. I don't know why they have to be so elusive on me, but they were. Anywho I was still training and Lucyy II evolved.

http://i247.photobucket.com/albums/gg145/neo_bnichols/PokemonEmerald19.png http://i247.photobucket.com/albums/gg145/neo_bnichols/PokemonEmerald20.png
(About time I had another evolution. >.<)

So I kept traversing through the cave and I had no idea why I was doing this. There was absolutely no reason for me to randomly traverse through a cave, and then I found Steven. I gave him the letter, and some other crap happened and he needed to rush off somewhere.

(There's no rush Steven. Let me make you a sammich before you leave first.)

I left the cave with this conveniently placed Escape Rope I found earlier, despite not even using it, and went off to the next area, also known as Slateport City. There was a big rush of Team Aqua members here waiting to get into the museum of botany and other things like boats. You can obviously tell they're bored waiting. n_n

(Sorry, bro. Using an emulator.)

After talking to some important people, they got let in, and I got a TM from one of them for trolling him or something (I wasn't paying attention). I went upwards to see Captain Stern and some Team Aqua grunts followed me, so I had no other choice but to beat them all myself with no help from anyone. I then met their leader, who is either a pirate, or has a sea fetish. :/

(What about the ocean?)

After going through all that crap with Team Aqua, and finally getting some peace around here, I thought it would be a good time to forge onward towards Mauville City. Route 110 came along, and I found an Oddish, which has been named Bag O'Weed. There were some trainers and a Trick House there which I used to train everyone, especially Fun Cool, who managed to evolve after a lot of grinding.

(About fricken time. :D)

And Brendan just so happened to be there and he pretty much forced me into a battle. I can gladly say Lucyy II solo'd him quite easily.

(Yes I know, you don't need to keep pointing it out.)

And to keep in with the spirit of Brendan, I just had to add some sort of sexual slur into the update. :P

(Root. ROOT!)

So I finished the Route 110 and you know, grinded some more until I finally got to Mauville City, the home of gambling, free bikes and simply shocking people (pun intended). I went to the route on the right of Mauville to battle some of those trainers, which was really easy, and then went to battle Wally, whom was easy work for Sydian.

(Yes Wally. Yes you did.)

I also discovered that near the place there is a Day Care center, so I shoved Inferno and Bag O'Weed in there together so they can make beautiful screeching, high babies together or something. I travelled over to Verdanturf Town, battling all the trainers on the way there and then finally meeting Wally at his house. That was really boring and instead went over to the gym to battle the trainers there as well as the shockingly skilled Wattson. Unfortunately Fun Cool had passed away at this stage due to critical hits from all the super effective electric attacks, but it's not the end of the world yet. Wattson was a tough old bugger and did take a while to take down. Sydian proved well here with Screech and overcoming Paralysis with Quick Attack, and finally took him down all on her own. I earnt myself the badge and the Shock Wave TM.


Badges Obtained:
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/thumb/6/63/Stone_Badge.png/30px-Stone_Badge.png http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/thumb/9/97/Knuckle_Badge.png/30px-Knuckle_Badge.png http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/thumb/3/34/Dynamo_Badge.png/30px-Dynamo_Badge.png

Pokémon which are still alive:
Sydian ♀ Lv. 26
Brave Nature
- Pursuit
- Screech
- Absorb
- Quick Attack

OhMahGawd ♂ Lv. 26
Gentle Nature
Keen Eye
- Fury Swipes
- Fake Out
- Night Shade
- Detect

Lucyy II ♀ Lv. 22
Timid Nature
Huge Power
- Tackle
- Rollout
- Tail Whip
- Water Gun

The boxed/day cared:
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/4/48/Ani293MS.png http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/d/d2/Ani043MS.png http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/b/b4/Ani292MS.png

The deceased:
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani261.gif http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani280.gif http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani268.gif http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani263.gif http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/e/e4/Ani276MS.png http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/3/39/Ani291MS.png

January 31st, 2011, 9:49 PM
I new thread I see ^^
I'm also suprized at how few champions there is, I suppose I'm a grinding machine (on my current HG run I had level 45's when I first got to Cinnawood) Back to topic though: so people don't have to go browing through the old thread to read my story I'm going to post my chapters in this post (hopefully I can fit them plus the new one, yes, I can O_O) I'm doing a Platnium Nuzlocke with nicknaming (after a word in the sentence of the song I'm listening to), dead if fainted, only pokecenter healing (using LIMITED full restore's out of battle in E4), first poke in each route, and I'm adding my rule of not using the boxes, if I catch a pokemon I have to use it in my team. Whiting out=game over.


“And Professor Rowan has recently returned to Sandgem town...”
‘What the hell am I doing watching TV and only wearing a coat-thingy in a world populated by potential weapons of mass destruction? I’m out of here to find some clothes and world domination.’
Shame (A word in the song I was playing) turned off the TV and walked down the stairs. She looked like your average pre-teen brain-dead zombie prep girl, with black hair, a pink coat-thingy, and a face that reeked of not-very-amused-ness.
‘At least I have a badass scarf...’ She consoled herself, to no avail.
‘Hi sweetie! How are you feeling?’ her Mum called out, from the kitchen of course.
‘Oi, narrator, stop making over-used sexist jokes, you’re a woman you know too! I’m feeling very-not-amused, mother.’
‘Aww, that’s so lovely! Your friend, Fair (word in the song I was playing) was looking for you. Something about being extremely reckless and running into tall grass to catch Pokémon.’
‘Yay I suppose...’
Shame walked off to route 201, and saw her friend Fair waiting there. He was blond, and matched the stereotype of being incredibly stupid. He a nice scarf though, so it didn’t really matter.
‘Hi there! You saw that Rowan guy on the TV rite-’
‘Did you just speak text speak?’
‘-we’re going to run from tall grass really quickly, so we don’t get mauled to death!’
‘Well, whatever floats your boat I suppose...’
‘Okay! One...’ Fair pulled back, and went into sprint position, ‘two...’
‘HOLD IT!’ A loud voice shouted out, and temporarily broke time itself.
Once time had recovered, Shame saw an old guy stand behind them.
‘Hey Shame, isn’t that Professor Rowan?’ Fair asked her.
‘Indeed it is mere mortal.’
He looked at both of them, and READ THEIR PUNY MINDS *Duuun duuun duuuuuuun! *
‘Well it’s obvious you want Pokémon, isn’t that right?
They both nodded.
World domination here I come! Shame thought in evil delight.
‘Tell me, do you both love Pokémon?’
‘That could be interpreted soooooo wrongly’, Shame pointed out.
Rowan blushed a little, ‘Oh my, I never thought of it like that at all. At least one of you has brains... Not sure about maturity, but brains at least... Man servant!’
He looked over his shoulder at a scrawny nobody who had appeared out of nowhere.
‘Yes..?’ the scrawny nobody asked.
‘Give these mortals Pokémon.’
He handed both Shame and Fair a pokeball. Shame could make out a monkey like creature in it.
‘Well, now that I have entrusted to random strangers with incredibly rare beasts, I must depart!’
Rowan and his man servant walked off into the distance, heading in the direction of Sandgem town.
‘That. Was. AWESOME!!’ Fair fan-boyed, ‘There’s only one thing to do now, right? Shame, I challenge you to a battle!’
Shame sent out her Pokémon. It was a chimchar, a fire typed monkey that was known as a fast and strong Pokémon. Fair sent out a piplup, which was known as a Pokémon which was good against chimchars. Damn man servant.
‘Chimchar, scratch its eyes out!’
‘That’s not an attack!’
‘I don’t care!’
Chimchar ran towards piplup, scratched at its face with its visible lack of claws making piplup squeal and stand back, before quickly *****-slapping the chimchar like the loser it was. The two Pokémon then engaged in mortal combat, pounding and scratching each other like no tomorrow. Eventually the piplup fell down, and Fair returned it to its pokeball.
‘Wow, good match Shame! We better go to Sandgem town to thank the professor!’
The duo walked off to Sandgem town, luckily not running into any Pokémon. The lab was fairly noticeable, they entered it and saw Rowan standing at its back. Fair quickly rushed int, gabbled some rabid words and instantly left.
‘Ummm... What?’ Shame stated flatly.
‘Now there, Shame, wasn’t it? Do you want to name your chimchar?
‘Yes please, it’s stupid calling it chimchar! That’s like going around the place calling everyone Human, or People or Person or something like that.’
‘Yeeeeeesss... The name please, the name!’
‘Alright... I shall call you Wonder! So Rowan, how can I repay you for giving me a personal hit man?’
‘Oh, think nothing of it. You just have to do me some HUGE favours of course. First, I would like you to go on a dangerous journey and complete this.’
Rowan handed her something that looked like a red mobile phone.
‘That is a pokedex. It records data on any Pokémon you battle. I also want you to enter the Pokémon league. Another mortal I asked to use a pokedex entered it, and I also got famous as a result! If two of my disciples- students! I mean students! Enter, imagine how much more famous I could get!’
‘But your voice can break time, wouldn’t you get more famous from that?’
‘Anyway, fill up the pokedex and challenge the league. I must warn you though; a few things have changed in recent years. Instead of just fainting the opponents Pokémon, you must slay them, or risk your Pokémon being slain. The box system has broken, so you can only keep the first six Pokémon you catch. Healing items have also been banned because of their side effects, and new laws state that you can only catch the first Pokémon you see in any area, and no more.’
‘Umm... Yay...’
‘Don’t worry though!’ Rowan sounded chirpier, ‘I’ll give you this, it’s a translator. As long as you have this, you will be able to understand any Pokémon in your possession. Good luck, and welcome to the crapsack world of Pokémon battling!’


Shame left the lab, back tracking to route 201 so she could train up Wonder, preparing him for world domination. She was going to play it safe at first though, follow the rules, defeat the league, get fanboys, sic fanboy’s on the world, destroying all of humanity. It was an absolutely flawless idea.
Shame saw a flurry of feathers as a starly crashed into her. She quickly sent out Wonder, one scratch and a pokeball later the starly joined the rank of her minions.
‘So let’s see what you do... I’ll tell you what you can do, sh*t all, that’s what.’
“Oh well, with time and patience, even a bidoof has a chance of defeating something! Actually, it doesn’t, please ignore the metaphor.”
‘Eh?’ Shame exclaimed. The voice had come from the starly, and she remembered that translator thing Rowan gave her.
‘Ummm... Why doesn’t he just sell this to get fame and money? What a weirdo. Anyway, starly, from now on you shall be known as...’ Okay, first word that comes to my mind... Oh dear. ‘Soundtrack! Your name is Soundtrack! Now kneel before my very-not-amused-ness!’
“Okay!” Soundtrack went on her knees... I think. I don’t even know if those stubby things have knee’s... Yay for totally lame epic narrator! Now back to the story.
Shame sent out Wonder, ‘So what is your personality? If it’s not as obedient as Soundtracks, expect pain. If you think of Naruto as I said that, you are a geek!’
“How would I even know what Naruto is?” Wonder replied, “I have no problem following your commands either.”
‘Even if those commands were to kill?’
“Yep”, Wonder nodded, “all in a good days work.”
“Sounds fine to me”, Soundtrack nodded.
‘Good. Now let’s go murder some bidoof.


‘There, it’s a bidoof, kill it!’
Wonder leapt into the battle, spitting out a ball of flames which instantly incinerated the annoying com mon. Suddenly, he started to glow in a white light.
‘So, this is evolution?’
Standing were Wonder once stood was a monferno, with the blazing tail the random blue eye thingy’s and all.
‘Heck yes’, Shame grinned evilly.
“Wow, I’m gonna be able win against almost anything like this!” Wonder smiled.
“Good job”, Soundtrack congratulated him, “I’m next!”
And so she was, a few more dead bidoofs later and the white light came again, leaving Soundtrack a fully evolved Staravia. Now with two over levelled and evolved Pokémon, Shame started heading towards Jubilife, ready gain power and kick some serious ass.


Jubilife city. The city that can only be explained in two words. Thirty-three buildings.
‘Alright team, welcome to the grandest place in all of Sinnoh, and its dismal smallness’, Shame told her team.
“Wow... That’s cool’, Soundtrack replied
‘Uh, no, it’s not cool.’
“Why don’t half these buildings have doors?” Wonder inquired.
‘Hey, Shame!’ a voice called out from the city.
‘What? It’s Rowan’s man servant!’ The [email protected]@rd, he gave Fair a better Pokémon... Why the heck are my thoughts censored?
The man servant walked toward her, and all the team felt like treating him like a bidoof. Aka, murder...
‘Have you been to the trainer’s school yet? I heard-’
Shame quickly ran away, crashing into some random rich guy.
‘Oh hello there, new trainer’, he spoke.
‘I have two demi-evolved Pokémon with me. I have enough man power to rob a bank. What on earth makes you think I’m a new trainer?’
‘Ooooh, isn’t it obvious, you don’t have a watch!’
‘There are some serious flaws with that explanation.’
‘Here you go, have this!’ the random stranger clipped a watch-like item around Shame’s wrist.
‘What the heck? Who go’s clipping things on random kids hands?!’
‘It is a Poketch! It is like one of those generic iTouch rip-offs, except it’s a watch!’
‘Why are you giving it to a random ten, or eleven, or whatever age I am year old!’
‘Because you are a lovely person!’
‘Um... Goodbye.’
Shame sprinted down an alleyway, crashing into a man wearing a very conspicuous brown coat.’
‘How did you guess I was a member of the international police?’
‘... What? I haven’t even said anything!’
‘Ah yes, modest I see. But I can tell, you have an observing eye, no?’ the probably slightly unhinged man replied.
‘I really hope you hit your head on something very hard when you were a child. It’s the only plausible explanation for this.’
‘Coincidentally, have you heard of the saying don’t be a thief?’
‘Yeah, but I completely ignore it.’
‘Ah... That is good. You know stealing is bad. But there are bad people in this region of Sinnoh now, very bad people, who go by the name of Team Galactic. That is why I became sent here, to hunt down these criminals!’
‘Doesn’t anyone hear a thing what I say?’
‘Please, call me Looker’, the man told her, ‘If you see me again, tell me of any strange things your observant eyes have seen. Unless I’m on duty, actually, no, even if I am on duty! Tell me you must, now, farewell!’
Looker suddenly vanished in a puff of smoke.
‘There are only three explanations for this. One, I’ve hit my head on something, two, my drink, which I haven’t even had, was spiked, three, I’ve gone completely insane.’
‘Ah, no’ Looker suddenly appeared behind her, ‘I’m just part ninja.’
He vanished again in a puff of smoke. Shame decided to leave the city. It was way too creepy. Very way too creepy. She walked off in the direction of Oreburgh city, the place of the first gym badge. One her way out, she spotted Fair.
‘Hey, Shame! Let’s have a friendly match! First one to injure each other’s Pokémon wins!’ he sent out a starly and a piplup.
Shame sent out her team in response, ‘Wonder, mach punch. Soundtrack, quick attack.’
Her Pokémon quickly moved in two flashes of light, quickly flooring Fair’s duo.
‘Aww nuts! I lost! I’ll tell you now, that won’t happen again!’ Fair ran off leaving a Shame feeling evily smug.
‘Oi, Fair!’ she called after him, ‘you. Just. Got. Owned.’


Shame strolled along the quite route. A few trainers had jumped at her, but Wonder and Soundtrack quickly took care of them. She had looked at a map in a Pokémon centre, and knew Oreburgh city, the first step in her world domination was just ahead.
She went into a cave, saw the exit and walked towards it, when a random guy with a backpack waltzed up to her.
‘Hey there, traveller!’
‘Here, do you want this?’ He held out something to her which resembled a CD.
‘Yeah, why not’, Shame was beginning to believe giving little girls presents was normal in this place, and free stuff can always be sold for a profit.
‘It’s a HM containing the move rock smash.’
‘Yaaay...’ Shame attempted to sound pleased (and failed). Rock smash. Best. Move. Ever... Not.
“What’s it do?” Soundtrack asked curiously.
‘It’s a magical disk containing the essence of fail.’
“Okay!” Soundtrack actually sound satisfied with that answer.
The team proceeded through the cave, quickly entering Oreburgh city.
‘Team, it’s time to kill some gym leader.’


Shame entered the gym. It looked like a normal building from the outside, but on the inside it had platforms and ladders everywhere. Well in three places anyway.
‘Hey, challenger!’ an annoying kid walked up to her, sending out a geodude, ‘before you battle Roark, you have to get through me!’
‘Wonder, mach punch’, the monferno struck out, quickly shattering the rock Pokémon.
‘R-Roark!’ the boy called out timidly, ‘you have a challenger.’
A kinda wussy looking man wearing a helmet thing walked down from one of the rock covered platforms.
‘So, this is your first challenge I assume’, he stated, ‘now, this may be one of your first battles, but I’m not going to go easy on-’
‘Yes, I get the point, you think you’re awesome. Now can you let me kill your Pokémon?’
‘F-fine then’, he looked a little shocked at Shame’s lack of manners, patience, or any good qualities at all, ‘geodude, come out.’
‘Wonder, kill!’
Before the geodude could even move, Wonder shot out his fist like a bullet, cracking large chuck of it off. It hadn’t died however, and threw one of the rocks of the gym floor at the flaming monkey. It hit Wonder in the chest knocking him back a bit, but he recovered instantly, finishing his opponent off with one more mach punch.
‘Onix, you’re next!’ Roark didn’t even flinch at his Pokémon death. Shame guessed he was used to it.
The large rock snake came out, and fell to the same move that killed his companion geodude.
‘Don’t think you’ve won this yet’, Roark warned as he sent out his final Pokémon, ‘Craniados, you can do it!’
Shame smirked, seeing right though Roark’s false confidence, ‘Wonder, same as before!’
The dinosaur didn’t stand a chance, Wonders speedy punch slaying it in one shot. It fell to the floor, and Shame knew she had earned her first badge.
‘Here, take this...’ Roark sounded empty as he handed her a badge, ‘having this will allow your Pokémon to use rock smash out of battle’, he handed her something else, a disk like the HM, ‘this TM contains stealth rock, you can only use TM’s once, so use it wisely.’
Shame smiled. Step one in my journey to fame and world domination, complete!


Shame ran back to Jubilife, feeling even more smug than usual.
‘Next gym’s the one in Eterna city. Filled with grass types, aka cannon fodder.’
She was just about to exit Jubilife, when she saw two men with blue bowl cuts-
‘Blue bowl cuts?! Heeeeeeell that’s freaking hilarious! There also wearing shoddy silver outfits! Haha!’
Then Shame saw that they were cornering Professor Rowan and his man servant.
‘Oh hell. Very very hell.’
She ran off to them, not wanting Rowan to break time again. It must be really bad for the universe. He saw her coming, and started to speak.
‘Oh, good morning there, my fame-making mortal. I see you’ve already earned your first gym badge. You’re an even crueller person than I thought. Good, now how’s that pokedex coming along...?’
How the hell does he know I got a gym badge? Some part of me really doesn’t want to know.
Before Rowan could check it though, one of the men interrupted.
‘Hey, stop talking to that bloody kid and give us those research papers, or your assistant will go through a world of pain!’
‘Thank god for that!’ Rowan and Shame both replied.
The other blue-bowl-cut man scowled.
‘Do you know who you’re dealing with?! We’re Team Galactic, and we’re doing this for the good of mankind! Now give us those papers!’
Rowan glared at the man, and time began to sh*t bricks, ‘now then Shame, show these people what my intuition is made of.’
‘I’ll help too!’ the man servant offered. Everyone laughed at that point.
‘Come out, Soundtrack’, Shame ordered.
‘You want a battle do you, kid? We’ll make you regret ever coming here!’
‘And I’ll make you regret having the exact same personalities. Soundtrack, wing attack!’
“You got it!”
The bird launched herself towards the Galactic grunts skunky, quickly slaying it with a powerful flap of her wing. The other grunts glameow was next, it screeched and lunged at the bird, but Soundtrack dodged agilely and swiped her wing at it, finishing it off.
‘Whaaaat?!’ one of the Galactic members squawked, ‘how did we lose to a kid?!’
‘Good job, Shame’, Rowan complimented, ‘Now I can finish them off.’
Shame noticed he was smiling, and most of his teeth looked eerily like fangs.
‘Well... See ya!’ Shame bolted right out of Jubilife, heading north towards Floaroma city, the next stop on her gym-bashing journey.


“Hey, Wonder! Can you smell that?” Soundtrack was talking to her companion, “its flowers!”
“Do they help you gain power?” The over-achieving monferno replied.
“Well... Some plants do, I suppose.”
‘How the hell does a random bird know about drugs?’ Shame, their cynical owner joined in the conversation.
Soundtrack did the bird equivalent of smiling, “I have my resources.”
Wonder was beginning to look a little confused, “What are you two talking about?”
‘Love, magic, and the end of the universe.’
Soundtrack was the first to spot Floaroma town with her superior eyesight, “Shame, there’s the city!”
Shame had said the next city containing a gym was Eterna, so Wonder had no idea why she and Soundtrack were walking around like they were looking for something.
“What are you two doing? There’s not much point staying here.”
Shame sighed, “You’re right. No one’s given me free stuff yet.”
Wonder saw Soundtrack was still fluttering around though, occasionally landing to smell a flower. Suddenly she looked up with surprised eyes.
“Shame, there are some men like the ones who were pestering Rowan over there!”
Should we fight them? Wonder thought, waiting for a confirmation.
‘Can’t see why. They’re not going to cause time to break by blocking off a little pathway. Let’s go, I sense the local’s here have a high chance of being hippies.’
The trio left, continuing on the path to Eterna. The bridge they needed to cross quickly came to sight, and so did two more Team Galactic members.
‘Dammit! We’re going to have to complete a side quest to advance!’ Shame swore.
As soon as those words left her mouth, a little girl ran up to her.
‘Please, please help us! These men in-’
‘Which direction?’
‘Uhh... Back there, by the windmills’, the girl pointed to a shiny white building.
‘Alright’, Shame sighed irritably, ‘I suppose on the path to fame and world domination you have to do things like this.’
When they arrived at the building, a Team Galactic grunt was waiting outside.
‘Why hello there, little ki-’
‘Wonder, flame wheel!’ he rolled up into a ball of flames and hurdled towards the irritating man.
‘SHIIII-EET!’ the grunt screamed and quickly ran inside the building, locking the door, ‘Ha! You can’t get me now! The only other people who have a key are my cohorts in Floaroma meadow!’
‘Thanks’, Shame shrugged.
‘Wait! No! I didn’t mean that! Get back here kid, get back here!’


It took about 20 seconds to get to the meadow, the two grunts had moved from their path blocking position, and were hassling some old man. Shame walked up to them, Soundtrack and Wonder in the waiting.
‘Oi, grunts!’ she called, ‘prepare for some ownage.’
‘Heh, you’ll never beat us!’ one of the grunt smirked.
‘Question of curiosity, why do you all have the same personality?’
‘Prepare to go down, kid!’
Shame rolled her eyes, and thought she saw her team do the same. She didn’t blame them.
‘You two, kill.’
In a flurry of fur and feathers her Pokémon returned victorious, hardly a scratch between them. The grunts just gave a panicked look at each other before bolting, one dropping a retro key. Shame picked it up, knowing it was the key to their base; cliché villains always drop things like that. They left Floaroma, ignoring the man they saved, and went straight to the building.
‘Soundtrack, just wing attack every grunt you see in there. Wonder, stick with me for the boss.’
“You got it!” She replied, Wonder just nodding.
Shame inserted the key, flicked it to the side, and the door creaked out like they do in cliché horror films. She saw the grunt she attempted flame wheeling, and just before he ran off Soundtrack socked him in the face, leaving him unconscious. A few more grunts later, and Shame stumbled on who she presumed was their leader, a ranga lady who was accompanied by a creepy old guy overlooking a man doing something on a computer.
‘Hey, ranga! Let me beat you so I can get my next badge already!’
‘You little..!’ the woman called out, ‘I don’t mind being called ginger, but rangas going too far!’
‘But you are a ranga Mars, we’ve been trying to tell you for years’, the creepy old guy butted in snidely.
‘Shut up, Charon’, Mars snarled before paying attention to Shame again, ‘I see you beat the grunts, but I’m more than a few cuts above them. So, how about we do a deal? I win, you leave, you win, we leave’, she was smiling a vicious smile; the one Shame knew all secondary villains smiled.
‘’K ‘then, your loss’, Shame shrugged, Wonder moving into a fighting position.
‘Zubat, purugly, attack!’
The bat lunged towards Wonder, its fangs gleaming, but he dodged only to be swiped by the purugly’s vicious claws. He got back up though; the zubat’s supersonic almost hitting him, before he spun into it, cloaked in a wild flame. While the zubat was burning up the purugly made no moves, and open target to Wonder’s rock smash. He smacked it right in the stomach, crushing it in one blow.
‘What?!’ Mars exclaimed, ‘how did I lose?’
‘And you just said you were a mile above those grunts’, Charon smirked, ‘it doesn’t matter though, and we have all the energy we need to do something big.’
Mars snarled, but said nothing.
‘Fine then, kid!’ she snapped at Shame, ‘next time we meet though, I’ll crush you!’
‘What, a cliché villain beat someone with a noticeable personality? No chance in hell’, Shame responded snidely.
After the Galactic members bolted the little girl from before ran in. Eager to avoid a mushy scene, Shame also bolted out of the building, crashing right into Looker.
‘Ah, I see, Shame is it not?’
‘How the hell do you know my name?’
‘I heard that Galactic was seen, in this building behind. Has any you seen?
‘What?’ Looker looked surprised, ‘you battle, and win, you say? Check this out a priority!’
‘But I didn’t say anything!’ Shame mumbled to herself as he zoomed into the building, and just as quickly zoomed out.
‘That is miracle, training skill you have in abundance! I believe you can be a great, great help. The Galactic’s, a building they have in Eterna city, you might investigate. Farewell, do not steal!’
And he disappeared again, god knows how, leaving behind a very confused Shame.
“Hey, Shame!” Wonder called out, “we can get to the next gym now!”
‘Yeah... Let’s continue.’
The trio left, new team members and adventures awai- *sorry for the inconvenience, the narrator has been shot for being WAY to annoying, hypocritical, sarcastic and somehow cliché. This chapter will continue for one more event before being finished without some over used ending.*


Shame walked into the long grass cautiously. She knew her team was top-notch, but she needed more members in case a bizarre accident happened, such as a NPC finding a cheat book and using it to their advantage.
‘Alright Soundtrack, we need to keep the first Pokémon we see alive-’
They saw a flicker of pink at the corner of their eyes before Soundtrack rocketed towards it, smashing almost right through a Pokémon.
‘Dammit, Soundtrack, I told you we wanted it alive!’
“Sorry Shame! We might have better luck next route.”
“Hey, I think it’s still alive!” Wonder called out.
Shame walked over to the decimated pink blob. She saw it twitch a bit and it was good enough confirmation for her. One pokeball later and the half-dead pile was hers.
‘Let’s heal it, brainwash it, and teach it everything it needs to know about bank-robbing.’


A shellos’ eyes flickered open, letting in bright, unnatural light. She heard muffled voices in the background, slowly they begun to make sense.
‘I hope to see you again!’
‘Yeeaah... Sure...’
The owner of the second voice picked her up, and they started to leave the place, heading into a field filled with flowers and the occasional human building. Her vision had gone back to normal now, and the person carrying her placed her on the ground. They had black hair, a cool scarf, and was wearing a coat... thing.
‘So. You’re a shellos. Not very fast, but good defences. That could be useful on our journey. I am Shame, the future ruler of the world. But currently, I am building up fame by attempting to win the Pokémon league. You are now a member of my egotistic dream, and you shall be known as.... Bad.’
“Okay...” Bad responded quietly.
“Hey, cheer up!” a staravia spoke to her, “I’m Soundtrack. And the monferno’s Wonder.’
“I am happy...”
“I think she’s just kinda wet”, Wonder replied.
Shame rolled her eyes, ‘of course she is, she’s a water type for crying out loud. Anyway, we’re going to go back, grind her up, and go straight to Eterna city. Anyone blocking my way now shall be kicked. In the privates. Hard.’


The path to Eterna city was filled with death, horror, and pure evil. All caused by our hero, everybody. After trekking through a forest with some who had... Green hair... Seriously, how do you have green hair? Actually, that’s really obvious, dyeing it of course but who would dye their hair green? Unless there a cosplayer...
“Hey, there’s the gym!” Soundtrack called out, “are we going to battle it yet?”
“I-isn’t it grass type..?” Bad asked, and was promptly ignored.
‘No, we’re not. I realised something about this journey along time ago’, Shame was smirking.
“Free stuff which would normally cost a ton, is that right?” Soundtrack guessed right away.
‘Yep. Hey, random!’ Shame called out to person walking by.
‘The name’s Gardenia, leader of the Eterna gym! I heard from a boy that a strong challenger-’
‘Yes, lovely. I really really care. Now where is the free junk in this city?’
‘Oh, go to that building over there. He’ll give you equipment for finding buried treasure.’
‘Alright team, free stuff which is generally useless!’


Some free stuff that was generally useless later...
“It’s time to battle the gym, right?” Wonder asked impatiently. Bad and Shame were digging underground searching for stuff they didn’t need. Ever. Hopefully.
“Of course it is. We’re all strong enough” Soundtrack replied, “don’t you think it’s a little boring though, just going around murdering things?”
“Uh...” Wonder thought hard, “nope.”
Soundtrack did her birdy smile, “oh well, relax, I can hear them coming up. Next time they do this though; do you wanna snoop around the city? I heard there’s a cool statue somewhere in here.”
“You’re asking me if I want to see a statue?”
“No, I’m asking you if you want to vandalise a statue.”
“Oh right! Yeah, why not. Next time those two run off. I doubt Bad would want anything to do with it.”


‘Eterna gym, aka we’re so gonna one-shot everything in here!’
The small band walked into the building. It had a bunch of flowers, fountain’s and other planty-stuff. In the middle of it, a strange clock which resembled a rose stood. Gardenia stood at the back, not doing anything.
‘Hello Shame!’ a man was standing by the entrance, ‘to complete this gym-’
Shame walked toward the flower clock, walking up the hand. One she got to the centre she saw the other hand went right, so she ignored it, hopped off the clock and when straight to Gardenia.
‘You know you’re not supposed to do that’, the gym leader commented.
‘I really don’t care. Now let me kill your Pokémon with the power of fire.’
‘Alright then, go, turtwig! Use your-’
Wonder beckoned to the green turtle, saying something even Shame wouldn’t.
‘Now flame wheel.’
One turtwig later Gardenia sent out cherrim, and one cherrim later she sent out roserade. All of them were decimated by a combination of taunt and flame wheel.
‘Well it looks like you’ve won! Here, take this’, Gardenia handed Shame a badge, ‘and also, as an added bonus...’
‘Just give me the bloody tm.’
‘Here it is!’
One tm later, Shame was off again to the next gym, or was she..?


Shame left Eterna gym, with one more symbol of ass-kicking in her pocket. Her invisible pocket. Which people could always see into for no apparent reason.
“So where are we going next?” Wonder asked.
‘Nowhere’, Shame replied, ‘a plot significant character is coming up.’
Soundtrack nodded in agreement, leaving Bad and Wonder confused. They then noticed a woman in a black coat walking up to them irritatingly slowly.
“H-how can you tell she’s plot important?” Bad asked.
‘Soundtrack, explain reason one. I’ll tell them about reason two.’
“Alright”, the staravia answered, “she’s plot important because she has a [email protected] long coat and doesn’t look exactly the same as everyone else.”
‘And reason number two’, Shame continued, ‘we can’t walk away and some ethereal force is making us look in the direction she’s coming.’
Finally the woman arrived.
‘Oh hello there! Is that a pokedex I see? Well, Professor Rowan always did say he liked working with children...’
‘Oh dear god no.’
‘Eh? Oh well, I better introduce myself. I’m Cynthia, an old friend of the Professors.’
‘I don’t really think he’d have... Friends... I’m getting some really disturbing mental images here woman.’
‘Oh, what cute Pokémon! You must treat your Pokémon with love-’
‘Yaaargh! Love-advocate! Team, prepare to run! But first are you going to give me anything?’
‘Oh sure, here’s the HM cut. Oh yeah, just some advice, you won’t be able to advance until you realise your destiny as the main character. I hope to see you again!’ she walked off cheerily.
Shame looked horrified, ‘M-main character? FFFUUUUUUU-’
“Uh... Shame... What’s so bad about being a main character?”
Soundtrack smirked, “Isn’t it obvious? You have to help people, you have to be nice, you have to fight the forces of evil, and you’re immortal until the end of the story, where you most likely die in some soppy way to save the world. And if you’re a video game main character, it gets worse! You have to suffer from constant broken bridges, and the programming stops you from going on homicidal rampages! Unless we’re in a FPS. Except we’re not.”
“Wow, Soundtrack, you just spoke a wall of text!” Wonder gasped in amazement.
“Shame... I think that means we’re in a story...”
‘Or a video game... A video game! World domination is almost always unobtainable in video games! We can’t be in a video game, we can’t. Stories are more flexible though. Unless you cheat’, Shame mused.
“So, you’ve recovered”, Wonder noted.
‘Okay, to advance in this cruel world, we must complete incredibly irrelevant side quest! But first lets get a free bike.’


‘The bike shop owner went to stop Team Galactic!’
‘Aww nuts.’


Shame looked up at the wannabee foreboding building. It had some weird satellite dish thing’s sticking out the side, and random bit’s painted in a garish yellow.
‘I think the bad design is making my eyes bleed. Let’s go I suppose.’
They entered the building. It was swarming with Galactic grunts, all with their identical blue bowl cuts. The situation would be serious if it wasn’t so darn funny. Well, it wouldn’t, because reality says people with blue bowl cuts should never achieve anything. And reality was correct. After some flame-wheeling from Wonder, the building was all hers.
“So, where’s the boss?” Wonder asked eagerly.
‘At the top obviously, along with the bike shop owner and my free gift. Anyway, don’t look so happy, it’s Soundtrack’s turn anyway.’
“What about Bad?”
‘........’ Shame paused to think, ‘Oh well, not a biggy. She won’t complain anyway.’
Bad sunk into the background, and several loots later they were at the top. The room was lit differently, and the background music was more creepy. A woman with a ridiculous haircut was standing there all boss-like, while a man crouched before her. When they got closer Shame realised that he had been injured, so he was definitely going to give her free loot. He must be the bike shop owner.
‘So, you’ve come to free the Pokémon?’ the woman spoke.
‘No, I’m here to get my free loot betch.’
‘Oh... Then battle we must! Zubat, kill that bird!’
“Wow, not subtle or anything”, Soundtrack easily dodged its attack, before ripping at apart with aerial ace.
The next Pokémon the woman sent out was a massive purple skunk thing. Shame flipped out her pokedex and quickly examined the data.
‘Skuntank... Soundtrack, this one may be a little problem, a couple of attacks should finish him off.’
Before Soundtrack could move however, the skuntank lashed out at her with darkness covered claws, sending her flying though the air.
‘It’s using night slash! Soundtrack, it has a high critical hit ratio, be careful to dodge!’
It launched itself at her, but she dodged to the side and struck two powerful blows, almost finishing it off. It started to prowl around, a plan forming in its head.


The snarling monster circled Soundtrack carefully. It was badly injured, only one small strike away from death. She fluttered back, preparing to launch a final aerial ace. No one really knew exactly what happened next. The skuntank lunged forwards, bloodlust in it eyes. Black claws pierced the bird, and the world suddenly turned dark as she plummeted from the sky.
‘S-Soundtrack?’ Shame stood there, a feeling of blank horror flooding through her. The staravia did not move.
Jupiter looked down at her opponent. The girl stood there, her head was bowed, and messy black hair hung in front of her eyes, obscuring them from view. Jupiter smirked, believing her opponent was about to break down like the kid she was.
‘W-wonder.... KILL.’
The monferno suddenly burst into battle, screeching a wild cry, “DAMN YOU STUPID SKUNTANK!!! DAMN YOU!!!”
He crashed into the purple beast, smashing it on its side. A red mist of pure rage shone through his eyes and he scratched at the beast, hacking it up into bits. By the time his mind started to clear, the Galactic members were gone, and Shame and Bad were crouched down by a broken figure. Soundtrack. Wonder quickly rushed over to his almost life-long friend’s side.
“Soundtrack?” he asked the broken body of the bird.
“H-hey...” she replied weekly, “It looks like I’m in a little bit of trouble.”
“Are you going to be okay?” Bad asked, tears welling up in the shellos’ eyes, “will she, Shame?”
“You can’t go...” Wonder stated flatly, “you just... Can’t.”
‘Soundtrack, I’m so sorry’, even the normal tough and bitter Shame sounded eerily down beat, ‘I’m sorry.’
“Don’t be...” the bird responded, her eyes going dim, “just don’t... Forget me... That’s all I ask... Goodbye, everybody. Go on, keep smiling, and win.”
With those final words the staravia’s eyes flicked shut, never to open again. Tears were streaming down from Bad’s face, her wailing echoing throughout the building. A sob escaped from Wonder’s throat, and Shame’s face was almost completely blank, a dull look in her eyes.
‘So... She must have been one of your first Pokémon...’ the bike owner walked over to Shame, ‘we can bury her by the Pokémon statue; it’s a lovely spot there. The first time always feels the worst, but you need to be strong. You still have your team relying on you. I’m sure she would want you to go on, not remembering the bad times, but always treasuring the good.’
‘Your right...’ Shame sniffed, but quickly sharpened up, under a thin layer of tears her eyes were determined, ‘Wonder, Bad, it’s just us three now. More trials will come to pass, but we can go on. We will go on. Sinnoh will be all ours, then the world itself! This is the dream Soundtrack sacrificed her life for, and this is the dream we will succeed!’
“Y-yes!” Bad replied, tears were still sprawling down her face, but determination shone through, “we’ll always march on, no matter what happens to us! Soundtrack gave everything to your dream, and now we shall follow suit!”
“You’re right, both of you!” Wonder began to make his speech, “we’ll always go on! And Soundtrack... Goodbye.”

On the plus side I'm almost up-to-date plot wise, but there's been some new additions to my team. On the downside schools started again, so I wont be posting very frequently.

January 31st, 2011, 11:48 PM
Lv 70 Hothead by vermillion..

Lv 80 by Pallet

Got EXPN card and killed snorlax in OH

Killed Blaine's pokemon..

Blue is next..

Red.. your going down!

Lv 70 Hothead by vermillion..

Lv 80 by Pallet

Got EXPN card and killed snorlax in OH

Killed Blaine's pokemon..

Blue is next..

Red.. your going down!

February 1st, 2011, 3:48 AM
New thread :DD and I'm still the Hack Champion :3

Once I get access to my desktop with White Version and my Pokegen, I'll do my Shuckle Solo. Is it ok to hack in my moveset for Shuckle and make it Toxic, Power Trick, Encore, Earthquake? The people down at the Nuzlocke Forums said it was ok but since your the thread owner I want to know your opinion. If I can't then I won't join, bcecause Shuckle without Toxic is suicide.

February 1st, 2011, 4:30 AM
I have a question. The pokewalker in Nuzlockes... what are you allowed to do with it??

February 1st, 2011, 4:34 AM
Personally, I'd do 1 Pokemon per Area on the PokeWalker but Karpman is the one who should decide.

February 1st, 2011, 4:50 AM
I have a question. The pokewalker in Nuzlockes... what are you allowed to do with it??

I know that a lot of nuzlockers leave it out of question, but if you want a pokewalker-exclusive Pokemon like Elekid or Murkrow, while still in Johto, I guess 1 Pokemon per area would be OK. Personally have neither the time nor the patience to use it, but if you do, go for it.

February 1st, 2011, 4:52 AM

Update 9

Update 8 was back at the end of November... yeesh. I've done quite a lot since, so this could take a while. I'll do it as succinctly as possible.

When I last updated, I'd just lost Rubble, my Golem, and Eyrie, my Staraptor, both during Mt. Coronet. I'd killed Palkia though, and I was left with the following team:

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon395.png Clipper, Lv.45
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon405.png Java, Lv.40
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon065.png Kazza, Lv.47
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon078.png Red Rum, Lv.42
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon308.png Venus, Lv.49
http://pokemondb.net/static/sprites/diamond-pearl/icon/shellos-east.png Sponge, Lv.21

I decided to start grinding Sponge, because I love Water/Ground as a type. I put Apollo, my Bronzor (Lv.14), and Blade, my Sneasel (Lv.35ish), in the Daycare and proceeded to Route 215 to grind Sponge. She'd gained 5 levels when she was OHKOd by a wild Kricketune's Bide. RIP Sponge, Lv.21-26.

I then couldn't decide whether or not to go with Ursula, my Wooper in the PC - I love Water/Ground but I don't particularly like Quagsire. I decided not to, and went fishing instead. I'd never raised a Gyarados, but I knew they were strong, so I caught Tempest, Lv.15 (female, Brave) the Magikarp in Sunyshore and started to grind her with the Exp. Share.

While grinding on Route 222, a wild Floatzel OHKOd Red Rum with a critted Aqua Jet. At this point I was losing my sense of humour. I was losing new teammates as quickly as I was gaining them. Clipper avenged my loss, but RIP Red Rum - Lv.19-44.

At this point, for the sake of my own sanity I decided to try to do SOMETHING successful and took on Volkner, which proved to be a walkover for Venus. She OHKOd the first three with Brick Break, then finished Octillery with a critted Drain Punch to end the match with full HP.

I accidentally killed my first Route 223 Pokemon, a Pelipper. Another Pelipper Stockpiled x3 against Tempest (who was upwards of Lv.40 by now), so Tempest couldn't finish it off. Then Spit Up reduced Tempest to just 8HP... But my Gyarados finished the bird off and we moved on. I then killed a Lv.16 Remoraid (fished using Good Rod) at the Pokemon League, so no catch there either.

I headed inside Victory Road and caught Olga, the Lv.45 female Machoke (Docile). Despite the fact that female Machoke are deeply disturbing, I decided No Guard + Stone Edge TM further into Victory Road + Cross Chop would be handy on my team, so I trade-evolved her and got grinding her too. Meanwhile, one of the first trainers in Victory Road managed to kill Tempest with their Golduck's critted Zen Headbutt, meaning that again I was down to just 4 Pokemon of high enough level (Clipper, Kazza, Venus and Olga). This was made even worse when a wild Graveler critted Explosion against Olga, and she went down too. RIP Tempest, Lv.15-45, and Olga, Lv.45-45.

This was getting slightly ridiculous. I hadn't lost any Pokemon between the Veilstone Gym and the last bit of Mt. Coronet (3 Gyms and the whole Galactic storyline), but between Mt. Coronet and the beginning of Victory Road (1 Gym and a couple of Routes) I'd lost Eyrie, Rubble, Sponge, Red Rum, Tempest and now Olga. That's a Staraptor, a Golem, Shellos, Rapidash, Gyarados and Machamp. Basically I'd lost an entire, awesome team.

So. I was down to my last three good Pokemon. I would need to find at least two more good teammates, and spend ages levelling them up. I tried to think of places I hadn't caught Pokemon, and went to Pastoria City to fish for another Magikarp. I caught Pluto, the Gentle Magikarp (male), Lv.7, and started levelling him. It was a shame his nature wasn't quite as good as Tempest's Brave, but I often find Def-/Sp.Def-boosting natures useful on Nuzlocke runs so I was happy enough.

I made it to the end of Victory Road with my three survivors + Pluto, Succubus my Zubat Flyer, and Arnold, my Bibarel HM Slave, and went inside the Pokemon League (I couldn't catch any Pokemon here anyway because I'd caught one at the Pokemon League before Victory Road). Typically enough, Diamond came to challenge me.

Kazza took down his Staraptor, Clipper took out his Heracross, Venus took down Torterra, Clipper OHKOd Rapidash (even with Sunny Day in effect). Then came his Floatzel. I wasn't sure Clipper would beat him - he'd struggled against some wild Floatzel before this - but Venus was on less than half health. I switched in Arnold, expecting to sacrifice him to heal Venus and buy a free switch. Floatzel, all lv.47 of him, used Ice Fang on Arnold, and Arnold... SURVIVED! With 8HP, despite being only Lv.18. What a hero. I have a top-percentage Bibarel, it seems. Anyway, I switched Venus back in and she did the rest, killing Floatzel and then Snorlax with an enormous Drain Punch.

I'd made it to the Elite Four, but I was nowhere near ready to take them on yet. I still only had 3-and-a-half teammates, but I had an idea where to get the last two... Daycare.

I retrieved Blade from Daycare and evolved him with the Razor Claw I'd found in Victory Road. By this point he was Lv.39 so he needed Heart Scales to remember Nasty Plot and Night Slash. It didn't take too long to dig them up, and I finished off his moveset (for now) with Dark Pulse via TM. I then headed down Route 219 (no wild Pokemon) and Route 220 (Tentacruel, Lv.35, Hasty, female, named Jewel in tribute to my Sapphire-surviving Tentacruel named Gem). Route 221 presented a Tentacool which I killed. I taught the X-Scissor TM I found on Route 221 to Blade, and the Ice Beam TM I found on Route 216 went to Clipper.

Eventually after training Blade up a few levels (he's a dream to train, he levels up really fast, especially compared to Pluto) I got Apollo back from Daycare at Lv.30 and started grinding him too. He evolved at Lv.33 and I taught him the Psychic TM I found by Rock Climbing on Route 211. I only have one more available place to catch a Pokemon (plus Honey Trees) - fishing at Canalave City.

So that's where I am now - grinding my final (barring any late casualties) team for the E4.

(NB. All new team members were infected with Pokerus asap)

The team:

http://www.arkeis.com/images/animations/395.gif http://www.arkeis.com/images/animations/308.gifhttp://www.arkeis.com/images/animations/130.gifhttp://dialgafans.pytalhost.de/Front/437.gifhttp://dialgafans.pytalhost.de/Front/461.gifhttp://dialgafans.pytalhost.de/Front/065.gif

Clipper the Brave male Empoleon, Lv.56 - Surf, Aqua Jet, Drill Peck, Ice Beam
Venus the Jolly female Medicham, Lv.58 - Brick Break, Drain Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch
Pluto the Gentle male Gyarados, Lv.51 - Waterfall, Earthquake, Avalanche, Dragon Dance
Apollo the Docile Bronzong, Lv.34 - Confuse Ray, Psychic, Iron Defense (to be replaced by Gyro Ball), Safeguard
Blade the Brave male Weavile, Lv.52 - Night Slash, X-Scissor, Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse
Kazza the Quiet male Alakazam, Lv.57 - Psychic, Shadow Ball, Reflect, Light Screen

In PC:

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon418.png Turbine, Lv.14
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon433.png Belle, Lv.13
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon400.png Arnold, Lv.18
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon405.png Java, Lv.40
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon419.png Bullet, Lv.29
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon440.png Fatima, Lv.1
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon194.png Ursula, Lv.20
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon073.png Jewel, Lv.35
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon077.png Grace, Lv.28

In memoriam:

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon399.png Wendy, Lv.3-??
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon403.png Amp, Lv.4-12
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon406.png Flora, Lv.13-17
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon077.png Silver, Lv.13-27
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon398.png Eyrie, Lv.4-40
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon076.png Rubble, Lv.5-44
http://pokemondb.net/static/sprites/diamond-pearl/icon/shellos-east.png Sponge, Lv.21-26
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon078.png Red Rum, Lv.19-44
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon130.png Tempest, Lv.15-45
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon068.png Olga, Lv.45-45

February 1st, 2011, 2:06 PM
Second Update on Fire Red Nuzlocke.

Went down to Rt.5 and caught Meowth
Meowth died while training =[
Went down to Route 6 and caught Oddish named Olivia
Trained Olivia forever until she evolved.
Defeated Misty easily
Went to Vermillion. Caught an Ekans on Route 11 and Diglett in Diglett's Cave.
Geodude and Diglett evolved.
Defeated Surge easily.
Went to Route 9, caught Spearow
Raised Spearow; caught a Voltorb on Route 10
Spearow evolved in Rock Tunnel before learnign Aerial Ace due to my being distracted
Currently headed to Celadon City

Current Team:
Squiggles the Wartorle Lv.29
Geodude the Graveler Lv.28
Olivia the Gloom Lv.28
Rayanna the Raticate Lv.27
Wanda the Beedrill Lv.26
Stephanie the Fearow Lv.25

Mally the Magikarp Lv.5 (Vermillion)
EthanAllen the Ekans Lv.15 (Route 11)
Manny the Mankey Lv.16 (Rock Tunnel)
Raz the Rattata Lv.12 (Route 4)
Volts! the Voltorb lv.16 (Route 16)
Diggles the Dugtrio Lv.26 (Diglett's Cave)

Raymore the Rattata
Kitty the Meowth

February 1st, 2011, 3:26 PM
Transferred my save file to my fone downloaded gameboid and finished my silver nuzlocke in my world history class ;D

Decades final Silver Update:

Speed button or not.. kills to come..

So beating Blue was kinda easy.. simply put.. his pokemon sucked and flamethrower nearly OHKOd them all..

Pitiful nongrinding computers ;D

Travelled into Silver Cave and grinded hot head to level 93.. (which was about the tim I entered my world history class)

Then healed and then accidentally raised to level 95 cause of random motivatioin from my peers..

After healing a second time (since I couldn't spend money on pokeballs or potions I bought A LOT of ethers and found many elixers)

I fought Red..

Pikachu was fast but since Hothead was levelled in the 90s and not the 80s.. he was faster

Flamethrower OHKO (why is it that a high level pikachu is easy to kill?)

Blastoise then pops out and a simple slash crit and wing attack take him out..

Snorlax was the biggest problem.. High sp def kept me from OHKOing him and then he rested.. Flamethrower.. Wing attack fail.. wakes up rest.. flamethrower crit.. peace!

Espeon is next and gets OHKOd by flamethrower

Then Venasuar came out.. we all know what happened..(OHKO Flamethrower)

Charizard came out and Hothead slashed and criticalled.. but Red's did the exact same..

Hothead used dragonbreath and Charizard used slash again to push me to red..

But I knew Hothead was faster so I went ahead with Dragonbreath again to knock him down for the count..

Red.. Your pokemon are dead.. Lavander should be a mournful place now..

Hoenn.. prepare to meet destruction

February 1st, 2011, 4:22 PM
So, it says just the first pokemon you find in each area on the nuzlocke site.. is that rule observed?

February 1st, 2011, 4:32 PM
ummm... Isn't there already a Nuzlocke thread?

February 1st, 2011, 4:40 PM
Nope, Karpman requested to Lock it to make this. Maybe to clean the slate and make everything neater.

February 1st, 2011, 4:44 PM
Nope, Karpman requested to Lock it to make this. Maybe to clean the slate and make everything neater.

It was mostly to clean it up, as you said, and the fact that was a pain having to switch accounts every time I needed to edit something.

February 1st, 2011, 4:53 PM
It was mostly to clean it up, as you said, and the fact that was a pain having to switch accounts every time I needed to edit something.

Oh Ok. I understand. Now I should probably get the heck outta here, since I'm not in a nuzlocke yet... ah, I'll join one when I don't have so many other challenges to do. I actually was doing one on Sapphire, but that was on my Cartridge and grinding was becoming a bit too tedious, plus I ended up with my only good pokemon being a Grovyle, so I was gonna quit anyway.

February 1st, 2011, 5:35 PM
I'm going to try the Nuzlocke challenge. After reading the comments, I've been inspired. I'll try it out on FireRed using rules 1, 3 and 7.

February 1st, 2011, 6:52 PM
Sorry again for being so inactive, lol. Digital art obsession.

Anyhow, I'm going to start on that comic because I got a tablet for my birthday. So that'll be coming up.

Also, expect an official update soon. I have no school tomorrow, so I'm free to play my Nuzlocked games.

February 1st, 2011, 9:57 PM
This really sucks you in. I sat down to just play for a bit, and well, read my commentary.

Update 1
Nuzlocke Challenge.

Me: Blue
Rival: Gary

Starting out with Saurian, the Bulbasuar.

Suarian (M) lv 5
Mild Nature - Overgrow

Saurian learned Leech Seed.

Caught Yamaha, the Mankey in Route 22.

Yamaha (M) lv 3
Naughty Nature - Vital Spirit

Yamaha died while training on Route 1. Lost to a Pidgey. T_T

Forced to watch old man catch pokemon.

Caught Zephyr, the Pidgey in Route 2. Named in honor of my Zephyr.

Zephyr (M) lv 2
Adamant Nature - Keen Eye

Will go back to training.

Zephyr learned Sand-attack.

Zephyr learned gust.

Saurian learned vine whip.

With both Saurian and Zephyr at level 12, I feel safe taking on Gary on Route 22.

Success. Suarian leech-seeded them while Zephyr sand attacked and gusted.

Caught Victor the Weedles in Viridian Forest.

Victor (M) lv 5
Timid Nature - Shield Dust
Poison Sting
String Shot

After defeating a wild caterpie, Victor evolved into Kakuna and learned harden.

This is starting to effect me in weird ways. I'm starting to see 'opposing pokemon died' when I faint them, and I feel my stomach clench every time I think one of my pokemon are going to die.

Victor evolved in Beedrill and learned fury attack.

Made it to Pewter. Taking on Brock with Saurian. Easy victory. Saurian learned sleep powder.

Finally have running shoes. Onto Route 3.

Caught 99 the Jigglypuff on Route 3.

99 (F) lv 5
Quirky Nature - Cute Charm
Defense Curl

Had to cure it with an antidote after I caught it. Good thing too. 1hp left.

Victor learned focus energy.

Bought Magic the Magikarp in the Route 4 Pokemon Center.

Magic (F) lv 5
Jolly Nature - Swift Swim

Think I'll deposit it in the computer now as insurance. Besides, I have to raise 99.

Caught Snowball the Geodude in Mt. Moon.

Snowball lv 7
Sassy Nature - Sturdy
Defense Curl
Mud Sport

Suarian evolved into Ivysuar in Mt. Moon helping Snowball fight a scientist's voltorb and magnemite. Snowball learned rock throw.

99 learned disable.

Found moon stone, but I think I'll wait to evolve 99.

Won the final battle for the fossil, but Snowball's poisoned and I used up my last antidote. Hopefully my escape rope will work... success! Oh yes, Snowball learned magnitude.

Finally out of Mt. Moon. 99 learned Mega Kick from the move tutor. Should train before I take on Gary.

Zephyr evolved into Pidgeotto.

Zephyr learned Whirlwhind.

Close one with Saurian agaisnt at Ekans on Route 4.

Deposited Victor in the computer at lv 16. I feel guilty, but he wasn't gaining exp fast enough. Also, I believe he's too frail for this team at the moment. I'll make myself feel better by pretending that the computer is a wonderful place that becomes whatever it is the pokemon truly wants.

Snowball tried to learn self-destruct... but that sort of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

99 learned rollout.

Raised everyone to level 21. Time to take on Gary. Wish me luck... I'll lead with Snowball.

Between Snowball and 99, he was taken care of.

Beat Nugget Bridge.

Caught Cali the Abra on Route 25.

Cali (F) lv 9
Calm Nature - Synchronize

Onto the gym. Leading with Saurian again. And we won, easily.

Beat that team rocket member. Deposited Magic at the daycare.

Caught Milicent the Oddish on Route 5.

Milicent (M) lv 13
Relaxed Nature - Chlorophyll
Sweet Scent

Already have a grass pokemon, so I'll probably deposit Milicent in the computer and use him as an HM slave or backup.

Caught Mickie the Meowth on Route 6.
Bashful Nature - Pickup

His fate is mostly the same as Milicent's, though since he has the useful pickup ability, I'll probably keep him in my party.

Cali evolved into Kadabra and learned confusion!

Snowball's been poisoned, but we're close to the pokecenter in Vermillion.

Cali died to a Jr. trainer's Raticate on Route 6 (had a bad feeling about it too, even though her health wasn't bad). T_T 99 avenged her.

Received the vs. seeker, old rod, and bike voucher.

Entered the SS Anne

Mickie found a nugget!

Taught 99 Brick Break

Took a break from the SS Anne to work on Route 11

Snowball evolved into Graveler!

Killed the spearow I wanted to catch on Route 11

Saurian was killed thanks to confusion and further bad luck on Route 11 to a Gambler's magnemite. Sad day. Time to take out Milicent.

Time to take on Gary, but I'm still really feeling the loss of Saurian. We will fight with the fires of burning vengeance. Leading with Snowball... no other pokemon was needed. Snowball wasted them all.

Recieved the cut hm. Taught it to Mickie. Watched SS Anne leave.

I'm feeling particularly attached towards Milicent. Almost like he's Saurian's baby.

Milicent's learned Stun Spore and Poison Powder by now.

Took on Surge leading with Snowball. She absolutely destroyed him. Left to go pick up the flash hm.

Caught Darling the Diglett in Diglett's cave.

Darling (F) lv 15
Quiet Nature - Sand Veil

Will deposit her in the computer later. Meanwhile, switching to Zephyr as lead so we won't get caught in any arena traps.

Decided to head back to Cerulean through Mt. Moon, and picked up the Old Amber in Pewter. I can train Milicent on the way.

Picked up the bike in Cerulean.

Taught aerial ace to Zephyr.

Got Zephyr and 99 badly poisoned while fighting a junior trainer on Route 9

Milicent evolved into Gloom while fighting a Hiker on Route 9! Now don't die Milicent.

Caught King the ekans on Route 9... and unfortunately lost Mickie in the process.

King (M) lv 15
Lax Nature - Shed Skin
Poison Sting

It seems that I now will have two pokemon to train up in Dark Tunnel. I will also be making the journey without Flash. I don't have the space, nor pokemon for it.

*sigh* And the first pokemon I find is another geodude. I'll catch this one, if only for an hm slave. I'll name her Ginna.

Ginna (F) lv 16
Quiet Nature - Rock Head
Defense Curl
Mud Sport
Rock Throw

King almost dies when caught in a Wild Onix's bind.

It's two dangerous to keep King in the lead. This is the second time he's been caught by an Onix.

Just discovered what it is that sweet scent actually does by accident. This could be useful in the future.

Milicent learned acid and forgot sweet scent. So much for that.

Snowball learned rock slide from the move tutor.

Milicent's finally caught up to the others. King has a long way to go though.

Finally made it through Rock Tunnel. Kinda proud of myself for knowing it so well that I didn't need flash.

Going to try taking on Gary even though King isn't up to snuff yet. Zephyr and Snowball were enough to take care of him, though.

Moving on towards celadon. It's unfortunate that I don't have a pokemon that knows cut so that I can get to the grass.

King learned glare. He's also finally starting to win his own battles.

King evolved into an Arbok with some help from 99 fighting a Lass's meowth on Route 8! Now don't die.

Close call for King on Route 8 fighting a Gambler.

Caught Negative the Oddish on Route 7. Perhaps he'll be the backup to Milicent.

Negative (M) lv 22
Jolly Nature - Chlorophyll
Sweet Scent
Poison Powder
Stun Spore
Sleep Powder

Got the coin case. Considered getting the Dratini, but decided I was better off with the Eevee. At least the Eevee's free if it dies. I named the Eevee Jolt (foreshadowing).

Jolt (M) lv 25
Lax Nature - Run Away
Helping Hand
Sand Attack
Quick Attack

Bought a leaf stone and a thunder stone and I evolved Milicent and Jolt! Don't die you two.

Taught Negative cut to get the fly hm.

Lost 99 in a double battle right before the bike path! T_T

Taught Fly to Zephyr and Shock Wave to Jolt. Feeling really crushed about 99. I will catch that Snorlax and use him to crush the oposition.

Time to take out my anger on Team Rocket.

Lost King to a critical hit of a damn Raticate from Team Rocket!

Meanwhile, Jolt's proving to be a pleasant surprise.

Went back and caught Pidge the Pidgey on Route 8 before taking on Giovanni. Want to train Jolteon to learn Double Kick first.

Jolt learned Double Kick. Onto wipe the floor with Giovanni. Milicent will be leading.

Milicent took care of Giovanni's first two pokemon easily, but the kangaskan prooved to be a challenge. Thanks to some walling from Snowball, poison powder from Milicent, and double kicking from jolt, though, we managed to pull through.

Finally, it's time to take on Erica. Zephyr esily took out the whole gym, and learned feather dance in the process.

And here is where I think it's time to take a break.

First off, wow. Can't believe how long I sat and played that straight for. I think this is definately the most fun I've had playing a pokemon game in a long while. On the other hand, I slightly hate it and find it emotionally exhausting. I'm still unhappy about the pokemon I lost earlier, and the longer I play, the more I worry and care for the ones I still have. On some level, I'm sure that's not healthy. Oh well. Next time I pick up it will be at the pokemon tower. Here's my current team.

Milicent (M) lv 29
Relaxed Nature - Chlorophyll
Giga Drain
Poison Powder
Sleep Powder

Jolt (M) lv 30
Lax Nature - Volt Absorb
Double Kick
Shock Wave
Quick Attack

Snowball (F) lv 31
Sassy Nature - Sturdy
Defense Curl
Rock Slide

Zephyr (M) lv 34
Adamant Nature - Keen Eye
Aerial Ace
Feather Dance

Negative (M) lv 22
Jolly Nature - Chlorophyll
Poison Powder
Stun Spore
Sleep Powder

And a fond rememberance to 99 the jigglypuff, King the arbok, Mickie the meowth, Saurian the ivysaur, Cali the kadabra, and my poor mankey. May they rest in peace.

February 2nd, 2011, 5:18 AM
So, it says just the first pokemon you find in each area on the nuzlocke site.. is that rule observed?

Yes. Whatever anyone else says, there are only two compulsory rules to Nuzlocking (read the first actual Nuzlocke comic if you want proof). These are:

1) If a Pokemon faints, it's dead. Release it immediately.
2) Catch only the first Pokemon you see in each area. If you kill it or have no Pokeballs, tough titties.

Any other rules are optional, and you can include as many of these as you like. For example, you must nickname your Pokemon, you must not use healing items, you must only buy a maximum of 10 items per Mart, if you have a full team you must not catch backups etc.

There are rules that make the game easier, like saying if your first encounter is a Pokemon you've already caught, you can forgo that one and catch the first NEW Pokemon you encounter. I don't like these rules because they defeat the object of the Challenge, but it's up to you.

February 2nd, 2011, 7:32 AM
If a pokemon refuses to be released, does that mean it's come back from the dead?

February 2nd, 2011, 7:45 AM
If a pokemon refuses to be released, does that mean it's come back from the dead?
Usually when a Pokemon refuses to be released, it's because the Pokemon knows a HM which no other Pokemon know. Just teach that same HM to something else and you can release it, or just stick it in a box and don't touch it at all and consider it dead.

Also regarding the rule about catching the Pokemon in each area, when I first read it, or in the original rules on this thread it does state that you can only catch one Pokemon per area, so I'm sticking by those rules as they're what I started using when I started this challenge. I know I should use the proper rules, but I've already started with thos rules, so I may as well stick with it.

Expect another update within the next two days from me. :D

February 2nd, 2011, 8:17 AM
third update on FireRed:

Caught Mankey in Rock Tunnel
Stephanie the Fearow died to a biker on rt.8 =[
Growlithe on rt. 8 used roar, no catch
Caught peter the pidgey on rt. 7
Trained Volts!
Got Boss the Eevee in Celadon. Boxed
Went to route 16, got fly
Volt! died to a spearow I could have caught. =[
Peter evolved to Pidgeotto
Currently levelling Peter the Pidgeotto
Raised Mally the Magikarp a little.
Spent a lot of time in game corner to get tm.
Defeated Erika with a combination of Wanda and Peter.
Boxed Wanda because she was getting weak and want to use Boss.
Taught Boss Shadow Ball and Dig; taught Geode Brock Break, taught Rayanna Shock Wave, taught Olivia Giga Drain
Olivia evolved into Vileplume


Current team:
Boss/Eevee Lv.25
Peter/Pidegotto Lv.29
Olivia/Vileplume Lv.29
Squiggles/Wartortle Lv.29
Rayanna/Raticate Lv.28
Geodude/Graveler Lv.29

Mally/Magikarp Lv.15
EthanAllen/Ekans Lv.15
Manny/Mankey Lv.16
Raz/Rattata Lv.12
Diggles/Dugtrio Lv.26
Wanda/Beedrill Lv.28

Raymore/Rattata Lv.5
Kitty/Meowth Lv.10
Stephanie/Fearow Lv.25
Volts!/Voltorb Lv.22

Also started a nuzlocke on yellow, but nothing too exciting has happened yet.

February 2nd, 2011, 12:13 PM
So, it says just the first pokemon you find in each area on the nuzlocke site.. is that rule observed?

That rule is completely required in the Nuzlocke challenge.

February 2nd, 2011, 1:38 PM
Update 2
Picked up again and continued into pokemon tower. I'd like to think my pokemon's graves are here.

PS. Further proof to how much this games getting to me? I had a nightmare about this last night. Definately not healthy.

*sigh* Killed the ghastly I wanted to catch.

Thank goodness for the purified zone.

Jolt died due to a stupid Rocket Koffing's self-destruct. T_T

Caught Joe the Snorlax right before the bike path.

Joe (M) lv 30
Bold Nature - Thick Fat

Caught Remy the Raticate on Route 17.

Remy (M) lv 27
Naughty Nature - Run Away
Tail Whip
Quick Attack
Hyper Fang
Scary Face

I'll place him in the computer for now.

Zephyr evolved into Pidgeot on the Bike Path! Now don't die.

Joe learned body slam!

Caught Ni the Spearow on Route 18.

Ni (M) lv 20
Timid Nature - Keen Eye
Fury Attack

Made it to Fuschia. I will head to the Safari Zone after I collect to the rods.

Caught Leela the Oddish on Route 15

Caught Jim the Ditto on Route 14. Yay!

Caught Green the Pidgey on Route 13.

Caught James the Snorlax on Route 12.

Caught a Goldeen in the Safari Zone.

Caught Lolli the Magikarp in Celadon.

Caught Swift the Horsea in Vermillion. I will add him to my team.

Swift (M) lv 16
Hasty Nature - Swift Swim

Decided that I shall train before taking on Koga.

Swift died to a Dodrio from a bird trainer. T_T

Finally decided to take care of the evolution problem for Snowball. I have a new Golem! Now don't die.

Caught Jamine the Horsea on Route 19.

Jamine (F) lv 18
Gentle Nature - Swift Swim

Swift refuses to be released... I geuss I'll have to deposit him in the computer. He's making this too hard for me though. Honestly though, I'd like to take this as a sign that he rose from the dead.

Taught Jamine surf and was able to release Swift. Having learned my lesson from the last one, I'm going to go train in an area that's more at Jamine's level.

Jamine learned twister.

Jamine evolved into Seadra! Now don't die, Jamine.

Snowball learned Earthquake

Trained everyone to lv 45, then took on Koga. Easily won with Snowball.

Time to take on Saffron.

Zephyr took out the fighting dojo. Won Gi the Hitmonlee.

Went onto to take out the Rockets. Now time to take Gary. Won with Snowball and Zephyr. Recieved a free Lapras.

Taught Milicent Toxic.

Defeated Giovanni. Received the Masterball.

Defeated Sabrina. Primarily with Joe.

Onto Cinnabar through Pallet.

Caught Coolio the Tentacool on Route 21.

Made it to Cinnabar and ressurected an aerodactyl.

Time to explore the pokemon mansion.

Caught Pudding the Grimer in the pokemon mansion.

Took on Blaine with Snowball and Jamine. They easily won.

Joined Bill to visit Celio.

Caught a Spearow at Treasure Beach.

Caught a Fearow at Kindle Road.

Had a really close call with Milicent.

Caught Yamaki the Hypno in the Berry Forrest. Decided to add him to the team.

Defeated Moltres since I couldn't catch it.

Taught Remy thief and stole some mushrooms at Mt. Moon. Taught Yamaki hypnosis and dream eater. Taught Joe Belly drum.

I'll end it here, though I'm going to train some more before taking on Giovanni's gym.


Yamaki (M) lv 36
Lax Nature - Imsomnia
Dream Eater

Joe (M) lv 49
Bold Nature - Thick Fat
Body Slam
Belly Drum

Milicent (M) lv 50
Relaxed Nature - Chlorophyll
Petal Dance
Sleep Powder

Snowball (F) lv 31
Sassy Nature - Sturdy
Defense Curl
Rock Slide

Zephyr (M) lv 51
Adamant Nature - Keen Eye
Aerial Ace
Feather Dance

Jamine (F) lv 51
Gentle Nature - Poison Point
Water Gun
Smoke Screen

February 2nd, 2011, 2:28 PM
Platinum update time, finally.

After destroying Byran with Machoman the Machamp at Canalave City, I went to the library. Professor Rowan gave another one of his boring lectures, when suddenly an earthquake occured. We all ran downstairs, but it wasn't an earthquake that happened - It was an explosion. At Lake Valor. Hey, guess where I have to go? Lake Valor! Figures.

I flew over there, stepping over Magikarps and defeating grunts when I got to Saturn. His Pokemon were no match for a combination of Starscream the Staraptor and Aghast the Gengar. Wondering how Dawn was doing, I flew to Lake Verity. Grunts? Peice of cake. This is eas- Oh hey look it's Mars! And I beat the insults right out of her with, again, a combination of Starscream and Aghast.

How's Barry doing? I wish I could say I flew right to Lake Acuicity, but no - I had to walk. I ran through Mt. Coronet and outside to Route 216. There, I caught Evergreen the Abomasnow. Battling a couple trainers, I kept going. Route 217 gave me a good ol' Sneasel, who I nicknamed Vile. Phew! Acucity Lakefront. Wait, what do you mean I need the Gym Badge?

Depositing Storm in my box, I grabbed Dr. Doom the Houndour to grind. Soon, I had a Level 44 Houndoom in my hands. It was time to take on the Gym. Against one of the trainers, I sent out Aghast against a Glalie. Wait a second - Glalie can learn crunch? Noooooo!

So Aghast died with dignity. D':

I finally reached Candice. Sneasel? Pfft. Riptide the Empoleon took it out in a Surf. Piloswine? No big deal. Machoman dealed with it. Abomasnow? Gogogogo Dr. Doom. Froslass. Oh gosh. The thing had swept me in previous play throughs of Platinum. I sent out Sewage the Bronzong to beat it. Froslass tried spamming Double Team, but in the end it was no match for 2 Gyro Balls to the face.

To replace Aghast, I quickly grabbed Hardcore the Geodude out of my box. Currently I am grinding him. Next up, Lake Acucity.


Riptide (M)
Level 44
Bashful nature

Dr. Doom (F)
Level 44
Bashful nature

Machoman (M)
Quirky nature

Sewage (N/A)
Naive nature

Starscream (M)
Serious nature

Hardcore (M)
Level 21 (Currently Grinding)
Mild nature



Scorpia (M)

Evergreen (M)

DerpDoof (F)

Stevie (M)

Psy (F)

Pimp (N/A)

Storm (F)

4-Is (F)

Buggerz (F)

Slugsworth (M)

FrenchFood (F)

Vile (F)


Rockstar (F)
Levels 5- 24
Died to a crittin' Gible

Jaws (M)
Levels 17 - 39
Died to a Kricketune who sang a song and then spammed crits

Aghast (M)
Levels 17 - 43
Died to a Glalie's Crunch


February 2nd, 2011, 2:44 PM
If a pokemon refuses to be released, does that mean it's come back from the dead?

I know your question's already been answered, but just wanted to add something extra.

If a Pokemon refuses to be released, it means it's the only Pokemon that knows an essential HM like Cut or Strength or Surf. That much you already know. The extra bit is that if you don't have any other Pokemon that know or can learn an HM move you need to progress, then it's game over. You can't break the rules to catch any extra Pokemon. You can of course go back and find another Pokemon on a Route you've not used up yet, but you can't use the dead HM slave and you can't catch a second Pokemon on any Route.

Just to clarify.

February 2nd, 2011, 2:47 PM
I don't even release Pokemon. I just put the dead ones in a special box, just for updates and memories.

I've always felt like releasing something was a bit of a waste when you could just store it in a box and transfer it later on.

Lord Varion
February 2nd, 2011, 2:57 PM
Hmmm... quite odd how a guy at college tells me how he is trying this on emerald and he's gonna put it online
and i find this
anyway i may try this after i take a break of hacking :3

February 2nd, 2011, 3:19 PM
First Ruby Update!! :D

So I pick up a torchic and find out my game was hacked..

My torchics rival is treecko..

After a fail attempt to reel in my hacked in charmander that killed my torchic it resulted in a fail so I started over with Treecko for some odd reason, though, my opponent was still a treecko(May you're agitating me)
Charmander=Ember=Dead Treecko

So this time I picked mudkip and obviously May picked Treecko(Just kill yourself)

I successfully caught Hothead(Charmander for those of you that don't know) and Deposited Surf(Mudkip)

I advanced after an intense grinding session with Hothead to level 25 and went to speak to my evil father (he reminds me of Dr. Evil from austin powers) Then all of the sudden this little nuisance pops up begging my father for some catching lessons.. Being my dad he made me do it..

After the little kid caught and effin ralts one the first time I ditched him and went to the random forest sitting next to and between two urban cities.. (script turned off for scott I guess)

Didn't feel like grinding here so I went on and found this douche looking for a shroomish when an entire forest of them sat there and waited to be caught(well I'm not catching them for him)

Then this dude dressed in this all red suit and hood and all walks up saying "You dare interfere with team (Dr. Evil again) Liquid hot Mag-Ma?"

"Dude, no" I said "Cool suit though I like the co--"

"Poochyena, Howl" he interrupted

"Was that really necessary?" I responded after the idiot howled

"Poochyena, Howl louder!" He said disregarding my remark

"I thought you were supposed to rename your pokemon in Nuzlockes!" I yelled over his howling that seemed to join in with Poochyenas

"Poochyena Howl LOUDER!" He yelled

"Oh Em Gee! ESS TEE EFF YOU!! -- Hothead ember!" I yelled in irritation (I was growling the entire time ;D)

"Poochyena! NOOOO--" he began to yell

"If you continue yelling you're next" I Bickered

He sat down and cried silently

I continued with the stupid Douche who couldn't find a shroomish yelling in awe of my annoyance

I entered Roxannes Gym with fire in my eyes when suddenly a crash Blew into the gym..

Roxanne closed the gym on spot and Hothead got a little angry (just enough to send him into a violent rage)

Hot head chared at her pokemon with rage and beat them to a pulp..

She respectively placed a small little pin on his torso..

"Why a pin?" I asked

"Oh, because Hoenn is all out of badges" she replied with a huge cheesy smile

"Whatever" I responded

The Douche came around the corner and yelled at me to chase that liqud magma dude..

"Catch him yourself" I said as I walked away.. (no point in telling that side of the story)

I then saw may who, being the Tomboy she is, Tackled me to the ground. I then grabbed her by her arms and pinned her down and commanded Hothead to destroy Treecko to end her aggressive ways.

Treecko bowed down to Hothead.

"HaHa! Nice try but Treecko's no matter how ground up.. can't die!" She mocked

"Darn you crappy Hacker!!!!" I yelled at the sky

"Who are you yelling at?" The pinned down may asked

"Why did you tackle me?" I responded

"Hey go catch that boat guy he can tell you"

"What that doesn't anser my-- Figures" I started but ended when she called officer jenny to pry me off of her

I ran..

Found the boat guy who just said.. YOHoYoHOYOho.. I then exclaimed it was an insult to call me that..

He felt sorry and shipped me to this random beach who had people talking about "BUSY MACHINE"

I then told them that I CHOOSE YOU RALTS was all the "RAVE"

I beat up brawly with an angered level 29 Hothead(still charmander)

Boat guy then took me to another random beach Where Hothead beat up everyone for a 6-pack of Grape soda..

He then levelled to level 31 to gain Flamethrower as an option in his arsenal..

He Evolved into a small dinosaur looking thing with a point on his head..

Ipicked up a pretty silver bell and gave it to Hothead who played with it joyfully on the beach..(by what you've read.. would you be able to tell he has a timid nature?) Lol

I know it was a long update..

The one..

The only..

Level 31

Boxed Slave:
(I think those are it)

Update end

February 2nd, 2011, 11:25 PM
Okay, I'mma do this on my Acekard version of Japanese White!
I'll put it in spoilers so as not to ruin the game for some of you people.
The rules I'm using are as follows:
1. Only catch one Pokemon per area.
2. If a Pokemon faints, release it. It's dead.
I'mma start right... Now!

2/3/11 - Journal Entry 1
My name is Joey. Mom took me to see the Professor today. The Professor told me about the world of Pokemon and what I was signing up for. She showed me a Mincinno. It was cute.
Then she came over to our house and gave me a gift. I had to wait for Cheren and Bianca to open it though. When Bianca arrived late as usual, Cheren got on her case about being late.
Finally I opened the box. There were three Pokemon inside! Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott... Which one should I choose? I decided to go with the Snivy. Bianca wanted to battle me, and she had the Oshawott. She was a piece of cake, really. A few tackles and that was all. When the battle was over, my room was a mess! There were footprints all over the walls, and papers were thrown everywhere.
Then Cheren chuckled, "Bianca, you need to practice. Let me show you what a real battle is like." So he healed my Pokemon and we battled. I won. Against his Tepig. With my Snivy. My Snivy was so good, I decided to call him Ninja. It was love at first sight.
When I stepped downstairs, Mom handed me a Live Caster. It's awesome. I was videochatting with Maddie the whole day. When I got bored, I headed over to Bianca's to see what's up. I stepped into the fight between her and her father. "But I want to be a Pokemon Trainer!" Bianca sighed.
Her father looked at her with disgust. "No, you cannot! It is too dangerous!"
I then asked if I was interrupting, then headed to the Professor's. Cheren and Bianca were there too. She gave us each a Pokedex and Pokeballs. Then she told us about our responsibilities and what it meant to be a Pokemon Trainer.
Finally, after three hours of Bullcrap from Professor Juniper, we stepped outside. Ah, fresh air. I let Ninja out of his Pokeball. He seemed to enjoy it. Then Mom stopped by. She gave me a Region Map of Unova. Useful... Thanks!
Next, we headed onto Route 1, where Professor Juniper was waiting, to show us how to catch a Pokemon. I remember one time my Dad showed me how... I forgot. She used her famous Mincinno to capture this thing called a Patrat. It seemed cool, so I gave it a try! I walked around in Tall Grass to find a wild Lillipup staring at my face. It looked cool, so I tried to catch it. Attack first, right? I used Tackle right away, then threw the ball. It shook once, twice, thrice! I had caught the Pokemon! I decided to call him Puppy. At one point, Ninja learned how to use a new attack called Vine Whip. It was cool.
When I reached Karakusa Town, Professor Juniper, of course, was waiting for me in front of the Pokemon Center. She and Bianca showed me around... The usual. I bought some Potions, just in case something happens.
I stepped out of the Pokemon Center to see some kind of strike going on. People in weird outfits were holding flags with the letter P on it. I didn't think much of it, because I just returned to Route 1 to train Puppy. He needed some serious grinding! That was when I discovered Puppy's Tackle attack. Actually, that was when I discovered Critical Hits ^^.
When I headed back up to Karakusa Town, I saw a large crowd form around the strange people. That included Cheren. So I went to see what the big ruckus was about, and I saw this man. Geechisu. He talked about his plans to rule the world, and to free Pokemon from the slavery known as trainers. I was shocked. Finally, when he collected and left, the town was already bare naked. I talked to this man... N. I discovered something I probably shouldn't have. He got angry and panicked. He sent out his Purrloin. I laughed and sent out my Puppy. Switched after the first three attacks to Ninja, who just touched the Purrloin and it fainted. I give credit to Puppy to knocking it's HP to the red zone.
When I defeated N, he angrily stormed off to Route 2, cussing under every breath.
Then I took out my journal wrote this whole thing up, and... See you next time!

My team so far.
Ninja/Snivy Lv.8/Lv.5
Vine Whip

Puppy/Lillipup Lv.6/Lv.2
Odor Sleuth

Later updates won't be so slow, I just wanted the first update to really get into the feel of the writing.

February 3rd, 2011, 1:11 AM
I shall try my hand at this!

Actually, scratch that, going to bed, since it *is* 318 am.
But I'll begin tomorrow.

February 3rd, 2011, 1:17 AM
I don't even release Pokemon. I just put the dead ones in a special box, just for updates and memories.

I've always felt like releasing something was a bit of a waste when you could just store it in a box and transfer it later on.

Well, yeah. So do I if they die at a high level. Releasing them and putting them in the PC and never using them again are the same thing from a practical standpoint.

February 3rd, 2011, 12:47 PM
Fourth Update on FireRed:

Evolved Boss into Flareon. Taught him Flamethrower
Rayanna died from a selfdestruct koffing in pokemon Tower =[
Caught Norman the Snorlax.
Went through both ways to Fuscia City.
Peter and Squiggles evolved.
Got Surf and Strength, Taught to Squiggles and Geode.
Norman is new team member. Taught Brick Break, Substitute. Learned Body Slam.
Currently grinding for gyms/ Silph Co. Anyone know any good grinding spots?

Current Team
Norman/Snorlax Lv.34
Olivia/Vileplume Lv.32
Boss/Flareon Lv.37
Peter/Pideot Lv.37
Squiggles/Blastoise Lv. 37
Geode/Graveler Lv.38

Considering getting rid of Olivia for something else. I don't really have a lot of good options though.

Also, in yellow update 1: Spoiler: Pikachu dies

Got Liz the Pikachu
caught Prince the Nidoran m after taking care of business
Caught Rayanna II the Rattata
Caught Liberty the Caterpie
Grinding time!
I SUCK! Ran across a level 7 Pidgey, and it killed Liz =[ No Bulbasaur for me. =[

Prince/Nidoran m Lv.5
Rayanna II/Rattata Lv. 4
Liberty/Caterpie Lv.5

Liz/Pikachu Lv.7

February 4th, 2011, 9:03 AM
My Nuzlocke Challenge has been completed. I think I'm going to try it on the ShinyGold Hack next.

Update 3
Trained the whole team to lv 55 and then took on Giovanni and Gary. Both matches went fine, though I felt uncomfertable with Gary's.

Caught a psyduck on Route 23.

Time to take on Victory Road.

Made it to the Indigo Plateau.

However, want to train everyone to lv 65 before I take on the Elite 4.

Taught Jamine Double Team and Ice Beam. Went to take on the Elite Four

For Lorelei, Joe was the perfect choice. His thick fat abillity protected him from the ice types, so I used belly drum, rest, snore, and body slam to victory.

Bruno was more of a mixed effort. Jamine, Milicent, Zephyr, and Yamaki all took turns fighting pokemon.

For Agatha, Yamaki took the lead with his high special defense protecting from the ghost attacks, and psychicing anything that got in his way.

For lace, Jamine stole the show. Began with Double Teaming against Lance's gyrados, and from there, nothing could stop her ice beam.

The final battle was against Gary. I started off with Snowball against his Pidgeot, but eventually he switched it out for his Rhydon. I in turn brought in Milicent who Pedal Danced him into oblivion. That didn't work as well however as he was still stuck in petal dance when Gary brought in Alakazam. One psychic later and Milicent was gone. T_T But I was still feeling the adrenaline. Can't stop now. Brought in Zephyr who took out Alakazam and then Exeggutor. He switched in Pidgeot again and I brought Snowball back. She was featherdanced again, but this time she was enough to take out the pidgeot. The gyrados came out and I decided to press my advantage with snowball, sure she would survive whatever hit the gyrados could give her. I was wrong. She was hydropumped into oblvion, and I'd just lost another pokemon (was really starting to feel it now). Needed a pokemon with strong defense, so out came Yamaki who finished off the gyrados. Now Gary sent out his final pokemon, charizard. I switched out Yamaki and Jamine barely survived a fire blast. Looking at my remaining options, and remembered the strategy I'd used with Lorelei. Joe came back out, and with a little patience, the battle was won.

The Elite Four is now finished. I will not be able to continue onward because I can't catch (or evolve) 20 more pokemon to fulfill the requirements to receive the national pokedex, however, the challenge has been completed anyway by defeating the Elite Four. I enjoyed this immensely, and most likely will do it again in the future.

I would like to give one final remembrance to the pokemon who were lost along the way: Snowball the golem, Milicent the vileplume, Swift the horsea, 99 the jigglypuff, King the arbok, Mickie the meowth, Saurian the ivysaur, Cali the kadabra, and Yamaha the mankey. Rest in peace, guys. We did it.

And because life is ultimately about the living, a big thanks to my final team as it now stands.

Yamaki (M) lv 66
Lax Nature - Imsomnia
Dream Eater

Joe (M) lv 65
Bold Nature - Thick Fat
Body Slam
Belly Drum

Zephyr (M) lv 65
Adamant Nature - Keen Eye
Aerial Ace
Feather Dance

Jamine (F) lv 66
Gentle Nature - Poison Point
Ice Beam
Double Team

Scratch that, it's not an I think, I will do a Nuzlocke of ShinyGold (because I don't have access to any of the second generation games at the moment). Consider my next challenge started.

February 5th, 2011, 6:19 PM
OMG a pokemon of mie survived a critical hit self-destruct!!!
That. Is. AWESOME. (It doesn't even have a brilliant defense stat or anything O_o)

Here's chapter eight, hopefully making up for the lasts ones downer ending.


The three remaining companions walked to the bike store. They were unusually quiet, no one felt like talking after Soundtrack’s funeral. Unfortunately though, Shame saw Cynthia hovering outside, ready to prey on all that is sacred and cynical.
‘Oh great. Just what we need.’
‘Oh good morning Shame!’
‘I should really get over the fact everyone psychically knows my name already.’
‘Here you go, have this!’ Cynthia handed her an egg.
‘So basically you’re giving me a baby to raise as a soldier and eventually die in a blaze of blood? Great love-advocate you are.’
‘This egg hatches around pure people only. I thought it be great for filling your pokedex!’
‘By this point I have completely forgotten about it.’
‘Have a great day! I hope to see you again, and may the power of love-’
‘Get. Out. Now.’
She finally walked off, leaving the odd egg with Shame.
“Great”, Wonder began to moan, “We now have an egg which we can’t hatch, which also has the liberty of taking up a space in the team. I hope she’s a gym leader; I can’t wait to bash her mons up! Probably doing them a favour.”
‘Not quite true Wonder... We can hatch it, isn’t that right, Bad?’
She smiled, ‘pure, innocent, nice, won’t complain if we strap an egg to her. Wonder, get the duct tape.’
‘Alright boss.’
The egg started to crack.
The shell burst open, revealing a togepi.
‘Togepi eh...’ they evolve into a normal/flying Pokémon, just like Soundtrack. It’s a girl, too. I’ll call her... Something-track. I know! I’ll put on my iPod, and whatever song comes on I’ll put the first word at the front!
Shame put her earphones in and pressed the play button.
‘Damn you’re a sexy b*tch, a sexy b*tch...’
‘OH COME ON. I suppose that means... Sexytrack.’
Shame and Wonder burst out laughing, while Bad looked confused.
“Sexytrack I see...” she mused, “I see you have some very immature traits... NOW COWER BEFORE MY EGO!!”
‘... What?! Bad, how many things did you bump into?’
“AHAHAHAHA!! Really, you think that mere creature can damage my ego?!’
“I-I’m not a mere creature!” Bad started glowing, leaving a gastrodon where she stood.
“Impressive, mere creature... But not as impressive as this!!” a starly flew by. Sexytrack wiggled her fingers, “Now watch the power of my ego!! JUDGEMENT!!!”
And Sexytrack unleash divine judgement on the starly, and stuff got really blown up.
‘Bad, what sort of monstrosity have you created?!’
“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Please, forgive me!”
Shame shrugged, ‘At least I don’t have to bother brain-washing it, she’s crazy enough all ready.’
Shame studied her move pool, ‘charm... Growl... Metronome... TM time!’
She sorted through her bag, ‘Return... That’s normal type I suppose... Welcome to the team, Sexytrack, and now let’s grind!’
10 minutes of grinding Sexytrack proved one thing. Roar of time and areoblast are an epic combination, and soon a cocky, egotistic, narcissistic, and thoroughly [email protected] togetic was the third member.
‘Still, three Pokémon... And the next gyms ghost type, you and Wonder are gonna be useless...’
“Are you calling my ego useless?”
“But the gym leaders French! She can’t be difficult to win against!”
“Y-you mean... I’m gonna have to solo it?” Bad looked close to crying.
‘No way, that would be suicidal. If we don’t lose anymore companions, a grass and an ice type would be a good member... But not a budew. Those are to annoying. On wards we continue!’
After a quick cycle down cycling road (... That name sucks), and a field trip of trainer dodging into Mount Coronet, another idea occurred to Shame.
‘We could get a bronzong!’
“Didn’t you say they were one of the ugliest abominations your ego has ever seen?”
‘Well, yeah, but psychic steel with an ability which cancels out a weakness is just awesome.’
So naturally they bumped into a meditite which Sexytrack gleefully murdered with the power of love. At that point though, Shame noticed someone in the cave. He had blue hair, but it was forgiven because it was spiky. Just.
‘This world is rotten...’
‘Save me the lecture and gimme something.’
‘The human spirit...’
‘Oh screw this, I’m going to Hearthome!’
A Pokémon slipped through the dark streets. It heard a cry of annoyance and recognized her voice. It started to run, bolting through the litter-stained road. He would find justice, and he would find it soon. He saw the exit of the city and bolted towards it, but a person suddenly emerged from it and he crashed into her. She looked like a child, but had a dark aura around her. She was wearing a scarf and a coat-thing, but what stood out the most were her eyes. Her bitter, cruel, whimsical eyes.
‘Well hello there...’ she smiled and took out a pokeball.

Please forgive me for her nickname, its one of the rules...

February 5th, 2011, 6:29 PM
Just started a Pokemon Brown Nuzlocke. Don't know if I'm going to follow through with it. I tend to be bad at Nuzlockes...


Got a Bulbasaur, named Palm. Gravel City check.
Got a Diglett, named Whacka. Merson Cave check.
Had several close calls in Merson Cave, so I'm going to grind to lv 10 before moving on.

February 5th, 2011, 6:44 PM
Currently grinding for gyms/ Silph Co. Anyone know any good grinding spots?

Current Team
Norman/Snorlax Lv.34
Olivia/Vileplume Lv.32
Boss/Flareon Lv.37
Peter/Pideot Lv.37
Squiggles/Blastoise Lv. 37
Geode/Graveler Lv.38

Technically there are potentially good grinding spots right before silph co but the closest is at route 17 (bycicle road) &18 (small patch of grass right after bycicle road).. its usually good for level 30s because there's no dangerous pokemon here levelling between level 20 spearows to level 29 raticates..

Whatsup fellow nuzlockamaniacs

Been a while since my last update(due to my most intricate style of grinding(which is running back and forth with autofire on and playing guitar ;D))

So my spoiler should keep this page from slow loading O__O

Wait.. where did I leave off?

(Scans forum)

Oh okae

Chapter 2

So after my exprience with Hotheads bell I decided I wanted to beat something else up (I dunno I guess its male testosterones)

Found myself running in grass until I found may again..

She started yapping about how treeckos are the best things ever and she yelled to make it attack Hothead.. almost on instinct he blasted small embers from its mouth to nearly end treeckos life..

May then scoffed and said..

"Just because fire is stronger doesn't mean you have to be rude" she stormed off.

"well that was stupid" Hothead whispered under his breath still playing with his small bell.

As we continued walking Hothead asked me a question.

Well more like demanded an answer

"Hey! Why do you have me walking anyways?!"

"Because your my only pokemon! And we have to become closer so people think I'm a good trainer!" I yelled back

"Why is that?"

"Stop talking before I take away that bell of yours!"

As if on cue he stopped talking..

We entered a gym full of hotshots in hopes of getting our third pin..

Turns out that it was a washed up old man giving out free pins..

Disappointed I left.. the only close to boring thing that happened was Wally decided to attempt a surprise attack and ended up being hit with his kirlias.. whatever it was I was busy deciding whether I should pick paper or plastic for my 3rd pin..

After that I walked west according to my compass and found myself in a contest where Hothead just got mad and blew flames everywhere and got a contest badge..

"Wait! I thought Hoenn was out of badges!"

"Well yeah for gyms.. contests ran out of pins so we used badges"

"Why don't you guys just switch back?"

"Cause that would be stupid!"


As I angrily walked away I sprinted to pick up a bike and then rode off to see a tower ski chair place resort ma-jiggy..

Chapter 3

Hello, I am Hothead.. I've come to warn you that in the following chapter there is words that reference to a matter people call indecency or in other words.. nudity.. please no immaturity for the following chapter.. Thank You..

Yeah doing it in chapters.. I just left this alone for like 30 minutes..

Anyways I advanced only to Beat up that cool looking team with the really bad name..

I continued to find a hot spring and another gym..

The gym was closed so out of sheer irritation I went to the hotsprings to find the gym leader there..



"Oh, S---"

I was cut off when Hothead punched me in the gut to puch me out of the doorway to see the sign "WOMENs Hot Spring" and the sign across the hall that said "MENs Hot Spring"

My jaw dropped.. and then I felt guilty


"Hey, you know your kinda cute." Flannery said catching me off gaurd..

"Wait.. so you're not mad I just say you.. well.. uhmm.."

"Awwwwww.. you're shy too.. and no I don't care.. think of it as a present"

"Nononononono! I just want a pin as usual.. okae?" I said in complete disbelief that a little kids game was going all wrong

"I think I can help you out with that!" she pulled a small soda cap out off her pocket and stabbed it with a hairpin..

"Call me sometime, okay?"

She gave me a cherry coke pin and I was off..

Chapter 4

After my last incident I realized I've only had one real gym battle..

As I travelled to fortree the was an invisible presence blocking the way to the gym..

So of course me being me and Hothead being himself..

We yelled at it..

(purple is used for our combined.. yelling I guess)

"OH EM EFFIN' GEE!! MOVE!!!!" (Indistinct yelling) "BLAH!!!"

"Fine.. FINE!" yelled winona "Here's a pin! Now stop yelling at me! I have a headache!!

I stomped off still feeling weak since I didn't fight anything good yet before I realized it Hothead had already evolved(he evovled right after chapter 1 actually)

"Hay! Can't you fly??"

"No" he responded immidiately"Get a slave or something.. here I'll just scratch this swellow"


Hey Bravado!!!(nickname) can you fly?

"Yeah.. where to?"

"Ever Gran--"

"No!" It interrupted

"But what about--"


"Fly to Lilycove or else I'll kill you!

Surely enough we took off to lilycove city..

Chapter 5

On arrival of Lilycove Hothead blazed The swellow with a Flamethrower..(found a double battle and actually did it)

I found another Gym but of course the gym leader wasn't there..

I went to the mall to find May there and of course being the brat she is.. here grovyle attacked a fire/flying type..

Hothead killed it amazingly..

"I thought you said he couldn't die!"

"I said Treecko couldn't die you Jackwagon!"

"Brofist" *pound*

"Could you get anymore stupid May?"

Before I knew it I had a tire track on my foot from a bike..

"I hid the pins since the gym leader here died.. I'm going to Mt. Pyre to bury him and his pokemon.. so don't look behind the gym for the pins!!"

"I guess so"

I looked behind the gym to find a single pin with a note..

{Yeah you probably killed Grovyle and I might get mad about that.. but ever since you waltzed into my room without telling anyone in advanced I thought you were cute.. I heard Flannery's story.. so we are going to be competing for you.. good luck}

I stood I disbelief.. on the back I took out a red pen and wrote..

Dear May&Flannery,

I hate you both..


I wondered if that contradiction would prove to be a bad choice of words but I didn't care..

I got on top of Hothead and told him to fly to mossdeep..

He ignored..

I threatened to take his bell..

We arrived in Mossdeep City..

That's all for now until my room is clean..

February 5th, 2011, 7:07 PM
Well, time to update.

Chapter 4

After getting to fallarbor (spelling XP) town, I healed up and went on to the magmas in meteor falls. When I arrived, my brilliant figure scared the devious magma's away. (It was teem Aqua :( ) I continued on to Mt. Chimney, fighting my way through the trainers that I had previously sneaked past using my awesome ninja skills. I beat all of the grunts, and saved before Maxie. I decided to look at how strong he was on psypokes, and I realized that he was going to whoop my @$$. I decided to use my ninja skills again, and took a couple of steps back before jamming my thumb on the space bar and the X button, (equivalent to the B button) shouting, "Usain Bolt powers activate!" I ran off and went back down Mt. Chimney. Right now, I'm training my pokes.

Current Team:

Marshtomp: lv 24

Swellow: lv 24

Electrike: lv 20

Sorry about my bad narrating skills. I'm doing this with the 5 minutes of free time I get in between my other "duties"

February 5th, 2011, 11:21 PM
I'm going to do a nuzlocke run on emerald. I will be using the fainting/release rule, and the catch the 1st poke in an area, since those are the required ones. I'll make sure to update and I'll hopefully be able to upload pics.

February 6th, 2011, 8:15 AM
First Update of Shiny Gold(Yes, I'm doing this on a hack.Count it as Gold.

February 6th, 2011, 12:46 PM
Yea, I played a lot earlier, but was not able to fit it all into one chapter, so I made sure to write it all down. This means the updates will actually not be where I am currently at. Here we go:


My name is Remmy... this is my story.

It all started when I reached my new home in Littleroot. Of course mom was eager to get me out of my house. I set my clock to a random time, and checked my PC for some emails. Unfortunately computer technology is a piece of crap here, since all I can do is look at items I magically convert into data. Seriously, what's wrong with the world? Suddenly, something catches my eye. There's a potion in my item box. WTF? I have never used this before though... SOMEBODY MUST'VE HACKED MY ACCOUNT. W/e, I'll probably never use this in the future. Once I was done, I came downstairs, only to find mom watching TV. Whatever. Have a nice life mom.

I knew I need a pokemon if I want to get anywhere, so of course my first choice is breaking and entering into my neighbor's house. Met some girl named May. Totally annoying. It was hate at first site really. Anyways, some guy was being owned by a zigzagoon, so I thought I'd loot his bag while he wasn't looking. Unfortunately, he saw me, and told me to take only one. Pfft, whatever. I decide to take Mudkip, cuz it looks like a total baws. Kicked zigzagoon's furry @$$. What a noob this fat guy is. Getting owned by woodland creatures. Anywho, we head back to his lab, and he thanks me. Good to see not everyone is a total douche in this place. The guy lets me keep mudkip. Damn-straight I says. I nickname my mudkip Commando, cuz he's just that awesome. Then the guy tells me he wants me to check-up on his daughter May. HELL NO! But he makes me go anyways. Congrats fat man. You're on my list now.

I head out to Oldale, making sure to not encounter any pokemon on the way, since I don't have pokeballs to catch them yet. To remedy this, I stop by a pokemart to pick up a pokeballs. Wait, what?! You don't have pokeballs! No wonder you guys all live in the woods. You're all a bunch of backwoods hillbillies who don't understand economics! That's why you use pokemon as slave labor for moving boxes and digging tunnels! Man! You can all just die now. You're absolutely useless to me.

I meet a Poocheyana on route 103, and kill it. It is of no use to me without pokeballs. I then proceed to grind until level 9. I heal, then battle the crap out of May. She goes down quickly. Hell yes. She tries to make up for it by racing me home, but really, I just don't want to. So I don't. We get back, and I get a pokedex and some pokeballs. BOUT FRIGGIN TIME. Now then, I'm off to start a manly adventure of epicness. Have fun being losers. Buh-bye.

February 6th, 2011, 10:19 PM
Heeeeellllllllllloooooooooooo Nuzlockamaniacs!!!

So as last time I think I mentioned I finished the game.. but if I didn't..


Chapter 6

On arrival of Mossdeep I found my fan club waiting on the isle

I couldn't help but realize that they were both about to annoy me..


"What's up?"

The two said trying to upstage the other..

Me and Hothead looked at each other with the exact same thought as each other..


The second the girls heard me and Hothead say that their eyes got huge and fearful. Hothead had opened its mouth to shoot its most powerful move before they both started crying.

Hothead was on the ready..

"Aww.. c'mon don't do that!"

Hothead sucked in for build up..

May and Flannery were still crying as theyhug each other and braced themselves..

Hothead was about to blast..

"Hothead stop!"

Hothead cough and wheezed as his flames turned to smoke and nearly choked him to death.

May and Flannery's crying died down to sniffling

"I'm sorry guys.. I.... I guess I was just frustrated for not getting any real gym battles. I'm sorry I threated to kill you guys. And I'm sorry I scared the living death out of you."

They both hugged me shivering with the remaining fear. I hugged them back to confort them but I knew my being nice was going to come back to haunt me. But for now, they were just two scared little girls about my age who just met a guy with incredibly awesome white hair.

"Decade.. I don't think the gym leaders are here either.. actually I think one of them died so the other is at Mt. Pyre digging her grave." Flannery said her voice still shaky

"Yeah, I saw her when I was visiting the other grave for lilycoves gym leader"

It was starting to seem like there was a rampaging pokemon trainer and his pokemon killing the gym leaderswhich made me think of my dad..

"Hey.. you guys.. I have to get to Petalburg right quick to check on my dad.."


I woke up at Petalburg gym to find it crushed with a Giant steel block with the name in big letters that said 'STEVEN'..

There were people crowded around the gym mourning a small puddle of blood leaking from the block.

I then saw my mother screaming her agonizing heart out to see that it was her husbands blood

"Mom, what happened!?"

"Decade? Your father has died.."

"Wait.. That's his blood!!"

There was small indistinctive chatter between a couple people when I said that.

"He wanted you to have this.. its his gyms pin"

"Don't worry mommy.. I'll figure out who did this and I'll kill him for revenge!"

"Hey Decade.. I think that Stev--"

"And when I do find out he will die!!"

"Decade.. I think Hothead is trying to tell you Steve--"

"DON'T INTERRUPT ME!! I will get Hothead to rip his guts out!! Okae I'm done"

"Yeah so Ste--"


(Using this collor to represent a large group of people)


(In a whisper)"Butt-faces"

Chapter 7

Now that I had two girls following I felt I had it made.. now only if they would stop bickering at each other and enjoy the ride.

"Well he saw me first!"

"First the worst, second the best

"oh well at least he's pinned me down and stared intently at into my eyes"

"Hey! I wasn't even staring into your--"

"Well he gave me a bath!"

"More like walked in on--"

"You dirty tramp!"

"If I was dirty, he made me clean!"

(combo of pink and blue)"Decade! Tell her you love me more!"

They then glared at each other then fell silent since they just said something at the same time..

"Finally you guys shut up! I don't even think Professor Oak talks as much as you guys! Look.. we're going to be back in Mossdeep in 2 minutes.. if one of you don't annoy me for the rest of the ride I'll give a kiss to the one who was least annoying.."

As their eyes got wide with anticipation to land they sat absolutely still and didn't annoy me to the least bit.. much to my simoltaneous amusment and despair.. cause frankly that ment I had to choose between them.. and that meant one of them crying again.. I don't want to go through that again..

We arrived in Mossdeep and they had sighed in relief as their feet touched the beach..

"So who won?" they asked with Joyuos hope that it'd be them who won..

"You both did.. so I'll give you both kisses. And just be glad you get one and not mad that you didn't beat the other. Close your eyes both of you"

As they closed their eyes and puckered up for both of their kisses I reached in my pocket for the most incredible save ever! As I pulled out my hand I set the small chocolate triangles on the sandy beach and went over to Hothead..

"Hothead.. let's get to Mt. Pyre"

"Got it"

As soon as Hothead attempted to take off Flannery opened her eyes from feeling a small gust of wind and ren for Hotheads back and jumped on.. May was a step behind from hearing The crunch of sand and jumped to only grab Hotheads tail.. my plan had miserably failed.

"Choclate kisses?!?" they asked me in near tears..

"Oh, no! Not this again!!!..."

Chapter 8

When we arrived at Mt. Pyre we picked up a small sense of trouble..

We landed on top to find the coolest looking guy in liquid hot magmas uniform.. he had a small blue orb in his hand and then his just disappeared into the fog.. Then we saw one of the twins from Mossdeep's gym standing over a grave..

"Hothead Flamethrower!"

She put her hand up and a force field of psychic power deflected it..

"I have no pokemon. They died too. Take my pin and leave. I already teleported one onto Your Charizards chest"

Surely enough it was there and we took off again.. this time we ended up crashing on our way to ever grande to see if they had a gym there.. instead we crashed underwater and into a cave to find a giant red thing walking towards us.. then a meniacle laugh pierced the are. It was none other than cool magma guy. Then the big red thing disappeared.. and we appeared at Sootopolis..

"Look a gym!"

Door sign says: GYM CLOSED

My eyes went faint and I curled into a ball. May and Flannery picked me up and carried me to a cave for god knows why.. Steven the funny looking dude, and a guy with an awesome baret told me I had to go inside and kill something called a Groudon..

I wasn't listening to this conversation but it was later told to me later..

As I walked into the Cave of "Origins" The girls were talking to steven..

"Didn't you kill Norman?"


"We tried to tell him"

"Well he told me too.. I mean Norman was already dying of a brain tumor caused by stress from taking care of a young teenage boy"


As I ventured to the back of the cave I found the big red thing..

"Hothead Flamethrower!!"

Groudon fainted O__o


I blacked out

Chapter 9

I woke up inside Mays room..

I sat up to see the girls dressing..

I put my head down to close my eyes and wake up in another dream..

But my head hit the wood of mays bed and they turned to see if I was awake.. the said few words..

"Go over there and see if he's awake"

"But if he sees me like this"

"He already saw me so its your turn if he wakes up"

May crept slowly over to the bed I was in and checked to see if my eyes were open. She leaned over and kissed me lightly and made it seem as if she fell.. but I had a counter to that act and I sat up quickly eyes still closed and yelled..

"Not the kiss of death!"

Silence explained the shock excluding the thud from May falling back..

"She kissed you?"

I opened my eyes only to recover my eyes and run out the room.. running into the door beforehand..

I found Hothead on the couch and told him we were going to leave..

"Decade you forgot Your sootopolis pin.."

That is infact eight am I right? So I'm going to the pokemon league? Oh yes I'm so ready!

"You know we just gave you a shortcut to being a champ.. and yet we still didn't get any real kissing action from you"

"May did"

May blushed a little..

"But it wasn't real!" she claimed


"we're keeping our eyes open this time"

I approached May first and I kissed her gently then pulled away strongly when she attempted to put her arms around me..

I then approached Flannery when abruptly she advanced to me and aggressivly kissed me until May pryed her off..

"you guys are weird.. I'm leaving and you can't come along.. you'll die."

So I went off to ever grande again and travelled to the pokemon league..

It seemed a lot different than the one I saw back in Kanto.. and Jhoto.. towards the end of the crappy small maze Wally popped up and attacked me with a gardevoir but then Wally died in a craossfire with Hotheads flamethrower..

Then me and Hothead entered Indigo Pleatu..

Chapter 10

The Elite Four

Hothead and I stocked up on etheres long ago and were ready to take on The elite four with flamethrowers only..

But first I had to take a series of test that tested my sobriety..

I had to follow a light..

I had to hop on one leg..

I had to walk in a perfect straight line..

And I had to touch my nose to my finger, I mean finger to my nose..

I failed miserably and the kicked me out and told me not to enter the building drunk.. sadly I had never drunken anything with alcohol in it..

So I'm going to end this chapter with the very bad title right here..

Chapter 11

The Elite.. one?

I re-entered the building the next day and passed the sobriety test at border-line and went to challenge the elite four when they had told me that three had died for the pathway of the recent champ who had kill many gym leaders including my dad..

The First Elite.. The Only Elite

I was going to put bold for each elite but since there is only one..

I don't remember what his name was.. all I knew was that he was a dragon user..

I said one thing the entire match..

"HOTHEAD USE FLAMETHROWER!!!" andin about 6 flamethrowers I anded up killing the already near dead last elite.. that left the champ

The Champ

As soon as I walked in I saw steven looked around for the champion..

"Hey Steven.. you seen the champ??"

"I am the champ you imbecile!"

"I'm not an In a ceiling?"

"I killed your father!!"

"You're in the ceiling!! Hothead Flamethrower!!.. never kill my dad o me kills you.."

Hothead Blew up stevenes steel and killed steven when May and Flannery flew in on a swellow and tackled me in happiness for killing the pokemon murderer..

But I passed out..

I later woke up on a couch watching the news about a mysterious blue pokemon when I realized Nuzlock in Hoenn was finished!!

Nobody here knows how impossibly hard it is to get all the colors on here by actually typing all the codes and doing this all by a mobile phone.. terrible!!!!! ;D

February 8th, 2011, 4:37 AM
This is my first time doing a challenge and this was seems very interesting:

I will be using Pokemon Emerald and obeying only to the compulsory rules as well as the nicknaming and no trading ones.

My challenge so far:
-Started with Torchic and named him Ignis
-Defeated May
-Caught a Lv3 Wurmple on Route 102 and named him Pestis
-Pestis evolved into a Silcoon
-Helped Wally
-Route 104 Pokemon was a Wurmple. Killed it.
-Petalburg Woods Pokemon was a Silcoon. Killed it.
-Pestis evolved into a Beautifly
-Entered Rustboro City
-Caught a Lv7 Nincada on Route 116 and named her Bellator
-Ignis evolved into a Combusken
-Roxanne was defeated
-Caught a Lv7 Whismur in Rusturf Tunnel and named his Sonus
-Went to Dewford
-Fought Brawly
-Found and caught a Lv8 Abra in Granite Cave and named her Mens
-Brawly fell, but at a price. His Makuhita managed to kill Pestis...

In the cave

Current Team:
Level 18
Ability: Blaze
Nature: Docile
Double Kick

Level 11
Ability: Compoundeyes
Nature: Docile
Leech Life

Level 11
Ability: Soundproof
Nature: Relaxed

Level 8
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Relaxed

Fallen Pokemon:
Level 3-16
Killed by Brawly's Makuhita.

February 8th, 2011, 8:07 AM
Hey everybody, I am new here, so i doesnt know much here!

Anyvay I started Pokemon Silver Nuzlocke. Can you tell me where I should put my stats,team etc. ?

I curently do Pokemon Red and Pokemon Silver Nuzlocke! Can somebody tell me where to post team,stats, etc. ?

February 8th, 2011, 12:38 PM
-Started with Squirtle/Sago
-Delivered percel and got Pokedex
-Catch Nidoran M/Kohta on route before Indigo Plateu
-Catch Rattata/Splinter on route before Viridian forest
-Catch Weedle/Timmy in Viridian Forest
-Beated all trainers in Viriadian Forest
-Arrived in Pewter City

Joey's Rattata
February 9th, 2011, 12:40 PM
Hey, I was just wondering... Can we still qualify for being a Nuzlocke champion if (through hacking) the Starter was edited? Or would that be too unfair?

February 9th, 2011, 12:56 PM
Hey, I was just wondering... Can we still qualify for being a Nuzlocke champion if (through hacking) the Starter was edited? Or would that be too unfair?

It would be OK if you hacked for a Pokemon in it's lowest evolutionary form. For example, using A-starter to get Larvitar as your starter would be ok, using it to get Tyranitar, would not.

Joey's Rattata
February 9th, 2011, 1:19 PM
It would be OK if you hacked for a Pokemon in it's lowest evolutionary form. For example, using A-starter to get Larvitar as your starter would be ok, using it to get Tyranitar, would not.

So that puts all legendaries out of the picture as well? No problem, wasn't planning on using a legendary anyway. Thanks for getting back to me so fast! ^^

February 10th, 2011, 1:44 AM
Okay, this chapter contains the seriouslu-epicly exciting battle with Fantina!


The men walked around the ancient building. Everything was covered in dust, and gastlys floated around eerily. Every step they made sounded like thunder among the deathly silence.
‘Hey, look!’ one of them cried out, ‘I found a diary!’
He held out the book to the others. It was badly damaged; the front half was completely gone. Most of the pages were unreadable, but the ones in the middled looked relatively fine. They flicked open the pages, and began to read.
Date: xx-xx-xx xxx
I remember the world rushing by, an unsettling flash of blue light, then I woke up into the chamber. A human looked down on me, and I said “hey brah, what’sa happenin’ down here?” There was no reply. They were focused on a computer, and I realised what had happened. They were using me, FOR A BOX EXPERIMENT!!!
Date: xx-xx-xx xxx
I’m not sure about my feelings of today; things went by in a pulsating blur. I ran away. I’m not like most eevees, I can adapt. But not to places like this, situations like this. Whence running, another human I ran into. She was a girl; she had an unusual sense of fashion but was accompanied by strong Pokémon I dare not fight. That night I was captured, to become a minion of this human, ‘Shame’. How will this turn out? I dare not guess....
The next few pages were illegible, probably because an eevee wrote them, somehow, not fire, flood, or whatever else had destroyed the diary.
DaXX: xx-02-xx JAN
There are many things I need to adapt to, but I believe I am going well. I have a name now, Right. It reminds me of the word righteous, but ‘Shame’ stated she called me that because it was a word in the song she was listening to. I believe otherwise. I’m not used to killing other Pokémon to, my previous 20 level were gained by less vulgar methods. She also evolved me today, into a fine leafeon. Considering their move set, I am...
“Kinda really pissed off, mate.” The leafeon sat in the forest clearing, glaring daggers at Shame.
‘Well, I was bored. Eevee’s suck. And now you know some healing moves. Get over it.’
“Do you a want me tah explain the situation? I learn my a-next good move at level SEVENTY ONE. Now can you a tell me wah I’m pissed?”
‘Because you have a really wacko accent and look like a girl.’
“... Whatever.”
“Right, stop complaining. Don’t you have even the smallest trace of an ego? My ego and its power-”
“Sexytrack, shut it”, Wonder joined in the conversation, “can we just go and collect our next badge?”
And just like that they appeared in front of Hearthome gym, ready to battle.
‘Everyone, let’s go and say cliché battle scene lines!’
They entered the gym cautiously. After sneaking through some rooms with the curtains pulled down, the gym leader was in sight.
‘Oh, it looks like Ich habe ein challenger!’
‘That’s German moron! You’re supposed to be French!
‘Oh oui, thank you for correcting me. I am Fantina, leader of Hearthome gym.’
‘I challenge you to a batt-’
‘I surrender! Please don’t hurt me! Mercy, mercy! Take the badge, take the tm, just go!’
Wonder sighed, “Shame, she’s French.”
‘Oh, I see! That’s three badges down... That pep talk sounded way better in my head. Way, way better.’


hazard master
February 10th, 2011, 3:49 PM
Ok ill try this, looks more fun than it sounds

EDIT: itll be in fire red

EDIT2: im going to make this an ultimate challenge

Okay update one:

Named myself Defcon1
Started off choosing a Chamander, nicknaming him Slandar (for some
reason). He wrecked Gary's Squirtle by growling at it then closing in
for the kill with lethal claws. Going up route 1, I encountered a
Pidgey, Which I then owned. I retreived a parcel for the professor, then
pomptly delivered it and recieved a Pokedex fo my troubles. Hoping for
a Mankey, I travelled west of Viridian city. Whaddya know? A Spearow!
Dang. Caught it anyway, named him Thyer. Grinded my pokemon then
attacked Gary. Won easily. Went up to route 2 and caught a Pidgey
and then forgot to name him.

Travelled into the forest and got attacked by a wild Pikachu (yes!).
Caught it, but forgot to name him, oh well. Anyway, grinded Slandar
'till he was evolved, then challenged the gym. The trainer was easy
points, but Brock was difficult. His Onix led with a rock tomb, halving
Slandar's health, while my own attack did less than one thid of his
health. Fortunatly, he decided to tackle Slandar, while Slandar clawed
him to death with his metal claw.

Continued on to route 3 when something very bad happened. Pikachu was
at full health when he got OHKO'ed by a trainer's Rattata. That was a
pretty big loss, but I pressed on. Hoping for a Jigglypuff, I actually
found a Nidoran (Female), but Thyer used his fury attack of death to
kill her. I instead made my route 3 pokemon a magikarp from the
pokecenter (Fishy). Inside Mt. Moon I found a Zubat, which got killed,
so my Mt. Moon pokemon is the Dome Fossil that I will eventually

Outside, I taught Slandar mega punch for bringing the pain to Misty,
and to a lesser extent, Gary. Gary went down with only minimal effot
needed, as did the nugget bridge tools. Caught an Oddish, which I named

My team stands as:
level 23

level 18

level 5

level 12

Hopefully Misty will be destroyed by tommorrow or the day after.

February 11th, 2011, 2:50 AM
Hoping for a Jigglypuff, I actually
found a Nidoran (Female), but Thyer used his fury attack of death to
kill her. I instead made my route 3 pokemon a magikarp from the
pokecenter (Fishy).

Just so you're aware, that's kinda against the rules... You're only allowed to catch the first Pokemon you encounter on any Route, and if you kill it, you have to wait till the next Route to catch another Pokemon.

You're allowed to have your own set of rules in a Nuzlocke challenge, but that's one of the two rules you really can't change or ignore. Look at the original post in this thread; the rules in bold are the ones you have to obey. The rest are all optional.

February 11th, 2011, 4:57 AM
Update 15:
-It’s time to grind... *cues epic grinding music*
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/4/4b/Spr_3f_110.png-During Grinding, Gasman became twice as cool

-Once I felt suitably grinded (or bored), I headed back to Cinnabar
-Having returned, I re-entered the Mansion
-I found a bunch of switches and pressed them all! I mean come on, who wouldn’t?
-Found a key, and left the Mansion with my Escape Rope.
-Found that the key opened the Gym! What a lucky break...
-Ran through the Gym with zero difficulty.
-Blaine wasn’t much harder...
-Oh well badge number 7 :D
-So with that done, just one more badge to go and... oh, it’s Bill! Hi Bill...
-Hey... wait a minute... where are you taking me?
-Well... I ended up on One Island (real original name :/), anyway Bill and this guy Celio seem to want me to give some guy a meteorite... so I better go and do that so that I can get back to getting my last badge.
-Screw the meteorite, I’m hitting the game corner... time to win some monies :)
-The owner seems to have lost his daughter and won’t let me gamble... the hell? D: Then, to make things worse a biker came in and seemed to be completely lost, idiot.
-Headed to Three Island to find Lostelle (its funny because her name has ‘lost’ in it :/)
-On Three Island I found some Bikers, who immediately all challenged me to a series of battles.
-That was fairly easy...

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/1/17/Spr_3f_130.pngGyarados (Bubbles) Lvl 47
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/3/30/Spr_3f_055.pngGolduck(Headache) Lvl 45
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/4/4b/Spr_3f_110.pngWeezing (Gasman) Lvl 40
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/7/7c/Spr_3f_114.pngTangela (Mophead) Lvl 28
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/e/ea/Spr_3f_142.pngAerodactyl (Dinobird) Lvl 28

The Fallen Heroes:
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/9/9b/Spr_3f_056.pngMankey (Rocky) Lvl 6-9 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/a/a2/Spr_3f_041.pngZubat (Batman) Lvl 8 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/a/aa/Spr_3f_015.pngBeedrill (Sting) Lvl 3-14 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/e/e5/Spr_3f_017.pngPidgeotto (Wings) Lvl 2-20 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/d/d0/Spr_3f_043.pngOddish (Leaf) Lvl 13 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/c/c7/Spr_3f_012.pngButterfree (Flutterby) Lvl 7-20 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/0/0e/Spr_3f_052.pngMeowth (Whiskers) Lvl 10-14 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/0/0a/Spr_3f_023.pngEkans (Venom) Lvl 12-15 R.I.P

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/3/35/Spr_3f_021.pngSpearow (Fearless) Lvl 15-16 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/c/c2/Spr_3f_066.pngMachop (Muscles) Lvl 17 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/2/2e/Spr_3f_100.pngVoltorb (pokeball) Lvl 15-20 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/3/3e/Spr_3f_092.pngGastly (Casper) Lvl 16-18 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/c/cd/Spr_3f_136.pngFlareon (Flashfire) Lvl 25-35 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/d/d3/Spr_3f_106.pngHitmonlee (Sweet Feet) Lvl 25-29 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/2/23/Spr_3f_003.pngVenusaur (Marvin) Lvl 5-41 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/d/d0/Spr_3f_043.pngOddish (Leaf II) Lvl 23-24 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/5/5d/Spr_3f_034.pngNidoking (Romulus) Lvl 30-40 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/6/65/Spr_3f_117.pngSeadra(Waterhorse) Lvl 22-35 R.I.P

Gone, but not forgotten.

So much bloodshed. Will the madness never end?

February 11th, 2011, 5:30 AM
Update 10 - The Elite Four

So, after a fairly epic bout of grinding my team members to Lv.60, I challenged the Elite Four.

Aaron was easy enough. I led with Apollo the Bronzong, who killed Dustox with Psychic. I then switched in Clipper, my Empoleon, who beat Heracross with Drill Peck (although when he switched in, Heracross used Close Combat and took Clipper down to just 13HP). Clipper swept through the rest of the team too, using Drill Peck to take out Vespiquen, Ice Beam for Beautifly and Surf for Drapion.

Bertha was an absolute piece of cake. Her lead Quagsire's only offensive move is Earthquake, which doesn't affect Pluto, my Gyarados. So Pluto set up with 3 Dragon Dances and Waterfall OHKOd his way through her entire team (in fact I got a 4th Dragon Dance in to counter Sudowoodo's Sucker Punch).

Flint was trickier. I was hoping I'd still have Rubble, my Golem, at this point, but he was dead so I had to make do. Apollo destroyed Rapidash in impressive style; he Safeguarded to avoid being Paralyzed by Bounce, then Confuse Rayed the horse. Faint Attack and Psychic finished it off.

Then Flint switched in his Infernape, one of the few Pokemon in the whole Elite Four for which I didn't have an effective counter (damn you, ThunderPunch). I switched Apollo out for Pluto, expecting that Infernape would use Earthquake against Apollo. It did, and it missed Pluto, who Intimidated the monkey's Attack down. I then switched Apollo back in to take the inevitable ThunderPunch hit, and repeated the process a few times until Infernape's Attack was down four stages, then I switched in Venus, who Drain Punched for the win. Blade, my Weavile, nearly took down Drifblim but Flint switched the balloon for his Steelix when Drifblim was almost down. I switched in Clipper who finished Steelix off quickly with Surf. Venus then took care of Lopunny with Brick Break, and Apollo took Drifblim's few remaining HP, even after Drifblim's Ominous Wind predictably raised all his stats on the first try.

Lucian wasn't so bad. Mr Mime went down quickly to Blade's Night Slash. I then took a major risk and switched in Kazza, my Alakazam, against Lucian's Medicham, because I wanted to set up Reflect and Light Screen. Kazza survived the risky switch, and eventually took down Medicham with Shadow Ball. Blade then took care of Girafarig with Night Slash after another heroically risky move by my fragile Kazza; he risked staying in just one more turn to set up another Reflect. It paid off and Blade switched back in to finish the giraffe. Pluto then switched in against Bronzong, who could only watch in awe as Pluto set up Dragon Dance and Waterfalled his way through the rest of Lucian's team; Bronzong and Alakazam stood no chance against my mighty Pluto.

Cynthia was the final hurdle. I led with Apollo against Spiritomb, who was doing well after confusing the ghost, until Cynthia switched it for her Lucario. I thought a while about Lucario's offenses and defenses before opting to switch in Pluto again. He took a few hits while setting up, but eventually he was brimming with Dragon Dance power. Lucario stood no chance against Earthquake, and Gastrodon stood no chance against Waterfall. Then came Garchomp. I went for it, despite Pluto not having quite full health; 5-times Dragon Danced Waterfall. It hit, and Garchomp's health was falling... falling... and it stopped. On the tiniest sliver of red health. It was still alive. It used Giga Impact. I watched as Pluto's health drained, and drained, and drained... and stopped! Pluto had survived with just 14HP. After that seriously close call, he went on to destroy Garchomp before I healed him with a much-needed Full Restore. Then Pluto, still with the benefit of 5 Dragon Dances, walked through the rest of Cynthia's team; Earthquake took care of Milotic, Waterfall destroyed Spiritomb and Earthquake again mangled Roserade.

I did it! My second Nuzlocke challenge, complete. And this time I didn't even lose any bros in the E4!

The team:

http://www.arkeis.com/images/animations/395.gif http://www.arkeis.com/images/animations/308.gifhttp://www.arkeis.com/images/animations/130.gifhttp://dialgafans.pytalhost.de/Front/437.gifhttp://dialgafans.pytalhost.de/Front/461.gifhttp://dialgafans.pytalhost.de/Front/065.gif

Clipper the Brave male Empoleon, Lv.60 - Surf, Aqua Jet, Drill Peck, Ice Beam
Venus the Jolly female Medicham, Lv.60 - Brick Break, Drain Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch
Pluto the Gentle male Gyarados, Lv.62 - Waterfall, Earthquake, Avalanche, Dragon Dance
Apollo the Docile Bronzong, Lv.60 - Confuse Ray, Psychic, Faint Attack, Safeguard
Blade the Brave male Weavile, Lv.60 - Night Slash, X-Scissor, Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse
Kazza the Quiet male Alakazam, Lv.60 - Psychic, Shadow Ball, Reflect, Light Screen

In PC:

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon418.png Turbine, Lv.14
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon433.png Belle, Lv.13
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon400.png Arnold, Lv.18
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon405.png Java, Lv.40
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon419.png Bullet, Lv.32
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon440.png Fatima, Lv.1
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon194.png Ursula, Lv.20
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon073.png Jewel, Lv.35
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon077.png Grace, Lv.33
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon169.png Succubus, Lv.23

In memoriam:

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon399.png Wendy, Lv.3-??
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon403.png Amp, Lv.4-12
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon406.png Flora, Lv.13-17
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon077.png Silver, Lv.13-27
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon398.png Eyrie, Lv.4-40
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon076.png Rubble, Lv.5-44
http://pokemondb.net/static/sprites/diamond-pearl/icon/shellos-east.png Sponge, Lv.21-26
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon078.png Red Rum, Lv.19-44
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon130.png Tempest, Lv.15-45
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon068.png Olga, Lv.45-45

I beat the Challenge, please add me to the Champions list :)

hazard master
February 11th, 2011, 12:28 PM
Just so you're aware, that's kinda against the rules... You're only allowed to catch the first Pokemon you encounter on any Route, and if you kill it, you have to wait till the next Route to catch another Pokemon.

You're allowed to have your own set of rules in a Nuzlocke challenge, but that's one of the two rules you really can't change or ignore. Look at the original post in this thread; the rules in bold are the ones you have to obey. The rest are all optional.

Sorry I thought that it was the first pokemon you see or obtain, it doesn't really matter though, I kinda got owned by Misty and now I have to start over 0_o.

Im going to play in ruby as I know the Hoenn region entirely and I've completed the game mostly with just Blazekin already. I'll go back to fire red eventually

February 11th, 2011, 12:54 PM
Sorry I thought that it was the first pokemon you see or obtain, it doesn't really matter though, I kinda got owned by Misty and now I have to start over 0_o.

Im going to play in ruby as I know the Hoenn region entirely and I've completed the game mostly with just Blazekin already. I'll go back to fire red eventually

It is the first Pokemon you see/obtain. If you fail to catch the Pokemon, or the Pokemon dies, then tough luck, you have to move on and go to another route if you want another Pokemon. If you have any questions, or if you need tips on how to beat the nuzlocke challenge, don't hesitate to contact me.

hazard master
February 11th, 2011, 3:33 PM
Okay ruby update one:

Started off with a better name this time: Locke. Listened to a lengthy intro from Prof. Birch. It reminds me of why I love the FF on emulators. Any way, Torchic is my starter, named him Torch. Grinded him up to level 8 before fighting May. I won with only 3 scratch attacks. Fortunatly, I hadn't seen a pokemon on route 101 so I did a little searching and I found a Zigzagoon(forgot to name him). Traveled to route 102 and caught a Seedot. Named her Querer(Spanish for want). Helped some helpess green-haired fool catch a Ralts. Lucky SOB. Took on the trainer at the beach, and showed the rich boy who's boss. He payed out A LOT of money!

Entered the forest woods and beat the trainer who thinks quantity over quality. Idiot. Caught a fiesty Wurmple, named Bugsy. Nearly lost Ziggy to poison, but, thanks to some potions, he survived. Helped saved the Shroom seeker from the grunt. Walked right though Rustboro and caught a Whismur in the grass, named Screamo. I'm mad now cuz i was gunna catch one in the cave and now I can't catch any good pokemon XD.

Torch evolved, and so did Bugsy. I took on Roxanne and her cronies and got an easy win. Saved Peeko from the grunt, Saved, quitted.

My team is basically

level 19

February 12th, 2011, 11:11 AM
Alright, so I decided to do this on my Platinum. Started out and got the following done

-Got my Chimchar, named it Jayden, and leveled it up to LV.12
-Caught a Bidoof right outside Prof. Rowen's lab, named it Der. It will be nothing more than a slave.
-on the water near Jubilife caught a LV.9 Magikarp, named it Kaldur'ahm
-In the cave before entering Oreburgh I caught a LV.5 Psyduck and named it Garth
-Above Oreburgh I caught a LV.7 Machop, named it Feena and will be leveling this up.

February 12th, 2011, 8:36 PM
I'm going to try this in SoulSilver! I started one, failed miserably...So I'll try again. XD
Using the main two rules (No revives, fainted Pokemon must be released, and only catch the first Pokemon in each area.) And the nick-name one. I'll only be using heal items in battle. I'll also probably put this in story form, eventually.


-Picked Cyndaquil because I have Totodile in my other game, and with Chikorita there's too many chances to have a complete disadvantage in gym one, as I learned last time. x.x

-Spent ages thinking of a name. Finally named him Dorito because they sounded really good.

-Fell in love with potion man at the lab door, again. I feel like they're constantly handing out potions in this game! But I'm not complaining.

-By some miracle (and a lot of sloooww walking in the shortest possible fashion) I made it to Mr. Pokemon's house and back seeing NO Pokemon. O_O I started to wonder if there WERE any.

-Named my rival Spike because it was the first thing to come to mind. ><

-I love having your mom save your money. I missed this feature in the other games.

-Once I started RUNNING in the grass, I instantly found a Hoothoot! I rather like them. On one of my original games I had a really awesome Noctowl. So I caught him. =P And he has an adorable overworld sprite!

-Named him Doctor. Get it? Doctor Hoo? *lame joke*

-Went up to Route 46 to catch another Pokemon, and got a Rattata. I named him Overbite.

-Didn't pay attention, and the Doctor died in a battle with a Rattata. D<

-Was trying to catch another Rattata, and managed to get Overbite killed. >.> I need to stop being online while doing this obviously. =/

-Named the second Rattata Underbite.

-Found a Bellsprout but accidentally knocked it out. D:

-Found a Gastly but neither Dorito nor Underbite knew anything but Normal-type moves. *headdesk*

-And on that note of fail, I restocked and saved/quit.


Level 7 | Hasty Nature

Level 8 | Careful Nature
-Tail Whip
-Quick Attack
-Focus Energy


Doctor (Hoothoot) Levels 3-4
Overbite (Rattata) Levels 2-3

February 13th, 2011, 9:51 AM
I started a light-hearted one on leaf green.

READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. I nor any third party mediam such as pokecommunity can be heald liable for any damages induced by reading this nuzlocke challenge, including but not limited to IQ reduction, wasted time, severe frustration, emotional damages, stress, high blood pressure, spontaneous illiteracy, spontaneous combustion, chronic dermatitis and rabies.


Ai does to dets by podaymans! OMG!

Skwertlez WANT!

Dazzow dotted SQWERTLEZ and nameded it WFT LOL!

Oh wook! By bestest fwend wants to batows heez barbazoar!

Yay! Aiz wonds! Wook! By bestest fwend Wed is aw wyke "OMG FTF?!"

Okies dibs be an poshun Mr. Podaybarts kthnxbai!

OMG ai dots to dibs des pawcil to Pwofessor Oek! No wantz! Oh, weytz! Pwofessor Oek dibs be a PO-KEE-DETZ! Eetz wed and shainee! Oooh, buttenz!

WEEEE! Ai totz a PIDJEE and ai tolled et ROFLBERD lmoa rofl! (Rt 1)

OOOOOH! Ai awso totz a MANKEE roflmao! Ai tolled et LOLMANKEE lol wtf! Aiz soe oridin... orinal... orinig... ai dotz fwesh ideaz! (Rt 22)

Do Mr. Coffee ai don't wantz yoor demish... denum... demastr... yoo to showz be howz to tatch podaymans! Ai habs samz awredee siwwy!

Soe faw:

ROFLBERD - PIJEE - wevew 5

February 13th, 2011, 11:25 AM
I've got to get on that Champions list... and I'll do it the easy way. >;D
Sign me up for Pokemon Red... I'll have it beaten until tomorrow.

EDIT : Here it is, Update 1. :-D

Let me Notepad this till I don't forget...
Pokemon Red Nuzlocke :

-Named myself Seco
-Named my rival Raz (comes from Razvan, my real-life Pokemon rival)
-Picked Bulba, named him Chaos
-Missed a Ratatta on Rt. 1
-Cauhgt a Ratatta on Rt. 21 ? (named Coraci, after some guy I know. His face looks like a rat's.
-Caught a Weedle on Rt.2, named him Hairy... (hairy-something Pokemon)
-Dropped Hairy due to awfulness.
-Reached Pewter. (sidenote : really hate that I can't swap move positions in RBY)
-Easily killed Brock. (Vine Whip)
-Chaos evolved during grinding.
-Caught a Spearow on Rt. 3. Named it Alt. Hope you like it, Alt. :)
-(Surprisingly) found a Paras in Mt. Moon. Caught it. (Toad)
-Dropped it. Don't know why. Don't feel like using a Paras.
-Caught an Ekans on Rt. 4. Named SnakeB. (lol, out of ideas)
-Won against Raz on the Nugget Bridge.
-Killed a Kakuna and a Pidgey on the two routes north of Cerulean. Pretty sloppy...
-Somewhere here, Coraci AND Alt evolved... things just got hardcore. (pmg wut ?)
-Did quests.
-Owned Misty.
-I think it's enough...

Get ready for weird movesets... at least on Coraci. XD;

Chaos (Ivysaur) Lv. 21
Tackle, Growl, Leeck Seed, Vine Whip.

Coraci (Raticate) Lv. 21
Bubblebeam, Dig, Quick Attack, Hyper Fang.

Alt (Fearow) Lv. 21
Peck, Growl, Leer, Fury Attack.

So, yeah... took me about one hour to get to Misty. I'll have it finished until Wednesday-Thursday, I believe. :)

February 14th, 2011, 4:29 PM
Look who found his Emerald Cartridge!

Yeah so I havn't been the champion in Hoenn yet (only in Platinum and Moemon Fire Red Omega) so lets to that

Nuzlocke Emerald Log
Day 1
-Obtained Torchic (Kenny)

-Grinded Kenny to Lvl 7 (+4 Atk EVs)

-Defeated May easily, I found a Wingull before her which gave me 1 Speed EV since the (Mandatory) Zigzagoon fight gave me 1 Speed EV aswell I was at 2 Speed EVs and 5 Atk EVs (I'm at Lvl 8 Now) (EVs will be ignored during the notes but at the end of each update I will post there current EVs.

-Obtained Running Shoes and caught Poochyena (Veronica) and Zigzagoon (Vince)

Torchic Lvl 9 (Hasty)
14 Atk, 3 Spd, Total 17
-Focus Energy

Poochyena Lvl 3 (Adamant)
4 Atk, Total 4

Zigzagoon Lvl 3 (Careful)
Total 0

Karpman, I would like to request to be the Platinum Champion, I did beat it on the old thread and I can always dig it out as proof. Thanks.

February 14th, 2011, 10:23 PM
This is awesome! I'm totally taking this challenge on Platinum. And does not healing outside of battle mean no Pokecenter?

February 15th, 2011, 3:13 AM
This is awesome! I'm totally taking this challenge on Platinum. And does not healing outside of battle mean no Pokecenter?

I don't see how it would be possible since there's a limit on the total PP restore items in the whole game, and it's not that many. They're kind of rare. So you'd eventually need to restore PP somehow long before you find your first ether or elixir, because even moves like tackle will run out frequently.

On an unrelated note I was going to post an update on my game so I may as well do it here: This time with normal text! And lots of pidgey first-of-the-route encounters (I'm going for the rule where you only catch ones you haven't caught before).

(I am sooo not keeping that spech up, unless it's in quotations)

Dazzow encountered another PIDGEY, but Dazzow already has a pidgey, so WTF LOL the squirtle defeated it. (Rt 2)

Dazzow encountered a WEEDLE. Caught the male weedle at level 5. (Viridian Forest)
- "EWW! EWW ITZ BUGDZ! OMG I TATCHOO! Yay I totted da BEEDOW! I toll yoo BUGEEW! Hahaha aim tool betos ai dibs tool-sownden naemz!"

Rival Wed appears.
- "YAYYAYAY! Ai beeted Wed! But LOL WTF wooks not dood. Ai need to taet him to da bodeycentar APAS!"

WTF LOL - SQUIRTLE - level 8


-"OH NOES! Bai sqwerdle habs been poysind! Ai habs to uuz an ando... anit... adont... a poysin keur! WAAT?! Ai dontz habs anee?! Ai use poshun insted?"

WTF LOL survived his close brush with death from poisoning (walking from Viridian Forest to Viridian City).

-"Waat?! Bai beedow ees elob... elold... ebowbing that's it!"

BUGEEW the weedle evolved into a KAKUNA on Route 1 during training.

-"Awmost dere BUGEEW! Wun moar taterpee tiww! Tiww et wid poysen stind!

OW! Teh taterpee tatowed yoo adain! K, k, bodaytentre soon! Anowder poysen stind! BUGEEW?


BUGEW det op. Det op off da floor.

BUGEEW? BUGEEW's... ded?



... LOLMANKEE... I want do to till dat c'-k'-taterpie... *sniff*"

BUGEW the weedle was killed during training in Viridian Forest.

Bug Catcher: "LOL ur not gettin out of herez, n00b!"
Dazow: "*sniff* *hic* WEAB BE AWOOONE!"

Dazzow thrashes the level 9 weedle trainer.


Got to Pewter.

Defeated BROCK with an angry low-kicking LOLMANKEE.

WTF LOL - squirtle - level 11
ROFLBERD - pidgey - level 10
LOLMANKEE - mankey - level 11

Talking to gym trainer after battle...
Gym Trainer: "Great tactic, using low-kickto defeat BROCK'S rock pokemon!"
Dazzow: "Fanks... *sad face*"
Gym Trainer: "You're not happy you won?"
Dazzow: "*sigh*... Ai miss bai tatoona...
Gym Trainer: "Your what?!"
Dazzow: "Bai tatoona."
Gym Trainer: "What is a...?"
Dazzow: "Yoo dow... lewwow bug type podayman."
Gym Trainer: "You m-meant kakuna, right?"
Dazzow: "Dats wat ai sed, tatoona!"

*both laugh*

Dazzow: "Tants for cheewind be up! Baiii..."
Gym Trainer: "Goodbye! *smile*"

Woman: "Heeeey sweetie!"
A female saleswoman approaches.
Sales woman: "Are you a pokemon trainer?"
Dazzow: "Des, ai am a podayman twainer!"
Sales woman: "Oh, that's wonderful! I have just the bargain for you! It's a rare and saught after pokemon, terribly strong and fierce, and it's at a specially reduced price - just for you!"
Dazzow: "Oh, weely? Dis es dust anober scam izn't et?!"
Sales woman: "Oh, no, no. It's called a magikarp-"
Dazzow: "Scamz! Mahgeetarp iznt wear oar soht after! Etz week, but et ebolbs into a stwond podayman."
Sales woman: "That's right, and it's going for only $500!"
Dazzow: "Weit... sense ai don't habs a fishen wod det, dats not bad. Et wud be cheeper wayter, butz aifink ai wantz et nowz."
Sales woman: "Wonderful, got your money? Great, here you go!""Woo

Dazzow got a female magikarp and named it Spwash.


ROFLBERD the pidgey accidentally defeated a ZUBAT in Rock Tunnel. Can't catch anything there.

Rocket Grunt: "We're Team Rocket!"
Dazzow: "Oh, noooez! Bad guys!"

*Annhialates Team Rocket*

-"Aaaaaahhhhh! Bai WTF LOL es ebolbing ento a WAATOTLE!"

WTF LOL the squirtle evolved into a WARTORTLE in Mt. Moon Cave during a trainer battle against a hiker.

LOLMANKEE accidentally killed a wild sandshrew with a critical hit low kick on Route 4. Cannot catch any pokemon there.

"Awwwsome! Nao ai habs a PIJEEODO!"

ROFLBERD the pidgey evolved into a PIDGEOTTO on Route 4 during training.

Facing MISTY. LOLMONKEE was killed by the level 19 STARYU.

"LOLMONKEY! NO des tan't be happending! MISTY yoo ebil betch! Ai'm ganna till yoooooo!!!"

WTF LOL was sent out to finish the staryu off with bites. ROFLBERD was sent out to sand attack the level 21 starmie. But it was water pulsed and became confused, afterwards hurting itself in its confusion! Dazzow switched out to WTF LOL and beat it with bite by just a few HP to spare.

"Ai don't fink ai tan teep doing des. Am ai a bad trainder? How mandy moar podaymans bill die under mai tontlol? I bust make ebery effurt to dot let andy moar podaymans die... *tear shed*"


WTF LOL - wartortle - level 20
ROFLBERD - pidgeotto - level 19
Spwash - magikarp - level 13


BUGEEW - kakuna - level 8
LOLMANKEE - mankey - level 16


"Oh. It's Wed."

Dazzow thrashed Wed. Dazzow didn't say anything to Wed. He stops her.

Wed: "Yo sis, what's up?"
Dazzow: "Ai dontz wantz to tawk abowt et."
Wed: "That bad, huh?"
Dazzow: "I lost anoder podayman."
Wed: "Whadya mean 'lost'?"
Dazzow: "Yoo know... ets dead. Bisty... her stahyoo was too strond."
Wed: "Sounds like you need to grind more."
Dazzow: "Ai don't want to faaw beheynd in deh jouney though."
Wed: "What's worse, that or seeing your own pokemon die. Get your priorities straight or quit being a trainer!"

Wed storms off.

WTF LOL - wartortle - level 20
ROFLBERD - pidgeotto - level 19
Spwash - magikarp - level 13

Random: "Congratulations, here's your nugget!"

Dazzow gets a nugget!

Random: "Now, would you like to join Team Rocket?!"
Dazzow: "Dot yoo adain! Gotta get da bad guys!"

Dazzow anhialates Team Rocket member.

Dazzow caught a female CATTERPIE at level 7 . Called it FTWturfree. (Rt 23)
-"FTWturfwee! Ai wubz u wittow womie!"

"Mai tatewpee ebowbed so twitwy! Et betame a betapod and den a buttowfwee aweady!"

FTWturfree evolved into a METAPOD and then a BUTTERFREE on Route 23.

Encountered a PIDGEY and defeated it. (Rt 24)
- "Ai awready habz won of demz LOL!"

Clefairy: "Don't catch me! I'm a pokemon... no, I'm NOT!"
Dazzow: "Waaaw a cwefawy dat tan speek!"
Clefairy: "I screwed up an experiement, mind giving me a hand?"

Dazzow helped Bill revert back to normal. Recieved SS. Anne ticket!

Rocket Grunt: "I'm just an innocent bystander!"
Dazzow: "Datz wut dey aww say! Feef!"

Dazzow destroyed the Team Rocket member and got the DIG TM.

Encountered a PIDGEY and defeated it. (Rt 5)
- "Anudder pijee! Ai don't needz anoder won!"

Encountered a PIDGEY and defeated it. (Rt 6)
- "Ab ai desin... detsin... densin... ez et bai fate dat ai bust onwy see pijees?!"


WTF LOL - wartortle - level 23

ROFLBERD - pidgeotto - level 21

Spwash - magikarp - level 15

FTWturfree - butterfree - level 17

February 15th, 2011, 9:34 AM
Started an Emerald Nuzlocke.

- Named self AltK, Male.
- Got Potion from PC
- Saved Professor Birch
- Obtained Kipz the Mudkip
- Battled May and won
- Got Pokedex and Balls
- Caught Goonzai the Zigzagoon on Route 101
- Caught GoonzaiII the Zigzagoon on Route 102
- Got to Petalburg
- Helped Wally catch Ralts
- Caught Dog the Poochyena on Route 104
- Caught IPsndKipz the Wurmple in Petalburg Woods

Current Team:

Kipz the Mudkip, level 10
Goonzai the Zigzagoon level 2
Goonzai the Zigzagoon level 3
Dog the Poochyena level 4
IPsndKipz the Wurmple level 6



Never caught anything good tbh :\

February 15th, 2011, 12:51 PM
FAILED my LeafGreen Nuzlocke Challenge!


Caught a level 18 male DIGLETT. Called it Feetz. (Diglett's Cave)
- "LOL ROFL ai talled et FEETZ! 'Cuz yoo tant see ets feetz and nobody habz eber seen ets feetz etz so aironic LOL!"
- "Awso, et bawansees owt teh type embawance on bai teem, tos aww deh odar memburz are week too ewetwict types!"

BIG EVENT! Spwash the magikarp, at level 16, SURVIVED A ONE-ON ONE WITH ANOTHER POKEMON WITHOUT ANY HELP FROM ANOTHER PARTY MEMBER! The other pokemon was a level 16 caterpie with a trainer that was about as dumb as a rock. It kept using string shot unnecessarily between tackling, giving Spwash the edge.
- "Uh... Mr. Bugz Guy, ai dont tink yoo know hao too use teh stwing shot!"

- "I awweady dot a magikarp Mr. Old Wod butz ai takes yoor wod aneeway tos et wooks aww owd ant worn and weik et habz wots uv tartar... tarkit... chararic... wyke et habs seen wots and knows wots and etz yooneeque."

Encountered sandshrew, but already encountered as a fist-on-the-route before. Defeated it. (Rt 11)

Spwash evolved into a GYARADOS at level 20 in Vermilion Pokemon Centre.
- "Aaaaahh!! Ai diden't know et wood be so beg! Don't eet mee Miss. Scawy Dwagon Fish!"

Feetz was killed at level 24 by a critical hit karate chop from a sailor's level 20 MACHOP! (SS Anne)
Dazzow: "No... not anuder wan... no... I promised no moar wood die, ai letz yoo down!" *cries*
Sailor: "Hard facts of life, kiddo. Pokemon know what they're getting into."
Dazzow: "Do dey reewy?"
Sailor: "Yup."
Dazzow: "Den... taek dis!"

Dazzow anhialated the sailor's machop using FTWturfree, the butterfree.


WTF LOL - wartortle - level 25
ROFLBERD - pidgeotto - level 22
Spwash - gyarados - level 21
FTWturfree - butterfree - level 21


BUGEEW - kakuna - level 8
LOLMANKEE - mankey - level 16
Feetz - diglett - level 24

Wed approaches on the SS Ane.
Dazzow: "Oh, Wed. Dets not tawk. Dets jos battow!"
Wed: "Dazzle, are you feeling okay?"
Dazzow: "Jos gweat. I'm feewing jos gweat." *blank stare*
Wed: "You lost another one, didn't you? You're so careless."
Dazzow: "Ai don't know how ai tud hab pwen... pwevented et."
Wed: "Happens sometimes, but you know you gotta move on..."
Dazzow: "Den dets battow!"

In battle...
Wed: "Darn, Raticate can't take any more. Okay, Raticate. Return.


I-I said return!

Raticate? ...no. No! NOOOOOOO!!!!!"
Dazzow: "..."

Recieved HM 01 CUT from Cut Master. But there is nobody to teach it to, and no places left where I'm allwoed to catch new pokemon.


So I'm starting a Ruby one.

February 16th, 2011, 4:16 AM
Yeah so I just began a Heart Gold Nuzlocke challenge, this is the same post as the one I made on Smogon. If you use the forums, you can find me under the name Vp-Grim, anyhow this is what I got.

Heart Gold Nuzlocke Challenge - Update #1

- Nickname all Pokemans.
- Pokemon faints, release it immediately.
- Can only catch one Pokemans per route/cave/area, and if you were in the route already you can't catch Pokemon there.
- If all your Pokemon faint, then it's GAME OVER.
- Battle style to 'SET'.
- The only kind of healing used are Pokemon Centers and programmed AI.
- Cannot use legendaries, but you can catch them.
- No catching the same Pokemon.
- No trading.

Started out with a Chikorita, called it Funky. Went to Route 29 & 30, battled Pokemon in each so no catching allowed there. Cleared the rival, then got the Pokeballs. Hit up Route 46, found a Geodude, caught it and called it Chance. Got it up to level 4 then took on the Trainers at Route 30, cleaned 'em up and got their numbers. Hit up Route 31, found a Pidgey and the critical landed right at the red HP, caught it and called it Effort. Went inside Dark Cave, found a Zubat, caught it and called it Instinct. Back out to Route 31, cleared out the Trainer there with no hassle and got his number.

Got up to Violet City, healed up my Pokemon and headed for Route 32 to try find a new Pokemon and found a Rattata. Caught it and called it Passion. Afterwards took on Sprout Tower and the Gym, no problems there. Got togepi egg, then moving onto Azalea Town on the next update.

Funky The Chikorita
Lvl 11, Lonely Nature with Overgrow. No items attached.
Has the moves:
- Tackle
- Growl
- Razor Leaf
- Poison Powder
Trainer Comments: A very balanced and good leader of the team, Funky is able to be the tank of the team and has a good offense when needed.

Chance The Geodude
Lvl 12, Careful Nature with Rock Head. No items attached.
Has the moves:
- Tackle
- Defense Curl
- Rock Throw
- Rock Polish
Trainer Comments: With his physical strength and defense, it can certainly cause a worry in the early game for gym leaders and trainers alike. It will be very useful until late-game when Chance could potentially be replaced.

Passion The Rattata
Lvl 6, Docile Nature with Run Away. No items attached.
Has the moves:
- Tackle
- Tail Whip
- Quick Attack
Trainer Comments: Could be useful sometime sooner, but for now Passion's chance of shining bright will have to be put on hold.

Instinct The Zubat
Lvl 7, Adamant Nature with Inner Focus. No items attached.
Has the moves:
- Leech Life
- Supersonic
Trainer Comments: Often very weak right now, he will be a good powerhouse of the late game for sweep. Instinct will have to wait.

Effort The Pidgey
Lvl 8, Hasty Nature with Keen Eye. No items attached.
Has the moves:
- Tackle
- Sand Attack
Trainer Comments: Effort needs more effort from me, what else can I say? Hopefully he will be much more useful later on.

None are in the box.

Our forces still stand strong.

February 16th, 2011, 6:25 PM
Ok, I'm going to start one on LeafGreen. I'll update as soon as possible. Here are the rules that I will be following:
1. If a Pokemon Faints, its dead, release it.
3. You can only catch/recieve one Pokemon in each Area. A town is one area, a route is one area, a cave is one area, etc. Should you fail to catch a Pokemon for any reason (other than game corruption) than too bad.
4. You must nickname all of your Pokemon (optional, but highly reccomended)
5. No catching legendaries.
6. Trading is disallowed, but the reasons following this clause are allowed. Egg trading is okay, same thing with Pokemon that can't have eggs. (optional) Trading simply for the purpose of evolution is perfectly OK.

February 16th, 2011, 6:58 PM
So the first Pokemon you run into is the only one that you can catch?

Yeah, that's pretty much it. Good luck with your challenge, if you so choose to undertake one.

February 17th, 2011, 1:05 AM
Lost the challenge.
Got half my pokemon owned in the Second Gym by my own stupidity and the rest were cleaned up by the rival.
I'm going to think out my strategies better then go for this again.

February 17th, 2011, 1:49 AM
Update 16:
-I started this update by heading out to Bond Bridge, which meant one thing... a chance to catch a new pokémon. :)
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/9/9d/Spr_3f_044.png-I ran into a Gloom... not too bad I guess. I caught it and named him Flower (original I know, but come one... I’m on an Island called Three Island, so I’m not going to worry about it too much)
-Made my way through Bond Bridge, and arrived at Berry Forest (more original naming here :/)
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/0/07/Spr_3f_096.png-The first pokémon I ran into was a Drowzee... interesting. I caught the Drowzee and named her Pendulum.
-For the first time in a while, I had a choice of which pokémon to use (maybe even for the first time on this play through). After much debate, I decided to keep Mophead in the team, and deposit Flower into the PC for now.
-After heading back to Berry Forest, I finally found Lostelle, who was being haunted by a Hypno. Dinobird took care of the Hypno, and I returned Lostelle home.
-Handed over the meteorite and headed back to One Island.
-It seems Bill and Celio had fixed the PC, so we headed back to Kanto... finally!
-*I’m on the road to Viridian City*
-Oh look, the Gym’s open :rambo:
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/d/d0/Spr_3f_097.png-During my sweeping of the Gym trainers, this happened.

-Oh my god! The Viridian Gym Leader is... Giovanni! I’m shocked! Shocked! :shocked:

-After I got over the shock of the Gym Leader being Giovanni, it was time for my final Gym battle...
-Well... that was easy. No problems at all, and I now have my 8th and final badge.

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/1/17/Spr_3f_130.pngGyarados (Bubbles) Lvl 47
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/3/30/Spr_3f_055.pngGolduck(Headache) Lvl 46
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/4/4b/Spr_3f_110.pngWeezing (Gasman) Lvl 40
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/7/7c/Spr_3f_114.pngTangela (Mophead) Lvl 35
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/e/ea/Spr_3f_142.pngAerodactyl (Dinobird) Lvl 35

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/d/d0/Spr_3f_097.pngHypno (Pendulum) Lvl 38

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/9/9d/Spr_3f_044.pngGloom (Flower) Lvl 36

The Fallen Heroes:

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/9/9b/Spr_3f_056.pngMankey (Rocky) Lvl 6-9 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/a/a2/Spr_3f_041.pngZubat (Batman) Lvl 8 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/a/aa/Spr_3f_015.pngBeedrill (Sting) Lvl 3-14 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/e/e5/Spr_3f_017.pngPidgeotto (Wings) Lvl 2-20 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/d/d0/Spr_3f_043.pngOddish (Leaf) Lvl 13 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/c/c7/Spr_3f_012.pngButterfree (Flutterby) Lvl 7-20 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/0/0e/Spr_3f_052.pngMeowth (Whiskers) Lvl 10-14 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/0/0a/Spr_3f_023.pngEkans (Venom) Lvl 12-15 R.I.P

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/3/35/Spr_3f_021.pngSpearow (Fearless) Lvl 15-16 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/c/c2/Spr_3f_066.pngMachop (Muscles) Lvl 17 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/2/2e/Spr_3f_100.pngVoltorb (pokeball) Lvl 15-20 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/3/3e/Spr_3f_092.pngGastly (Casper) Lvl 16-18 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/c/cd/Spr_3f_136.pngFlareon (Flashfire) Lvl 25-35 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/d/d3/Spr_3f_106.pngHitmonlee (Sweet Feet) Lvl 25-29 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/2/23/Spr_3f_003.pngVenusaur (Marvin) Lvl 5-41 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/d/d0/Spr_3f_043.pngOddish (Leaf II) Lvl 23-24 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/5/5d/Spr_3f_034.pngNidoking (Romulus) Lvl 30-40 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/6/65/Spr_3f_117.pngSeadra(Waterhorse) Lvl 22-35 R.I.P

Gone, but not forgotten.

So much bloodshed. Will the madness never end?

February 18th, 2011, 8:44 PM
well...third times the charm right? My first two previous attempts have went horribly awry thanks to May and Lt.Surge but I'm going to give it another go this time on Platinum. My rules are below.

1. If a Pokemon Faints, its dead, release it.
3. You can only catch/recieve one Pokemon in each Area. A town is one area, a route is one area, a cave is one area, etc. Should you fail to catch a Pokemon for any reason (other than game corruption) than too bad.
4. You must nickname all of your Pokemon (optional, but highly recommended)
7. Change the battle style to SET. (optional)

February 19th, 2011, 3:09 PM
1st Update:
~named Myself Chris
~Picked Turtwig as my starter named him Atlas
~Did the Rowan stuff
~Encountered a Bidoof on route 201 before I could catch it so no pokemon from there.
~Once I got my PokeBalls I ran over to Lake Verity where i caught my first Pokemon a Bidoof I named it Berta
~Encountered another Bidoof on route 202 but I accidentally fainted it :(
~Same story ^ but with a Budew and route 204
~Entered the Ravaged Path where a caught a Zubat tried to name it Name but I hit O instead so I now have Nome the Zubat
~Trained Mainly Berta and Atlas to level 10 & 12
~Beat my Rival after he spammed Leer about 50 times
~Caught a Shinx on route 203 named it Thor
~Caught yet another Zubat in Oreburugh Gate forgot to name it
~Caught a Ponyta on route 207 named it Craig
~Caught yet another Zubat in Oreburgh mine named it Enough
~Went back to Jublife for a bit got the old rod and caught a Magikarp on route 218 named it Sushi
~Sushi Died while training was Bound by an onix while I wasn't paying attention
~Went and beat Roark he almost killed Atlas due to he got 3 crits with Headbutt but I won in the End.
~Saved it here I plan on training up Craig so he can be useful in the future

Current Team:
Razor Leaf

Berta-Calm-L.10-Lake Verity
Defense Curl

Thor-Quirky-L.4-Route 203

Tail Whip

Nome-Gentle-L.6-Ravaged Path
Leech Life

Zubat-L.5-Oreburgh Gate
Enough-L.6-Oreburgh Mine

Sushi-L.7-Route 218

2nd Update
~Arrived in Floaroma Town quickly jacked all the berries
~Defeated the Grunts
~Trained Craig up to level 16
~Took on Mars and won,Craig did it all
~Encountered a 2nd Shinx at the Valley Windworks caught it and Named it Elle I boxed Thor for her as she was already level 10
~Encountered a Shellos on route 205 caught it and named it Lois, I was glad as I needed a Water type
~I got a double Buneary battle in the Eterna Forrest Caught the highest leveled one named it Enid.
~Exited Eterna Forrest didn't grind in the grass as I have a question about it at the end of this update.
~ Continued through Eterna to Route 211 where I caught a Hoothoot named it Athena
~Decided to let Craig destroy the Eterna gymtrainers which he did with no problem.
~Battled Gardenia Craig Swept her without losing any Hp
~Saved It here I plan on catching a Gastly in the Old Château and grind the rest of my team up to take on Team Galactic.

Current Team

Razor Leaf

Berta-Calm-L.10-Lake Verity
Defense Curl

Elle-Hardy-L.11-Valley Windworks

Craig-Timid-L.25-Route 207
Flame Wheel
Tail Whip

Enid-Rash-L.14-Eterna Forrest
Defense Curl

Lois-Bold-L.13-Route 205
Mud Slap
Mud Bomb
Water Pulse


Zubat-L.5-Oreburgh Gate
Enough-L.6-Oreburgh Mine
Nome-Gentle-L.6-Ravaged Path
Athena-L.15-Route 211

Sushi-L.7-Route 218


Oh yeah my question does route 205 North and Route 205 South count as the same route or are they different as different pokemon appear on them?

February 20th, 2011, 11:23 AM
nuzlockes look hard. What's the earliest you've failed in terms of gyms?

February 20th, 2011, 7:12 PM
3rd update
~Went and Caught a Gastly in the Old Château named it Auron
~Trained Craig and Atlas a bit more than took on Team Galactic
~Craig did most the work again Atlas was only used to take a hit so I could super potion Craig
~Got my Togepi egg and ran around in eterna till it hatched I named it Winston
~Battled my way down Cycle Road training Auron and Lois
~Caught my route 206 Pokemon a Gligar named it Turk (was watching Scrubs)
~Entered Mt.Coronet and caught a geodude named it Mable
~Went back to Floaroma Meadow and Caught a burmy off my Honey Tree named it Bonny
~Got my Eevee from Bebe named it Lynn
~Went to the Underground in search of a thunderstone
~Evolved Lynn into a Jolteon
~Trained Auron until he learned Shadow Ball
~Swept Fantina's Gym
~Saved before heading up to Solaceon
Current Team

Razor Leaf

Helping Hand
Sand Attack

Auron-Docile-L.35-Old Château
Sucker Punch
Shadow Punch
Shadow Ball
Night Shade

Craig-Timid-L.29-Route 207
Flame Wheel
Tail Whip

Berta-Calm-L.10-Lake Verity
Defense Curl
Rock Smash

Lois-Bold-L.20-Route 205
Mud Slap
Mud Bomb
Water Pulse


Zubat-L.5-Oreburgh Gate
Enough-L.6-Oreburgh Mine
Nome-Gentle-L.6-Ravaged Path
Athena-L.15-Route 211
Enid-Rash-L.14-Eterna Forrest
Bonny-L.8-Floaroma Meadow
Winston-L.1-Eterna City
Turk-L.18-Route 206

Sushi-L.7-Route 218


Also what are the rules concerning Mt.Coronet? I s it declared one area as a whole or is every time you enter it from a different route considered a new area?

February 20th, 2011, 10:08 PM
@Gearuvagen:Also what are the rules concerning Mt.Coronet? I s it declared one area as a whole or is every time you enter it from a different route considered a new area?

I'm pretty sure the inside would be one area, but I'm not one hundred percent sure about the peak. I'd also reccommend training the shellos, they have decent stats and a brilliant type ^^ (have to be carefull around grass types though)

And about my nuzlocke I've advanced further (nothing incredibly interesting happened), but I'm a little too busy with HW to write it up. I'll try to update in the next few days though.

A few notes on what happened; contains spoilers though:

-Beat rival and went to Solaceon avoiding all pokemon, saving that route for a spiritomb (yes, kinda cheating, but tough.)
-Wonder evolved just out of Solaceon.
-Fangirled over Sexytracks awesomeness, took another self destruct and lived very happily.
-Whipped Maylene with Sexytrack, Right, and Wonder.
-Got to Pastoria and caught a tangela with a good nature and max speed IV, dumped her in the day care incase something happens to Right

February 22nd, 2011, 7:46 PM
~Headed up to Solaceon Caught a Roselia Named it Emma thought it could be a backup for Atlas
~Dropped Turk and Athena off at the Daycare
~Went into the ruins to get Defog caught an Unown F named it Why?
~Was careful not to enter the grass on route 210 until I healed the Psyducks
~Caught a Maril on route 215 named it Manford
~Got into a double battle everything was going fine until they threw out a Likitoung I switched out Auron for Lois I missed with Mud baomb and Razor leaf taking a crit from Rollout witch killed Atlas
~Replaced Atlas with Emma and continued on (I honestly thought about reviving him and pretending it never happened but I realized that was the Nuzlocke working the way it was supposed to so I just gritted m teeth and deposited him in the Dead Box.
~Encountered a Houndour on 214 but it Roared me away
~Found and Cuaght a girafarig at the Valor lakefront caught it and named it Paul
~Encountered a Buizel on route 213 caught it named it Lisa
~Encountered a Croagunk on route 212 named it Dana
~Ground for a bit and took on Maylene
~Auron took out Meditite and Machoke and Craig took out Lucairo
~Returned to Pastoria and Swept Wake with Lynn and Emma I was really impressed with Emma
~I flew back to Solaceon took Atehna out of the Daycare and taught it Fly/Defoghealed the Psyduck and went up I used a repel to get through the tall grass hoping to find a swablu instead I caught a Machop named it Helen.
~I got to Celestic town and Saved I'm going to have to Grind like a black smith if I hope to beat Cyrus
Current Team

Emma-Modest-L.33-Route 209
Giga Drain
Magical Leaf
Leech Seed
Toxic Spikes

Quick Attack
Pin Missile
Double Kick

Auron-Docile-L.40-Old Château
Sucker Punch
Shadow Punch
Shadow Ball
Night Shade

Craig-Timid-L.32-Route 207
Flame Wheel
Tail Whip

Athena-Naive-L.29-Route 211

Lois-Bold-L.30-Route 205
Mud Slap
Mud Bomb
Body Slam
Water Pulse


Berta-Calm-L.10-Lake Verity
Zubat-L.5-Oreburgh Gate
Enough-L.6-Oreburgh Mine
Nome-Gentle-L.6-Ravaged Path
Enid-Rash-L.14-Eterna Forrest
Bonny-L.8-Floaroma Meadow
Winston-L.1-Eterna City
Turk-L.18-Route 206
Helen-L.29-Route 210
Dana-Route 212
Manford-Route 215
Paul-Valor Lakefront
Lisa-Route 213

Sushi-L.7-Route 218
Razor Leaf


Joey's Rattata
February 22nd, 2011, 11:37 PM
Decided to try this Challenge on a Pokemon Red ROM. Dunno if I’ll make it through all the way before I get distracted by B/W, but here goes!

I decided to write a journal of what goes on, except instead of through my view… Through the view of the trainer, Red. Except not in journal format, exactly. More like to letters to his friends back home.

Hey, guys! It’s me, Red! Haven’t forgotten about me in just two weeks, right? Ha, I say “just” two weeks, but it feels like forever since I left Pallet Town!

So, let’s start from the beginning… Okay?

We had that rock paper scissor competition to see which of us would go get a Pokemon from Professor Oak, right? And of course, I won with rock all the way!

But, get this! The only other person who showed up was Green! That Blue kid? She never showed up! Man, I can’t believe the nerve of somebody who was chosen by Professor Oak himself…

But anyway, I chose Squirtle! At first I was gonna choose Bulbasaur, but I noticed Green glaring at me when I was about too… So I ended up choosing Squirtle instead.

Huh? You’re wondering what a Squirtle is? Well, here!


As you can see, I named him Dio! Remember that cartoon we used to watch as kids, with the twins Mel&Dio?

That cartoon was weird, seriously. A talking dresser? But anyway, that’s what he’s called!

At first glance he isn’t that strong, but he’s really good at dodging attacks and countering before the enemy!

Oh, I guess I’m getting ahead of myself again… Sorry!

So anyway, I headed out to Viridan City, right? I forgot to get money from Mom beforehand, but I had enough for some Pokeballs so I headed to the Mart.

But guess what! GREEN was there! And he was bragging about how awesome his Bulbasaur was… So I decided to set him straight by fighting him with Dio’s help!

It was really close, for a second I thought we were gonna lose… But with Dio’s speed, we managed to win!

Green was kinda mad, but he was the one bragging! Sheesh!

Oh, yeah, y’know that package that came with this letter? Can you give it to Professor Oak for me? I need to thank him for giving me the Pokedex, so I’m sending him his package from the Poke Mart! Be sure to give it to him, all right?

But anyway, the Pokedex is pretty cool, I guess. It’s a good way to get battle tips, and a cure for boredom.

So, after I bought some Pokeballs and stuff… (My poor wallet!) I decided to go catch a Pokemon!

Okay, so hold your breath here… It’s a really good Pokemon!


See! Isn’t he amazing? Look at how fast the Pokedex’s print-out says he is!

He may be a common Rattata, but Joey is definitely in the TOP PERCENTAGE OF RATTATA!

Huh? Why did I call him Joey?

…I don’t know, actually… It just felt like the right thing to do…

But anyway, I spent a while training Joey. Maybe one or two days.

But when I was exploring Viridian City, I noticed this alley. I followed it, and saw it led to some sort of worn down path.

But, that isn’t important (yet)!

While I was exploring, I found a Pokemon! I’ve never seen it before… But the Pokedex said it was a female Nidoran! Can you ask the Professor for more information on that? I’m confused as to why it said “female” with such an emphasis…

In any case, I managed to catch it! I named her Niikki! Oh, right, you want to know what she looks like? Here!


She’s really cute, huh? I wonder what she’ll look like after she evolves!

Anyway, I was about ready to turn back from the alley when I heard loud footsteps! Guess who it was?

If you guess “Green”, you’re right!

Apparently he had been training out there, and he said he was definitely going to defeat me.

But guess who lost? Hah!

Okay, Joey got pretty beat up… But Dio managed to finish off his Pokemon! He caught a Pidgey too. I wonder if he caught it because Daisy likes birds?

Oh, but speaking of Pidgey… Guess who else has one now?

If you guessed ME, you’re right! Although I guess that was pretty obvious…


I caught her just north of Viridian! She’s amazing! Man, I wish you guys could see her in action… She’s really fast, and really strong, and she can defeat just about anything!

Anyway, I got sorta tired of waiting around at Viridian. You know how there’s a Gym there, right? Well… The leader wasn’t there! And he STILL isn’t!

So, I went to Viridian Forest. When I got there, some lady told me it was like a maze, and man she was right! I could hardly find my way back to the entrance before dark! No way am I gonna make it through before I have a map… Ugh, but the Pokemart is all out…

Oh, but I did catch a Pokemon while I was there! It was some kind of worm-thing, but now it’s even weirder!


Seriously, what the heck IS that? The Pokedex calls it a “Kakuna”, but I dunno… It’s kind of creepy…

Ah, crap! I have to get this to the mail before noon! I’ll write you guys more later, okay?


Red of Pallet Town

P.S.: How is my little brother doing? Let him know I’m all right, okay?


Starter – Squirtle

Route 1 – Rattata

Route 22 – Nidoran(F)

Route 2 – Pidgey

Viridian Forest – Weedle (now a Kakuna)

Deceased –

None! Let’s hope I can keep it that way… >_<

February 24th, 2011, 8:37 AM
Yo, I'd like to start a challenge in Emerald. (I'll be using a Moemon mod, but only the sprites have been changed.)

1. Catch first Pokemon, yada yada.
2. Repeats are only caught if the first one dies.
3. Healing items outside battle only for the Elite Four.
4. Nicknaming everything!

I may try making comics for this - it depends how utterly bored I get.

Started my game.

Started with Mudkip, saved the Professor's butt, and kept the Mudkip as payment. He sent me on some quest to find his errant offspring.


....Guess I'm not getting Pokémon from those routes...

Current team: Umibouzu the Lv. 8 Mudkip.

February 25th, 2011, 5:01 AM
can you sign me up for emerald

February 25th, 2011, 12:43 PM
Update 17:
-It’s grinding time! *cues epic grinding music*
-Having got bored, I decided it was time to head to the pokémon league!
-It’s Locke! Him and his damned Charizard have been the cause of the deaths of a number of my pokémon. It’s time for revenge!
-I opened the battle with Dinobird, and Locke used Pidgeot. Two Ancientpower’s were enough to see Dinobird victorious, one of which gave Dinobird a handy stat boost. :)
-Next, Locke sent out Gyarados and... YES! YES! YES! A crit Ancientpower saw one of Locke’s most dangerous pokémon off in one hit!
-Next was Rhyhorn. I switched to Mophead, who was able to get the win with a Giga Drain.
-Exeggcute was next, and time to switch back to Dinobird. Two Aerial Aces later, and Dinobird was victorious.
-Next Locke sent out Alakazam. I decided to try an Ancientpower, which took about a third of Alakazam’s HP. I then went for a Fly, but Alakazam blasted Dinobird with a Psychic which put him in the red. Alakazam used Foresight, but Fly was enough to take Alakazam out! Locke was down to his last pokémon!
-Finally was Charizard... the cause of the death of a number of my pokémon. I had to be careful here. I switched to Headache, who was hit by a Wing Attack on switch in. I got a Surf in, but the Future Sight knocked Headache down to 2 HP! I switched to Bubbles to save Headache, and a Surf proved enough to take out Locke’s final pokémon! I had beaten Locke without losing any pokémon at all!
-Now it was time to head to the pokémon league! I can hardly wait...
-Why hello there officer, why yes I do have the Boulderbadge!
-Another officer? Yes I have the Cascadebadge...
-The Thunderbadge? Yes...
-This is TEDIOUS!

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/1/17/Spr_3f_130.pngGyarados (Bubbles) Lvl 49
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/3/30/Spr_3f_055.pngGolduck(Headache) Lvl 47
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/4/4b/Spr_3f_110.pngWeezing (Gasman) Lvl 42
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/7/7c/Spr_3f_114.pngTangela (Mophead) Lvl 35
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/e/ea/Spr_3f_142.pngAerodactyl (Dinobird) Lvl 41

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/d/d0/Spr_3f_097.pngHypno (Pendulum) Lvl 38

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/9/9d/Spr_3f_044.pngGloom (Flower) Lvl 36

The Fallen Heroes:
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/9/9b/Spr_3f_056.pngMankey (Rocky) Lvl 6-9 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/a/a2/Spr_3f_041.pngZubat (Batman) Lvl 8 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/a/aa/Spr_3f_015.pngBeedrill (Sting) Lvl 3-14 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/e/e5/Spr_3f_017.pngPidgeotto (Wings) Lvl 2-20 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/d/d0/Spr_3f_043.pngOddish (Leaf) Lvl 13 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/c/c7/Spr_3f_012.pngButterfree (Flutterby) Lvl 7-20 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/0/0e/Spr_3f_052.pngMeowth (Whiskers) Lvl 10-14 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/0/0a/Spr_3f_023.pngEkans (Venom) Lvl 12-15 R.I.P

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/3/35/Spr_3f_021.pngSpearow (Fearless) Lvl 15-16 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/c/c2/Spr_3f_066.pngMachop (Muscles) Lvl 17 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/2/2e/Spr_3f_100.pngVoltorb (pokeball) Lvl 15-20 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/3/3e/Spr_3f_092.pngGastly (Casper) Lvl 16-18 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/c/cd/Spr_3f_136.pngFlareon (Flashfire) Lvl 25-35 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/d/d3/Spr_3f_106.pngHitmonlee (Sweet Feet) Lvl 25-29 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/2/23/Spr_3f_003.pngVenusaur (Marvin) Lvl 5-41 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/d/d0/Spr_3f_043.pngOddish (Leaf II) Lvl 23-24 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/5/5d/Spr_3f_034.pngNidoking (Romulus) Lvl 30-40 R.I.P
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/6/65/Spr_3f_117.pngSeadra(Waterhorse) Lvl 22-35 R.I.P

Gone, but not forgotten.

So much bloodshed. Will the madness never end?

February 25th, 2011, 5:56 PM
I can't Believe it! Going out on the same age I started on :( .3rd time was obviously not the charm.

Well I took down Cyrus easy enough. Then I went to Canalave where my rival's Floatzel crits Lyn with aqua jet KOing her. He then swifts and Quick attacks Lois killing here with a Crit.
So I get Lisa and Helen out of my Box only to have Lisa get Crunched be a floatzel and Die. She was then replaced by Manford (Marill) I trained both of them up to 35 and took on the gym eveything was going fine untill I battled the Ace trainer with the scizor. It Crit X-Scissor's Manford and Emma Killing them. Apparently he iwas faster than Craig as he Critted with Slash Killing him as well . Athena a now Noctowl was ended with a Slash and Auron a newly evolved Gengar was KO'ed with another Crit X-Scissor. I was absolutely baffled by this I had seen more Crits in this 20 minutes than I had throughout my whole playthrough it seemed. But now with no-Pokemon able to learn Surf and no Pokemon able to train outside Canalave I must drop out of the Nuzlocke Challenge. I hate Critical Hits !!

February 26th, 2011, 6:59 AM
More Emerald stuff.

- Got Great Ball off Goonzai
- Defeated Youngster Billy with ease
- Destroyed Fisherman Darian with power
- Annihilated Lady Cindy with the Heart of the Cards
- Got Hyper Potion from GoonzaiII
- Picked some Oran Berries and Pecha Berries
- Kicked Bug Catcher Lyle's ass
- IPsndKipz evolved into a Silcoon! I wanted Cascoon.
- Saved Devon guy from a Pirate
- Bug Catcher James = Deceased
- ^ Rich Boy Winston
- ^ Lass Hayley
- ^ Twins Gina and Mia
- ^ Fisherman Ivan
- Reached Rustboro
- Caught Abra on Route 116, named it Uri
- Somehow after catching Uri, one of the tops of a tree turned into the corner of a mountain :\
- Battled Youngster Joey and his Ratatta Machop
- Bug Catcher Jose are dead
- ^ School Kid Karen
- Do I really need to say the names of all the Trainers I beat?
- idk
- oh and IPsndKipz evolved in that last battle.

Current Team:
Beautifly/IPsndKipz - 10
Mudkip/Kipz - 13
Zigzagoon/Goonzai - 4
Zigzagoon/GoonzaiII - 3
Poochyena/Dog - 4
Abra/Uri - 7

Surfing the net:

Kicked the Bucket:

February 26th, 2011, 4:41 PM
Hey look, I'm back from the dead!

I will try this on Platinum, following these rules:

1. If a Pokemon Faints, its dead, release it.
2. No healing at PokeCenters (Poor Nurse Joy shouldn't have to work for no pay)
3. You can only catch/recieve one Pokemon in each Area. A town is one area, a route is one area, a cave is one area, etc. Should you fail to catch a Pokemon for any reason (other than game corruption) than too bad.
4. You must nickname all of your Pokemon (optional, but highly reccomended)
5. No catching legendaries.
6. Trading is disallowed, but the reasons following this clause are allowed. Egg trading is okay, same thing with Pokemon that can't have eggs. (optional) Trading simply for the purpose of evolution is perfectly OK.
8. Make Comics whenever something amazing happens. (optional, but still reccomended :I) This is pretty much the whole reason I'm doing this XD

Will update as often as possible, but I lost my DS and have to use my brother's, so we'll see how it goes.

February 26th, 2011, 5:31 PM
nuzlockes look hard. What's the earliest you've failed in terms of gyms?

I lost at the second gym, but the hax in that match was nothing short of insane. Nuzlockes really aren't that hard if you value each of your Pokemon and don't rush into battles head-first.

February 27th, 2011, 12:03 PM
Unfortunately I can't post my comics here, because they're inappropriate, but if you want to see them, go to Deviantart and look for Nuzlocke Diamond Challenge by BlazeDGO.

-Named myself Kira because I'm unoriginal and have to use a name from Death Note
-Named my rival L for the same reason
-Got my starter, Piplup
-Kira defeated L See what I did there?
-Named Piplup "Fluffy"
-Bought some Pokeballs and Potions only to discover that Dawn gives you 5 Pokeballs for free <_<
-Will catch Fluffy's first teammate in the next update

Kira's Team:

Fluffy the Piplup
Lv 7

February 27th, 2011, 10:22 PM
Sorry all that were reading my story, due to way more school work than I anticipated (and Gen 5 coming out here in about 2 weeks), I'm probably not going to continue on with it. I might make it into a comic later however, but I'm definately not 100% sure.

I'll update here, but leave it spoilered.

-Beat Pastoria gym, beggining to notice how only having 4 pokemon's making it harder. Begging for something good in route 211... Actually, theres not much good there, I don't need a fighting type.
- Mauled the TG member, Cynthia gave me the secret potion.
-Due to me not wanting to teach Sexytrack defog, I went through the mist without clearing it. You know that feeling you get when you know something bad's gonna happen? This route was tingling in it.
-Due to me being an idiot and the mist, Right got into low health. I though I could avoid all the trainers, but I was wrong. The two with the gyarados and raichu jumped me, sending out Right and Wonder.
-I quickly swapped Right for Sexytrack, hoping ancientpower would kill the gyarados, Wonder missed with flame wheel on the raichu.
-I then realised that Sexytrack was part flying... And I had just sent her out against a raichu. Damn. Wonder got hit by thunder/bolt, but the gyarados missed.
-I close combatted the raichu, OKOing it, but Sexytrack missed with ancient power...
-Critical hit. Aquatail. Lowered defense. Super effective. Not even on full health before it... RIP Wonder ;-;
-Got to Celestic, knowing I needed the pokemon in route 211 more than ever. I didn't want a machoke though, so I was very relieved when a chingling appeared. Called it Just (forgot the song =_=), and with 20 vitamins he became a true bro!
-Besides being over leveled, Cyrus was difficult. I sent out Just first, against his sneasel, almost killed it with shock wave but I got frozen. Sexytrack finished it off, but got badly poisoned in the progress. I sent out Bad, but surf missed and drill peck took about a quarter of her health, and she wasn't on full hp anyway. The feeling of something horribles going to happen returned. I swapped in a frozen Just, and drill peck hit critical. If I was still using Bad, she would have died =(
- I remembered Just's song! Just can't get enough!
-Finished off Cyrus and did some grinding, realizing that my levels are fine, but my team lacked some serious diversity.
-Went to Fuego ironworks and got a magmar, Silence (Song: SO happy I could die)(yes, Lady Gaga. u mad?)
-Unfortunatly died while grinding because I was being stupid, but I hadn't used him enough to be really attatched.
-Grinded a tiny bit before going to Canalave. My team was ten levels above my rivals empoleon :rambo:
-Made a promise; If I bump into a graveller in Iron island whihc blows up, I'm allowed to get another graveller of the same level or under.
-Naturally, I bump into a graveller and it self destructs.
-After trying to catch one from almost and hour, I said screw it, I'll exit the cave and whatever thing I bump into will count as the 'first' pokemon, and if I fail to catch it, tough. If its a graveller, I'll say FFFFUUUUU, and give up.
-Luckily, a golbat appeared! (I was wanting an onix/steelix, but I do like crobats and my teams slow as, the only one which has a speed stat above 70 is Right)
-Caught her and called her Alalala (song:Untouched), instant sis for life <3
-Unfortunatly she has a bad nature, but its kinda fun using a special sweeping golbat.
-Evolved her, update end!


Bad/Gastrodon- lv47 mild natured, song: good girls go bad
Sexytrack/togetic- lv47 rash natured, song: sexy b**ch (last part named after a depared team member)
Right/Leafeon- lv47 lax natured, song:scream
Just/chimecho- lv47 sassy natured, song: just can't get enough
Alalala/Crobat- lv42 modest natured, song: untouched

This team has REALLY made me respect gastrodons. Awesome things. Chimecho's are also pretty cool, I've used crobats and togetics, but leafeon is a let down.


Soundtrack/Staravia- lv2-28, killed by a critical hit, song: soundtrack to my life
Wonder/Infernape- lv5-44, killed by f***ing fog, song: 16
Silence/magmar- lv28-36, killed by my cockyness, song: so happy I could die.

Two of those song are really ironic, aren't they?

February 28th, 2011, 6:21 PM
-Caught a Bidoof (yay HM slave) and named him Hurf
-Defeated L again. Turtwig's Withdraw took a great toll on Fluffy's PP for Pound.
-Caught a Starly and named her Ace
-Fluffy KOd a Zubat in Oreburgh Gate before I could catch it. I hate training those things anyway.
-OK I forgot about PP when I made the PokeCenter rule, so until I'm able to get PP-ups, I'm able to use the PokeCenter, except all my Pokemon have to be completely healed before I do.
-Caught a Geodude; named her Rox
-Fluffy destroyed Roark and evolved!

Kira's Team:

Fluffy the Prinplup
Lv 16
-Metal Claw

Ace the Starly
-Quick Attack
-Wing Attack

Rox the Geodude
-Defense Curl
-Mud Sport

Hurf the HM Slave Bidoof

No one's died yet!

February 28th, 2011, 7:16 PM
I plan on starting a Nuzlocke through FireRed.
Rules: If a Pokemon faints, release it, and first Pokemon per area, blah blah blah. I will also nickname. No rules against healing, shop use, etc.

Also, question: Is each Safari Zone area it's own area? Just in case I need a few party members, as well as the many different species in there.

Another question: Can I take both Lapras and one of the Hitmons, or pick just one of them?

February 28th, 2011, 8:51 PM
So I'm totally new to this, but I see people posting about their Nuzlocke logs, would it be alright if I post my Nuzlocke vids? Me and this other dude are totally making a let's play on youtube, we're already about 11 episodes in, and it'd be cool if people actually watched :o

Of course, there's cursing, so I'm not sure if I'm supposed to do a warning here or if I'm just now allowed to post it (if its the second, you can delete it, as I said, I'm new to this :P).

Oh, and sorry for a lot of the obscure references (mostly the nicknames), we reference this one forum we got to a lot since they're pretty much the only people watching this :P

Oh, and the game is the hack Rijon Adventures which I'm sure a lot of you are already familiar with, and who made it.

Here's episode 1:


If you guys think it's good, I can keep you guys up to date or something :o Or you can delete it because its so crappy and all that, that's cool too

Mandatory Rules:
1. If a Pokemon faints, you must release it as soon as possible.
2. If all your Pokemon faint, you must start over.
3. You must nickname every Pokemon you catch.
4. You may only attempt to capture the first Pokemon you encounter in each area, route, cave, city, etc. If you don't catch it, tough ****.

Optional Rules:
1. You may not use any items (Potions, Antidotes, etc.)


Oh and if you want me to explain a reference (like the Rival's name), I'll be happy to explain, it'll probably still be confusing but whatever :P

March 1st, 2011, 6:20 AM
I plan on starting a Nuzlocke through FireRed.
Rules: If a Pokemon faints, release it, and first Pokemon per area, blah blah blah. I will also nickname. No rules against healing, shop use, etc.

Also, question: Is each Safari Zone area it's own area? Just in case I need a few party members, as well as the many different species in there.

Another question: Can I take both Lapras and one of the Hitmons, or pick just one of them?

In answer to your questions:
1. In my run, I counted the Safari Zone as one area, but I guess it's down to you how you do it. There's no defined 'correct' option, so whichever feels right to you.

2. This one I'd say you can only get one of the two, as Saffron City is only one area. One area=one pokemon

Hope that helped :)

March 1st, 2011, 6:28 AM
I love your challenge buddy. It's awesome and will definitely be a challenge.

I'll try my best to apply all of the rules but I'll probably fail with nicknaming my pokemon, haha.

Going to do this on Red. :)

March 1st, 2011, 6:39 AM
I'll start the Nuzlocke challenge and here's my sign up form:

name: heLLkitsune
ingame name: heLL15
game: Pokemon Leaf Green
rules: 1. If a Pokemon Faints, its dead, release it.
3. You can only catch/recieve one Pokemon in each Area. A town is one area, a route is one area, a cave is one area, etc. Should you fail to catch a Pokemon for any reason (other than game corruption) than too bad.
4. You must nickname all of your Pokemon (optional, but highly reccomended)
5. No catching legendaries.
6. Trading is disallowed, but the reasons following this clause are allowed. Egg trading is okay, same thing with Pokemon that can't have eggs. (optional) Trading simply for the purpose of evolution is perfectly OK.

The Nuzlocke Challenge
Pokémon Leaf Green

Chapter #1: Team heLL15, GO!

Woke up early in the morning to play NES a little more. I was thinking that today will be an usual day in the Pokemon world, I couldn't have imagined what was in front of me.
http://img840.imageshack.us/img840/3741/pokemonleafgreen01z.png (http://img840.imageshack.us/i/pokemonleafgreen01z.png/)
(Our hero, ready to begin the journey of his life.)

I went out to go to the grocery store when some old geezer stopped me. He introduced himself as Profesor Oak. I know that we live in the same Town, but I've seen him two or three times the most. I have never talked to him and now, BAM! He just gives me a free Pokemon. How awesome is tha.. Wait a minute. There's a catch behind all this, isn't it? What?! He wants me to go travelling around and beating the s*** out of other Pokemon trainers?! How troublesome is that? Well, I got a free Pokemon. I have chosen a Water type pokemon and called him Donatello because it reminds me of a Teenage mutant ninja turtle. While I was going out to get to know my pokemon better, Gary stopped me and forced me to battle. I'm gonna kick his arrogant a**. I don't like this guy at all. When we were little kids, he always got the toys I wanted, he always got the girls I wanted. Urgh. Donatello go! How strong Donatello is, he almost got beaten by Gary's Bulbasaur. Lucky for me that I have withdrawn a potion from my PC back at home. I moved on with my new friend and I went south to Viridian City. Went into the grocery store A.K.A. Pokemart as I first intended to go, when the salesman asked me something really strange: "Are you from Pallet Town?" Cmon! I buy stuff in there every day and you ask me that? Why are you asking something when you know it? Anyway, he gave a parcel I had to take to prof. Oak. On the way home I encountered my first wild pokemon. It was the biggest (and the first) Rattata I have ever seen. I said to myself: "Just calm down heLL15, do it exactly as the manual says. First, weaken the Pokemon, DONE. Then catch it with a pokeball, DON... NOOOO." I couldn't catch it because I didn't have any pokeballs with me. Well, that's it for route 1. Gave the parcel to prof. Oak and then he gave me and Gary a Pokedex. Oh, and he gave us 5 pokeballs, too. Gary was talking something about not giving me his Map, but I didn't listen. Then I went into Gary's house to see his sis Daisy. She gave me a map of our region. Isn't that nice? Was that because of my charme? or Is she in dept to our family? or Has she a crush on me? I think it's the latter. She's acting strange in my presence. Yeah! That must be it. Anyway, I continued my journey and went to route 2 to catch my first pokemon. A pidgey appeared. Thought again "Just calm down heLL15, do it exactly as the manual says. First, weaken the Pokemon, DO.." You must be kidding me! Why in the world did Donatello attacked with a critical hit. Ah, well, there goes my 2nd pokemon I could've had. Went further north into Viridian Forest to try my luck there. In the first patch of grass, I have encountered a Caterpie. "Don't blew it again, heLL15" - I said to myself. after 15 minutes of struggling (more 15 seconds, but whateva) I catched my first pokemon! It was Mr. Smith the Caterpie. After the imense battle, I returned back to Viridian City to restore my Pokemon's health. Then I went west thinking something important was there. And it was. It was route 22 and a new pokemon! I caught a Mankey and named it Banana. after acquiring my starting team I trained them untill they were Lv. 10. Funny thing happened while I was training. Mr. Smith evolved, twice.
http://img819.imageshack.us/img819/9682/pokemonleafgreen02.png (http://img819.imageshack.us/i/pokemonleafgreen02.png/)http://img846.imageshack.us/img846/7529/pokemonleafgreen03.png
(http://img846.imageshack.us/i/pokemonleafgreen03.png/)http://img829.imageshack.us/img829/8369/pokemonleafgreen04.png (http://img829.imageshack.us/i/pokemonleafgreen04.png/) http://img46.imageshack.us/img46/7716/pokemonleafgreen05.png (http://img46.imageshack.us/i/pokemonleafgreen05.png/)
(Mr. Smith's evolutions)

I was ready for a battle and then I remembered seing Gary lurking behind a bush in route 22, waiting for a trainer to battle him. My powerhouse, Mr. Smith, beat the hell out of his weak pokemon. Full of confidence, I went to Pewter City to challenge the first pokemon gym. It was said that it was a rock-type gym, so it was best suited for Donatello. I was facing Brock the gmy leader in a heated battle full of exciting moves and decisions... Just kidding, it was easier than I thought. Brock's Onix cried for mercy because Donatello was just no match for them. It was getting dark outside so I went to bed. It was a long, long, long day and I needed a rest, because tommorow, my journey in Kanto continues!

http://img820.imageshack.us/img820/4918/pokemonleafgreen06.png (http://img820.imageshack.us/i/pokemonleafgreen06.png/)
(It shows Donatello, looking cool and winning the first Pokemon gym.)

Badges obtianed:

Team heLL15:
Donatello ♂ Lv. 14
Sassy Nature
- Water Gun
- Tackle
- Withdraw
- Tail Whip
Mr. Smith ♂ Lv. 12
Timid Nature
- Confusion
- Tackle
- Harden
- String Shot
Banana ♀ Lv. 12
Lax Nature
Vital Spirit
- Karate Chop
- Scratch
- Low Kick
- Leer

Boxed/Day cared Pokémon: /

Deceased: /

Encounters:Pallet Town - http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/rsiconani/rsiconani007.gif

Route 1 - http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/rsiconani/rsiconani019.gif

Viridian City - /

Route 2 - http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/rsiconani/rsiconani016.gif

Viridian Forest - http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/rsiconani/rsiconani010.gif

Pewter City - /

Route 22 - http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/rsiconani/rsiconani056.gif

Please tell me if the font is unreadable and sry for my English, but I try :P.

March 1st, 2011, 12:45 PM
Yeah, it's read-able :P Which reminds me...we have a butterfree in our run too :o

Anyway, I just uploaded the latest episode of my run if anyone's interested (episode 12):


Episodes 2-11 are in my channel :P

March 3rd, 2011, 11:10 AM

The Nuzlocke Challenge
Pokémon Leaf Green

Chapter #2: Feels like I found my pot of gold

After a long night of sleep, I continued with my journey through the rough world known as Kanto, with more enthusiasm than ever. I stood up early in the morning to move on as early as possible, because I was so psyched about catching new pokemon and stuff like that. Had a quick breakfast, picked up my stuff and headed east, out of Pewter city. There was a man standing on the passage and waiting for somebody. I was sure that it wasn't me, but on my suprise, he was looking just for me. Am I really that important?? Anyway, he gave me some Running shoes and there was a letter from my mom attached to them. I was always wondering, why on earth can't I run and I got my anwser here. You have to have specialy made shoes for running, how stupid is that? While I was conserned with something as uninportant as these shoes, some trainers appeared and wanted to battle me and of course I kicked their pokemon('s a****). I found myself in a new route with new pokemon to catch. I saw something pink in the first patch of grass. I thought it was a baloon or something, but then it began to sing. I almost fell asleep because of that lullaby but my sheer will stopped me from ruining my catch. It was the cutest little pokemon I have ever seen. It had two big eyes as shiny as a shiny Caterpie, a little mouth as sweet as honey and I wanted to be my. To my luck I caught it. It was a Jigglypuff later named Blob. We have a new teamate. I continued to the end of the route which led me to the entrance of Mt. Moon. Near the entrance is a pokecenter. I healed my pokemon and then a mysterious man catched my eye. He was selling a "special" pokemon in the middle of nowhere. On top of that, it was a bargain. He was selling a Magikarp for only 500$. I didn't want to buy it because the man looked suspicous and Magikarp indeed is a "special" pokemon, if you know what I mean. Without further slaking, I went into Mt. Moon and found an interesting pokemon. I encountered a Zubat which has been flying around me and waiting for the kill. I caught it and named it Dracula, although it is a female Zubat. After countless of hours running through Mt. Moon, I was near the entrance but then two fossils caught my eye. And of course there's someone to ruin my party. I had to fight a nerd to take only one fossil. Come on! I won. Doesn't that mean that I get both of the fossils?! Bad luck is following me step by step. Anyway, I got out of Mt. Moon and there were two men doing air kicks and air punches (Wierd, isn't it?). But then they explained me that they can teach my pokemon some cool moves. So, Donatello learned Mega Kick and Blob Learned Mega Punch. Oh yeah, I found a Moon Stone inside Mt. Moon and evolved Blob. I continued walking and finaly got to Cerulean City. In the city there was a big bridge called the Nugget Bridge. Gary was standing at the beginning and I battled him. He is such a weakling. There were a lot of trainers to battle on the nugget bridge and at the end I got a nugget. Isn't that great? Encountered two Caterpies in routes 24 and 25. Caught the first one and I was out of pokeballs to catch the other one. Went east and got to a strange house with some strange computers in it and a strange pokemon. And suddenly, I heard someone talking, but there wasn't anyone in there, only a strange looking clefairy. I thought to myself that I was insane and then I heard again a human voice. I couldn't believe my eyes. The Clefairy was talking to me. I helped Bill (the Clefairy) to get his human form back and he gave a S.S. ticket. After some chit chat and a visit to my facebook page (got 3 new notifications, f*** yea!), I went back to Cerulean city to beat Misty, the second gym leader. Then I remembered that I missed route 4 and I went there to catch a new pokemon. I encountered Miguel the Sandshrew. Because Miguel and Dracula were low in levels, I trained them, and while I was training something godly happened.
http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/4918/pokemonleafgreen06.png (http://img5.imageshack.us/i/pokemonleafgreen06.png/)
(Austin, the Godly Caterpie)

Yeah that's right, I encountered a shiny Caterpie. It was the coolest looking pokemon eva, I mean, come on, who on earth has a golden Caterpie?? It was a pleasure to beat the crap out of it. I was cold blooded while killing it. After the lucky encounter, I beat Misty with the power of my shiny hunting pokemon. And that was my second succesful gym battle.
http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/4624/pokemonleafgreen07l.png (http://img20.imageshack.us/i/pokemonleafgreen07l.png/)
(Aquiring a TM from Misty)

After beating Misty and healing in the pokecenter, I battled a member of Team rocket, who gave me the TM Dig. I thaught those technical machine(or whatever they are called) to Blob (Water Pulse) and Miguel (Dig). Went south and encountered a Pidgey in route 5. It was an easy catch. Named my new female friend Cleopatra and I gave her to the Day care dude. I went through the Underground path and caught myself a Moewth. Named her Greed because she is greedy and always steals stuff, but with evolving she matured. In Vermillion city was a big cruiser waiting just for me. It was the S.S Anne. After beating every trainer on the ship(even my rival Gary, but he's not worth mentioning because he's weak as other trainers), I got the hidden machine Cut. After some leveling, I went through the Diglett's Cave to get myself HM Flash. Also, I got the old Amber in the musem and Donatello learned Seismic Toss. After some leveling, I challenged hte third gym, which is a lightning type gym. AND I GOT MY THIRD BADGE! Am I cool or what? I'm feeling like I was travelling for ages. Well, I had to move on. I went into Rock Tunnel and caught every single pokemon I could. It was already night when I got outside of Rock Tunnel and that meant it was time to sleep.

Badges obtianed:

Team heLL15:
Donatello ♂ Lv. 30
Sassy Nature
- http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/8587/waterhm.png (http://img9.imageshack.us/i/waterhm.png/) Water Gun
- http://img141.imageshack.us/img141/7474/darkr.png (http://img141.imageshack.us/i/darkr.png/) Bite
- http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/4324/normaluo.png (http://img689.imageshack.us/i/normaluo.png/) Mega Kick
- http://img822.imageshack.us/img822/7508/fightn.png (http://img822.imageshack.us/i/fightn.png/) Seismic Toss
Mr. Smith ♂ Lv. 26
Timid Nature
- http://img820.imageshack.us/img820/5011/psychicm.png (http://img820.imageshack.us/i/psychicm.png/) Confusion
- http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/4324/normaluo.png (http://img689.imageshack.us/i/normaluo.png/) Tackle
- http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/6971/grasswk.png (http://img13.imageshack.us/i/grasswk.png/) Stun Spore
- http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/6971/grasswk.png (http://img13.imageshack.us/i/grasswk.png/) Sleep Powder
Banana ♀ Lv. 26
Lax Nature
Vital Spirit
- http://img822.imageshack.us/img822/7508/fightn.png (http://img822.imageshack.us/i/fightn.png/) Karate Chop
- http://img11.imageshack.us/img11/4141/rockxf.png (http://img11.imageshack.us/i/rockxf.png/) Rock Tomb
- http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/4324/normaluo.png (http://img689.imageshack.us/i/normaluo.png/) Fury Swipes
- http://img822.imageshack.us/img822/7508/fightn.png (http://img822.imageshack.us/i/fightn.png/) Seismic Toss
Blob ♀ Lv. 26
Lax Nature
Cute Charm
- http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/4324/normaluo.png (http://img689.imageshack.us/i/normaluo.png/) Mega Punch
- http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/4324/normaluo.png (http://img689.imageshack.us/i/normaluo.png/) Sing
- http://img130.imageshack.us/img130/7624/electricm.png (http://img130.imageshack.us/i/electricm.png/) Shock Wave
- http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/8587/waterhm.png (http://img9.imageshack.us/i/waterhm.png/) Water Pulse
Greed ♀ Lv. 26
Naughty Nature
- http://img141.imageshack.us/img141/7474/darkr.png (http://img141.imageshack.us/i/darkr.png/) Bite
- http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/4324/normaluo.png (http://img689.imageshack.us/i/normaluo.png/) Pay Day
- http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/4324/normaluo.png (http://img689.imageshack.us/i/normaluo.png/) Flash
- http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/4324/normaluo.png (http://img689.imageshack.us/i/normaluo.png/) Cut
Miguel ♂ Lv. 30
Timid Nature
Sand Veil
- http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/4324/normaluo.png (http://img689.imageshack.us/i/normaluo.png/) Slash
- http://img852.imageshack.us/img852/9580/ground.png (http://img852.imageshack.us/i/ground.png/) Dig
- http://img852.imageshack.us/img852/9580/ground.png (http://img852.imageshack.us/i/ground.png/) Sand-Attack
- http://img189.imageshack.us/img189/9201/poisong.png (http://img189.imageshack.us/i/poisong.png/) Poison Sting

Boxed/Day cared Pokémon: http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/rsiconani/rsiconani010.gif http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/rsiconani/rsiconani041.gif http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/rsiconani/rsiconani041.gif http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/rsiconani/rsiconani050.gif http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/rsiconani/rsiconani021.gif http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/rsiconani/rsiconani100.gif http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/rsiconani/rsiconani016.gif

Deceased: /

Encounters:Pallet Town - http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/rsiconani/rsiconani007.gif

Route 1 - http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/rsiconani/rsiconani019.gif

Viridian City - /

Route 2 - http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/rsiconani/rsiconani016.gif

Viridian Forest - http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/rsiconani/rsiconani010.gif

Route 22 - http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/rsiconani/rsiconani056.gif

Route 3 - http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/rsiconani/rsiconani039.gif

Mt. Moon - http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/rsiconani/rsiconani041.gif

Route 4 - http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/rsiconani/rsiconani027.gif

Cerulean City - /

Route 25 - http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/rsiconani/rsiconani010.gif

Route 24 - http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/rsiconani/rsiconani010.gif

Route 5 - http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/rsiconani/rsiconani016.gif

Route 6 - http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/rsiconani/rsiconani052.gif

Vermillion City - /

Route 11 - http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/rsiconani/rsiconani096.gif

Diglett's Cave - http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/rsiconani/rsiconani050.gif

Route 9 - http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/rsiconani/rsiconani021.gif

Route 10 - http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/rsiconani/rsiconani100.gif

Rock Tunnel - http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/rsiconani/rsiconani041.gif

Any shiny pokemon mentioned in this chapter weren't killed. Of course I caught the shiny Caterpie named Austin. It's chilling in the last box and waiting to be transfered to my Platinum. It's Timid nature so it could be a possible competitive pokemon.

It's such a pain in the neck to write this. I want it to be something like a short story but I'm bored right now and that's why it takes me 2 days to edit it :P.

March 3rd, 2011, 12:04 PM
I love your challenge buddy. It's awesome and will definitely be a challenge.

I'll try my best to apply all of the rules but I'll probably fail with nicknaming my pokemon, haha.

Going to do this on Red. :)

I'm not the one responsible for creating this challenge. I simply posted it here for others to chat about, partake in, and enjoy it.

March 4th, 2011, 5:38 AM
2. No healing at PokeCenters (Poor Nurse Joy shouldn't have to work for no pay)

Out of interest, how are you going to recharge your Pokemon's PP? There's not enough Ethers and Elixirs in the game to make up for the lack of PokeCentres...

March 5th, 2011, 6:18 AM
Ive started this challenge yesterday while my internet was down in yellow.

Name: Jespoke
Rival name: Murder
Im in mt moon now, and i've already missed 3 areas (Mainly because of OHKO's)


Pika (Pikachu from pallet) lv 13
Queen lv 13 (Nidoran f from r.2)
Bug (Butterfree from viridian forest) lv 13
Gyra (Magicarp from r.4) lv 6


King (Nidoran m from r.22) 2-13 - killed by crit at mt moon MVP for its lifespan

Missed areas: R.1, R.3, mt. moon

March 5th, 2011, 7:23 AM
Pokémon Emerald Nuzlocke
Chapter 4: Screenshots? I totally forgot to use them. :P

Well since Wattson was a cakewalk, I thought then next I would go through the next Route, which was easy, catching Pokemon and stuff. Also since I didn't catch a Pokemon on route 110, or whatever the Day Care Route is, I went there and caught an Illumise, which was dubbed "Druglord". She was then grinded, as was Sydian. ;)

Going up through the next route, were a few trainers. Perfect for Druglord to test her abilities out, if you know what I mean. ;D Also along with the Winstrates or something. I could just tell competing with them, selling all those Medicinal Herbs was going to be tough. I mean they had a Roselia on their side. A ROSELIA! Anyway, Sydian and Drug made quick work of those two.

Next Route near the desert, and Druglord had finally went down. Probably from trying out some new, unidentified things, or at the hands, or wings of a Taillow. Druglord shall be avenged... somehow. :( Anyway, from here spawned a new teammate, in the form of a Numel named GAVIN. But for now until I decide whether I'll train her or not, I'll box it for now. :)

Fiery Path, and pretty much every other Route up until Fallarbor town, and I was thinking that Emerald was pretty much made for double battles. D: But I did catch a Torkoal, which has been named "iwantfood". A fitting name for a fitting Pokemon if you ask me. I'm debating whether to keep iwantfood or to box it. Then I arrived at Fallarbor Town.

tl;dr this is a boring update, since nothing really happens between Mauville and Fallarbor.

Oh, and I also got one of those Bikes. You know the one that just says "RYDEL RYDEL RYDEL RYDEL RYDEL RYDEL RYDEL RYDEL RYDEL RYDEL RYDEL RYDEL RYDEL RYDEL RYDEL RYDEL RYDEL RYDEL RYDEL RYDEL RYDEL RYDEL RYDEL RYDEL" for free advertising or something.

(From what I can tell, this place is very... cliffy.)

Badges Obtained:
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/thumb/6/63/Stone_Badge.png/30px-Stone_Badge.png http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/thumb/9/97/Knuckle_Badge.png/30px-Knuckle_Badge.png http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/thumb/3/34/Dynamo_Badge.png/30px-Dynamo_Badge.png

Pokémon which are still alive:
Sydian ♀ Lv. 28
Brave Nature
- Pursuit
- Screech
- Absorb
- Quick Attack

OhMahGawd ♂ Lv. 28
Gentle Nature
Keen Eye
- Fury Swipes
- Fake Out
- Night Shade
- Detect

Lucyy II ♀ Lv. 27
Timid Nature
Huge Power
- Tackle
- Rollout
- Tail Whip
- Bubblebeam

iwantfood ♂ Lv. 15
Naughty Nature
White Smoke
- Ember
- Smog
- Curse
- Smokescreen

The boxed/day cared:
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/4/48/Ani293MS.png http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/d/d2/Ani043MS.png http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/b/b4/Ani292MS.png http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani322.gif

The deceased:
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani261.gif http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani280.gif http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani268.gif http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani263.gif http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/e/e4/Ani276MS.png http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/3/39/Ani291MS.png http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani314.gif

March 5th, 2011, 1:18 PM
News from yellow:

my Pika has died! :( It was weak, but i liked it (Will be an HM slave now as it cant be released)

Ive got Saur and Char, with i've been grinding together with Gyra

Queen has evolved twice

im moving towards bill's house next


Queen lv 18 (Nidoqueen from r.2)
Gyra lv 17 (Magicarp from r.4)
Saur lv 16 (Ivysaur from cerulean)
Char lv 15 (Charmander from r.24)


Bug (Butterfree from viridian forest) lv 17


King (Nidoran m from r.22) 2-13 - killed by crit at mt moon
Pika (Pikachu from pallet) 5-17 - killed by crit at r.24

hazard master
March 5th, 2011, 4:14 PM
Okay, I have a [dumb] question concerning the rules:
Save/Soft resetting is not allowed, right?

Okay heres the tiny update I have:

Beat Brawley.
Killed the Zubat I wanted to catch in the cave *headdesk*.
Caught GARRR the Magikarp and I'm trying to train him.

March 5th, 2011, 9:40 PM
Episode 13:

Episode 14:

Episode 15:

Episode 16:

For anyone who's interested, WHICH I KNOW IS NO ONE WHATEVER ITS OKAY GOD

March 6th, 2011, 12:27 AM
Episode 13:

Episode 14:

Episode 15:

Episode 16:

For anyone who's interested, WHICH I KNOW IS NO ONE WHATEVER ITS OKAY GOD
hey.. I liked the ice jokes at least :P. If you aren't doing this for yourself then it isn't even worth doing. BUT, keep up the good work as long as you have fun doing it!

March 6th, 2011, 5:30 AM
Pokémon Emerald Nuzlocke
Chapter 5: This nuzlocke run is my ninja way!

Fallarbor town was nothing exciting, except for maybe a Battle Tent, and even then I didn't go there, because it's not really my thing. I did see Lanette on the way, which helped a bit, but not as much. Then Sydian learns the sexiest move ever!

(A sexy move for a sexy woman. :D)

I ran into Lanette again, but this time at her house. She should really invest in importing a Mr. Mime or something, like Ash's mum does to do all the cleaning and housework. She did give me some useful information though. :D

(Yep. Organise my boxes which only one will have Pokemon in them.)

Oh yes, I forgot to say that there is grass on this route, which just happens to be where I found my next Pokemon. A Seviper which was named Luuke due to the IRC just giving me the idea of that. :) So there were a few trainers here and there which were smashed to a pulp, and remember that sexy Hiker man? Well he does love to give some awesome advice. :D

(Proof or gtfo. :P)

Oh yes, at this point I decided to go back and grab GAVIN out of the PC, in exchange for iwantfood, since I didn't really want a terrible Torkoal clogging up my party. I finally came out to Meteor Falls, where I ran into Team Magma trying to stir trouble with some sort of meteorite. And then dun dun dunnnnnnn... Team Aqua came to save the day!

(Team Aqua, you just got TROLLED! XD;)

Then some guy was crying because the meteorite was stolen. Probably started cutting himself or something.

(I don't know, maybe overrun the world with lots of land mass? o_O

One more thing, I caught a Solrock here and named it Eff Em Ell, courtesy of Erica. :D I walked out of that place, only to end up back in the hellhole, known as Rustboro city. did some stuff, and headed back to Mauville through a Shortcut. ;D I thought as well that I had forgotten to go through the Cycling Road place, and that was an awesome opportunity to train GAVIN some more, which happened to be a good thing since GAVIN is a total beast! ;) I also learnt that I'm an awesome bike rider.

(No shi- Sherlock. :D)

So yeah, I went up from there, and found the entrance to Mt. Chimney wasn't blocked anymore, so I thought I'd go up there myself to check out the cool scenes of Ash and stuff. :)

(It's very, uhh... pretty? :/)

Turns out Team Magma and Aqua were up here fighting for their lives, but of course me being the protagonist, I was heeeeeere to help out the Aqua people, since we need water and stuff. Maxie was the head honcho behind these operations, and thought I should take him out.

(My, Maxie, aren't you quite the educator.)

I knew he was easy, considering Team Magma use Fire types, and so that Lucyy II would have an easy time with them. Although one funny thing happened here. He brang out Zubat against GAVIN, who was attacked with Wing Attack against my Ember. Maxie thought "Oshi- I'm not taking another Ember. GO! CAMERUPT!" and I thought "Oshi- GAVIN's gonna die... GO! Lucyy II!" and that's when it ended.

(Don't get caught off guard. It's the number three rule in being a ninja. :D)

After that was over, I headed off, with a thanking goodbye from Archie, or in their language, an "arigato sayonara". :D The jagged path was next, which would have been perfect for that nub acro bike, which I don't have right now. Although I did manage to catch a Spoink, which was named Ralph because it was a random name.

Lavaridge town was up, and the next stop for the next gym leader, Flannery. But before then, I thought it would have been a good idea to check out their Spa Services for a while. I heard they're like, super special awesome or something. :D

(Ahh, this boiling water is great for my pores and clothes.)

So then after a horrid experience in getting my clothes burnt from the water, Flannery was up next, who had a whole bunch of dudes lining up for her. Probably to suck her imaginary something, you know. Ice cream, which would melt in a place like that. Also Flannery was a cakewalk for Lucyy II, who was just amazing en every way, taking out everyone without Flannery whoring up those potions. :)

(Heh. Get it? Hard? XD;)

I came out of the gym, only to find Brendan stopping me in my tracks. I knew he was sexist and all, but I didn't think he'd stoop to this level.

(Yeah!? Well, then, uhh... Your Mother! D:)

Badges Obtained:
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/thumb/6/63/Stone_Badge.png/30px-Stone_Badge.png http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/thumb/9/97/Knuckle_Badge.png/30px-Knuckle_Badge.png http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/thumb/3/34/Dynamo_Badge.png/30px-Dynamo_Badge.png http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/thumb/c/c4/Heat_Badge.png/30px-Heat_Badge.png

Pokémon which are still alive:
Sydian ♀ Lv. 31
Brave Nature
- Pursuit
- Screech
- Leaf Blade
- Quick Attack

OhMahGawd ♂ Lv. 30
Gentle Nature
Keen Eye
- Fury Swipes
- Fake Out
- Night Shade
- Faint Attack

Lucyy II ♀ Lv. 31
Timid Nature
Huge Power
- Tackle
- Rollout
- Tail Whip
- Bubblebeam

GAVIN ♀ Lv. 20
Quiet Nature
- Ember
- Tackle
- Growl
- Magnitude

The boxed/day cared:
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/4/48/Ani293MS.png http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/d/d2/Ani043MS.png http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/b/b4/Ani292MS.png http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/b/b0/Ani324MS.png http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/5/57/Ani338MS.png http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/8/81/Ani325MS.png

The deceased:
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani261.gif http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani280.gif http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani268.gif http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani263.gif http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/e/e4/Ani276MS.png http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/3/39/Ani291MS.png http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani314.gif http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/a/ab/Ani336MS.png

March 6th, 2011, 8:50 AM
I'm really bad at updating my runs, eh? I haven't been here in a while.

Just saying I'm still doing this. Just a huge grindfest for all my games (Training for Cyrus in Platinum, Koga in Firered, Chuck in Heartgold, and the E4 in Sapphire). I just got Black, so expect and update there.

March 6th, 2011, 11:51 AM
Ive done quite some stuff today:

- I got all the way through ss anne before challenging misty
- Gyra evolved somewhere in ss anne
- beat misty with a few Vine whip's from Saur, with was in lv 25 at this moment
- beat Lt. Surge without taking damage. (Queen with her new Body Slam)
- Got Turtle (My nicknames are too obvious :P)
- Got through Rock tunnel. The hikers let turtle evolve quickly
- beat a lot of trainers before going towards the Celadon gym
- Saved


Queen lv 28 (Nidoqueen from r.2)
Gyra lv 28 (Gyarados from r.4)
Saur lv 27 (Ivysaur from cerulean)
Char lv 28 (Charmander from r.24)
Turtle lv 26 (Wartortle from Vermilion)


Bug lv 17 (Butterfree from viridian forest)
Dig lv 18 (Diglett from Diglett's cave) (Suprise!:P)
Eon lv 25 (Eevee from Celadon)(Reserve)


King (Nidoran m from r.22) 2-13 - killed by crit at mt moon
Pika (Pikachu from pallet) 5-17 - killed by crit at r.24

March 6th, 2011, 1:02 PM
Hooray, first Black update.

-Started out, named myself Matt.
-Got an Oshawott and proceeded to own Cheren and Bianca.
-Went to the lab and nicknamed Oshawott as Gaiden (Because the whole family seems like ninjas to me. Or samurais. Whatever.)
-Went to Route 1, watched the demostration, and caught a Lillipup, thank goodness. Nicknamed her Dane.
-Trained Dane and Gaiden up to a good level before taking on Cheren and N.
-Caught a Patrat on Route 2. Dunno why, but nicknamed him Ebil. I'm using him as an HM slave, but he turns out to have an Adamant nature.
-Destroyed Bianca.
-Went to the gym after going to the Trainer's School. Soon, I was battling Cilan. Lilipup was not problem for Gaiden, but then Pansage came out. I switched to Dane, and just spammed Tackle. The badge was mine.
-Went to the Dreamyard and battled Team Plasma. No problem for me.
-Caught a Munna, nicknamed him Inception. Thank goodness for not encountering another Patrat.
-Battled Cheren, came out on top once again.
-Battled Team Plasma in Wellspring Cave.
-Caught a Roggenrola in Wellspring Cave, nicknamed him Hex. Don't really have a use for this thing until I can get my hands on a copy of White so I can trade, so just plopped him in a box. Also put Inception in a box.
-Caught a Pidove on Route 3. Nicknamed him Pilot and put him in a box for some reason.
-Dane, who amazingly shattered my expectations, evolves.
-Arrived at Nacrene City.
-Alright, this proves how lucky I am in these runs sometimes. I enter Pinwheel Forest, and run into some random grass to see what I can find. I find a freaking Sawk. 1st encounter. Oh my gosh. Weakened and caught him, and nicknamed him Jet Li.

Nuvema Town - Gaiden the Oshawott (Level 16, party)
Route 1 - Dane the Herdier (Level 17, party)
Route 2 - Ebil the Patrat (Level 6, HM slave)
Dreamyard - Inception the Munna (Level 10, boxed)
Route 3 - Pilot the Pidove (Level 11, boxed)
Wellspring Cave - Hex the Roggenrola (Level 12, boxed)
Pinwheel Forest - Jet Li the Sawk (Level 12, party)

March 6th, 2011, 4:14 PM
hey.. I liked the ice jokes at least :P. If you aren't doing this for yourself then it isn't even worth doing. BUT, keep up the good work as long as you have fun doing it!
Haha, I was just messing around. I'll keep doing them even if we get no views cause it's just that fun:)

But I do understand that it's hard for other people to get the jokes when a lot of them are just references to this one forum most people don't know about :P But thanks for watching :)

Edit: Episode 17:


I thought he could survive! sadface

March 7th, 2011, 12:32 AM
I saw today why you should never use in game save alone on VBA, i suddenly save stated back from fuchsia with a high 30's team to vermillion with a low 20's team :(. trying to get back there, but my team might look a little different by then

Edit: This is not my day today! I've fought my way to having 7 badges now, but the price has high: i lost 2 two of my most important team members + their fall in's. Now i will need some serious grinding of my new Hitmonlee and Slowpoke


Queen lv 42 (Nidoqueen from r.2)
Gyra lv 43 (Gyarados from r.4)
Saur lv 43 (Venusaur from cerulean)
Slow lv 30 (Slowpoke from Seafoam)
Hit lv 30 (Hitmonlee from Saffron)


Bug lv 17 (Butterfree from viridian forest)
Dig lv 18 (Diglett from Diglett's cave) (Suprise!:P)
Eon lv 25
King II lv 17


King (Nidoran m from r.22) 2-13 - killed by crit at mt moon
Pika (Pikachu from pallet) 5-17 - killed by crit at r.24
Turtle(Wartortle from Vermilion) 10-31 killed by 5 hits of fury attack
Char (Charizard from r.24) 10-41 Killed by crit from a random trainer
Snore (Snorlax from somewhere) 30-41 OHKO'ed by Blane's Arcenine's Fire Blast's crit :(
Pony (Rapidash from somewhere) 30-42 Killed by Sabrina (Had caught up to the others in this gym :( )

next time i have to remember to catch a pokemon in each area, so that ive got some more to choose from in this situation.

March 7th, 2011, 1:43 PM
Well, either I've been having quite the luck, I'm skilled, or this is a really easy game.

-After training Jet Li, I entered the gym and solved the puzzle. Lorena? Pfft. Jet Li just spammed Double Kick, although Retaliate nearly killed him.
-After seeing Team Plasma steal the skull, I entered the Pinwheel Forest. Unfortunately, I caught Jet Li there, so I couldn't catch any of those cool Bug types.
-Battled through Pinwheel Forest and received the skull, which I handed over to Lorena.
-Entered Castelia City.
-Caught a Darumaka on Route 4, nicknamed her Burns.
-Grinded before taking on the Plasma Grunts. They were easy. Obviously.
-Entered the gym. Honestly, this was the easiest gym I've seen in a long time. Burns just spammed Fire Punch and Fire Fang and we won.
-Battled Bianca, who was no match for me. Then, I battled Cheren, who was also no match for my Pokemon.
-Caught a Dweeble in the Desert Resort, nicknamed him Hermit. Also caught a Yamask in the Relic Castle, and nicknamed him Osiris. But... He had a terrible nature. :l
-Met up with the Professor and battled the grunts. Easy.
-Failed to catch anything on Route 15, 6, and the Lostlorn Forest. I accidentally critted a Minccino, OHKOed a Liepard, and miscalculated the damage on a Swadloon in the Lostlorn Forest.

Nuvema Town - Gaiden the Dewott (Level 25, party)
Route 1 - Dane the Herdier (Level 26, party)
Route 2 - Ebil the Patrat (Level 6, HM slave, Box)
Dreamyard - Inception the Munna (Level 10, boxed)
Route 3 - Pilot the Pidove (Level 11, boxed)
Wellspring Cave - Hex the Roggenrola (Level 12, boxed)
Pinwheel Forest - Jet Li the Sawk (Level 26, party)
Route 4 - Burns the Darumaka (Level 26, party)
Desert Resort - Hermit the Dweeble (Level 21, training, party)
Relic Castle - Osiris the Yamask (Level 21, boxed)

hazard master
March 7th, 2011, 1:57 PM
Yeah well, I'm restarting now due to having crappy mons, so heres a new update on my new trial:

Got Torch, the Torchic
Encountered Zigzagoons in bot 101 and 103
Got a Ziggy in 102
Helped Wally in his pokemon world domination plan
Killed the Ziggy I wanted to catch on 104
Wait a Second, what is that? ***** Shroomish!? ***** YEEAAHH!!!!!!! My entire game plan has completely changed thanks to this little guy.

While training Mushi against a Tailow; Tailow used peck! OMFG a Critical Hit!!!! GARFBLEGRF!!! OMFG One hp left THANK YOUZZ WHOEVER HELPED ME!!!

Okay enough of that now. I got through the woods and did battle with those fools.

March 7th, 2011, 2:46 PM
Hello Nuzlockians

Long time no.. uhm.. yeah

Started Platinum and got almost nowehre so far

Platinum Legacy

Chapter 1

Lavir.. Why do you always lose your many water pokemon? I asked.

We were sitting in my room laid back watching Mewtwo strikes back..

Why do you lose your oh so powerful Hothead?

I don't lose him I let him play with weak pokemon

He left my room a little disturbed and slammed the door. I chased after him.

Why do you always have an attitude when we talk about Hothead?

He slammed his door in my face..

I'm going to go find Hothead

I know its short.. my ingenuity is running low and I really am looking for hothead.. not so easy to hack in..

See you in an hour or so Nuzlockians

hazard master
March 7th, 2011, 4:18 PM
Okay so heres another update:

Yup finished my epic grinding and my level 16's were ready to do battle with Roxanne. Easy win (mega drain + STAB + 4x weakness = 240 power). Lets see, I saved Peeko then got a free ride to Dewford. Sweet! Ventured into the cavern for a new Mon and, to my surprise, I encountered an Aron! Named her Dempsy. I then delivered the letter to Steven, then beat Brawley with Torch. Mr. Briney gave me another free ride to Slateport, and just north of there I found a Pluse. "Enjoy the Box." I beat may quite easily (more mega drain, only this time with the miracle seed). Surprisingly, no one has died yet.

March 7th, 2011, 5:39 PM
I back Luznockers.. I mean nuzlockers..(I tend not to backspace)

After the slowest intro ever I rebegan yet another solo adventure..

Chapter 2 - So.. Purty..

I started to search this new world for the loose Charmander that I had once again devolved. To my amazment as soon as I left Twinleaf I saw him trying to climb a tree.

Hothead what are you doing?

I'm trying.. to get.. the berry

He was grunting between words making it hard to understand. And yet I've never seen Hothead so brave to climb to a tree top for berries(hint: Hothead is of the brave nature). I mean in Hoenn he seemed so timid(I think you get it). I guess he's grown from his lax ways.

Hothead get down from there! You're not a Charizard anymore!

I yelled up but he had gone to far up to listen. I head a pluck and thought to myself 'wow I guess he really can do things now.' That is until I heard him wobble (more like yell at the tree for not standing still). And then I heard 3 crashes and a thud.

That sounded painful. You okay?

He instantly got to his feet with a large golden berry in his left paw. And just as fast as it took me to describe the berry was the berry in his mouth and into his stomach. A loud gurgle came from his stomach and Hothead shimmered a little.. soon his orange skin turned golden.

Hothead you're shiny!!

K paso?

Nevermind.. its worthless to explain

Again getting nowhere just explaining that out of pure luck he was Brave natured(to my likings) and Shiny(just cool) lucky day.. anyways

Ppeace out Doorknobs!.. I mean Nuzlockes! :)

hazard master
March 8th, 2011, 6:05 PM
Okay, I decided to rewrite my story in story format

Enter, The Prologue (Sorta)

"Locke! You can come out of the moving van now!"
"I'm sorry mom. I won't ever do it again!"
"Good, go upstairs and set your clock."
Locke went upstairs to his room and set his clock while thinking 'Wow! Is this really the entire house? I mean, where is the bathroom?' Suddenly Locke's mom entered his room and scared the crap out of him. "Good, now come downstairs and watch the end of the news."
"Crap! We missed it! Oh well, go over to our neighbor's and peep on their daughter."
Locke walked the whole ten feet over to his neighbor's house.
"OMFG! WTF ARE YOU DOING IN HERE? Oh, you're the new neighbor. Go upstairs and talk to our daughter."
"Uhh, okay."
Locke walked upstairs.
"Let's see, got all my **** together, so, oh, who are you? Oh, okay. Crap in a bucket! I gotta go help my dad catch some mons. See ya later!"
Locke left the house and began to walk towards the only exit when he was stopped by a little kid.
"Hey, the professor is getting mauled by a mon up there."
"Well, I guess I could help him. He might give me my first mon."
"Hmm, Treeko and Mudkip are pretty strong, but Torchic looks cooler. Okay Torchic, destroy that Poochyena!"
Later at the lab:
"Thanks kid, I would've been eaten alive if you hadn't showed up."
"Just give me the mon."
"Okay, but first we need to talk about how Hoenn has changed in the recent years. First pokemon now get killed if they run out of HP. Next, because of the decrease of mons, trainers are limited to only the first mon they encounter in each area. And finally, trainers must name their mons."
"Okay lets go-" Locke thought for a moment. "-Torch."
And thus begins Lockes journey into the world of Nuzlocke.

March 9th, 2011, 9:00 AM
Well, i've been grinding for like an hour in super speed to make Mud and Hit catch up + train the whole team to lv 50. up against Giovanni, the league, and then post my final post!

Edit: Finish! i lost Queen, but i beat the League my final team was:


Queen lv 53 (Nidoqueen from r.2) Killed by Lance's Dragonite Longes surviving member Longest usefull staying member
Gyra lv 54 (Gyarados from r.4) MVP
Saur lv 53 (Venusaur from cerulean)
Hit lv 53 (Hitmonlee from Saffron)Most positive suprising
Mud lv 52 (Muk from Pokemon mansion)LVP


Bug lv 17 (Butterfree from viridian forest)
Dig lv 18 (Diglett from Diglett's cave) (Suprise!:P)
Eon lv 25
King II lv 17
King III lv 41


King (Nidoran m from r.22) 2-13 - killed by crit at mt moon
Pika (Pikachu from pallet) 5-17 - killed by crit at r.24
Turtle(Wartortle from Vermilion) 10-31 killed by 5 hits of fury attack
Char (Charizard from r.24) 10-41 Killed by crit from a random trainer 1. of 2 most disappointing
Snore (Snorlax from somewhere) 30-41 OHKO'ed by Blane's Arcenine's Fire Blast's crit :( 2. of 2 most disappointing
Pony (Rapidash from somewhere) 30-42 Killed by Sabrina (Had caught up to the others in this gym :( )
Slow (Slowpoke from Seafoam) 30-36 Killed while trying to catch up to the rest
Rock (Geodude from Victory road) 46 OHKO'ed in its first battle.(Against Dragonite :P)

hazard master
March 9th, 2011, 11:28 AM
Okay, here be Chapter 1:

Upon leaving the lab, Locke and Torch continued upward into route
"Now, all we have to do is get through this route without
encountering a pokemon."
But before Locke could finish this sentence, Torch had already found,
and killed, a Zigzagoon."
Locke gave his Torchic a look of anger and disapointment, and they
continued into Oldale town.
"Excuse me, where is the free stuff?"
"Right this way kid! I work at the-"
"Just give me the free stuff."
The duo continued into route 103.
"Now Torch, don't screw this one-TORCH! WHY DO YOU KILL EVERYTHING YOU SEE?"
Torch gave his trainer a puzzled look, like he didn't understand why
he wasn't supposed to kill everything he saw.
"Oh, good. There's May. Hey May! Let's battle! Okay Torch, here's the
game plan: she'll send out a Mudkip. All you have to do is kill it."
Torch chirped in agreement (Don't worry, eventually they'll start
"Good. Go get 'em. Now May, are you ready?"
"Ready? I'll have you know that I have an extensive history as a
trainer. Now, let's see you beat my level 5 Mudkip!"
"Torch, kill."
Torch killed the MUdkip.
"Wow, you're pretty good at battling. Let's go back to the lab."
Later, at the lab:
"Here, this is a pokedex. Your jub is to fill it up, even though
that's not possible in the world of nuzlocke."
"And here are 5 pokeballs to help you on your adventure."
"Okay Torch, here's route 102. If you screw this one up, I swear I'm
returning you for the Treeko."
"Yay's we got a new teammate! Imma gunna name you, Ziggy 1. ENJOY
THE- wait, is that a rare candy?"
"Okay guys, this is the gym. Let's go kick some butt!"
"Yo, I wanna pokemon."
"Locke, go with this loser and catch him a pokemon."
Upon returning to the gym:
"Now, since I don't want to kill you, yet, go and battle 4 other gym
leaders first."
"Okay team, here's route 104. Let's catch a new mon- REALLY TORCH?"

March 9th, 2011, 1:03 PM
What do you guys have to say about Nuzlocking a first run of a game? I know Silver pretty well, but haven't played SS and am wondering if doing a Nuzlock the first time around would be entertaining or irritating as all hell? Thanks

March 9th, 2011, 1:13 PM
Two questions first is it the first pokemon or a pokemon per area?
and can you trade over a pokemon from a diffrent game like from ruby to emarald or not?

March 9th, 2011, 1:33 PM
@ -Cygnus-: I'm Nuzlocking my first run of Black right now, and it's actually a lot more fun than if you know every corner and patch of grass. It may be a bit frustrating at times, though.

@ Magikarplvl.98: It's first Pokemon per area. For example, say I was on Route 1. I run into the grass for the first time, and I first encounter a Pidgey. If I have Pokeballs, I can catch it, and then won't be able to catch Pokemon on Route 1 anymore. If I fail to catch it somehow, I can't try catch another Pokemon in that area, period. You can't trade in this unless you're evolving a Pokemon such as Graveler or Haunter.

Anyhow, I'm grinding up for Skyla. You'll see an official update from me soon (Which will surprisingly include the first death!).

March 9th, 2011, 2:32 PM
I'm back Lockers! (Heheh)

Chapter 3 - The Looker

Me and Hothead travelled around Twinleaf and its surroundings to get used to the place. We ran into Lavir around the same place we started(route 201 to be exact) and he was about to dash through a patch of grass..

Lavir don't you need a water pokemon before you attempt to be Champ again?

Yeah but Rowan is in the city across

No.. I'm right here.. if you're looking for a water type take this Pinplup. The thing is starting to annoy me

Wait.. Rowan don't give him a water type he's just going to--

The pokeball was already in Lavirs hand and before I could finish my sentence out came the words that always seemed to bother me.

Decade.. its time to D-d-d-d-dddd-Duel!!

Being my stupid unforceful self I battled him to a weird result

Hothead use scratch!

And as he did something amazing happened..

When he scratched Piplup his entire body just seemed to know what to do but sadly you heard the indecent pummeling of a small blue penguin.

Afterwards Lavir ran to Jubilife for some weird thing called Egyptian gods and blah.
Though Lavir left a girl said something from behind me that really threw me off.

You're a Good battler with fire-types..

Huh? Wha? Oh! Yeah uhmm.. thanks.. What's your prefrence

Grass, Anyways follow me

She had said that all so fast it seemed to be a blur.. but I followed her instinctively. We walked for what seemed for hours but was only about 10 minutes.. I got impatient.

Are we there yet?


Are we there yet?

Not yet

Are we there yet?

You talk to much

Are we there yet?

I'm about to--

Ello chaps I'm the looker that's a codename I'm international police cool code name huh I look anyways I got a rebattle gun bring pokemon you killed back to life to rebattle but it not work on your own which is stupid so here anyways tell me about bad people yeah tee tee why elle

The instant he started talking my mouth dropped and my eyes were staring blankly at his lips. To fast for me. Then he shoved a stupid BB gun in my hand and walked away.

What just happe--

I don't even know.. just go tell your friend to stop relearning basics inside that small school

She left and I stood there flabbergasted

Heheh I'm a Jubilife

March 9th, 2011, 3:31 PM
Whoa, this is gonna be Pokemon like I've never experienced. Releasing a PKMN if it dies? This is the total opposite of PokeBro.

Allright - I'll do this challenge. Sign me up for Black version.

Also, are we allowed to chuck multiple balls at 1 PKMN?

hazard master
March 9th, 2011, 3:54 PM
Also, are we allowed to chuck multiple balls at 1 PKMN?

yeah we can (or I'm really screwed)

Any heres an update on my progress, but not on my story:

Beat Wattson


March 9th, 2011, 4:07 PM
What if our starter dies in the first rival battle, do we have to restart the game?

***Darn I had a female***

March 9th, 2011, 4:15 PM
Whoa, this is gonna be Pokemon like I've never experienced. Releasing a PKMN if it dies? This is the total opposite of PokeBro.

Allright - I'll do this challenge. Sign me up for Black version.

Also, are we allowed to chuck multiple balls at 1 PKMN?

PokeBro is for wilting daisies, whereas the Nuzlocke Challenge is for HARD MEN.
And yes, you are able to use mutliple balls on a Pokemon, as long as it's the first one you encounter.

March 9th, 2011, 5:38 PM
What if our starter dies in the first rival battle, do we have to restart the game?

***Darn I had a female***

Technically yes either that or I mustve wasted my time in firered a while back

Star Girl
March 9th, 2011, 5:51 PM
Sign me up for Emerald, I want to give this challenge a try.

March 9th, 2011, 5:52 PM
Yes, you are allowed to chuck multiples balls at a Pokemon.

Also, update time!

-Beat N at the Ferris Wheel.
-After grinding, challenged Elesa. She was easier than I expected. Burns killed the first Emonga with a powerful Fire Punch, and Jet Li broke Zebstrika's spine with multiple Double Kicks. The last Emonga was taken down by Hermit's Smackdown.
-Battled the Preschoolers. Easy.
-Made Clay lower the bridge and entered the city.
-Caught a Foongus in Route 6, who I nicknamed Steve. Failed to catch a Minccino at Cold Storage, though. Grinded Foongus up to level 26.
-Battled the workers and then the Plasma grunts. Unfortunately, Steve was killed by a well-timed Hypnosis and crit Crunch from a Watchog. RIP Steve, my first death. :(
-Entered the gym. Clay was a very easy match for me. Jet Li beat his first Pokemon, and Excadrill was beaten by Jet Li, too. Palpitoad was an annoyance, by Gaiden brought him down.
-Defeated Team Plasma in Chargestone Cave. Also caught a Klink in there, who I nicknamed Gear.
-Arrived in Mistralton City and got my Pokedex upgraded.
-Failed to catch a Zebstrika on Route 7. And I really wanted it for the gym, too.
-Battled my way through Celestial Tower. Dane accidentally killed a Litwick, though.
-Grinded everyone up. Gaiden evolved into a Samurott, Burns evolved into a Darmanitan, and Hermit evolved into a Crustle. Oh, Dane also evolved into a Stoutland before celestial Tower.
-Took on Skyla. Swoobat was easily KOed by a Fire Punch boosted by Sheer Force. Dane took out Swanna with a couple of Strengths, and Unfezant was destroyed by Rock Slides from Hermit.
-Destroyed Cheren and talked to Alder.
-Entered Twist Mountain. Gaiden accidentally killed a Boldore, though. Twist Mountain really wasn't a challenge because of Gaiden anyhow.
-...And I exited at Iccirus City. Planning on visiting the extra Surf routes before going to the Gym. Actually, i already went to Mistralton Cave and caught an Axew, who I named Stryker.

Party -
Dane the Stoutland, level 40
Gaiden the Samurott, level 40
Hermit the Crustle, level 39
Jet Li the Sawk, level 40
Burns the Darmanitan, level 40
Pilot the Pidove, level 11 (Yes, a Fly slave)

Box -
Ebil the Patrat, level 6
Inception the Munna, level 10
Hex the Roggenrola, level 12
Osiris the Yamask, level 21
Gear the Klink, level 27
Stryker the Axew, level 30

Steve the Foongus, levels 23 - 27. RIP

Also, good to see another Pokemon Black challenger.

March 9th, 2011, 5:54 PM
Sadly my game froze right before I could save before an event.. so I have to redefeat Roark -__- I'm so happy for dragonrage at level 16

Chapter 4 - Clowning Around

After about a good 10 minutes of staring into space I kicked back into gear and went to the school to find Lavir. It made me wonder why he came here since we were technically veterans in pokemon going through about6 to 7 years of our life to pokemon when we were 10 like really basic stuff.. anyways sidetracked. I walk into the school looking for his brown hair (or red as I saw in Silver) and there was spiky hair to be found.. I walk up to the teacher to ask where he is until I see this ugly looking blonde kid say my name..

So what are you doing in school Decade I thought you knew this stuff already?

I walked out immediately when I realized it was him.. Then some completely random dud came up to me and jabbered on about this watch or something.. and how clowns have noses or something.. or was it coupons.. whatever I just went to look for funny people to throw things at.

You should really try and listen to people every once and a while

Shutup noone asked you sparkles


As soon as I saw him prep for his best beginning ember.. I barrel rolled out of the way(thank you mighty star fox) and it hit a clown. At the moment me and Hothead saw it we ran for our lives.

Short Chapters since I'm not speed buttoning through it like I usually do.. (stupid Desmume and its slow moving, and darn No$ for not having a good saving thingy)

Adieu Fellow Lockeheads

March 9th, 2011, 6:00 PM
Awesome Challenge I'm so I want to start with....Leaf green.

Rules I'll be using:
1. If a Pokemon Faints, its dead, release it.
3. You can only catch/recieve one Pokemon in each Area. A town is one area, a route is one area, a cave is one area, etc. Should you fail to catch a Pokemon for any reason (other than game corruption) than too bad.
4. You must nickname all of your Pokemon (optional, but highly reccomended)
5. No catching legendaries. (I'm usually a legendary Junkie but they tend to Kill a few before they are caught unless with the master ball)
6. Trading is disallowed, but the reasons following this clause are allowed. Egg trading is okay, same thing with Pokemon that can't have eggs. (optional) Trading simply for the purpose of evolution is perfectly OK.
8. Make Comics whenever something amazing happens. (optional, but still reccomended :I) (will be text based since i suck at Screencapture then what to do with them.)

March 9th, 2011, 6:08 PM
OK here's where it starts getting serious.

-Caught a Machop and named her Manlius
-Caught a Psyduck and named him Bob
-Ace evolved
-Caught a Shinx (yay!) and named her Anya
-Anya died :( A critical hit by a Grunt's Glameow's Scratch
-After going through all that Valley Windworks stuff, I caught a Shellos and named him Shido
-Training Shido was much easier in the Eterna Forest
-Unfortunately, another team member was lost to a critical hit. Ace died by a Pachirisu's Shock Wave. This was a pretty hard hit for me.
-I caught a Buneary in the forest and named him Bugs (I'm assuming since you can't catch Pokemon in double battles that this was a legit catch)
-Now to equip the Soothe Bell and starting grinding Bugs

Kira's Team:
Bugs the Buneary
Lv13 - Male - Relaxed
Holding Soothe Bell
-Defense Curl

Manlius the Machop
Lv20 - Female - Naive
-Low Kick
-Seismic Toss
-Karate Chop

Fluffy the Prinplup
Lv 19 - Male - Lax
-Metal Claw

Shido the Shellos
Lv17 - Male - Lonely
-Mud Slap
-Mud Bomb
-Hidden Power
-Water Pulse

Rox the Geodude
Lv5 - Female - Naive
-Defense Curl
-Mud Sport

Hurf the Bidoof

The Deceased:

Anya the Shinx
Ace the Staravia

March 9th, 2011, 6:09 PM
Man, this place just intensified in activity! And by all means, that's a good thing!

Hmmm... Anyhow, I wonder how my team is going to be able to stand up to the fighting types of the Elite Four...

Star Girl
March 9th, 2011, 7:49 PM
The 7th Level is Jinxed

So I got off to a smooth start.
I picked Torchic as my starter and promptly named him Blaze.
After running into Pokemon before I could get balls in two different routes much to my frustration I finally got my first catch, a female Poochyena named Padlina.
I proceeded to than get more frustrated as I started to immediately run into the better selections on the route immediately after.
Leveling the duo up to level 10 and running back and forth to the nearest Pokecenter I made it to Petalburg Town without losing anyone.
I took care of getting Wally his Ralts and headed west once again to catch my next addition.
Nearly squealed in delight as I took a step into the grass and a female Marill popped out.
Sucessfully caught her and named her Marina.
Trained for a little bit before heading into the woods and catching a Wurmple I named Wilma.
I went back to Route 104 to train some more.
Wilma evolved into a Cascoon.
And then was promptly killed in her next fight.
Switching back to focusing on leveling Marina I got her to the same level as Blaze and Padlina.
I then headed north to Rustboro City dispatching a Team Aqua Grunt and getting a great ball from the local researcher.
I dropped by the PokeCenter healed the team up before heading to the edge of Route 116 to add a new team member.
I caught a Nincada that I promptly dubbed Naruto.
Headed back towards Petalburg figuring training would be easier there.
Got Naruto leveled up twice before he promptly was two turn wiped out by a wingull using water gun.
Headed back towards the Woods to continue grinding for the upcoming fight with Roxanne.


Blaze the Torchic
Lv. 13
- Scratch
- Growl
- Focus Energy
- Ember

Padlina the Poochyena
Lv. 12
- Tackle
- Howl
- Sand Attack

Marina the Marill
Lv. 12
- Tackle
- Defense Curl
- Tail Whip
- Water Gun

The Boxed Pokemon

None at the Moment

Deceased Pokemon

Wilma the Cascoon
lv. 7
- Tackle
- String Shot
- Poison Sting
- Harden

Naruto the Nincada
lv. 7
- Scratch
- Harden
- Leech Life

March 9th, 2011, 7:56 PM
What if our starter dies in the first rival battle, do we have to restart the game?

***Darn I had a female***

Well, I guess it's not totally necessary, but you technically lost all of your Pokemon, so I'd restart the game, to get the full Nuzlocke experience, if I were you, that is.

March 9th, 2011, 10:28 PM
Okay then, final update! Beat cynthia last night!

-Beat byron with ease, aura sphere is an awesome move
-Library talk
-Went to the first 2 lakes
-Started going off to snowpoint, killed the first snover I bumped into, and the ones from r217 and acutcy lake front(... I can't spell for crap) died while grinding :( I really wanted an ice type, but I still have the actual lake
-Defeat snowpoint gym, it was a fairly close call with my 2 flying types and a grass (and no fire/fight)
-lake acutcycycycyy.... Caught a sneasel, Reality, which didn't die grinding!! Wooooop!!
-Veilstone building.... Mt Coronet..... Distortion world.... No deaths.
-Sunyshore was fairly easy with my gastrodon, and so was victory road....

Elite four time!!

Elite four:

VS Aaron! Alalala wiped half his team, I used Sexytrack's fly on vespiqueen though, and aurasphere on drapion

VS Bertha: Right OKO'd everything. End of story.

VS Flint! Bad wiped most his team, but due to a sunny day surf didn't OKO magmortar.... Crit hyper beam on a pokemon without full health :( RIP Bad... Defeat the rest with Sexytrack, but I realised mow how uttery f***ed I would be for cynthia...

VS Lucian: Reality OKO'ed everything, until that bronzong... A crit got him down to 1hp so ST beat it along with gallade.

VS Cynthia.... Aka where thing's started to f*** up.... Badly.
First of was spiritomb, and because of its movepool only Right or ST could take him on, I send out ST and after a couple of full restores it fell, but left me on orang health. Next up was Just verses togekiss... Shock wave didn't kill it, it killed Just though :(... Finished off with ST before she sent out Lucario, which knocked ST down to red but I then managed to beat it flawlessly with Right O_o. Milotic next, grasswhistle hit and I almost OKO'ed it... But a full restore and a crit ice beam finished him off. RIP, Right... I sent out Alalala and won, but air slash didn't OKO roserade and exersensory knocked her down to under half health. Garchomp. Alalala chipped a quarter off its health, but fell down to dragon rush. ST fell under the same fate. Then I sent out Reality and ice shard'ed it :rambo:


Victory is mine, last pokemon, one hp! :rambo: (and since its the end I don't have to release my darling.... Okay, that sound unessesarily creepy)

Final Team and important players:

The oldest pokemon on my final team, and definately one of the best. She changed me from think Gastrodon's were pieces of **** to being one of the most uber pokemon who ever existed. Definately one of my favourites, if she hadn't fallen to magmortar lucario and spiritomb would have been f***ed so much more quicker

OWNED in the elite four. My strongest mon by a mile, she shone through it all. My favourite in this run, just uber all way around. And hustle didn't actually turn out to be to bad, especially at the beginning of the game.

The first pokemon I'm not going to drown in praise. BRILLIANT stats. Even strength, non stab, was powerfull. But thats the problem. Strength was his strongest move. If this thing learned leaf blade at a respectible level, he would have been uber tier. Unfortunetly, he doesn't. Besides that however he shone through when I needed him the most. Umbreon/Espeon are better though.

Quite a fun pokemon to use. He was a favourite, besides not being uber strong, but he still rocked ass. Like I said, not a powerhouse but a great team member all the same.

Similar to Just. I like her, but running a crobat as a special sweeper isn't really the smartest idea. I know crobats are awesome mon's from prior experiance, but she just fell short.

He would have been as good as Sexytrack, if it wasn't for his hideous defensed and that fighting weakness. Also needed a better movepool, but besides that he was my only survivor, and he deserved it.

I love this team. It is awesome. Special mention also goes to Soundtrack the Staravia, my favourtie at the beginning it was horrible when I lost her to a random crit. I almost cried. Also to Wonder, my starting Infernape. He was awesome. Not a favourtie, but a pang went through my stomach as I released him. Other fatalities include Silence the magmar, Enemy the snover and Criminal the sneasel.

Sorry for dumping the story, didn't have time and I wanted to get this finished before B/W came out here (not until tommorow though).
I'm planning to nuzlocke firered next, and I'll definately draw a comic to go with it.

Star Girl
March 10th, 2011, 12:17 AM
Stuck in Dewford

So after finishing up leveling the team to 15 I decided it was time for our first gym match.
The Gym Trainers fell easily to Blaze and Marina with Blaze finally evolving into a Combusken.
Roxanne proved to be a bit of a tougher challenge with her Nosepass taking a combined effort of Blaze and Marina to fall.
In the end we walked away victorious our first gym badge in hand.
As we began heading back to Route 116 we ran into the researcher, who once again had his goods stolen.
Chasing down the Aqua Grunt once more I took down a few trainers along the way.
Caught a female Whismur who I promptly named Whisper.
Took down the grunt and reunited Mr. Briney with his beloved Wingull.
Headed back to Rustboro City returned the Goods got a mission from the president of the company along with my awaited PokeNav.
Met up with Brendan and battled him for the second time, had a couple of close calls thanks to his Mudkip but didn't lose anyone.
Headed back through Petalburg Woods and caught a ride from Mr. Briney to Dewford Town.
Got to Dewford Town only to realize there are no marts there.
Headed straight to Granite Cave caught the male Makuhita that popped out at first chance and named it Mickey.
Finished training Whisper to the rest of the team's level losing Mickey in the middle of it.
Started exploring the cave.
Marina leveled up to level 18 and evolved into Azumarill.
Padlina leveled up to level 18 and evolved into Mightyena.
Found Steven and delivered the letter.
Finished leveling the team to level 20.
Whisper evolved into a Loudred!
Healed up in town.
Hit the gym and took down the trainers with the only difficulty being the navigation of the gym.
Decided that more leveling wouldn't hurt and headed back to Granite Cave.
Leveled the team up to level 21.


Blaze the Combusken (Start-Current)
Lv. 21
- Scratch
- Peck
- Double Kick
- Ember

Padlina the Mightyena (Route 103-Current)
Lv. 21
- Tackle
- Howl
- Sand Attack
- Bite

Marina the Azumarill (Route 104-Current)
Lv. 21
- Tackle
- Defense Curl
- Roll Out
- Water Gun

Whisper the Loudred (Route 116 Tunnel (don't remember the name of)-Current)
Lv. 21
- Pound
- Astonish
- Uproar
- Growl

The Boxed Pokemon

None at the Moment

Deceased Pokemon

Wilma the Cascoon (Petalburg Woods-Route 104)
lv. 7
- Tackle
- String Shot
- Poison Sting
- Harden

Naruto the Nincada (Route 116-Route 104)
lv. 7
- Scratch
- Harden
- Leech Life

Mickey the Makuhita (Granite Cave-Granite Cave)
lv. 15
- Tackle
- Vital Throw
- Focus Energy
- Arm Thrust

March 10th, 2011, 2:33 PM
After an extra long absence, I'm considering trying Pearl version once more! Of course, there is still much preparation to be done, and I might consider preforming a FireRed run instead. Until then, here are some tips when trying to Locke' Black and White version:

The daycare is your FRIEND! Next time, when you get a pokémon that you think you don't need and want to box it, put it in the Daycare instead, so in the case that a vital team member has fallen, you'll have a tough new member to add to the fold! The fact that Unova is riddled with extra bridges helps.

Lucky Egg! Assuming that you haven't locked the use for items entirely, the egg will cut grinding in half, thus reducing the amount of potential casualties from critical encounters. You're going to have to grind a lot if you want to have a balanced team!

Evolite will make all those mid-staged members of yours much more likely to survive the long haul in order to make it to their powerful final forms! This is great for Klang and Krokorok, who'll see quite some down time between their middle stage and final forms.

If your going for defeating Cynthia in order to complete your challenge, the post-N game is hard. Make sure that your primary poké is at least 65 before challenging some of the later trainers.

Audinos make great EXP. fodder. Search for them early and often to swiftly boost your level gain!

The Liberty Pass! Though Victini itself might not be allowed for use, the extra trainers you get access to will provide vital extra experience! Might also give something interesting to add to your story.

Nurses and Doctors make grinding much easier, and providing your not putting restrictions on them, it's never a bad thing to ask one of these field medics to patch up a poké who seems like it "Could take a couple more blows." You'll thank them later when your Pokémon is still standing after "Critical Hit!" shows up.

Unless you're extremely careful, you're going to lose some team members, be it from those dastardly Emolga, Watchog's Retaliation, having the snot beaten out of them from trying to capture Throh/Sawk, or many other, less noted methods involving critical hits. Before you have your final team decided, catch anything you can, even if it's one of those worthless Patrats! These willing pokémon will give their life as cannon fodder in order to assure that your tougher members live on. Sturdy stuff like Roggenrola will always survive a single blow, so their efforts will never go to waste trying to heal your team! Rock on little Rog, rock on...

One more thing! The Excadrills in Victory Road know Horn Drill! Stay clear of these mighty foes unless you're of a higher level then them!

Star Girl
March 10th, 2011, 3:51 PM
Finishing Grinding

Decided that I was tired of training at Granite Cave after leveling the team up to level 23 and decided to head onward to Slateburgh with plans to return to Dewford once training had completed.
Before heading out though I talked to a random fisherman near the gym and got myself an Old Rod.
I headed north to Route 106 and used it to catch myself a male Magikarp whom I dubbed Magic.
After some encounters with overzealous trainers on the beach I managed to get through the city after talking with various Team Aqua grunts along the way.
Caught myself a female Oddish whom I dubbed Ora.
Went and delivered the Goods to Captain Stern and beat up a couple of Aqua Grunts and met Archie for the first time.
I used Brimey to head back to Rustborough and got an Experience Share which I promptly equipped to Magic.
Returned to Slatebourgh via Brimney and decided to go ahead and head north Mauville knowing they had a Game Corner and I might be able to get a Pokemon from the corner.
Ran into Professor Birch.
Ran into Brendan, Lombre and Slugma fell without issue. However Padlina and Whisper both were casualties of the fight with his Swampert before Blaze finally took it out.
Headed north to Mauville.
Got a Mach Bike.
Went back got the Harbor Mail and finally got the Coin Case.
Discovered that there were no Pokemon offered as prizes.
Made a note to come back for the TMs though.
Headed west and dropped Magic off at the DayCare and equipped the Experience Share to Ora.
Caught another female Oddish in the area around there and dubbed her Olina.
Dropped her off in the box with plans to use her only if Ora dies.
Began running Route 110 as a means of training everyone who was currently residing in team.
Leveled Blaze up to level 25 and Marina to level 24 along with Ora reaching Level 19.
Healed up again at Mauville Pokemon Center.


Blaze the Combusken (Start-Current)
Lv. 25
- Scratch
- Peck
- Double Kick
- Ember

Marina the Azumarill (Route 104-Current)
Lv. 24
- Tackle
- Bubblebeam
- Roll Out
- Water Gun

Ora the Oddish (Route 110-Current)
Lv. 19
- Absorb
- Sweet Scent
- Poison Powder
- Sleep Powder

The Boxed or Daycare Pokemon

Magic the Magikarp (Route 106-Current)
Lv. 16
- Splash
- Tackle

Olina the Oddish (Route ? (the one next to the daycare)-Current)
Lv. 15
- Absorb
- Sweet Scent
- Poison Powder

Deceased Pokemon

Wilma the Cascoon (Petalburg Woods-Route 104)
lv. 7
- Tackle
- String Shot
- Poison Sting
- Harden

Naruto the Nincada (Route 116-Route 104)
lv. 7
- Scratch
- Harden
- Leech Life

Mickey the Makuhita (Granite Cave-Granite Cave)
lv. 15
- Tackle
- Vital Throw
- Focus Energy
- Arm Thrust

Padlina the Mightyena (Route 102-Route 110)
Lv. 23
- Tackle
- Roar
- Sand Attack
- Bite

Whisper the Loudred (Route 116 Tunnel (don't remember the name of)-Current)
Lv. 22
- Pound
- Astonish
- Uproar
- Growl

March 10th, 2011, 5:16 PM
Hmm, so after some considerations and some Pokemon capturing I have decided on my final team for Black.

-Gaiden the Samurott: For all around power
-Jet Li the Sawk: Dark types? Hydreigon? Pfft.
-Burns the Darmanitan: Pure. Freakin. Power. Will really help with Marshal for that.
-Ranger the (future) Bisharp: For Caitlin and Shauntal to a degree. Did I mention it would help with Drayden?
-Behemoth the (future) Golurk: Balances out Ground weakness somewhat. Also can be used for Caitlin and Marshal's Mienshao.
-Dane the Stoutland: All around power. Could be useful for Caitlin and N/Ghetsis possibly. I'm predicting a combination of Dane and Jet Li can own all of N and Ghetsis besides Zekrom, Seismitoad, and Archeops possibly.

Also, why am I having such luck? Am i just that cautious? I've only been able to capture a Patrat once, even though they're everywhere. Only one team member, and a new one at that, has perished.

On second thought, Osiris's nature isn't really that bad. I think I misread it. Then it turns out that Behemoth has Klutz. And somewhat of a bad nature. Osiris is in, Behemoth is out.

Star Girl
March 10th, 2011, 11:57 PM
A Good Streak

I resumed training on Route 110 running to and from Mauville to help train not only the team but to raise up the levels of Magic who was still in the Daycare.
Magic reached level 19 shortly after Ora finally evolved into a Gloom and learned Acid deeming her ready to fight on her own.
Ora got a break at level 24 just as Magic finally evolved into a full fledged Gyrados.
Finally as the team reached an even level for the first time since before the fight against Roxanne we turned hightail back to Dewford and took on Brawly at long last. He fell in one fall swoop to Blaze's power.
I headed north on Route 111 for some battling against trainers taking out all of the locals. The family of four fell easily to Blaze's sheer power.
Deciding to go out on a limb I returned to Mauville and challenged Watson. Some tense moments ensued but we emerged victorious without casualty.
With plans to return once I had the much needed goggles to navigate the dessert I skipped through Route 111 only encountering trainers including a certain nagging pair of reporters.
After emerging into Route 112 I headed to the nearest patch and caught myself a Numel that I dubbed Nicky.
After beating all of the local trainers I stepped into the Fiery Path where I quickly added a female Machop whom I dubbed Minie.
Continuing west into Route 113 I encountered a female Splinda who I caught and dubbed Selene.
Heading straight for Meteor Falls I only stopped long enough to catch a Swablu on Route 114.
Upon entering Meteor Falls I encountered a female Zubat whom I have dubbed Zenon at first glance. Kind of disapointed but happy to add another flying type I added him to the roster.
After healing up the team in Flabourgh City I returned to Route 114 where I began to grind Minie, Zenon, and Serena. While finishing leveling up Blaze, Magic, and Ora to level 30.


Blaze the Combusken (Start-Current)
Lv. 29
- Rock Smash
- Peck
- Double Kick
- Ember

Magic the Gyrados (Route 106-Current)
Lv. 29
- Splash
- Tackle
- Bite
- Dragon Rage

Ora the Gloom (Route 110-Current)
Lv. 29
- Absorb
- Sweet Scent
- Poison Powder
- Sleep Powder

Zenon the Zubat (Meteor Falls-Current)
Lv. 18
- Leech Life
- Supersonic
- Astonish
- Bite

Minie the Machop (Fiery Path-Current)
Lv. 20
- Seismic Toss
- Low Kick
- Focus Energy
- Karate Chop

Serena the Swablu
Lv. 16 (Route 114-Current)
- Peck
- Growl
- Astonish
- Sing

The Boxed or Daycare Pokemon

Olina the Oddish (Route ? (the one next to the daycare)-Current)
Lv. 19
- Stun Powder
- Sweet Scent
- Poison Powder
- Sleep Powder

Marina the Azumarill (Route 104-Current)
Lv. 28
- Tackle
- Bubblebeam
- Roll Out
- Water Gun

Nicky the Numel
Lv. 21 (Route 112-Current)
- Growl
- Tackle
- Ember
- Magnitude

Selena the Spinda
Lv. 15 (Route 113-Current)
- Tackle
- Uproar
- Faint Attack

Deceased Pokemon

Wilma the Cascoon (Petalburg Woods-Route 104)
lv. 7
- Tackle
- String Shot
- Poison Sting
- Harden

Naruto the Nincada (Route 116-Route 104)
lv. 7
- Scratch
- Harden
- Leech Life

Mickey the Makuhita (Granite Cave-Granite Cave)
lv. 15
- Tackle
- Vital Throw
- Focus Energy
- Arm Thrust

Padlina the Mightyena (Route 102-Route 110)
Lv. 23
- Tackle
- Roar
- Sand Attack
- Bite

Whisper the Loudred (Route 116 Tunnel (don't remember the name of)-Route 110)
Lv. 22
- Pound
- Astonish
- Uproar
- Growl

hazard master
March 11th, 2011, 4:12 PM
Sorry for no update yesterday. I can only type as fast as I can think...

Here be chapter two

"Okay my Uber team of extreme underleveled mons, lets get us a new
Enter Mushi, the Shroomish.
"Now team, enter epic grinding montage to 'Eye of the Tiger.'"
One epic grinding session later.
"Okay guys, now I know you're ready to take on the gym leader, but
first we need to catch some new mons."
Enter Ziggy 2, the Zizagoon, and Rush, the Wismur.
"All right Roxanne, let's battle!"
"Okay, but I must warn you, I am a master pokemon trainer."
"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Go Mushi and Torch!"
"Go Geodude and Nosepass!"
Mega drain, mega drain, rock throw, rock throw (bet you can't guess
who won).
"Wow! You're pretty good! Here's your badge and here's a TM from me
Lock exited the gym.
"Ah crap. I guess we have to help him."
"And him."
"Hey thanks for getting the goods. Let me abduct you real quick."
"Yo, talk to my boss."
"Ah, so you are going to Slateport? Good. Take this letter to
"Hey, I don't like doing things for free."
"Ah, of course. Take this pokenavigator."
"Hey, I don't like doing things for free."
"What do you want? Money? Get out!"
Lock then traveled to Mr. Briney's seaside home.
"Hey. Can I travel with you to Dewford? I sleep heavy..."
"Sure. Let's go Peeko!"

March 12th, 2011, 3:46 AM
I got more badges, more Pokemon... But at what cost?

-After grinding on the surf routes (And catching a Scraggy along the way), I challenged the gym. Easiest. Gym. Ever. Every signe one of Brycen's Pokemon were 1HKOed by Burns's powerful Fire Punches.
-Battled Team Plasma at Dragonspiral Tower, catching a Golett who I named Behemoth along the way. Kind of hoping for a Druddigon because he's one of my favorites this gen, but whatever.
-Obviously failed to stop N.
-Went to the Relic Castle and listened to Ghetsis's lecture.
-Went to Nacrene City to receive the Light Stone.
-Grinded on the route from Iccirus City and a little bit on the Moor of Iccirus.
-Then proceeded to destroy Bianca's Pokemon.
-Caught a Pawniard on Route 9, named him Ranger.
-Talked to Drayden and Iris and all that story stuff.
-Caught a Vullaby on Route 10. Bouffalant would've been pretty nice, so meh.
-After grinding, I challenged the gym. Fraxure was taken down in a fraction by Jet Li's signature Brick Break + Low Sweep combo. To face Druddigon, I sent out Dane, because Dane's been able to beat those even with Chip Away before. The fight was going well, until Drayden decides to use his Hyper Potion when I'm one Strength away from beating it. Aaaaand then Chip Away crits.

You know what that probably means.

Dane DIED. I was actually near tears when it happened because Dane was so reliable and was with me since Route 1.

So, having seen that, Burns was sent straight out to avenge Dane. Durddigon took a Flare Blitz right to the face. Ha.
When Haxorus was sent out, I revealed my secret Pokemon that I was grinding all this time before the gym. Osiris the Cofagrigus was sent out. Haxorus tried to Dragon Dance, but I simply burned him. Then it tried to use Dragon Claw, but it barely made a dent. Shadow Ball then 2HKOed the thing.
-So, with Dane dead, I had no idea what to raise. Basically all the Pokemon in my box are terrible. I decided to see what I could find on Victory Road and moved on.
-Battled Cheren. Without Dane, this fight was much more difficult. I almost lost everyone except Gaiden to Panpour's Scald. Talked to Bianca and Cheren, and recieved the Max Revives (Which are virtually useless in a Nuzlocke run).
-Went through the Badge Check Gate. I'm assuming that's a seperate area, so I caught a Herdier named Tribute, as tribute to Dane.
-Entered Victory Road. I really wanted an Excadrill to pop up, so I waited there for about an hour. When I saw a dust cloud, I sprinted for it, but a wild encounter ruined it. It was a wild Durant, who I caught and named Kevin (Kevin Durant. :P) because I realized it could be pretty useful. Jolly nature? Seemingly high Attack IV? Bug Bite and Crunch? Oh yes. This is what I'm looking for. Because with that I can cover each of the E4 pretty well. Let's have a look.

Shauntal - Kevin crunches Cofagrigus and Golurk, while Gaiden can take down Jellicent with Grass Knot and Chandelure with Surf.
Grimsley - Jet Li can take down most of these things, although Kevin can be pretty handy in case Jet Li gets low on HP.
Caitlin - Kevin alone can take on this team. Bug Bite + Crunch + Bug/Steel type + Jolly nature = Psychics get owned. Osiris may be able to help, too.
Marshal - Throh can probably be taken down by a combination of Gaiden and Burns, while everything else pretty much gets owned by Osiris.

So, I'm still grinding. I'm thinking I'm going to go with level 52 for each of them, because hopefully what will happen is I'll be able to take down Zekrom and also be able to KO Hydreigon, too.

Kevin the Durant, level 47
Osiris the Cofagrigus, level 48
Jet Li the Sawk, level 48
Gaiden the Samurott, level 48
Burns the Darmanitan, level 48
Pilot the Pidove, level 11 (Fly Slave)

Behemoth the Golett, level 30
Hermit the Crustle, level 44
Inception the Munna, level 10
Hex the Roggenrola, level 12
Gear the Klink, level 27
Ebil the Patrat, level 6
Stryke the Axew, level 30
Tribute the Herdier, level 33
Gangsta the Scraggy, level 29
Scavenge the Vullaby, level 36
Ranger he Pawniard, level 31

Steve the Foongus, level 27
Dane the Stoutland, level 45


hazard master
March 12th, 2011, 5:20 PM
Woot! Update! I am sad to say however that I lost Dempsy XD. I'll release details later though.

"Okay, welcome to Dewford."
Locke walked to the completely out of place cave.
"Okay team, don't screw this up we need a new mon."
Dempsy, the female Aron.
"Hmm, you're kinda weak. Let's grind."
grind grind grind grind grind grind
"Brawly! Let's battle!"
"Ok, but I must warn you, I won't go down without a fight."
"Fine. Torch, peck!"
"Wow, its bright in here for some reason. Here's your badge, take it,
you've earned it."
Locke then traversed the dangerous Dewford cave in search of Steven.
"Hey dude, some weirdo wants you to have this."
"Sweet. I've been waiting for this letter."
"Then why are you in the back of a cave?"
"Because I can be. Here take this TM. Its my favorite move, but only
one of my pokemon can use it."
"Mr. Briney, we must go to Slateport!"
"Okay. Peeko! Let's Go!"
Locke and the weird Mr. Briney traveled to Slateprt, home of great
beaches and the wonderful museum, which was incredibly backed up.
"Well, I guess Cap'n Stern is in the construction yard."
"If you're looking for the Cap'n he ain't here."
"Well, can I just leave these parts here?"
"NO! You have to give them to the captain."
Later, outside the museum:
"Oh look team. We can check out the museum now!"
"50 bucks for entry."
"Cap'n Stern? I have some useless junk for you."
"Why thank you. I had that on order."
"Hey! Give us that stuff!"
"Torch, dispose of these fools."
After delivering the useless junk. Locke traveled north.
"Why hello Pluse. I shall name you Zappy."
After traveling north some more:
"Hello Locke. Remember me?"
"May. So we meet again."

March 13th, 2011, 4:26 AM
So, I have finished the challenge, my goal being Ghetsis defeated. Details on the E4 battles along with the N and Ghetsis battles inside the spoilers:

After some grinding...

Battle Versus Shauntal!
This battle was a bit trickier than expected. Shauntal first sent out Cofigrigus, who Kevin took down in a Crunch or two. Next up was Chandelure. Yikes. I switched out for Gaiden, who defeated it in a Surf. Jellicent was next in line, and I healed up Kevin while attempting to wall Jellicent's Shadow Balls with Osiris. Kevin soon took care of it. Golurk? Gaiden surfed it away.
Battle Versus Grimsley!

Grimsley was a bit easier than expected. I kind of expected to sweep him all the way through with Jet Li, but I realized that was a bad idea due to Aerial Ace. I first sent out Gaiden to beat Scrafty in a couple Surfs. For whatever reason he then sent out Krookodile, so that got defeated, too. Bisharp was up next, and Jet Li 1HKOed him with Close Combat. I was worried about Liepard having Aerial Ace, so I switched out to Burns and used Hammer Arm.

Battle Versus Caitlin!

Honestly this was the hardest battle out of every signle one I've faced so far. Reuniclus wasn't so bad, Kevin took him down in a Dark Gem boosted Crunch. Gothitelle was up next, and Kevin defeated her in two crunches, but not after taking some serious damage from Thunderbolt. Next I had to deal with Sigilyph, so I kept Kevin in, healed him, and then got a crit Crunch. Musharna was sent in, and I didn't want to risk losing Kevin. So I sent out Burns to take it down in two Fire Punches.

Battle Versus Marshal!

This battle was a lot easier that expected. I first sent out Burns, who beat Throh in two Fire Punches. Sawk was sent out, and I just sent out Osiris. For whatever reason, after running out of Stone Edge PP (I was stalling with burn for a bit),
Sawk started to use Grass Knot. What? That makes no sense. The same went for Conkeldurr - I stalled them out with Burn before getting bored of attempts to kill Osiris with Grass Knot and Shadow Balling them into oblivion. Mienshao was sent out. I burned him and then Shadow Balling him to death.

So after those cool cutscenes and such, I arrived in N's throne room. After another cutscene, I had to battle Reshiram. I used Gaiden to weaken it a bit and then Burns's Dig to go in for the kill. It was easy to say the least.

Oh gosh, N was up. After healing my Pokemon...

Battle Versus N!

I decided I would take out Zekrom with Osiris. Teravolt did nearly halfway, so after a burn it couldn't do that much. Then I just used Shadow Ball over and over again. I switched out Osiris for Carracosta and sent out Jet Li. Close Combat OHKOed the turtle. Then was Archeops, who I switched in Gaiden for. Acrobatics did quite some damage, but Archeops as a whole couldn't do anything after a Surf. Next up was Klingklang, and Burns was sent in. Fire Punch got a crit on it. For Zoroark, I used Jet Li's Close Combat again. And for Vanilluxe? It took a Sheer Force boosted Flare Blitz to the face.

So after another cutscene...

Battle Versus Ghetsis!

I was pretty scared for this battle, actually. Cofagrigus was first, and Kevin utterly destroyed him with two Crunches. Hydreigon was next? Oh gosh. I sent in Jet Li. Hydregion was a bit faster, so he took a Dragon Pulse like a man and then proceeded to Close Combat the thing. OHKO, oh yeah. Jet Li was a bit weak, so I sent in Osiris to burn Bouffalant while I healed and then I sent Jet Li back in for the kill. Eelektross was sent out, so I countered it with Burns, destroying it in two Fire Punches. Seismitoad was no match for Gaiden's Surf, and Bisharp was treated with a nice Close Combat. Ghetsis was defeated!

Final Team:

Osiris the Cofagrigus, level 53
Gaiden the Samurott, level 52
Burns the Darmanitan, level 52
Kevin the Durant, level 51
Jet Li the Sawk, level 52
Pilot the Pidove, level 11 (Fly slave)

And here's a review on each Pokemon's preformance:

Gaiden the Samurott
Gaiden has been with me since the first seconds of my Nuzlocke adventure, and never has he let me down. Gaiden has always been the most reliable and trusted members of the team, able to take some hits but retaliate was some bigger ones. Gaiden overall was one of the greatest Pokemon Ive veer used in a Nuzlocke thus far, and I appreciate how far he has gotten me.

Jet Li the Sawk
If there's one thing I could say about Jet Li, it would be MVP. That's right, Jet L has gotten me through some tough times and tough battles. If he wasn't on the team, who would've beated Lorena? What about Grimsley? And Ghetsis/N? If Jet Li wasn't on the team, I would've failed a while ago. Overall, Jet Li was the best Pokemon on my entire team the whole game and I was glad to catch and use him.

Burns the Darmanitan
Burns was the powerhouse of this team. She could literally destroy anything, even Water types. Because of this, Burns was a great member on a team that had firepower, but could use a lot more. That 'lot more,' was Burns. Overall, Burns was an awesome team member and I apprectiate what she has done for me over the past 30 hours of play.

Dane the Stoutland
Although she got killed rather recklessly, Dane was probably among the greats in this run. She helped me all the way through from Route 1 to the battle against Drayden. I wish she could've been on my team when I took down Ghetsis. Overall, Dane was a seriously great Pokemon whos time ended early.

Kevin the Durant
Although he was the most recent member of the team, Kevin really shone in that time. In Victory Road, he was taking on Pokemon 8 levels higher than he was - And beating them. Kevin was almost a savior to my team - If I had gotten something else instead of him, I would've failed at Shauntal's Jellicent. Kevin was, overall, a great helper, and I'd recommend the Durant species to any new players.

Osiris the Cofagrigus
Before the league, Osiris never got a chance to shine. He was stuck in a box for a while, only being sent out right before Drayden. But did then prevent him from being awesome later on? No way! Osiris made me win against Marshal and N, and provided a great wall for me to heal my mons with or stall something out with. Overall, although probably never reaching full potential, Osiris was a beast.

Hermit the Crustle
I didn't use Hermit in the league for a simple reason - I didn't want him to die. Hermit was lagging behind all my team members then, and the arrival of Osiris only made that worse. Before, though, Hermit has helped me when some key battles. Like Osiris, he never reached full potential, although overall he was a very nice Pokemon to have.

Steve the Foongus
Steve was shortlived, simply put. I never got the chance to truly use him. In the time that I could, he was very much like Osiris in a way. I wish he could've been on my team longer, he would've made a great asset as a status spreader and Grass type. Overall, although I couldn't use him for long, Steve was a mighty fine Pokemon.

So, I'm thinking of doing another Nuzlocke run in this just for fun, and I'll see which one is better for the comic. We'll see how it turns out.

March 13th, 2011, 5:48 AM
1st Chapter of my Black Nuzlocke challenge: Striaton City.

Hi, the name's Conway and I'm a sixteen-year-old kid. I've lived in Nuvema Town all my life so I don't get why Professor Juniper had to re-introduce me to the world of Pokemon. I don't care though, let her do whatever she wants to do cause she's going to give me a Tepig today.

Of course my best buddies Cheren and Bianca are also getting a Pokemon. Me and Cheren have been rivals for a long time, so of course Cheren wanted the Pokemon that could beat my Tepig - Oshawott. Bianca picked Snivy.

That morning, Cheren and Bianca came to my house and we each took a Pokemon from the box Juniper had left for us. My Tepig was female and I named her Heather, but Cheren and Bianca were too boring to name their Pokemon anything.

Bianca and Cheren, of course, instantly were talking about being the best Trainer in the world, but kicking both their butts got them to stop talking that nonsense. Their Pokemon trashed my room. I'm going to be the greatest trainer in the world, see if I'm not.

I got a lot of stuff in the next few moments: a Town Map, Xtransceiver, Pokedex, and I got to see Bianca running away from home too. Then we went on Route 1. Juniper gave us all Poke Balls and showed us how to catch Pokemon with her Minccino. Then she told us she'd be waiting in Accumula Town.

Bianca decided to have a catching contest, and Cheren joined, but I said "you suck, I'm taking the Nuzlocke challenge see and I can't catch more than 1 Pokemon on this route." Too bad Bianca and Cheren had already left.

Heather started searching for someone to catch and found a female Patrat who she got along with. I managed to catch it, and I named it Norma.

I did some grinding on Route 1 before heading up to Accumula Town. Even though I wasn't even participating in the contest I was part of a three-way tie. I should have won though cause both my Pokemon were level 8. I met Juniper and Bianca at the Pokemon Center, but Cheren was apparently way too cool to get shown around a Pokemon Center. I healed my two Pokemon friends and then I bought as many Potions as I could afford.

Those Potions came in handy. In the Town Square I met this weird guy named Ghetsis who led this "Team Plasma" and he did a speech on liberating Pokemon. What a cook. Then after that there was this fast-talking guy called N with long green hair and a cube on a string in his pocket.

"Your Pokemon speak to me," he said before pouncing on Heather with his Purrloin.

Heather managed to fight Purrloin off, but not without a Potion, and she gained level 9. Then I healed again and went to Route 2.

My mom showed up to give me a pair of Running Shoes, then she left. I was intent on catching a Purrloin or Lillipup here and I ran into a Lillipup level 7, but Norma massacred it in one hit with Tackle. With TACKLE!

I breezed past all those little kids who came up to me and pestered me with Pokemon battles. By the end both my Pokemon were level 11.

Bianca was waiting for me at the end of Route 2, but her Lillipup and Snivy were no match for Norma and Heather respectively. After beating her and healing in Striation City, I went out to the Dreamyard to play. I had to fight my way through a couple of little kids but the man at the end gave me a male Pansage for my efforts. No Munna, then? I named the Pansage "Forrest" and then backtracked.

To train Forrest I went to the trainers school where Cheren challenged me. With just Forrest I killed both his Oshawott and Purrloin and then I went to the Gym.

In the Gym, a nice man gave me Fresh Water, and two not-nice people attempted to kill my Forrest. Forrest got some good training so he was level 11 - almost level 12 - when I went to fight Chili, Cilan, and Cress.

Well, actually I only had to fight Cress. I switched between Norma and Heather against the Lillipup, and it kept Working Up. It bit Norma and nearly killed her, but I switched again to Heather to take it down. Both grew to level 12 after emerging victorious. Panpour posed even less of a problem. Forrest's Vine Whip managed to kill it in 3 hits. Forrest grew to level 12 and I earned myself a nice Trio Badge.

Norma the female Patrat (Lv. 12)
Detect, Bide, Bite, Tackle

Heather the female Tepig (Lv. 12)
Ember, Tackle, Odor Sleuth, Defense Curl

Forrest the male Pansage (Lv. 12)
Vine Whip, Scratch, Lick, Leer

March 13th, 2011, 5:58 AM
OK I was just plain stupid.

-I took on the Eterna Gym
-The trainers weren't so bad, between Bugs' Frustration and Manlius' Karate Chop
-Then I stupidly challenged Gardenia, even though my Pokemon were underleveled
-Manlius fell to a Razor Leaf crit hit
-Bugs took out Turtwig but was killed by Cherrim's Magical Leaf
-Everyone else died to that Cherrim
-I proceeded to take out Bob the Lv5 Psyduck and try to run back to a place with lower-leveled Pokemon. A Bidoof killed Bob....

I failed, but I'm starting up a Fire Red Nuzlocke.

The Deceased:

Anya the Shinx
Ace the Staravia
Manlius the Machop
Bugs the Buneary
Rox the Geodude
Fluffy the Prinplup
Hurf the Bidoof
Shido the Shellos

Dominus Temporis
March 15th, 2011, 6:01 AM
I got inspired by some of the people on the official Nuzlocke forum and am currently doing Platinum in hopes of eventually doing a comic (in fact, I have a huge plot planned out that will span the first four regions and a total of six years for the protagonist). I'm on a bit of a hiatus, but my current party consists of:

Ares the Infernape
Sushi the Gyarados
Lancelot the Gallade
Salvatore the Magnezone
Boris the Hippowdon
Frutasaur the Tropius

I've had... well, not to spoil but the number of deaths is between five and ten, that's all I'll say. Currently training for the Elite Four, hope to get everyone to at least Level 60, Cynthia's Garchomp in particular scares me. Sushi knows Ice Fang, so that's a small comfort, but I'm not fool enough to assume that'll get me through unscathed.

In case of bad stuff happening I've got a few guys in the box I can use as backup, including Trash Cloak Wormadam, Kricketune, Rhyhorn (at daycare currently), and a Gabite that I'm working on evolving. Yeah, Bugs seem a bit odd but I saw people bring Kricketune and Butterfree to the E4 with successful results, so don't underestimate them.

After Platinum will be one of the Hoenn games, then LeafGreen, and finally HeartGold.

March 15th, 2011, 8:55 AM
Cynthia's Garchomp in particular scares me.

Give that Gyarados Avalanche, and you'll have Garchomp on toast. Nuff said. Seriously.

What's your username on the official Nuzlocke forum? I'm Sammuthegreat there too. I'll keep a beady eye out for your comics... I'm supposedly working on my first comic, of a Sapphire run I did a while back, but life keeps getting in the way at the moment. I'm planning to tie the plot for my Sapphire run in with my more recent Pearl run... if I ever get round to drawing more.

Slightly more on-topic... I'm going to do a run pretty soon on Black or White. Oh yes.

March 16th, 2011, 11:24 AM
I finally figured out the whole plot for the comics.

The order will now be Black -> Platinum -> Firered -> Ruby -> Heartgold

...And it will include amnesia, reliving memories, and beatin' up the bad guys.

March 17th, 2011, 4:00 AM
I finally figured out the whole plot for the comics.

The order will now be Black -> Platinum -> Firered -> Ruby -> Heartgold

...And it will include amnesia, reliving memories, and beatin' up the bad guys.

Sounds awesome. Are you on the Nuzlocke forum too?

March 17th, 2011, 4:43 AM
Eh, it's kind of mid-challenge (so probably a bit late to be posting this), but here's my team on Black at the moment.

Dandeecott (Whimsicott) Lv.37
Dharchar (Darmanitan) Lv.36
Swanduce (Swanna) Lv. 35
Aractic (Galvantula) Lv.36
Roquette (Gigalith) Lv.30

Had a few losses here and there, including my starter, Slythe, the Servine, who, after defeating Elesa almost completely by himself, lost to a toddler's Herdier in the double battle west of Nimbasa. +1 atk. helping hand boosted critical hit Take Down took it down in one hit. Fail.

Dominus Temporis
March 17th, 2011, 5:49 AM
Give that Gyarados Avalanche, and you'll have Garchomp on toast. Nuff said. Seriously.

What's your username on the official Nuzlocke forum? I'm Sammuthegreat there too. I'll keep a beady eye out for your comics... I'm supposedly working on my first comic, of a Sapphire run I did a while back, but life keeps getting in the way at the moment. I'm planning to tie the plot for my Sapphire run in with my more recent Pearl run... if I ever get round to drawing more.

Ah, thanks. I've never even used the move Avalanche so I hadn't thought of that. Great idea, Sushi's already close to level 60 so she should make that a snap. As for the forum, I haven't actually joined that but my username'll probably be "Graphing Mercury" or some variation (long story as to how I came up with that), and I named my player character Mercury as a play on that and the Galactic admin names.

I have a mostly free day today so I'm hoping to get some good grinding in.

March 17th, 2011, 6:52 AM
Sign me up for Emerald, please.

link to chapter 1: http://willpowerpedro.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d3bufwo

http://willpowerpedro.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d3bufwo = link to first chapter

hazard master
March 17th, 2011, 4:23 PM
UPDATE! (sorta)

Ok, so here's how Dempsy died. Crit haxx from a Shroomish. I caught Mr. Camel and Mrs. Camel (Numels) from the route above Maulville and fiery path. Mrs. is a backup should the worst happen.

I am sad to say that I will not continue writting the story (I'm lazy)

March 17th, 2011, 4:46 PM
I might not have mentioned, but I started a Nuzlocke challenge on Firered. I just entered Mt. Moon and my team is Puny the Squirtle, Pajaro the Spearow, Pekenese the Rattata, and Hawkeye the Nidoran Male. I have one casualty, Deathfang the Rattata, and two missed catches (Weedle in Viridian Forest and Clefairy at Mt. Moon (I forgot I was Nuzlocking).

hazard master
March 18th, 2011, 3:28 PM

First things first: Mr. Camal is not from route 111, but from 112. Route 113 (I think?) is a Spinda, the next route a Seedot (major headesk there lol). Meteor Falls is Sunny the Solrock.

Maxie went down nicely, but I almost lost Torch to Golbat.

Firey Path get issssssssssssssss

Numel :(

Flannery went down easily, but at what cost? Mr. Camel to be exact. After that, Egg get and goggles get. Route 111 get is Kasi the Cacnea (I'm not sure of the gender)

Yeah so mostly garbage pokemon gets.

March 19th, 2011, 3:27 AM
Sounds awesome. Are you on the Nuzlocke forum too?
Thanks. Not on the Nuzlocke forums, but I have nothing to do, so I guess I'll register.

hazard master
March 19th, 2011, 11:49 AM
Another Mistake: That third Numel is from Jagged Path, not fiery path.

Ok I beat Norman fairly easily with mach punch, counter (wish I could have seen his face after that lol), and double kick.

After recieving surf, I went on a mon catching frenzy. I got:

Bob the Marill from Petalburg
Ron the Wingull from south of Petalburg
Jult the Voltorb from New Mauville
The Man the Electrike from east of Mauville

After some training, Torch, The Man, and Ron all Evolved. Now I am heading towards Fortree town.

The Fallen:

Dempsy the Aron
Mr. Camel the Numel

Update 2:

Training on my way to Fortree, then destroying Team Magma. Couldn't take Castform, I screwed up catching an oddish. Mass grinded The Man and taught Ron Ice Beam. Winona was a complete joke. Ice beam for Altaria and OHKO thunderbolt for everything else. A little south from Fortree, one Milotic was wreaking havoc on my team. Mushi was dying faster than he was killing, so a switch to The Man seemed in order. Which would've been fine, had water pulse not been a critical. Ugh rest in peace The Man.

Further south, I was getting more bad luck slammed onto me. Linoones Linoones everywhere. And not a single catch either. However, I did manage to obtain a Duskull at Mt. Pyre. The grunts up there were ok. The Magma Base was easy also. I decided to challenge the Mossdeep gym. Only one fatality though, Ziggy 2. Thanks for the rare candies gal. Had to use her to divert Phsycic attack.

The Fallen:

Dempsy, the Aron
Mr. Camel, the Numel
The Man, the Manectric
Ziggy 2, the Zigzagoon

Update 3:

After defeating the Mossdeep gym I went around the random water areas till I found a 'Cool. Underground, Maxie was defeated, and Groudon scared off. Groudon fell to a critical surf, lol. Mushi took care of all the trainers in the Sootopolis gym, and all of Wallace's pokemons except for Milotic, which was taken care of by Ron.

Before tackling Victory Road, some massive training needed to occur. Each of my main team members was grinded to about level 50 via the interviewers. After that, Victory Road was incredibly easy. Wally was easy, but a critical physcic almost took down Ron, I must have been sweating bullets.

So for next time, I'm gunna try to get everyone to level 55 for the Elite Four and Steven. What scares me the most is Glacia. None of my team can withstand a powerfull ice attack.

The Fallen:

Dempsy, the Aron
Mr. Camel, the Numel
The Man, the Manectric
Ziggy 2, the Zigzagoon

Final Update:

After some major grinding, I finally challenged the E4. BIG MISTAKE. Sydney and Phoebe went smoothly, but Glacia wiped the floor with my team. I figured that Torch could OHKO Walrein with 2 Xspecials but nope. Lost him and Ron in that battle, but Mushi took the rest out. Drake was going nicely, untill a critical flamethrow wrecked Mushi and that was that.

I'm gunna try either Fire Red or Silver next.

Yup Silver's got it coming.
1: pokemon faints blah blah blah
2: First pokemon blah blah blah
3: I can only be in possesion of 6 pokemon, so no boxing things. I can release things before attempting a catch. For this reason I will probably be using some form of a dupe clause.


Named self Gold
Got Gatr the Totodile
No pokemon for the first two routes.
Battled Silver.
Got balls.
Got Rocky the Geodude.
Got Shiny the Shiny Pidgey (first ever shiny!).
Failed Ghastly catch cuz I used my balls before remembering Shiny has gust.
Beat Sprout tower.
Beat gym.
Game Crashed.
Beat Sprout tower.
Beat gym.
Egg Get.
Beat cave.
Hoppy the Hoppip get.
Beat Rockets.
Beat Bugsy.
Released Hoppy and Togepi.
Beat Silver
Got through Forest.
Hypnotic the Drowzee get.
Queen the Nidoran(f) get.
Thats all.

March 21st, 2011, 6:42 PM
And suddenly...updates!

Well, after a long absence of challenges in my life, I decided to pick up my XL and get nuzlocking. My last save had left me in Azalea Town, the Rockets and my rival, dealt with, I did, however, had to go up against Bugsy and his fearsome Scyther. Juliet, my faithful Hoothoot decided to go for some late-night grinding, in preparation for the jaws of death.In doing so, she managed to evolve into a wise and powerful Noctowl. Juliet proceeded to wall all of Bugsy's Pokemon and earn me a hive badge. Following, that my two eggs hatched and Fen the Togepi, as well as Vulcan the Bagon joined the team. I progressed through the game, putting the newlyhatched ones in daycare, and grinding Juliet and Tracey. I decided to stop by the game corner, or what used to be the game corner and decided to play some voltorb flip. I took the game quite seriously, not as I had played prior to today, and ended up making it to Round 7 easily, before retiring to purchase and Ekans, which I named "Wiggyboom". Wiggyboom was quite the valiant partner, growing in level, kicking ass, and taking names. Wiggyboom, did, however, run into a fearsome Magmar, with the same level as its own. Alas, Wiggy could not survive a critical hit ember attack and ended up dying a painful death. The team pushed on, motivated by their memory of a lost friend. Tracey exhibited a valiant effort in making short work of Whitney and her unholy cow. And thus, the team continued their journey.

The Team:

Tracey (M) http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani153.gif Lv. 26; good perserverance; Cut/Reflect/Magical Leaf/PoisonPowder
Juliet (F) http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani164.gif Lv. 23; Somewhat Vain; Tackle/Peck/Confusion/Hypnosis
Vulcan (M) http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani371.gif Lv. 21; Highly Curious; Bite/Leer/Headbutt/Focus Energy
Fen (M) http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani175.gif Lv. 24; Alert to sounds; Sweet Kiss/Yawn/Encore/Follow Me
Trickster (F) http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani167.gif Lv. 12; Somewhat Stubborn; Poison Sting/Leech Life/Scary Face/Constrict
Brad (M) http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani032.gif lV. 12; Quick to flee; Leer/Peck/Focus Energy/Double Kick

The Boxed

Derpie/Caterpie-Lv. 10

The Deceased

Poison/Rattata-Lv. 4 (F)
Wiggyboom/Ekans-Lv. 16 (F)

March 23rd, 2011, 3:58 AM
I've just started another Nuzlocke on FireRed (No$GBA ROM). Sign me up please!

March 24th, 2011, 11:06 AM
Wow, I totally forgot to post the updates here, so why not make up for it by posting the half of the series I've uploaded since!

Episode 17:

Episode 18:

Episode 19:

Episode 20:

Episode 21:

Episode 22:

Episode 23:

Episode 24:

Episode 25:

Episode 26:

Episode 27:

Episode 28:

Episode 29:

Episode 30:

hazard master
March 24th, 2011, 1:35 PM
Yeah, so, umm, update.

First of all I renamed the majority of my team. For a recap, here's everyone:

Romeo-(Shiny) Pidgeotto

Grinded lots of levels. Beat Whitney. Went to Eucatreak then back to Goldenrod for an Eevee. Named Nick. Grinded large quantities levels again.

Yup I got plans for Nick. Umbreon.

Edit: Lost to Morty. Now I feel stupid.

Maybe Fire red

March 24th, 2011, 4:45 PM
Episode 31:

March 26th, 2011, 3:51 PM
I've played a load of my FireRed Challenge (praise be to the 200% speed mode) and I've got 6 badges. My team is thus:

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkfrlg106.png Sensei, Lv.25
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkfrlg006.png Comet, Lv.40
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkfrlg034.png Spike, Lv.40
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkfrlg049.png Seer, Lv.40
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkfrlg131.png Neptune, Lv.40
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkfrlg022.png Gael, Lv.41

The ones I've lost:

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkfrlg015.png Titania, died in Mt. Moon (critted)
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkfrlg041.png Bullseye, died on Nugget Bridge (critted)
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkfrlg021.png Buzz, died outside Rock Tunnel (Rock Throw OHKO)
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkfrlg135.png Hermes, died against Gary in Silph Co. (critted Water Gun, of all things)
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkfrlg045.png Zorro, died in Fighting Dojo (critted)

March 26th, 2011, 8:25 PM
Episode 32:

Episode 33:

March 27th, 2011, 6:55 PM
Sign me up for a Nuzlocke XD run!

March 28th, 2011, 1:18 PM
Episode 34:

No new episodes until the weekend, for anyone that's listening :P

March 29th, 2011, 11:06 AM
I'm game for this. Ill do one on Pearl. Ill be making a text log of it as well.

March 30th, 2011, 8:31 PM
I will be starting a nuzlocke (first ever o.o ) run on Emerald. I will hopefully have my first update tomorrow. Will be using all rules including the optional ones. [:

April 2nd, 2011, 6:07 AM
Miserable fail on Black.

So, after getting my Trio Badge I headed out on Route 3. I was all excited to catch a Pidove. After beating Cheren, the first Pokemon I found was a Pidove Lv. 12! Too bad Norma OHKO'd it with Tackle.

In training Norma, we ran into an Audino who did nothing but heal itself. Norma used Bide and then Audino decided suddenly to use TWO doubleslaps in a row, both hitting five times and killing Norma. Oh well, I didn't like her much anyway after she killed the Lillipup and Pidove I wanted to catch.

Some Team Plasma dudes stole some girl's Pokemon, so I went into Wellspring Cave to get it back. I caught a male Roggenrola level 13 named Pierre and pwned the Plasmas.

I got through the rest of Route 3 easily after that.

After arriving in Nacrene, I went to Pinwheel Forest. I caught myself a female Timburr level 12 named Annie, but she got killed by a Munna in her first battle. Wonk.

I trained a lot here, Pierre got some good levels and Heather evolved into Pignite, but Forrest took two criticals from a 3-hit rock blast from some guy's Roggenrola (it was already at yellow HP) and was unable to go on. Forrest was probably my favorite of all my Pokemon. He never let me down (sniffle....) when I go to Celestial Tower I'm burying him on the top floor.

After doing away with N (except his Tympole gave me trouble because Pierre and Heather are both weak to water) I headed into the Nacrene Gym. Scared to lose Pierre and Heather, I had avoided most of the trainers in Pinwheel Forest and both Pokemon were only level 18 by the time I got to Lenora. Heather took a number from Herdier's Take Downs but managed to pull through, and she leveled up to level 19. Pierre took much damage from Watchog's Crunch and was fatally injured. Heather, at red HP, was my last chance. I healed her with a Potion, but it wasn't quite enough. Heather got critted and she, too, was lost.

So here I am with no Pokemon left. I guess this ends my Nuzlocke Challenge. I wasn't all that great. I will venture to the Graveyard Tower (be it Lavender, Solaceon, or whatever) on my other Pokemon games but for now, my shortlived Nuzlocke is finished. Maybe I should try Pokebro instead.....

April 2nd, 2011, 11:22 AM
Dunno whether it's worth mentioning, but I've made it through Blue and Gold on nuzlocke before. I don't remember the Gold run very well, but the Red run was memorable because I grinded a Tentacruel to level 75 over a period of 5 hours before fighting the Elite Four, and it died due to a critical hit from Blue's Ninetails at the last battle. It survived a monstrous 3 Hyper Beams from Lance's Gyarados (turns out that Tentacruel learns next-to-nothing to hit Gyarados with), and championed its way through all the dragons with Ice Beam. This challenge was especially memorable because I used no healing/status items at all during the run.

I'm going to start a SoulSilver Nuzlocke next weekend, and I'm hoping to get a Noctowl and some other mons I've never used. The first post made me curious to start a Coloseum/XD run; has anyone ever done one of those before? How would it work, as far as catching goes?

April 2nd, 2011, 11:28 AM
Comic was taking too long, so I'm making a story. Expect a prologue sometime soon.

April 3rd, 2011, 1:15 PM
I've been meaning to update, but it kept slipping my mind. I haven't done a comic yet, but I plan to. (More for myself than anything, really, as I don't have a scanner... I might post one here and there, though.) Haven't gotten that far, but posting an update anyway.

-Started game, named self Benji, chose Mudkip, named him Locke. (for Nuzlocke. Clever, right? ... I know.)
-Did all the boring beginning stuff, battled May and beat her quite easily.
-Did more beginning stuff.
-Finally collected my first Pokeballs and started out on my journey.
-Cussed my DS out when the first Pokemon I ran into as I started my journey was a Zigzagoon.
-Caught the Zigzagoon anyway and named him Ziggy. (I lack creativity in naming, sue me.)
-Continued on and the first Pokemon I saw on the next route was a Lotad.
-Caught the Lotad and named him Tadder.
-Entered the next town.
-Helped whats-his-face catch the Ralts.
-Continued on my way.
-Didn't catch a Pokemon on the next route on account of accidentally making the Marill faint. D:
-Entered the forest.
-Caught a Wurmple and named him Wiggles.
-Entered next route.
-Caught no one there, either.
-Wiggles evolved into a Cascoon.
-But then died on the bridge battling against the twins. It was a critical hit. RIP Wiggles. :[
-Entered next town.
-Took on the gym leader and won.
-Caught a Whismur and named him Wizzy.
-His life was short lived. During a "Uproar" gone wrong, his health got too low and he died before I could heal him. RIP Wizzy. :[
-Found another Whismur first encounter in the cave while rescuing Peeko. Named him Murphy after Murphy's Law to encourage me to be more careful. (So that I would make it to where his death "couldn't" happen and therefore "wouldn't". I'm lame
-Headed to the next place by boat. ~
-Trained a bit in the cave, catching a Geodude (was hoping for an Aron... what can you do? :/ ) and naming him Rocky.
-Currently training in the gym.

Current Team:
Locke the MUDKIP
Lvl 15
Tackle|Growl|Mud-Slap|Water Gun

Lvl 12
Tackle|Cut|Tail Whip|Headbutt

Tadder the LOMBRE
Lvl 15
Astonish|Bullet Seed|Absorb|Nature Power

Rocky the GEODUDE
Lvl 9
Tackle|Defense Curl|Mud Sport

Murphy the WHISMUR
Lvl 13

Wiggles the CASCOON

Wizzy the WHISMUR

I've been doing the comic by hand because I fail at computer art. I like this particular one of when I lost Wizzy, so I'm posting it. (hopefully I'll have another to post with my next update)

(I couldn't get the entire thing in one shot xD )


April 3rd, 2011, 2:43 PM
Omg we're back guys!

Episode 35:

Episode 36:

April 3rd, 2011, 3:16 PM
I would love to try this... I'll most likely play blue or crystal.....I'll update once I get started

April 4th, 2011, 12:20 PM
Great news! I have decided to commence this challenge! On Black.

I will be using the 2 standard Nuzlocke rules. (faint=death, first time encounter per area pokemon only.) But I will also add these rules: No HM slaves, Battle style set, Nickname all pokemon, and I will remove the blackout=Game Over rule, because you can always try again with different pokemon. However, everybody in the blackout party will still DIE.

Also, this will be entirely in comic form! Rejoice!

Without further ado, here's the first comic:
(Kudos to whoever gets the Tepig's reference.)

Just beat the first gym. Doing well so far.

April 4th, 2011, 7:51 PM
Episode 37:


April 5th, 2011, 11:12 AM
Well I finished Pokemon Black, so i decided to do a Nuzlocke on White. I am pretty sure I won't finish, since I sure died a ton while playing Black, but oh well, I guess I'll see how it goes. I'll be starting with Oshawott. I might be making comics if I can find my tablet, otherwise, text for now.

Update: Started the game. Picked Oshawott named it Wotter. Went on route 1 and caught a Lillipup named Lilly. A Patrat got a critical hit on Wotter and he fainted...off to a bad start.
Current Team:
Lilly (Lillipup) lvl 4

Deaths - 1

April 5th, 2011, 7:53 PM
Episode 38:


April 6th, 2011, 8:16 AM
Fire Red Update!
After leaving Mt. Moon, I healed at Cerulean and went to Route 4 to catch a new Pokemon. Spearow, my first repeat! I grinded my team up to Lv17 and challenged Gary, winning with barely a scratch. Routes 24 and 25 were disappointing, yielding Caterpie and Weedle, respectively. I named them after J.K. Rowling and J.R.R. Tolkien but with the word fail implemented. (Not that they're bad writers, I was just bored).
I met Bill, then went south, catching Oddish on Route 5 (Heinrick). I made it to Vermillion, caught a Diglette (Molette) and realized I forgot to fight Misty.
Soloed Misty with Heinrick. Won.
I left for Vermillion, and soloed Surge with Molette.
Captured Spearow (Petera) and evolved J.K. Failing to Beedrill for cut.
I saved due to low power on Route 9. Haven't caught anything there, yet, but I don't have high hopes. Hoping for Voltorb on Route 10, though.

Puny, Wartortle
Pekenese, Raticate
Pajaro, Fearow
Hawkeye, Nidoking
Heinrick, Gloom
J.K. Failing, Beedrill (Cut Slave)

Failkein, Caterpie
Kindle, Spearow
Petera, Spearow

Deathfang, Ratata, Lvs 3-3

April 7th, 2011, 3:08 PM
Episode 39:

Episode 40:

40th episode guys! That's like, crazy milestone right there! Also, probably another hiatus since we're busy, but we'll probably finish this in about a week...or least what's there to finish!

April 13th, 2011, 11:01 PM
Woa. I started this ages ago. However sadly I stopped after school started to catch up on me. LUCKILY, I wrote down my progress! ^^.
So I am playing FireRed, and the rules I am following are: the bolded, Full Restores and other items like Hyper Potion etc can only be used for E4 inbetween the battles, nicknames, battle style can be anything (ill need all of the help I can get :S).
So here we go:

Part I: On our way to PEWTER City

Chapter 1 - The Story Begins...

Female char, 'Leaf', rival 'Toru'
"I got a Bulbasaur!", female, 'Bulby', Docile nature
Win battle, Bulby levels up :bandit:
On Route 1, levels (now lvl 7)
Do tha shizzzz
Caught Rattata, female, name her 'Marge' (lol ), who is Lvl 4
On Route 22, I catch Mankey, male, 'Mark', and Lvl 2
Train, heal, repeat
Current Team:
Bulby (Bulbasaur) - Lvl
Marge (Rattata) - Lvl
Mark (Mankey) - Lvl
(dont remember what levels when I saved and stopped playing)

Chapter 2 - A Team Grows...

Train all 3 pkmn to Level 11!
Battle Toru on Route 22, pwn him
Go through the incredibly slow Pokeball tutorial
Continue onto Viridian Forest, catch a Caterpie, 'Mori' at level idk
train train train
Nearly lost Marge to a poison from a Weedle :surprised:(which I now hate, and flee whenever I come across them)
Mori evolves into Metapod!
TRAINNNNNNN and come across a million DERP!Pikachu
Current Team:
Bulby (Bulbasaur) - Lvl 11
Marge (Rattata) - Lvl 11
Mark (Mankey) - Lvl 11
Mori (Metapod) - Lvl 7

Chapter 3 - Rock On... (pun intended)

More training
Mori evolved into Butterfree!
Beat Brock on under a minute with LOW KICK and VINE WHIP
FINALLY got the running shoes
Battled all of the trainers to level up my pkmn
On Route 3..... JIGGLYPUFF!
BUT freaking Marge killed it like it was an evil weedle :C
Current Team:
Bulby (Bulbasaur) - Lvl 14
Marge (Rattata) - Lvl 14
Mark (Mankey) - Lvl 14
Mori (Butterfree) - Lvl 14

April 15th, 2011, 12:46 AM
After playing around with the Chess Challenge I decided to throw my hand at the Nuzelocke, and I've been enjoying it so far and WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA none of my pokes have died yet because I'm awesome

Beginning of the Journey
Summary: Started out with Bublsaur, got one Pokemon on every route towards Mt. Moon to store into the box, but I did level up a Spearow to keep in my party, I beat Brock and obtained the Boulder badge

-My Trainer's name is Laure, as it usually is when I can be a female
-Rival's name is Nuze in honor of the challenge
-Starting out with Bulbasaur for the needed soupport for the first two gyms
-Named Bulbasaur Yumi


-Fighting the rival and already had to use my only potion, but I beat him
-After getting the item from the Pokemart and fighting off some wild Pokemon Yumi is at Lv. 8
-I'm going to search for a Pokemon from Route 1 to capture, I will just build up a nice collection in my box
-Caught a Pidgey and named it Guardia
-Deposited my Guardia in the Box so I can store it for later
-After doing some more training on Route 1 Yumi is at Lv. 12
-On Route 22 I caught me a female Spearow and I'm naming it Eva, I will put it in my party to fight off bug types
-Went to the Pokemart and bought 2 Pokeballs and 5 Potions
-Caught a Rattata on Route 2 and named it Mooty to save for later
-After some training Eva is at Lv. 11, Mooty goes into the box for later
-Went back to Route 22 to fight Nuze
-Used Leer 3 times on Nuze's Pidgey so Eva could take it out in one hit
-Used Potion on Eva after Nuze's Charmander was sent out
-Took Charmander out with 3 Leers and 2 Pecks
-Going to Virdian Forest with Eva in the #1 spot of my family
-Caught a Weedle in Virdian Forest naming it Tyco, it will be stockpiled
-Eva learned Fury Attack
-Got to Pewter City, dumped Tyco in the box for later use, preparing to battle in the Gym
-Battled Brock, took out his Geodude with one Vine Whip from Yumi
-Brock sent out Onix, Yumi used Leech Seed just incase
-Took Onix out with one Vine Whip Bulbasaur grew to Lv. 14
-Went to the Pokemart bought 5 Repels, 3 Potions, 1 Pokeball, and 6 Antidotes
-Caught a female Mankey on Route 3, named it Loppy
-Deposited Loppy in the box incase I need it later
-Boughta Magikarp on Route 4 named it Lotus, saved it in the box

Mt. Moon, Ceruleun City, and St. Anne
Summary: My Bulbasaur and Spearow evolved while fighting on Mt. Moon. Beat Nugget Bridge and Misty. Fought Rival on St. Anne. Obtained Cut.

-After fighting a Super Nerd Yumi the Bulbasaur evolved into an Ivysaur
-I caught a Clefairy in Mt. Moon, named it Regan
-After fighting a Rocket Grunt, Eva the Spearow is evolving
-After getting through Mt. Moon Yumi is at lv. 17, Eva Lv. 20
-Regan the Clefairy is going into the Box for future use
-Caught an Ekans on Route 4, but thanks to my notes I remembered I technically got Magikarp on Route 4, so I have to release it :(
-Fighting Nuze and I am in danger because Charmander almost killed Ivysaur, and Eva is in trouble, luckily Charmander is the threat and it's poisioned
-When useless Abra was sent out I took the time to use potions on my poor Pokemon
-I beat Nuze both Pokemon are intact Phew
-I caught an Oddish on Route 24 I named it Lilly
-Caught a Caterpie on Route 25, named it Clover. Put both Clover and Lilly in the PC
-Gah I am running to the Pokecenter almost after every battle it seems like
-After Nugget Bridge fights, and the battles on the way to Bills my Yumi is at Lv. 23, Eva is at Lv. 22
-Time to take on Misty
-Staryu was easy to take out but Starmie as a threat since it took 3 turns to use poision powder
-Thanks to a little poision and 1 Razor Leaf I beat Misty


-It is time to add another Pokemon the party so I opened up my storage and decided to take out Loppy the Mankey to train
-After some training to Loppy it is at Lv. 13
-I dropped off Lotus the Magikarp with the Daycare man so when I need my water type I can just go pick it up
-Went back to Cerulen to the Pokemart and bought 5 Super Potions, 5 Paralyz Heals, 5 Burn Heals, 5 Pokeballs, and 10 Repels
-Caught a Meowth on Route 5 and named it Jitter
-Went back to ceruleun after getting the Vs. Seeker, Took the Oran Berry off of Jitter put it on Loppy, and stored Jitter in the Box for later


-While training a little I changed the Battle Style to set since I've been following all the other optional rules so far
-Got Loppy to Lv. 18
-Checked in on Lotus and it has grown 9 levels, but I'll come back and get it when I'm ready to head for the Cave
-Got the Bike Voucher
-Went to the Diglett Cave and caught me a Diglett named it Maxa
-Taught Loppy Dig since I have a ground Pokemon now for backup incase it faints
-Caught a Drowzee on Route 11 and named it Ronnie, putting Maxa and Ronnie in the PC
-After doing a bit more fighting Loppy is Lv. 22, Eva Lv. 25, Yumi Lv. 25 Going on the St. Anne now
-Laure just learned that Set is more like Competitve battles and you don't get a chance to switch out your pokemon before the opponent sends out their next one
-Battled a lot of people on the St. Anne. time to fight Nuze again
-Beat Nuze without using any potions, only Eva was knocked into the yellow HP wise
-Obtained HM Cut

April 16th, 2011, 7:34 PM
This is what happens when I play, but don't post.

Aaaah, I haven't updated in forever! I'm afraid I can't provide a detailed synopsis of my journey, as I had last time. So, here's the low-down.
-Beat Morty using Juliet and her Confusion attack
-Vulcan evolves
-Juliet dies to a critical hit Ice Punch, courtesy of Cianwood Gym's Hitmonchan
-Thwart rockets and their Mahogany operation, catch Kaz the Red Gyarados
-Fight Pryce to the death, his Piloswine being especially annoying; Kaz fought valiantly and paid the ultimate price. On the bright side, I got my 5th Badge.
-Tracey soloes Chuck with great ease
-Catch Kenji the Horsea in Whirl Islands, due to the awesome "No Dupes" clause.
-Fen evolves via Friendship and evolves into a Togekiss, immediately after that.
-Vulcan and Tracey somehow beat the Olivine Gym by spamming Magical Leaf and Ember.
-Frosti, the Eevee, becomes a Glaceon, as I'll need something to beat Clair with.
-Off to Goldenrod, where I attempt to beat the Rockets.
-Kenji fights off the rockets and manages to evolve into a powerful Seadra, in the process.
-Fen dies to a critical hit selfdestruct from Petrel's Koffing.
-Team Rocket is defeated, on to Blackthorn.
-Vulcan and Tracey are grinded to Lv. 40, Kenji is Lv. 36 and Frosti, 33

While grinding, Vulcan encounters a Graveler, and it decides to use Selfdestruct ;___;. Sorry, did I say Selfdestruct? I meant CRITICAL HIT SELFDESTRUCT, just like the one that took the life of Fen. I watch the HP dwindle, as I know my bro from the Hoenn region is destined to fall. 1 HP. That's right. 1HP. ~fin de citation~

-The Battle begins

I already know Clair will be a huge problem for me, Vulcan has no dragon attacks and below average special defense, Frosti and Kenji, my best shots at killing her Dragons, are frail. Looks like it's up to Tracey. She begins with Gyarados, which makes me think I should have redeemed my Route 39 catch and tried for Magnemite, who would have been a huge help, here. The Gyarados chokes big time. All it does it use Dragon Rage, while I poisonstall it and heal. Magical Leaf provides the killshot and the mighty Sea Beast goes down. My next adversary is Dragonair. With the SET clause on, I have Frosti switch in for Tracey, only for it to be blasted with Fire Blast. It survives, but not with enough HP to survive another attack. I send in Kenji to take the Fire Blast. Except it isn't Fire Blast, it's Dragon Pulse, which brings Kenji to sub 50 HP. At this point, I am freaking out, pretty sure I'm about to lose it all. I switch in to KENYA THE FLY SLAVE, which gets hit with T-Wave, and then I heal Tracey, who comes back in after that. Tracey gets paralyzed, but it proceeds to pull its Ace in the Hole. LIGHT SCREEN. Now, Fire Blast only does 30 Damage, I still have about 18 Hyper Potions and 20 Full Heals, and Iron Tail does around 50% of its HP. I don't even care that I'm paralyzed. Dragonair falls, as the team is restored. Tracey is ready to take down another one of this girl's Dragonairs. EXCEPT IT ISN'T A DRAGONAIR. It's the mighty Kingdra, with three 90+ base power moves and smokecreen, the bane of all players, let alone nuzlockers. Light Screen+Toxic+Magical Leaf. Problem, Kingdra? I send out Frosti to deliver the dagger, and it takes a Dragon Pulse with great skill, and I keep it out, as this Dragonair lacks Fire Blast. The next Dragon Pulse decides to troll me and be a crit -__-. Meganium comes back in and stalls it out, as it had all of Clair's other Pokemon. Not a bad gym battle, if I do say so myself. Only 1 major casualty and a resounding victory that made statement (although idk if that matters in Pokemon), Until next time, nuzlockers.

The Team:

Tracey (M) http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani154.gif Lv. 41; good perserverance; Iron Tail/Light Screen/Magical Leaf/PoisonPowder
Kenji (M) http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani117.gif Lv. 36; Loves to Eat; Surf/Dragon Pulse/Twister/Agility
Vulcan (M) http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani372.gif Lv. 40; Highly Curious; Zen Headbutt/Shadow Claw/Headbutt/Ember
Brad (HM Slaves don't get genders) http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani098.gif LV. 20; Likes to fight; Surf/Whirlpool/Strength/Rock Smash

The Box:

Derpie/Caterpie-Lv. 10/F
Trickster/Spinarak-Lv. 12/F

The Deceased:
Kaz/Red Gyarados-Lv.30/M

April 17th, 2011, 12:24 AM
Vulcan (M) http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani372.gif Lv. 40; Highly Curious; Zen Headbutt/Shadow Claw/Headbutt/Ember

Where did you get a Bagon in Johto...?

On my FireRed Challenge, I'm still grinding for the E4. All 6 of my team are Lv.52, but I want them all at least Lv.55 before I give it a go - otherwise Gary's Lv.63 Blastoise might cause a few problems...

April 17th, 2011, 9:40 AM
Well guys, after another week hiatus, we're finally back!

Episode 41:

Episode 42:

Finally at the Poke'mon league, can we make it?!

April 17th, 2011, 10:03 AM
Where did you get a Bagon in Johto...?

On my FireRed Challenge, I'm still grinding for the E4. All 6 of my team are Lv.52, but I want them all at least Lv.55 before I give it a go - otherwise Gary's Lv.63 Blastoise might cause a few problems...

I traded it as an egg, as I didn't want my team to be entirely composed of the same, boring mons that it was composed of, last time.

April 18th, 2011, 3:55 AM
Hey Karpman, I'll be joining this on Blaze Black (a 649 hack of Black with DW Abilities and BST Changes). I'm also going to be posting videos of each boss I fight (Exept for the Rival battle at the begining) so look forward to that! (Triva: This is the 3rd time I nuzlocke a game by Drayano)

April 18th, 2011, 8:48 AM
Think I'm gonna do this on Ruby !!

April 18th, 2011, 11:26 AM
I think I'm gonna go through all the generations on Nuzlocke....

April 18th, 2011, 12:12 PM
Here's the first three videos:


April 18th, 2011, 7:33 PM
I've just started this on LeafGreen. I'm nicknaming every Pokemon, not using HM slaves, and avoiding legendaries.

So far, I'm in the middle of Viridian Forest.

Named myself and my rival Nobody, for teh lulz. Made my character a girl.
Pallet Town: Got Adam, a male Bulbasaur.
Won my first battle, with 1 HP to spare. *sweat*
Delivered Oak's Parcel.
Route 22: Crit'd a Mankey. T_T
Route 2: Caught Ellie, a female Rattata.
Viridian Forest: Caught George, a male Weedle.
Grinded for a bit.
George evolved into a Kakuna.
Grinded some more.
Wandered around Viridian Forest some.


April 18th, 2011, 7:59 PM
Okay Imma make new posts now:

Team Rocket Appears...

Caught a Zubat at level 8, named it 'Zuzu'
Started training her, but seeing how **** its stats were at level 12, I dumped her IN THE BOX
Easily defeated all the trainers
Took the Dome Fossil
Healed at Cerulean, went to Nugget Bridge
Forgot about the rival battle.. and my Mark died :C
Barely defeated Toru with the rest of my pokemon
Encountered an Ekans on Route 4, but didnt have any pokeballs
Bought some pokeballs
At the end of the nugget bridge, Bulby died with a Critical Hit :C
Caught a Pidgey at level 11 and named him 'Paulie'
Trained the hell out of all my Pokemon so no one else dies
Paulie evolved at level 18
So yeah... not a very good couple of plays these were...
When Bulby died... I was so sad. I cried for a while, honestly. I wanted to just restart the game so it never happened, but I saved. Then I wanted to restart the whole challenge to get my Bulby back.. but I didn't. So yer.
If I did a comic Bulby would be my Nuzlocke, following me around everywhere.

Current Team:
Marge (Rattata) - Lvl 20
Mori (Butterfree) - Lvl 20
Paulie (Pidgeotto) - Lvl 20


Bulby (Bulbasaur) - Lvl 18, ♀

Zuzu (Zubat) - Lvl 12

April 18th, 2011, 8:42 PM
Omg things are getting tense guys!

Episode 43:

Last episode tomorrow guys, YOU READY?!

April 19th, 2011, 12:12 AM
I started on Ruby I'm using the "no duplicates cause" is that ok?

April 19th, 2011, 3:00 AM
Ill take the challenge on Pokemon Emerald.

Pretty much standard rules, I won't be taking any of the optional ones though =]

April 19th, 2011, 4:08 AM
Here's two more:

VS Chili

Vs Cheren (2)


Lvl 16 Jalorda http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/bw/495.png (Overgrow)@
Tackle | Leaf Tornado | Vine Whip | Growth

Lvl 15 Silvester http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/bw/509.png (Prankster) @
Faint Attack | Cut | Assist |Fury Swipes

Lvl 17 Brook http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/bw/515.png (Glottony) @
Acrobatics | Scald | Lick | Work Up

Lvl 14 Trap http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/bw/280.png (Trace) @
Confusion | Double Team | Teleport | Growl

This hack is really enjoyable, also one of my favorite things is that Cut is now a Grass attack, now I can get better coverage!

April 19th, 2011, 5:41 AM
I've just beaten the first gym! Here's my team so far...

Bugsy/Kakuna Lv8
Krunch/Nidoran♂ Lv12
Bubbles/Squirtle Lv13

April 19th, 2011, 6:14 AM
Well I've done the first gym on ruby here's the report:

- Got Mudkip(Torrent)as my starter
- Caught Wurmple(Sparkle) on route 101
- Caught Wingull(Seashore) on route 103
- Caught Zigzagoon (Zag) on route 102
- Grind-Pokecenter-Repeat In the process Wurmple evolved to Silcoon then Beautifly
- Helped Wally Get Ralts
- Caught Tailow(Voador) on route 104(Boxed)
- Caught Shroomish(Cant remember name)In Petalburg Woods (Boxed)
- Caught Nincada (Ninja) on the route next to Rustboro (Boxed)
- Grind-Pokecenter-Repeat
- Beat Roxanne not to hard considering I have 2 Water types
- Now i'm currently grinding Tailow for Brawly


Torrent the Mudkip lv13
-Mud Slap
-Water Gun

Sparkle the Beautifly lv12
-Poison Sting

Seashore the Wingull lv12

Zag the Zigzagoon lv12
-Tail Whip

Voador the Tailow lv4
-Focus Energy

April 19th, 2011, 10:42 AM
(Long time no update, whoops!) Painfully ground Abra up to Lv. 16 before challenging Brawly. I wanted to save Kadabra for his last, so I sent out my starter. Unfortunately, Brawly got two crits in a row and down I went. :( Whismur managed to take down his Makuhita before falling herself to a third crit. I sent out Kadabra against Machop, and oneshotted it. Meditite came out. I took out slightly more than half his health, and he hit me with something that took out more than half my health. I used a Potion, but disaster struck when he chose that turn to Focus Punch. Critical hit..... and Kadabra died. :( My others were so much lower levelled I didn't stand a chance. Meditite decimated my team completely.

Challenge fail.


It's a personal rule of mine that whenever I fail a challenge, I have to switch games. So I'm kicking it old school and firing up my Japanese Green. :) Starting with Squirtle.

April 19th, 2011, 11:21 AM
My challenge is over already... -.-

While defeating all the trainers along route 3, Nidoran was killed by Jigglypuff... Disheartened, I managed to push on. (Luckily Bugsy had evolved into Beedrill prior!) I then caught a spearow who I called Buuuurd, and added to my team. But then disaster struck in Mt. Moon. I was defeated by that Clefairy! I started off with Buuuurd so it could gain so experience, but the Clefairy was to strong so I switched out to Bugsy.... who was immediately put to sleep and pounded to near death. I decided to switch out AGAIN to Bubbles who I was sure would take it out. Wrooooong. My attacks did almost to nothing damage, and I was put to sleep. At this point, I knew at least one member would have to die. It was Bubbles. After Bubbles fainted I switched out to Buuuurd (as Bugsy had low health and was asleep) who gave a worthy effort but ultimately died. I then had no choice but to chuck out Bugsy who died instantly. Darn, I should've packed more potions...

Final Team:
Buuuurd/Spearow Lv7
Bugsy/Beedrill Lv13
Bubbles/Squirtle Lv14

Ps. I still have a Rattata in my PC, but at Lv4? Not worth it.

Pss. Fun Fact; every member in my final team's name begins with the letter 'B'!

I'll be restarting on Emerald soon...

April 19th, 2011, 11:44 AM
Quick update, but I got a Wooper and Growlithe, I'm currently grinding them up to speed.

April 19th, 2011, 3:56 PM
Well guys, here it is, the final battle!

Episode 44:

Last episode of our Rijon Adventures run, hope you guys enjoyed it! It was actually pretty fun, and kinda annoying/depressing/etc. at times haha

Well, until next time guys!

April 20th, 2011, 5:51 AM
Started off on Green. Beat my rival by a crit, trained up on Rt 1. When Sheller hit 9 I went across to route... 22? I think. Caught a Nidoran Female. Then went up to Rt 2 and caught a Pidgey. Currently grinding before going into the Forest. Nidoran's going to be my go-to gal, since she can't be poisoned. :)

Current team:
Sheller the Lv. 10 Squirtle
Nids the Lv. 7 Nidoran F
Flutter the Lv. 4 Pidgey

April 20th, 2011, 2:46 PM
Got past Nugget Bridge.
Also, I've decided that I'm playing with the variation rule that says that instead of just going after the first Pokemon on a route, you go after the first NON-DUPLICATE Pokemon on a route. Because I was undecided, then I encountered another Weedle and realized that having duplicates was a stupid idea.

George evolved into a Beedrill.
Beat Brock.
Adam evolved into an Ivysaur.
Route 3: Caught Penny, a female Mankey.
Mount Moon: Caught Quinn, a female Zubat.
Got through Mount Moon.
Route 4: Caught Sawyer, a female Sandshrew.
Taught Sawyer Rock Tomb using the TM.
Grinded some.
Beat Misty's trainers (but not her).
Grinded some more.
Battled my rival. Won, but lost my Sandshrew, Sawyer, to his Charmander's Ember.
Beat the Nugget Bridge trainers.
Route 24: Caught Zimbabwe, a male Caterpie.
Zimbabwe evolved into a Metapod.

Current Team:
Zimbabwe, level 8 Metapod
Quinn, level 15 Zubat
Penny, level 16 Mankey
George, level 15 Beedrill
Ellie, level 16 Rattata
Adam, level 21 Ivysaur

April 20th, 2011, 6:32 PM
I am joining. Sign me up for SoulSilver. BTW Can someone help me on how to do a spoiler tag? I started but i wanted to put mine in a spoiler tag like most of the people in this topic

April 20th, 2011, 6:48 PM
When you post a reply click on Go Advanced. Once the page opens, in the top right corner you'll see abc inside a blue rectangle. Once you're done typing what you want and highlighted it just click on abc and.....

Viola their you go!

April 20th, 2011, 6:55 PM
Brewds567 Thanks for the help man i appreciate it. Ok here is the Introduction. I know it might not be good but i would like y'alls Opinion on it.

It was 7:54pm at night and the young girl from New Bark Town was already ready to leave on her Pokemon Journey. She wanted to catch up with her Best Friend, Risa from Golden Rod City who already had all 8 badges. “I'll be a better Pokemon trainer then her, I know I will.” She started walking downstairs to leave to professor Elms, when her mom stopped her. “Erica, Professor Elm needed to ask you a favor” Erica sighed and annoyance. “I am going there anyway Mom!” The Mom then smiled and said “By the way, do you have everything you need to go out?” Here use this bag to carry things. And here is your Trainer Card” She then went back to sit down.

“Weird” She thought and then started to walk outside. Then her Marill walked towards Erica and she noticed her best friend Ethan and he just jumped up and walked off. “Can things get my Weirder?” She said out loud to her self and then started walking to professor elms. He started telling me about his research and talking about Pokeballs and all that good stuff. He also told me about how Pokemon like walking outside there pokeballs.

Then finally he let me get a Pokemon! I went ahead and picked Chikorita and named him Echo. I then started walking to Mr. Pokemon's house and started Training Echo. Then Ethan started being annoying again and I blocked him out and started on my Journey after showing mom my pokemon and giving me my poke gear. I am currently fighting in training as I am heading to Mr. Pokemon's house. I have gotten Echo on Level 8. I made it to Mr. Pokemon's house and got an egg and met Profesor Oak who gave me his number and the pokedex.

Then I began to leave as I got a phone call that someone a incident has happen. It gives me the instinct to grind a bit more, being worried for what might happen. So after some more grinding I started heading back to New Bark Town when a guy with red hair ran into me. “Ow!” I yelled and looked at the person. He scoffed at me and said “You got a pokemon at the lab. What a waste. That's a pokemon thats too good for a wimp like you. ...Don't you get what I'm saying?” I stayed quiet and growled as he tried to degrade me. “Well, I too have a good pokemon. I'll show you what I mean!”

That is when the mysterious trainer pushed me away and sent out his Cyndaquil. Echo was al ready out to battle this guy believing this is the person who Elm was going all crazy about. I defeated him quickly and he then pushed me out the way saying he was going to be the best Pokemon Trainer there ever was. He then realized he dropped his trainer card. He came back for it and swiped it out my hand. I tried to slap him but he ran away. After that I quickly headed to New Bark Town and Professor Elm and a police man was there. I told them what happen and the person's name was Silver. The cop left and then Professor Elm started talking asking me and telling me to go on my journey and become a Pokemon Champion. That is when I started walking to Violet City to start my Journey.

Echo the Chikorita
LV. 10
Razor Leaf

April 21st, 2011, 9:26 AM
Got to Lavender Town, beat Lt. Surge, lost a few bros along the way. I'm starting to think that teaching my Pokemon unnatural moves is cursing them...
A few things in the spoiler may be slightly out of order.

Zimbabwe evolved into a Butterfree.
Route 25: Caught Waldo, a male Abra.
Helped Bill with his teleporter, got the S.S. Anne ticket.
Beat Misty.
Route 5: Caught Tut, a male Pidgey.
Route 6: Caught Belle, a female Bellsprout.
Got the Old Rod. Didn't use it.
Diglett Cave: Caught Hipster, a male Diglett.
Route 11: Caught Juliet, a female Spearow.
Waldo evolved into a Kadabra.
Lost Penny to a Trainer's Magneton's Thundershock crit.
Beat my rival on the S.S. Anne, but lost Waldo to his Raticate's Hyper Fang. Good thing that Raticate died... >>
Got Cut.
Taught Cut to Hipster.
Got a Bike.
Beat Lt. Surge.
Got Flash.
Taught Flash to Zimbabwe.
Route 9: Caught Koufax, a male Sandshrew.
Tut evolved into a Pidgeotto.
Route 10: Caught Explodey, a Voltorb.
Rock Tunnel: Caught Tomboy, a female Machop.
Ellie evolved into a Raticate.
Had the Rock Tunnel tutor teach Hipster Rock Slide.
Lost Hipster to a Trainer's Onix's Rock Throw (I think).
Got out of the Rock Tunnel.
Renamed Explodey to Splodey.
Renamed Tut to King Tut.
Taught Ellie Dig using a TM.
Taught Splodey Shock Wave using a TM.

Current team:
Splodey, level 17 Voltorb
King Tut, level 22 Pidgeotto
Ellie, level 21 Raticate
Adam, level 31 Ivysaur
Quinn, level 20 Zubat
Zimbabwe, level 19 Butterfree

April 22nd, 2011, 9:52 PM
Update :

Took Zuzu (the Zubat) out of THE BOX
trained all my pokemon
Zuzu evolved into Golbat
Marge evolved into Raticate
Beat Misty
Got to Vermillion
Caught Diglett, 'Dylan' at level 20
and caught an Ekans on Route 5, 'Bok' at level 12
Got old rod, and caught a Magikarp at Vermillion, level 5 'Umi'
Put Bok in THE BOX
More training
I was really scared for Misty's gym, because Bulby could have just 1HKO'd her pokemon, and I didnt want to lose anyone else. Luckily, it was super easy.

Current Team: (YAY! Full team!)
Marge (Raticate) - Lvl 24
Mori (Butterfree) - Lvl 23
Paulie (Pidgeotto) - Lvl 23
Zuzu (Golbat) - 25
Dylan (Diglett) - Lvl 20
Umi (Magikarp) - 9


Mark (Mankey) - Lvl 18 ♂
Bulby (Bulbasaur) - Lvl 18 ♀


Bok (Ekans)

April 23rd, 2011, 6:02 PM
After I got to Route 9, I caught Groufon the Rattata. On Route 10 I found yet another Spearow, and I killed him. Two backups is enough.
I evolved Failkein and Molette to their final forms so I could get and use HM Flash.
Caught Boosh the Machop in Rock Tunnel
At route 8, I caught a Pidgey. I was hoping for a Growlithe, so that's what I named it.
Grabbed Kyle the Eevee at Celadon and brought down Team Rocket at the Game Corner. Hawkeye had a close call against Kangaskhan.
At some point before Rocket Game Corner, Heinrick became a Vileplume.
Brought down Pokemon Tower, accidentally killing a Gastly that I could have caught. Stupid crits.
Puny had a close call against Marowak's Bonemerang, and Hawkeye had a close call against a Rocket's selfdestructing Koffing.
Captured Snorlax on route 12.
Also collected Aerodactyl fossil and Legento the Horsea from Vermillion.
Still only one casualty. RIP, Deathfang.

Puny, Wartortle
Pekenese, Raticate
Pajaro, Fearow
Hawkeye, Nidoking
Heinrick, Vileplume
Molette, Dugtrio

Failkein, Caterpie
Kindle, Spearow
Petera, Spearow
Groufon, Rattata
Boosh, Machop
Growlithe the Pidgey
Kyle, Eevee
Omash, Oddish

Deathfang, Ratata, Lvs 3-3

April 24th, 2011, 8:01 AM
Got through Viridian Forest without losing a 'mon thanks to Nidoran. Squirtle soloed the gym with ease, the trainers AFTER the gym were actually more difficult... Mt. Moon was terrible. >.< Squirtle and Nidoran evolved, as did my Metapod, but I lost a few along the way... *sigh* Just got to the other side of Mt. Moon, going to grind a little before challenging my rival. ^^;

Nids the Lv. 16 Nidorina
Sheller the Lv. 17 Wartortle
Buggy the Lv. 16 Butterfree
Oni the Lv. 8 Spearow

Flutter the Lv. 5 Pidgey (Buttonmashed forgetting what I had out...)
Oichi the Lv. 8 Spearow (Critted)
Batter the Lv. 11 Zubat (Critted)

April 24th, 2011, 10:34 AM
Haven't done much with my LeafGreen run.

LeafGreen progress:

Route 8: Caught Harlot, a female Vulpix.
Route 7: Caught Ziggy, a male Meowth.
Beat Erika's trainers (but not her).
Beat Rocket grunts (but not Giovanni).
Adam evolved into a Venusaur.

Current LG team:
Splodey, level 23 Voltorb
Adam, level 32 Vensaur
Zimbabwe, level 27 Butterfree
King Tut, level 26 Pidgeotto
Ellie, level 25 Raticate
Tomboy, level 25 Machop

However, I've started a SoulSilver Nuzlocke run. No-dupes clause. I will be using the Pokewalker, where every route counts as a different "area". Also, for some reason I'm on a Shakespeare kick when it comes to naming.

SoulSilver progress:

Named my girl character Ophelia.
New Bark Town: Got Elan, a male Totodile from Prof. Elm.
Delivered the Mystery Egg.
Route 46: Caught Juliet, a female Spearow.
Route 31: Caught Iago, a male Weedle.
Dark Cave: Caught Rosalind, a female Geodude.
Sprout Tower: Caught Cordelia, a female Rattata.
Route 32: Caught Edgar, a male Hoppip.
Sent Iago to the Pokewalker.
Noisy Forest: Failed to catch a Paras.
Refreshing Field: Caught a female Kangaskan.
Beat the Sprout Tower Elder, got the Flash TM.
Beat Falkner.
Violet City: Got Togepi egg from Prof. Elm's Aide.
Put Kangaskan on the Pokewalker instead of Iago.
Used the TM for Bullet Seed on Edgar.
Union Cave: Caught Portia, a female Zubat.
Route 33: Caught Regan, a female Ekans.
Beat Proton in Slowpoke Well.
Forgot about the pre-Ilex rival battle; Cordelia and Juliet fell to his Bayleef.
Rugged Road: Caught Onix.
Ilex Forest: Caught Calpurnia, a female Oddish.
Suburban Area: Caught Magnemite.
Beat Bugsy.
Route 34: Caught Antonio, a male Drowzee.
Route 35: Crit'd a Nidoran male.
Route 36: Vulpix used Roar.
Renamed Magnemite Mercutio.
Renamed Kangaskan Gertrude.

Current SS Team:
Rosalind, level 21 Geodude
Edgar, level 16 Hoppip
Elan, level 16 Totodile
Mercutio, level 15 Magnemite
Gertrude, level 15 Kangaskan
Miranda, level 15 Togepi

April 26th, 2011, 4:15 PM
OK sign me up for a run on Leaf Green. Can't wait to do this challenge been meaning to do it for ages! Will post what happened after each gym.

April 27th, 2011, 2:00 PM
Sign me up for Platinum! I have not played it in ages.

April 27th, 2011, 3:51 PM
Oh I won by the way. My FireRed Challenge is complete and I've already started a SoulSilver run.

Neptune and Spiral destroyed Lorelei, Icarus basically soloed Bruno (although Spike stepped in to take out the second Onix). Icarus and Comet took out Agatha between them, Spike took out half of Lance's team before going down to a crit Outrage (as if that move needs a crit, haha). Neptune did the rest.

I led with Whiplash against Gary, and he took out Pidgeot before going down to a crit Hydro Pump from Blastoise. Loss #2 in the Elite Four - my least successful E4 Nuzlocke run so far. Neptune took out Alakazam, Icarus took out Exeggutor, Neptune took out Arcanine after a ridiculously long battle between Arcanine and Comet, then Neptune finished Blastoise off quickly with Thunderbolt.

I win.

Final team:
http://imgboot.com/images/aragornbird/062.gif Spiral Lv.56, female, Adamant - Brick Break, Body Slam, Substitute, Attract
http://imgboot.com/images/aragornbird/131.gif Neptune Lv.57, male, Serious - Ice Beam, Surf, Thunderbolt, Psychic
http://imgboot.com/images/aragornbird/012.gif Icarus Lv.58, male, Hasty - Dream Eater, Silver Wind, Sleep Powder, Safeguard
http://imgboot.com/images/aragornbird/006.gif Comet Lv.60, male, Serious - Flamethrower, Dragon Claw, Brick Break, Blast Burn

The deceased:
http://imgboot.com/images/aragornbird/015.gif Titania, female, Lv.3-12
http://imgboot.com/images/aragornbird/041.gif Bullseye, male, Lv.7-16
http://imgboot.com/images/aragornbird/021.gif Buzz, male, Lv.15-22
http://imgboot.com/images/aragornbird/135.gif Hermes, male, Lv.25-35
http://imgboot.com/images/aragornbird/045.gif Zorro, male, Lv.13-36
http://imgboot.com/images/aragornbird/049.gif Seer, female, Lv.24-49
http://imgboot.com/images/aragornbird/106.gif Sensei, male, Lv.25-49
http://imgboot.com/images/aragornbird/096.gif Jasmine, female, Lv.34-34
http://imgboot.com/images/aragornbird/034.gif Spike, male, Lv.33-56
http://imgboot.com/images/aragornbird/142.gif Whiplash, male, Lv.5-55

Like I say, I've already started my next Nuzlocke on SoulSilver - I've just beaten Morty - so please could the OP add me to the Champions list for Fire Red and the Challengers for Soul Silver? Thanks!

April 28th, 2011, 6:20 PM
R.I.P Odin, level 8-18



I..I only wanted to evolve.. Like the rest of you!


Firered Team







Nuzlocke is so fun but so sad. ;

Thankfully I beat stupid Misty without losing Meteor!

April 30th, 2011, 2:33 PM

Put Bok (from THE BOX) into the Daycare below Cerulean
While training, Umi evolved into Gyarados (finally) and Dylan evolved into Dugtrio
After more training, went tot he S.S Anne
1HKO all of Toru's Pokemon
Put all of my flying tpye pokemon (which was like... 4 :S) into the box
Took Bok from daycare, and went to Vermillion gym (all of my pokemon at this point were level 27)
Owned Lt. Surge with Dylan, Bok and Marge
Put Bok back into THE BOX and withdrew my other pokemon
Caught Spearow on Route 9 at lvl 13 and named him 'Jamie' (but seriously what is with all of these flying types!)
Caught Onix at Rock Tunnel, level 13 and named her 'Onyx'
Current Team:
Marge (Raticate) - Lvl 28
Mori (Butterfree) - Lvl 28
Paulie (Pidgeotto) - Lvl 28
Zuzu (Golbat) - 28
Dylan (Dugtrio) - Lvl 28
Umi (Gyarados) - 28


Mark (Mankey) - Lvl 18 ♂
Bulby (Bulbasaur) - Lvl 18 ♀


Bok (Ekans)
Jamie (Spearow)
Onyx (Onix)

Update again:

Dylan died in Rock tunnel from a Magnitude, level 28
After Rock Tunnel, caught Meowth on Route 8 at level 18, named 'Jesse'
Encountered ANOTHER flying type, pidgey on route 7
At Celadon, took the Eevee and named him 'Takada'
Got the Fly HM and caught Doduo on the same route at lvl 20, named her 'Doddy'
Started training again
Boxed Onyx (after taking her out for a while)
At level 30, gave Takada a Thunderstone
Not much happened, nothing like a gym or anything. I am really just training my pokemon so they are almost 10 levels above the gyms pokemon

Current Team:
Marge (Raticate) - Lvl 30
Mori (Butterfree) - Lvl 30
Paulie (Pidgeotto) - Lvl 30
Zuzu (Golbat) - 31
Umi (Gyarados) - 30
Takada (Jolteon) - 30


Mark (Mankey) - Lvl 18 ♂
Bulby (Bulbasaur) - Lvl 18 ♀
Dylan (Dugtrio) - Lvl 28 ♂


Bok (Ekans)
Jamie (Spearow)
Onyx (Onix)
Doddy (Doduo)

April 30th, 2011, 5:13 PM
Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8


April 30th, 2011, 7:43 PM
I'm going to have a crack at a Ruby Nuzlocke, using rules1, 3, 4, 6 and 7 (maybe 8, if I get spare time).

Also, is the whole cave treated as one area, or each level, for example, the cave on Dewford has two levels (or is it three?), or the fiery path (so If I encountered and caught a torkoal, then went into the back area and got a bagon. Also, in game trades or free pokemon (Beldum?), are they allowed?

April 30th, 2011, 9:04 PM
I'm going to have a crack at a Ruby Nuzlocke, using rules1, 3, 4, 6 and 7 (maybe 8, if I get spare time).

Also, is the whole cave treated as one area, or each level, for example, the cave on Dewford has two levels (or is it three?), or the fiery path (so If I encountered and caught a torkoal, then went into the back area and got a bagon. Also, in game trades or free pokemon (Beldum?), are they allowed?

An entire cave is treated as one area. So you cannot get pokemon from different levels of the cave.

Also, I do believe that in-game trades and free pokemon are allowed (too late for me if it isnt), as long as it is the first pokemon you get in that city/route wherever you are. EG. In Celadon city, you can go and buy Abra at the game corner coin exchange, but then you cannot buy another pokemon there/get eevee in the mansion

May 1st, 2011, 6:08 AM
Ok, thanks. I thought so, but I thought i'd make sure.

And, now for my first update.

On her 13th birthday, Titania awoke, ready to begin her Pokemon adventure at last...

I bounced down the stairs, all set to get my very first pokemon. On the way, mum stopped me and told me to go and meet our next door neighbour, who had a kid my age. I sighed, "Fine", unhappy at this delay. We had just moved here to Littleroot town yesterday, and I was eager to get out already. Says a lot for the entertainment factor, doesn't it? So I headed next door, where I was informed that Brendan is upstairs. "Oh goody. A boy." He seemed to share my reaction, the misyogynistic pig. I quickly excused myself and hurried out. Upon arrival at the lab, I was disapointed to find Professor Birch was out. So I headed back out, and, hearing a commotion, headed to the outskirts of town, where I discovered Professor Birch under attack!

Grabbing a nearby pokeball, I released Mudkip, and beat down the Poochyena. Yes! Victory! Heading back to the lab, I received Mudkip, whom I nicknamed Jachimo. I then (unwillingly) went up and found Brendan, and proceeded to cream him. He sulked, then suggested we head back to the lab again, where I received a pokedex and 5 Pokeballs. Finally free, Jachimo and I dashed out, eager to meet some new friends. Straight away, we met a Zigzagoon on route 101, who we caught, and named Luciana. Continuing on, we met Mariana, a Wingull, on Route 103, and Miranda, a Wurmple, on route 102. However, disaster was around the corner. While we were training, an unlucky critical hit ended Miranda's journey. With heavy hearts, we moved on to Petalburg woods.

On the way, Aemilia, a Taillow, joined our family. Once we arrived, we met Mercutio, a Shroomish, and a useless Devon researcher, who hid behind my skirts while I took apart the Grunt bullying him "Take that, smelly grunt! Come back when you get a promotion!" I shouted after him. So, yet more training ensued, as I levelled Mercutio and Jachimo to face Roxanne. After they were sufficiently levelled, we went into Rustboro City, where I healed, stocked up on Pokeballs, for new friends, and Potions, for old ones. Then we went to see Roxanne. After waltzing through her followers, I faced her down with a Smug grin. And though things got hairy when a lucky critical hit left Jachimo on 1 hp, leaving Mercutio with the burden of finishing Nosepass, we survived, and I rightfully claimed my Stonebadge! Ha. Serves her right for using Rock pokemon. I stuck out my tongue as we left, then nearly bowled over that useless researcher as we were leaving... okay, running away from Roxanne's gym.

He informs me that his Devon Goods were stolen by that useless Grunt, and he wants me to get them back for him, because he's a useless pansy with no pokemon, and i'm super powerful. Well, kinda powerful, anyway. Well, we strolled on to Rusturf Tunnel, catching Balthasar, the Nincada, and victimising a few weak trainers along the way. Where's the harm in humiliting them a little? Just a little? Fine then, be that way. Well, where was I? Oh right. We arrived outside Rusturf Tunnel, where a devastated Mr. Briney told us how the useless grunt had snatched his darling Peeko. With the loss of Miranda, this made me mad. Stealing from a helpless old man! The nerve!

I marched right in, stopping only to catch a Whismur, whom I named Ursula, then, with Ursula safely in my PC (Still have no idea how that's even possible, but, whatever), we moved on to deal with that cowardly Grunt. As Luciana gave his Poochyena a piece of her mind, I yelled nasty things at the grunt until he decided to give in and gave back the Devon Goods before running off with his tail between his legs. Again. He really didn't learn much at Magma Grunt Training, did he Jachimo? Well, after delivering Peeko safely back to Mr Briney, we went back to Rustboro city to talk to the CO of Devon Corp, who thanked me for saving his employee (about time, I think) and I somehow got conned into Delivering the Devon goods to Slateport and a Letter to Steven at Dewford Town. But the CO gave me a PokeGear, so I suppose it was kinda worth it.

After much deliberation, I swapped Mariana for Ursula and made my way back through Petalburg woods to Mr Briney's adorable little cottage by the sea, where I shamelessly wheedle a free boat ride to Dewford and Slateport out of kind old Mr Briney. And off we went on a new adventure! Upon arriving in Dewford, I promptly dashed to Dewford Cave, where I caught a Makuhita (I was hoping for an Abra...), and named him Iago. A hard decision to box Luciana meant Iago was coming with us. But Aemilia was the focus this time, and I trained her up to destroy Brawly's Gym. And so, having trained her up, tonight we decided to rest in the Pokecenter, ready to challenge Brawly on the morrow! Well, bye all!

Current Team:

Aemilia the Impish Taillow
Female, Level 17, Guts
Met in Route 104 at level 5
Peck | Growl | Wing Attack | Quick Attack

Jachimo the Docile Mudkip
Male, Level 12, Torrent
Met in Littleroot Town at level 5
Tackle | Growl | Mud Slap | Water Gun

Iago the Calm Makuhita
Male, Level 8, Thick Fat
Met in the Granite Cave at level 8
Tackle | Focus Energy | Sand-Attack

Mercutio the Hasty Shroomish
Male, Level 14, Effect Spore
Met in Petalburg Woods at level 6
Absorb | Tackle | Stun Spore | Leech Seed

Balthasar the Serious Nincada
Male, Level 8, Compoundeyes
Met in Route 116 at level 7
Scratch | Harden | Leech Life

Ursula the Docile Whismur
Female, Level 12, Soundproof
Met in Rusturf Tunnel at level 7
Pound | Uproar | Astonish


Mariana the Quiet Wingull
Female, Level 11, Keen Eye
Met in Route 103 at level 3
Water Gun | Growl | Supersonic

Luciana the Jolly Zigzagoon
Female, Level 11, Pickup
Met in Route 101 at level 3
Headbutt | Growl | Tackle | Tail Whip


Miranda the Lonely Wurmple
Female, Level 3, Shield Dust
Met in Route 102 at level 3
Tackle| String Shot

May 4th, 2011, 9:20 PM
Can I do this challenge with Pokemon Green?

May 5th, 2011, 12:40 PM
Hello fellow PokeLockers..

Sorry its been awhile since my last update (girls become high maintenance after dating for a long time)

Chapter 4 - Lav-Cav-STAB

Well me and Hothead ran for our lifes but in result ended up running into Lavir..

HAA? What the-- Oh! Decade its you.. hey you wanna fight?

I don't really fee--
Go! Piplup!!

You know my life and future was destroyed by your ignorance

Pinplup Fly!

Is he daft Decade?

Do you mean by him never listening or the fact that he tried to make a penguin fly?

Then yes.. just tiptoe away while Pinplup attempts fly

After three steps we ran full speed into Lavir and then fell in a hole.. err.. cave. I didn't like the place very much is was dark and small and smelled like old people.. and.. I was hungry. After walking a couple steps Hothead blew and ember to light up the cave. But as the fire shot from his mouth he burned a sad victim before we could be arrested for homocide and theft(we took his rock smash disc) we dashed for a small exit seen in the distance from the hikers burning.. then we arrived in a new city which was disgustingly loud with construction.

Hey Hothead is thi--


Stop yelling in my ear we're in the center


My face flushed in shame as everyone stared me down.

Well you've all been great I finished this game already but had no time to update so I'll start White when its a clean rom.. but for now updates.. now I must leave.. Arizona here I come!!

Au Revior Lockamaniacs!!

May 5th, 2011, 1:03 PM
I've always wanted to do a nuzlocke challenge. XD I'll do it with Pokemon Red, if that's okay. :) Funnily enough, I'll be playing it on a red Game Boy Advance SP. XD I'll also be doing every rule.

Let's do this.

Hi Oak... wow! I didn't know what Pokemon are. /loljk. Seriously though, I just button mashed through the whole intro. XD I named myself Ret (short for Retribution; stupid character limit) and my rival Jub (shortening of my old username Superjub.) Yay, I'm small nao. XD Time to check my PC... Yay, potion. XD If I'm not using the Pokemon Centre, this will be useful. XD Time to head to Route 1 and meet the ol' Professor. Professor Oak said I should get protection (trollololol) from wild Pokemon. Hmmm, Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle... meh, I'll get Charmander, because I'm boring and always pick it. XD
Hehe, now I remember how bad the sprites were. XD I got Charmander and named him Agumon... that's not right... XD Jub receives Squirtle... I hope I don't die in my first battle. ;o; I used Scratch, which was luckily a critical hit. Hax is on my side. :P Oh my... two critical hits in a row. :O C-c-c-combo breaker, sadly the third isn't. :\ Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. ^^ I beat Jub, unsurprisingly (with those two critical hits, anyway. :D) and head to Route 1. I get a potion from the Pokemon Mart guy, which should come in handy. :> I'm suffering from nostalgia as I'm hearing the Route 1 theme. <3 The first Pokemon I meet is a Pidgey... shame I don't have any PokeBalls. :\ After a short trek, I arrive at Viridian City. Time to head to the Poke Mart. Oh, look. The shopkeeper wants to talk to me... shocking. ;) Yay, I got Oaks Parcel. :> Now time to head back to Route 1. Luckily, I can jump down the ledges this time, though. :) I feel like a cheater though. X'D I arrive at the lab, talk to Professor Tree (:P), and then Jub with his flippin' hair (literally) arrives. Oak gives me (and Jub) a PokeDex, shame I'm on a Nuzlocke challenge, not a "Gotta Catch Em' All" challenge. :| Jub says he's going to tell his sister, Daisy, not to give me a map. It's not like I know where every place is in Kanto, anyway. :\ The lab music is driving me insane, so time to leave~ Better get the Town Map, anyway. So I stop at Daisy's house. After arriving yet again at Viridian City, I travel west to Route 21, hoping to find a Mankey, or a Nidoran... no, a Rattata... D: Oh well... :\ I named it Bidoof. :3 Well, it was made before Bidoof, but IDC. Anyway, that's the end of the introduction.

(Agumon) Charmander lv. 7
(Bidoof) Rattata lv. 4

(I'll neatify this later. XD)

May 5th, 2011, 2:18 PM
I guess I can do it with the Japanese Pokemon games then, since no one's telling me no.

May 7th, 2011, 9:31 AM
I don't think I can speak fully on the account of the challenge but I'm sure Japanese games are all good with it

May 7th, 2011, 3:21 PM
Am I allowed to get the event Pokemon on Pokemon Green, even if I run into a Pokemon before I reach the event Pokemon? I'm talking about Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and Mewtwo.

May 8th, 2011, 2:00 AM
Am I allowed to get the event Pokemon on Pokemon Green, even if I run into a Pokemon before I reach the event Pokemon? I'm talking about Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and Mewtwo.

If you read the original Nuzlocke comic (and if you follow those "official" rules), then no you aren't allowed. I guess it's up to you whether you can catch them if they are the first Pokemon you encounter in an area; if you've bumped into another beforehand then you definitely can't use them, and repel-spamming to get through to a Legendary is categorically not allowed.

Frankly, if you were allowed to use Legendaries, then everyone would use them in their Nuzlockes and there'd be no challenge to it.

May 8th, 2011, 9:05 AM
What about event Pokemon I get in Town that aren't Legendarys and those fossils I get?

May 8th, 2011, 12:08 PM
^@Konekodemon yes you can use both but only one event pokemon per city.

I would like to try this in Pokémon Crystal. I will use rules 1, 3, 4, 5, 7.
We can use Pokécentres right?
Also: Can we do in-game trades?

I am adding an addendum to the rules. If I find a shiny pokemon in the wild I can catch it and use it regardless of if I've caught another in that area.


First Update:
So started the game :D
Named my character Moony, boring...
Got Cyndaquil from Elm!! :) Named it Kate
Got through the first route without seeing a SINGLE POKEMON :)
On the way to Mr. Pokemon I saw a caterpie and couldn't catch it yet though :/
Went back to Elm and battled rival on the way.
Named rival Nate.
Caught a Rattata on the first route (ugh) named it Ms. Mowz.
Continued on leveling everyone up.
Realized I was on another route when all of a sudden I was in battle with a bellsprout. Caught it and named it Belle.
Went into Violet City
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/gbc155.gif Kate (F) Level 9
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/gbc019.gif Ms. Mowz (F) Level 8
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/gbc069.gif Belle (F) Level 5

Second Update:
Went into the Dark Cave and tried to catch a Geodude, but OHKO'd it with a crit :(

Trained up belle in the cave until...
Caught it :)
Grinded everyone up in the Sprout Tower and beat Falkner.

Caught Ekans on Route 32, named her Medusa.

Falkner's Zephyrbadge

Current Team:

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/gbc156.gif Kate (F) Level 14
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/gbc016.gif Iago (M) Level 12
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/gbc069.gif Belle (F) Level 12
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/gbcs074.gif RockPolish (M) Level 12 ***Shiny***
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/gbc019.gif Ms. Mowz (F) Level 12

Medusa//Ekans Level 4

None yet.

May 9th, 2011, 4:01 PM
My Green Nuzlocke Team so far. I don't have all badges but the card maker made me put them on here.

May 13th, 2011, 1:44 PM
Imma go do this on Emerald now! Thanks! It sounds awesome, and I'm hoping for a Lotad somewhere...heh...heh...heh....

May 14th, 2011, 3:31 PM
I'm going to take a break from my other challenges and try a Nuzlocke on Pokemon Red.

May 14th, 2011, 6:28 PM
Alright so another update


After arriving in loudest city on earth we decided to head straight for the gym.. but instead of finding our first real gym battle since the second gym in the Hoenn region we found Lavir standing idly in front of the gym

Oh, Decade whatsup?

Move Lavir! I'm trying to get my first badge since being in Jhoto

What happened in Hoenn?

You don't remember? They gave us pins not badges.. and we didn't even battle almost anyone!

You didn't battle anyone?

You did?

Don't you remember? I couldn't travel to Hoenn so I sent my sister and you know she's capable of blowing up things

Oh yeah.... well.. Move so I can get my badge

No can do she gave me a stapler saying she doesn't have any

okae first.. She? Second.. Stapler???

sorry couldn't hear you.. but she gave me a stapler to show the elites what she uses most in her life to represent her.. oh and she's at the construction site

I walked away only hearing site hear stapler and life.. so instead of realizing what he said I went to the site to yell at the chief of this organization.. after running into a couple of Geodude I found myself at the furthest dug place assuming the guy piledriving the wall was the master plotter..


When I noticed the man not responding I got even more impatient


As Hothead sucked in a breath of hot air the man turned around and spoke

Huh? Sorry I didn't notice you there

Her voice was really feminine which really threw me off

uhhh.... yeah.. uhmm.. I was just say to you know.. get a little quie--

She gave me this curious innocent look that really put pressure into my words

I mean you're doing a great job! Eh heh heh.. do you happen to know where the gym leader is of this town?

Did you want to fight me for a stapler?

You aren't the gym leader are you miss?

Sorry I know its a little loud do you want to go to my soundproofed gym?

Before I could say anything she pulled me by my arm with an intense grip.. soon we were outside again shooing away Lavir and inside the gym.. she ran into a large rock trying to explain the construction.

You okae?

What? No? Cranidos move!


No Cranny he's just a frie--

Hothead let out a wild scream showing his rage...
Then almost instantly Carnidos came forward and tried to tackle Hothead and within a quickness Hothead was down on one knee and Hothead let out his draconic rage in last gasp.. Cranidos had landed a very dire hit on Hothead but couldn't finish the job..

Just take the Stapler and Leave before Hothead gets hurt anymore.. Cranidos is the cause of construction.. he died last week and his body denies the damaged heart his brain was put through a test and now it tries to move the body through oxygen that passes its brain.. I can't explain it the site is for burial and-- Just Leave!!

Crann... CRAN!!!!!

Crannidos Blared out in rage
But so did Hothead in response..

Cranidos' Rage seemed to be a small growl compared to Hotheads and Cranidos shrivelled in fear.

That'll teach him to scream at people

Yes my Charmander in fact did almost fain from a Critter Hitter so what? That's my update for the day see you tomorrow Lockers!!

May 15th, 2011, 12:49 AM
Update for Nuzlocke run.

-Started the game with Bulbasaur and named him Hector. I decided tat I will use Fire Emblem (FE7) names since losing a unit is just like this despite how they're actually used.
-Route 1 Pokemon uncatchable w/o Pokeballs.
-Delivered parcel and got me 5 pokeballs.
-Caught a Nidoran(m) and named him Matthew in Route 22.
-Caught a Pidgey and named him Oswin in Route 2.
-Caught a Kakuna and named her Serra in Viridian Forest.
-Grinded my current team to Level 12 where Serra will have her first attack move.
-Serra evolved into a Beedrill.
-Defeated my Rival and Brock quite easily.
-Caught a Spearow and named him Eliwood in Route 3.
-Caught a Zubat and named him Marcus in Mt. Moon.
-Made it through Mt. Moon and caught a Rattata and named him Lowen in Route 4 who I boxed.
-Did some grinding in Route 4 and Serra was defeated.
-Received Lowen who I grinded but was defeated too.
-After grindintg, I took on Blue was successful but Oswin was defeated.
-Since the area past the bridge counts as two areas (the bridge is one and the other is the maze near Bill's house), I caught a Pidgey (Route 24) who I named Rebecca and a Weedle who I named Dorcas.
-Grinded Dorcas and Rebecca where Dorcas evolved into a Beedrill but was defeated. Rebecca, Matthew, and Marcus evolve to 2nd forms.
-Got the ticket for the S.S. Anne.
-Decided to get Dig first but Eliwood was defeated in the process.
-Returned to Route 4 to grind against Misty but Marcus was defeated as well.
-Defeated Misty and caught a Oddish who I named Bartre in Route 5.
-Caught another Pidgey in Route 6 who I named Guy.
-Got Old Rod and caught a Magikarp for minor backup. Named him Erk and boxed him.
-Caught a Diglett (Diglett's Cave) who I named Priscilla and another Spearow (Route 11) who I named Lyn.
-Grinded new team members but Lyn and Priscilla got defeated. Guy was boxed after evolving. Bartre also evolved.
-Defeated Blue again and got Cut who I taught to Bartre. Hector was defeated in the battle.
-Defeated Lt. Surge but lost Matthew as well.
-With only two Pokemon (Rebecca and Bartre), I retrieved Erk and Guy.
-Currently grinding Erk (mostly).

Active Members

Rebecca the Pidgeotto Lv. 26
First Met: Route 24
Moves: Gust, Sand-Attack, Quick Attack, Whirlwind


Bartre the Gloom Lv. 27
First Met: Route 5
Moves: Absorb, Poisonpowder, Stun Spore, Cut

Guy the Pidgeotto Lv. 24
First Met: Route 6
Moves: Gust, Sand-Attack, Quick Attack, Whirlwind

Erk the Magikarp Lv. 6
First Met: Vermilion City
Moves: Splash


http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani015.gif- Serra - Viridian Forest to Route 4
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani019.gif- Lowen - Route 4 to Route 4
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani016.gif- Oswin - Route 2 to Cerulean City
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani015.gif- Dorcas - Route 25 to Route 4
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani021.gif- Eliwood - Route 3 to Cerulean City
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani041.gif- Marcus - Mt. Moon to Route 4
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani021.gif- Lyn - Route 11 to Route 6
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani050.gif- Priscilla - Diglett's Cave to Route 6
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani002.gif- Hector - Pallet Town to S.S. Anne
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani032.gif- Matthew - Route 22 to Vermilion City

Man this was a large update. These are close approximations of what happened. These deaths mostly resulted in my careless ability to switch. This Nuzlocke with a Fire Emblem name theme is interesting.

May 15th, 2011, 3:03 AM
Hey there. First update! Oh, and I forgot to mention that I'm using the optional rules:
Nicknaming (duh)
I gots my own, too:
I can't go to any individual Pokemon Center more than 4 times.

-Did all of the boring stuff and got a Male, Mild Torchic, named Riley.
-Did more boring stuff, had a close call with May, but got through it. Went back to Littleroot Town to claim my Poke Balls.
-Walked through Route 101, fighting Pokemon and grinding.
-Went straight to Route 103, and lookie what I got; a Male, Careful Loted! I swear to you, that was the first Pokemon I saw and I am beyond happy with it. I named him Splashy.
-Went to Pokemon Center, use #2, first being when I came up from Route 101 the first time.
-Grinded and battled, getting my team up to level 9 and using up my Pokemon Center uses.
-Did the Wally stuff.
-Went to Route 104, found a Female, Impish Taillow in the grass. Took a while to catch, but caught it without casualties. I named her FlutterBum (would've made it Flutter Buns, but that would be two excess characters.)
-Grinded Taillow to match my team, and beat everyone with widespread effort from all of my team. Everyone at level 10.
-Used up Pokemon Center use for Petalburgh #2, and went to the forest.
-Saw a Slakoth, got it down to red with FlutterBum, and when I went to my bag--no Poke Balls! Ugh. I beat it for the experience and went on.
-Beat everyone, team now level 11-12.
-Went to Rustboro, used Pokemon Center use 1. Went to Route 116, found a Male, Docile Nincada, caught it. Named him Stitches.
-Stitches died.
-Beat all the other trainers out of revenge, and am contemplating weather I should go to Rusturf Tunnel now or later. Also grinding. Don't need to grind Splashy, because of his Water/Grass typing, which is death to Geodude, but I definitely needed to level up Riley and FlutterBum. To level 16-15.

Team so far:

Name: Riley
Species: Torchic
Gender: Male
Type: Fire
Ability: Blaze
Nature: Mild
Level: Fifteen (15)
-Focus Energy

Name: FlutterBum
Species: Taillow
Gender: Female
Types: Normal/Flying
Ability: Guts
Nature: Impish
Level: 13
-Wing Attack
-Quick Attack
-Focus Energy

Name: Splashy
Species: Lotad
Gender: Male
Types: Water/Grass
Ability: Swift Swim
Nature: Careful
Level: 12
-Bullet Seed

May 15th, 2011, 6:04 AM
*sob* I quit! My file got erased and I was so close to beating the game too. I think it happened cause I tried puting it in the gameboy player when its a japanese game, cause the seller told me there is no region block. But there was.

*sob* I quit! My file got erased and I was so close to beating the game too. I think it happened cause I tried putting it in the gameboy player when its a japanese game, cause the seller told me there is no region block. But there was.

May 15th, 2011, 7:58 PM
We're back with the beginning of another series! This time, we're playing Pokemon Green: The Abomination of Communication Lost in Translation version!


We plan on this Nuzlocke run going quick; we're in the process of refining our audio/video stuff before we do our next full run. However, don't be surprised to see 25+ minute episodes of mind numbing game dialog, gratuitous cursing, blatant politically incorrect jokes, and terrifying cackling!

Hope you guys enjoy! Let us know what you think.

Episode 1:

Preview: It's the beginning of our journey! We're being introduced to some of the most painful dialog ever scripted into a video game, and of course we wouldn't spare you from it!

^ Credit to Zyrtec for the post - Zyrtec, of course, is the fellow playing with me haha

May 16th, 2011, 2:48 PM
Chapter.. uhmm... 6?
Frills give me Chills

After the painful run in with a female Roark I decided to head back to Jubilife city especially since Oreburgh was way too loud to even stand.. let alone sit. On my way to Jubilife I came across looker again.. with another series of phasing out I continued a little further into Jubilife to see Mr. Rowan staring at a couple of Bowlcut blue haired me.. it made me wonder why they decided to dye their hair such an ugly bright blu color but then again I decided not to think so hard and space out again but as soon as I started staring blankly at nothing Dawn had walked up to me when drool started to come out my mouth..

Decade stop staring at me you're making me blush

huh wha? Oh wait I wasn't stari--

oh save it silly I know that's why you're over here but anyways enoguh of that lovey dovey stuff we have to save Mr. Row your boat from the Blue man Group

you mean Doofuses with BowlcutZ?

yeah we should just call them DBZ.. anyways go Turtwig! Use--

Dragon rage Hothead!

After completely destroying them with one move I approached Mr. Rowan for a congradulations.. when he seemed to look displeased Dawn interupted his very rude staring with jumping up and down in front of me sing the Dora the Explorer "We did it" theme

[COLOR="Green"]Mr. Rown?

you know you make me want to quit training and start plummbing for a living.. at least id get paid.. now Mr. Rowan--

its Professort

you know what I don't care anymore

I do! You just killed me Hari Stylists!

Here's a Fashion case!

The random dude that walked up to me got punched in the face by Rowan.. and I just walked away Jubilife was to intense for me and I wanted nothing to do with it.. so Me and Hothead continued north into a cave and found a couple of rocks.. lots of rocks.. so me and Hothead had a Rock crushing competition..(I won) until we found ourselves in Floroma town where averything was Frilly... But Frills Gave me Chills

I'll be back with another update in a couple hours

May 16th, 2011, 3:21 PM
Episode 2:

May 17th, 2011, 11:39 AM
Hope its okay to do this double post, no one else is replying :P

Episode 3:


May 17th, 2011, 2:19 PM
Axman, loving the videos! Keep them coming!

May 18th, 2011, 4:00 PM
Axman, loving the videos! Keep them coming!

Thanks for the support man, means a lot!

Episode 4:

May 19th, 2011, 3:02 PM
Yeeeepisode 5:

May 19th, 2011, 7:41 PM
Hello lockers..

Axman great videos but episode 4 and 5 were just a black screen? Is it my phone or is it like that?

Chapter 7 - Mars be the one.. I mean is

We walked inside of the metropolis of flowers only to burn down half the town to see ashes and fire rise and fall and rise and fall again when we came across a small little girl crying..

Ugh I hate being a protagonist in these moments.. What is it little girl did you drop your ice cream? Did team dofus do something?....... Did you drop your ice cream?

No my dad is being held captive by the--

Whoa whoa whoa! Why do you have to use big words like captive? I don't even know what that means! You're talking like, I don't know, 25! How old are you?

25.. Nevermind that! Help my dad in the--

You're 10 years older than me! You go help him!

you're the protagonist help him now!

Yeah, but couldn't you have just dropped your ice cream?


Ugh!! I hate you!

I flared my arms as I walked off.. I headed to the nearby powerplant hoping I was going the right way because I realized she never told me where I was going.. when I entered some dofus battled me who fell effortlessly........ then he locked the door.

Hothead let's use our new move!


No.. let's use Go all out and make sure we hit home.. yeah Flamethrower you idiot!

Well you don't have to be so mean

As Hothead used flamethrower to melt the door we took the power plant by storm. During our process over OHKOs we had a very special moment.. He evolved into the mighty Black Charizard. But after that I decided to Fight the biggest doofus looking guy there..

But it didn't seem to happen that way....

You there with the red hair! You look stupid fight me for the 25 year old girls.. err young womans father..

I'm just fine I came voluntarily

The scientist that was typing quickly ran up to my face I grabbed his arm and demanded a Flamethrower from Hothead and blow up the Power Plant..

We eventually met up with the.. Young Lady to bring her the scientist

Here's you're father ms.

that's not my father!

Its not?

Suddenly I here footsteps in the distance of the man running away..

where's my red head father Mars?

Well you got ice cream

That's not the--

I slapped the ice cream from her hand..

Well it seems that you have dropped your ice cream

Sorry had to reference to the engrish language I've seen in Axzyr's videos

May 20th, 2011, 2:02 PM
Thanks man! And really? The episodes seem fine to me, perhaps its your connection during the time of watching?

Anyway, Episode 6: