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February 3rd, 2011, 8:58 AM
i know its kinda late but only by a month. but i was hoping we could have a challenge to read/ watch 100 books or movies. i know the people like me who love reading have no problems with this but for others who like reading it might be a cool way to keep track of the books of how many books the read in a year. same goes for movies i know alot of people go and see alot of movies or rent them so y not keep track of them.

the rules are quite simple: just read or watch a movie u havent seen/read before and then post here and i will try to keep track of the numbers for everyone.

I have done this challenge 3 years so far and its alot of fun. ^_^ hope you enjoy it too.

Book Challengers:
Eurydice: 9/100

Movie Challengers:

good luck ^_^