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March 3rd, 2011, 5:12 AM
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Unova Autumn Festival - Blog Competition
Have you ever wanted a PC blog? Well, keep reading!

In this thread exclusively, we'll be asking for people to write a review about how they felt when they first played the games "Black and White" / explored Unova, following the prompt below:

A Brand New Adventure

This can be anything about the start of the games - the atmosphere, how the music made the games better, anything really. It would also help if you gave some background information on the games too if possible. Either way, just write a review and don't forget to follow the rules!

Rules.1. Your review must be at least 10 lines long. You can check "quick reply" to see how many lines your review takes up.
2. Anyone can enter, but only those without PC blogs will ultimately win both a PC blog and an emblem.
3. You don't need to post about Black and White with your new PC blog if you win.
4. Your review HAS to be about Black and White.

That's about it, you have now until the 18th to submit your entry in this thread, but please don't discuss your entries, this thread is only for submissions.


March 3rd, 2011, 10:22 AM
So I just post this here?


As a Pokémon addict, I was pumped when Pokémon Black and White were announced, and Zoroark was revealed. I already knew the other games from heart, and this would be a completely new adventure, where everything was unknown, even the Pokémon. Soon after its Japanese release, I got myself a copy of Pokémon Black.
The first thing you notice when you start playing the game is that the conversations are much better. Granted, the main character doesn’t speak, but the NPCs seemed to have pretty realistic conversations, although I can’t read Japanese. Cheren was even impatiently tapping with his foot.
And then, the first battle. You get to pick one of three brand new starter Pokémon, and after that, your rivals immediately demand a fight. The first person you battle is Bel, or Bianca as she is called now. The aesthetics of the battle scene are simply amazing. Of course, it has been all over the internet and it was shown in commercials, but… The Pokémon move. All the time. It’s amusing to watch the animation of a Pokémon you have not yet encountered, because every Pokémon has different habits, either standing almost still, jumping around, spinning, flying, or even pulling up pants that fall down all the time.
After you beat Bianca, your room is completely messed up, there are even footprints on the wall. Of course, now Cheren wants to battle you, and after that, you are free to go out and explore Unova.
During your travels you will meet Team Plasma, an organisation aiming to free all Pokémon from their trainers, be it by pursuing them or even steal their Pokémon. You also meet a mysterious trainer called N, who claims to hear the voices of Pokémon.
Pokémon Black and white are two beautiful games with better graphics, more interesting mechanics and a better plot than their predecessors. With the seasons changing every month, you will keep finding things you were not able to access earlier. You will only find new Pokémon in Unova, which will give old and newer players the same gaming experience. With eight new gyms and a new Pokémon League, Pokémon Black and White provide a difficult challenge.
For fans of the Pokémon merchandise, this is of course a new game that you need ini your collection. But these games are also fun for newcomers to the series, and might just keep them hooked to the games for a lifetime.

March 5th, 2011, 3:22 PM
Not Complete...

I got up 9 a.m, as I heard my cat, Tuxedo, meowing for food (As usual XD) and the only thing on my mind: Pokémon White. So after feeding Tuxedo, my dad drove me to Wal-Mart to get this long-anticipating game.

As soon as we walk in, I can see children everywhere so I want to get the game as soon as possible, but all my Dad wanted to do was look at Clearance Sale shirts for $3. Somehow I managed to get him away from the racks and towards Electronics.

As I headed towards the video game shelf, I saw that they were being sold by the cashier so I made a beeline right to it. It seems A LOT of people wanted White as me since that's all I saw being asked for. Poor Black XD.

I also noticed they had Special Edition handbooks on sale next to the games. At first, I thought I didn't need it, but I couldn't resist getting such a prize so I bought it too. x.x

The drive home seemd to take forever as all I wnated to do was play my game. When we finally came home, I went straight to my room fetch my DSi. I then opened up the box, and gently pulled out the cartridge. It looked great. But trying to contain my excitement, I first examined the box and the pamphlets, realizing I had actually got the game.

I couldn't wait any longer, so I put the game in, turned on the DSi and watch the opening sequence start.

Even though I had seen the opening before, it seemed to be better watching it play on my DS screen.

March 6th, 2011, 9:54 PM
Please only post your reviews in this thread from now on - no more reserved posts, thanks.

March 7th, 2011, 6:30 AM
My Review: A Brand New Adventure!

It felt like I had been waiting for years - even though it had been little more than a few weeks - and finally the day had come. A quick trip to the local supermarket had resulted in the possession of my newest holy grail of video games: Pokémon White! As soon as I was home, my DSi was plugged in to ensure longevity and my completed and worn-out SoulSilver cartridge was prised from its plastic cove to make room for the newest generation of gameplay. Straight away I knew this was going to be something special.

From the first notes of the gently-animated GameFreak logo to the beautiful music that accompanied a gorgeously drawn cutscene - showing a mysterious group of people hailing what appeared to be their new king - my heart began to race. All the excited tension that had been building up in the few days before the game's release was finally coming to a head. Everything felt just perfect. And as the cutscene faded into a segway highlighting moments from my coming journeys, I couldn't take it any more. I hit the A button to take me to the start menu and couldn't help letting out a wistful sigh as I was treated to a fully 3D image of the legendary Zekrom. It was simply stunning that such a level of graphics could be achieved on a handheld console, so much so that I felt intense gratitude to those who had worked so hard on this game.

The usual start-of-game exposition began, and immediately I felt a rush of familiarity, safeholding me to the fact that this was a Pokémon game, after all. But that first meeting with the region's professor introduced me to the biggest feature that I had heard so much about already; animated sprites. Not the kind we've seen before, from the two-frame animations of Crystal to the much-debated sprite manipulating of Emerald and back to smooth, simple cycles for HeartGold and SoulSilver. These were proper cycling animations. Professor Juniper, as she was called, was constantly moving, blinking... even her mouth moved as I scrolled the text! I finally understood what all the fuss had been about. It didn't stop there, either.

The first moments of the game are ones any player will hold dear, whatever the version they play; the moment you choose your first Pokémon. This time, in a break from tradition, you don't have to head to a laboratory in order to pick one up. Your character and their two friends have been gifted the Pokémon, and since the parcel containing them was delivered to your house, you get to pick first. To some people, this choice is meaningless as they don't intend on using their starter during the game and they simply pick the most useful one so their rivals are forced to choose weaker ones. However, to those who play the game with full intent, the moment you choose your lifelong partner is one of great memories, of distant dreams and hopes, and of intense importance. This is the Pokémon who will accompany you through thick and thin, no matter what the cost. This is the Pokémon who will be your best friend and who will support you through every battle. This is a choice that could affect the rest of your life. At least... that's what I felt. I chose the Pokémon that spoke out to me the most, that looked like it could be a real friend. I chose Snivy.

The two characters who were choosing alongside me - I had been assured that they were my childhood friends - were Bianca and Cheren, and they ended up with Oshawott and Tepig respectively. And any veteran player will know what happens next - the first fight with your rival. But how would I fare battling two in a row?

Yes, in a break from tradition - yet another, which seems to be the trend for this generation - both starters that you don't pick end up with trainers who will battle you regularly. The first fight is normally not too hard; the starters are pretty balanced, with no elemental attacks that would give them an advantage and no opportunity for a same type attack bonus. As a result, it's not difficult to win both battles. It is difficult, however, to do so without trashing your bedroom completely, which I found to be a humorous little touch from the designers. Little moments like this end up being ones that stand out the most, and that make your journey feel so much more special - attention to detail is high and will leave you amazed that the game designers thought of such a thing. The battle itself is breath-taking; seeing your very first fully-animated Pokémon battle is something to hold onto. When I first saw my little Snivy tapping his foot and nodding his head, I thought it was adorable. Seeing the camera move around, showing both your side and your opponent's and exploring new angles, while you decide which move to use, is something I didn't even notice at first but afterwards thought was incredible clever to include. It's the nearest we have at the moment to Stadium/Battle Revolution-style battles, but on a handheld! In a mainstream Pokémon game! Simply marvelous.

A couple of new features introduced at the start of the game are the C-Gear and the Xtransceiver ("cross-transceiver"). The C-Gear is explained within the game and becomes important for wireless and infra-red battling, but the thing that amazed me was the Xtransceiver.

As you and your two friends exit on your way out into the big wild world, it's Professor Juniper who activates this, using it to establish a four-way video call between her and your group. The four portraits are displayed on the top screen and simply took my breath away. They were beautiful Sugimori illustrations, complete with blinking animation and lip-flaps as their character dialogue appeared. It was... amazing. I couldn't believe something so graphically gorgeous was being displayed on my lowly old DS.

It didn't stop there, either. Next was the first appearance of many by this region's Ratatta - Patrat. I don't know about you, but after ten minutes of gameplay, I was sick to death of Patrat. They're everywhere. Literally everywhere. So it was fitting that Prof. Juniper chose to teach us about catching Pokémon by capturing one of these scurrying rodents. A second look at Pokémon battles in the new generation's style simply confirms how great it is, and increased my respect for GameFreak. They couldn't have done a better job in completely overhauling the battle display if they tried. A quick trip to the lab and a staple of every Pokémon game is finally handed over - the PokéDex. To a trainer, a PokéDex is the ultimate challenge - to catch every Pokémon and to fill every PokéDex page is a great achievement, and one that every trainer strives to beat. Then Cheren, Bianca and I were set loose upon the world.

Stepping into route one, the feeling of expectation rose its head once more. It was more that I had expected. It was glorious. The atmosphere of autumn was perfectly emitted by the lush, russet trees and the red-orange falling leaves that floated past the screen as I walked. A brisk breeze flowed through the short grass, creating golden waves of light as the sun shone against each blade. Thick, tall grass offered a hiding place for all manner of Pokémon, and a gentle tune playing in the background accentuated the feelings I was having.

This was it. This game was perfection, and nothing could ruin my happy mood. I took my first steps down route one. The start of my brand new adventure.

March 7th, 2011, 1:20 PM
Pokemon White - The review:

It's been a while since I last made a review for a pokemon game. Everything in the game is a masterpiece. The music, the surprisingly new battle systems, the 3D enhancements, almost everything. The game really gives off the excitement what I've first experienced 12 years ago when I first played Pokemon Blue.

Every music themes suits well in each cities and towns and they are stuck on my head now. The battle musics aren't worth forgetting either, especially the gym leader battle theme which really boosts up the esteem.

The new triple-battle and rotation system are a welcome for the new version. The triple-battles are quite the same as the double-battles that were first introduced in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire but with a 3-on-3 battle instead of a 2-on-2 battle. The Rotation battle system is a new way of battling in where a triple-battle is implemented. You can rotate your pokemon team's place in any direction you want during your turn which makes your strategies more effective. The gym battles are pretty hard unlike the previous generations(III and IV). More and more the battles gets tougher.
I've also noticed the new way of giving out EXP.(Experience Points). The lower-level pokemon will get more EXP than the pokemon that has a higher level if used during a battle and survives. And the higher the level your pokemon gains, the lesser the experience points you'll gain. This new way of giving out EXP makes training a bit easier and harder at the same time.

The C-Gear and the Xtransceiver are the new gears of Pokemon. The C-Gear allows you to connect with other people around you and at the same time, it allows you to use the Game-Sync in which you can place one of your pokemon to the Dream World where you can meet up with other pokemon you normally cannot encounter during normal gameplay. the Xtransceiver(Cross-Transceiver) is a new calling device in which if you're using a DSi system, you can make video calls to other people around you.

If one would bring their good memories back to the days where Pokemon Red and Blue were one of the biggest hits in North America, for sure one would see how far Pokemon has reached from those days. From the basic 8-bit pixels to 3D gaming experience for a handheld gaming masterpiece.

March 7th, 2011, 9:57 PM
Pokémon Black - Yes or No?

Alright, let's get this started. About... A week ago? Yup, a week ago, my friend got his copy of the Japanese Pokémon Black. I know a little Japanese, so I asked if I could try it when I visited his house, started up the game and see the beautifully place cutscreen. Wow. My favourite part was the star falling on the ground and NINTENDO popping up. XD More seriously though, when I started the game (New Game) I saw Araragi walking in and that big present with Pokémon in it. Me being a Grass- starter lover, I picked up Tsutaarja (Naturally. ;D) After that I got so sucked into the game that by the time I left for home, I had reached the Day Care area. Based on that little all, I'm going to review Black, also based on what I have heard and screenshots.

Black / White have excellent graphics, and the new battle interface is very good. I like it how they decided to show us the entirety of the Pokémon's behind-side. Though I must say I like the prospect of Triple Battles, and the reusable TMs are excellent ideas, though painfully difficult to obtain. (The good ones like Psychic / Earthquake, that is.) The EXP gains are different, as I see. I swapped my Lv8 Choroneko for my Lv10 Tsutaarja and the cat gets more EXP? That is a good development, and is SO going to make Magikarp levelling easier. XD

Music. That is an interesting aspect of the game: while some themes - like Cheren's / Belle's - are irritating, some others like Team Plasma's is literally music to my ears. Now my favourite part is Plasma's theme, like all generations before. I always liked the villain theme.

Some of the attacks, like Sing-Around, are crazy and slightly hard to implement for the boost, but the Oaths were my favourites. Ahem -- my friend cheated to get the Hiyappu you get from the woman near the Lot of Dreams to learn Water Oath, and got Tsutaarja to learn Grass Oath. (Is that even possible...?) Anyway, I liked the effects given for most moves.

So Black - Yes or No? Not considering the names, YES!

March 8th, 2011, 7:51 PM
Pokémon Black and White Versions - Review
A Brand New Adventure For All
Written by ♪Twiggy♪

A New Generation

It's time to say hi to the new generation!

It's been a long time since the release of the first Generation IV games, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Versions. The old generation is about to come to an end with the release of the first Generation V games worldwide. This will mark the end of Generation IV for early adopters - and eventually, everyone will have moved on the Generation V. It's time for Pokémon Black and White Versions to make itself stand out - and it does a great job in doing so. Game Freak has poured a lot of effort to these games. Let's take a deeper look at the new titles, shall we?

New Locations, New Appearance, New Graphics
A new, beautiful and smooth experience!

I put the game into my DS and booted it up. After the expected opening stuff... I have to say, even the opening is impressive in its own way. This also marks the first time the main series handheld Pokémon games used premade video - the opening is a video. The video quality is as good as ever, compared to most other DS games with video. No noticable compression artifacts, aside from colour banding caused by the limited bit depth of the DS's screen and GPU. Whatever video codec they were using must be made allowed to be used by other parties!

With the new games, comes a new region - the Unova region. (known as the Isshu region in the Japanese versions and names vary by language) The Unova region has a great amount of variety, and it shows. From the rural town of Nuvema, to the big city of Castelia - all the locations show the uniqueness of the locations themselves, thanks to upgraded graphics. Game Freak has decided to improve on the graphics used by the DS Pokémon games in more than one way - building variance, texturing, modeling and image quality.

Buildings are more varied than ever, and there is actually a city that looks like a city this time around. The textures used on the world do not look like they were warped pixel art anymore. Cliffs look like cliffs. Buildings themselves have interesting things going on. The border pixel issue that has plagued the Generation IV games were gone with a different rendering method - only polygons that need to be marked will be marked, and not all polygons. Trees aren't sprites anymore. (Or 4-5 sprites taped together in 8-10 polygons.)

The best thing out of all the graphical improvements are the breathtaking views of the bridges. Going through the Skyarrow Bridge is an experience you'll never forget. It shows off the improvements really well that it makes Pokémon Platinum Version look dated. Very dated. And that's putting it quite nicely.

Besides that, many of the cities have their own unique themes going on for them. Some places also have their backstory, explaining why it is like that. The seasons, while a minor addition, also adds to the experince by introducing new graphical effects and variance to the Pokémon world and make it look prettier than ever.

Battle transistions have entered the new era, too. Now it doesn't look out of place compared to the rest of the game. Some of the new battle transistions do look rather funky. Well, it's better for the whole package, huh? It no longer looks like they came out of a Game Boy Advance game anymore.

As for the battle graphics, it was improved upon the Generation IV games. Pokémon Black and White introduces a dynamic camera in battles - now, the camera can now move around in battles. It sure makes battles look better! Most of the battle effects are reused from the Generation IV games with tweaks so that they run faster and cleaner.

But, wait, there's more! Permanent Pokémon animations - not just entrance animations - are now finally introduced into the main series games! Pokémon are now animated in battles. Well-animated, in fact! Instead of creating individual frames by hand, Game Freak decided to split a Pokémon into multiple parts and animate them separately. This makes for smooth animation with a lot of frames without taking too much effort and storage space. Now your Pokémon are not statues anymore! Some of the animations are quite funny, too! Scraggy, anyone?

Most of the interface is cleaned up, too. Compared to the Generation IV games, the new games does away with most of the clutter, prefering to put everything nicely. Of course, it's still based on the interface of the Generation IV games, so it won't look too new. Better than suddenly having to relearn everything, eh?

Aural Bliss
Get your headphones/external speakers ready!

The audio has also caught up with the new games. Game Freak decided to include some music which changes depending on the situation, enabling and disabling music layers on-the-fly. Even the old beeping noise when your HP is low was replaced with an all-new tune! Battle sound effects are as good as ever, as good as the DS can manage. However, I did notice some audio dropouts during battles - maximizing audio channels sometimes cause music tracks to drop out when a sound effect is played. The themes for some locations, as well as the battle themes, are catchy as ever. Props to the music composer for that! (Oh, and the audio hardware!)

Older Pokémon still keep their old cries. While Generation III and IV Pokémon fits in there properly with PCM cries, the Generation I and II Pokémon cries are from the old Game Boy days, and it sounded out of place in Pokémon Black and White Versions. This is understandable, as it's for consistency's sake.

The music is very fitting, as well as catchy. Pokémon Black and White Versions has fitting music for most situations, due to more reliance on its story. All cities and towns have their own music this time around - no two towns or cities share the same music. Route music is catchy as ever and conveys the feeling of being in an adventure well.

A lot of people you meet have their own themes. Some of the music found in the games will remind you of other RPGs. Looks like the composer has taken some notes from other games. There are unique battle themes for certain important characters and Pokémon, and I have to say that these themes are also the best of them.

Speed Up!
No such thing as slow!

One of the more common complaints about Generation IV games is the fact that the battles are rather slow compared to the Generation III games. Well, no longer. Pokémon Black and White Versions definitely sped up the game. Instead of 30 FPS as the Generation IV games use in battles, the battles now run in 60 FPS - ensuring smooth and fast action, compared to the minor stuttering in the Generation IV games. The massive amount of microloading in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Versions which caused the pauses during battles are no longer present. The menus are more responsive in the new games, thanks to the fact that the games are no longer locked to 30 FPS - the games now run as fast as possible. 2D menus run at 60 FPS, allowing for faster responses. While the overworld is still at 30 FPS, the amount of slowdown, especially at large cities or interesting locations, is almost nonexistant. The choppiness of biking at Hearthome City is now a distant memory!

The actual battle processing is also way, way faster than any of the Generation IV games, with speed comparable to the Generation III games, sometimes even surpassing them. Game Freak has adjusted the text speed so that what used to be Fast is now even faster than before. Before Pokémon Black and White Versions, the normal text speed is too slow, even in the Japanese version of the games. However, this time around, sometimes, "Fast" feels too fast! (And let's not get started on N's hyperfast text. That's a broken fourth wall for you!) Well, at least it's better for the game speed. Much better. I definitely would have preferred that kind of speed!

Actual Plot, For Once
Game Freak did it, for once.

The opening of the games will draw you in. Especially the plot. While Pokémon Platinum Version introduced a proper plot for the first time in a main series handheld Pokémon game, it wasn't until Pokémon Black and White Versions that the plot is important to the game. While players will not miss out on features for not following the plot, this time around, the plot will get people thinking about it. There are now interesting things about people you meet. The plot actually kickstarts within 30 minutes of your first adventure. I'll not talk anymore to prevent spoiling the game.

When you play through the whole game, you'll find yourself pondering about the stuff that happened in the game. This has not occured in any other main series Pokémon game before this set of games. Also, let me tell you, you might want to get prepared for certain stuff that you might not expect in the games.

Nice Way of Translating Things
As usual, excellent localization.

The localizers at The Pokémon Company International (hereafter referred to as TPCi) did a great job at localizing the Pokémon, move and location names. All the names are meaningful in a way or another. For location names, they started to use theme naming again - this time, clouds. Theme naming wasn't really present in the Generation III and IV games.

TPCi also did a great job in localizing the puns in the Japanese names of the Pokémon... or changing them into relevant puns in the English language. All these changes are necessary so that it is understood by international players.

Of course, I also find some Pokédex entries a bit funny. You'll have to see it to believe it! TPCi really went for the extra mile with that, right? At least they are still in the realm of "pretty good" quality.

Although the telltale signs of Nob Ogasawara's translation in past Pokémon works are now absent, thanks to a completely different translator working, the quality is still excellent. This time, the dialogue is mostly translated faithfully. Sometimes, a bit too faithfully. "The communication channel must be to be opened to receive Mystery Gifts." Kinda literal, eh? Still, at least, now that we get to experience a different kind of translation work... I'm impressed.

All Your Pokémon Design Needs Covered
There will be one for you!

The Unova region is home to a lot of unique Pokémon never seen before. You thought 151 was a lot? Move over, Generation I - this time around, the Generation V games introduces us to more Pokémon than ever!

What's a new generation without new Pokémon? This time, with the new generation, comes new Pokémon for you to choose from, to be your partners in your Pokémon journey. It's obvious that Game Freak is trying to break the mold and change things up in the new generation. Even though some of the Pokémon designs might look silly or something, you should give them a chance. Give it some time, and you'll find yourself loving them. Cute Pokémon, cool Pokémon, tough Pokémon, scary Pokémon, mysterious Pokémon... They have all of them, and there's lots of variety. I'll bet that you will find something that you like, no matter when you started Pokémon - or whether you started Pokémon or not.

Take Oshawott for example. You see, when this Pokémon was first revealed, it's pretty much the most hated starter Pokémon due to its... awkward design. But no longer. It's pretty much an adorable Pokémon... that eventually pays you off with awesomeness that is Samurott when you evolve it. Also, it's so cute that you'll probably be going to hug him so hard that it'd have trouble breathing.

It's like that for most Pokémon introduced in this new generation. You may not like it in the first sight, but when you give them time, suddenly, you'll be loving them. Loving them a lot. I personally love Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Axew and Zekrom. What's your favourite this time around? You'll find something you like. I did.

In case you were wondering, yes, there are no old Pokémon in the game until postgame. It's good for a change - they want you to try out all the new Pokémon in the games. Give them a try! Oh, and if you do still want them, you can do so postgame. Or get someone to help you trade them over. Whatever method that suits you. However, the Unova-specific Pokémon are definitely in the limelight!

Battle-ready Pokémon On the Go!
Fight with your favourites!

Hey, what about their battling capabilities? Not to worry! The Pokémon introduced in the new generation is also battle-worthy. Perhaps even better than their older counterparts. And even if it's Pokémon from the previous generations, not to worry! New moves, new strategies, new battle modes and new abilities, granted by the access to Dream World Pokémon will make them shine again.

Game Freak has taken a lot of challenges to make all Pokémon usable in some way, and that has shaken up the metagame. The new Pokémon are also of some use ingame, so there's an incentive to use the new Pokémon and other neat things.

TMs are now reusable. Remember the time where you find it difficult to use the awesome Earthquake TM you have because you won't be able to use it again without obtaining another TM? No longer! This makes the life of most players, especially competitive battlers, much, much more easier. No such thing as drawbacks, aside from the raised TM cost...

...Raised TM cost? Don't worry, the games now allow you to carry 7-digit sums of money! You probably won't have to worry about hitting the money cap. Just as well, as there are items which are supposed to be sold at a high price, which is also its only purpose. The addition of special NPCs purchasing goods from you should make getting cash even easier. People that gather in the stadiums in Nimbasa City every day is even better for cash and experience - it's fast, it's reliable, and it's always there, unlike the not-so-reliable Vs. Seeker. Losing the Vs. Seeker is not a big loss after all!

Gameplay Advanced
Really meaty gameplay!

The Generation V games, Pokémon Black and White Versions, introduced not one, not two, but three new battle modes for players. The first one, Triple Battle, allows players to send out three Pokémon at once to battle. This reminded me of most other RPGs found on the system, where a 3-member party is common. Strategy is more important in this type of battle, as positioning now matters. A Pokémon located improperly won't be of much use in a battle. Moves are even adjusted to take advantage of the new battle system.

The second new battle mode is the Rotation Battle. It's a variant of the Single Battle mode, where you send in three Pokémon at once, but you can only use any one of the Pokémon sent out. This makes prediction important, as you will not know whether you will be hitting the right thing.

The third battle mode... Actually, it's more like an addition. The Wonder Launcher makes item usage possible in player-to-player battles, using points gained from battling. Now you can be something like those NPC trainers that constantly use items! As long as you have the points to spare, that is.)

The game has become more difficult for the new generation, however, the games do also offer some help. Healing spots are scattered throughout the Unova region, healing your Pokémon for free. It's not just resthouses or Pokémon Centers anymore. Doctors and nurses can, and will help to keep your Pokémon in tip-top condition. Opponent levels were increased relative to the older games, however, there is an experience adjustment formula to compensate for weaker Pokémon. Weaker Pokémon can now actually play catch up, and fast! And there's always Audino for you.

Gym Leaders are beefed up this time around. They will now take advantage of any given situation. They are not idiotic. They can pull something now. You'll be sorry if you think you can charge through the leaders with only one Pokémon. Before you say "level grinding", the experience adjustment will make your life difficult. The game now promotes variance on your party.

You only need one use of Cut to complete the story. Only purely optional areas require the use of HMs. HMs are not bound to badges (mostly), so if you manage to receive a Pokémon with earlier-than-usual HM moves through a trade, you can use them immediately most of the time.

Another new mechanic is the Critical Capture. Well, what does it do? When you throw a Poké Ball of any type, there is a chance that a Critical Capture will occur, dramatically increasing your chance of capturing the Pokémon. One shake is all it takes, compared to the usual three. Rarely a Pokémon with a very low catch rate will escape this. No escape for others!

Some Extra Neat Bits
Some bonus stuff you have to know!

I gotta love TPCi for making the English (and possibly international) versions region free on all systems, even though it's a DSi, DSi XL or 3DS. It sure makes things easier for import gamers and travelers. Also, the games will be able to communicate with games from another region. (Korean versions are not tested yet, as they are not released yet.)

Now the games come with a software QWERTY keyboard. Perfect for people who prefer keyboard typing. And it's more convienent, since you do not have to switch pages when you need to change capitalization. Makes typing much, much faster. The new phrase-character input system works like this - you start with a letter and then fill in the rest, looking for matches. There's always the group option, but that method will net you the word/phrase quicker.

Using Mystery Gift has become easier. It's even easier than Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions! You can access Mystery Gift even without a proper save file now. If you do have a save file, the maximum amount of Wonder Cards that you can have is now increased to 12! Wonder Card sorting is also introduced, so you'll never have to have a messy Wonder Card album anymore!

The Final Conclusion
To buy or not to buy? BUY BUY BUY!

The new games are, in my opinion, the best Pokémon games yet, no matter what - main series or considering all the other spinoff titles. The almost perfect Pokémon game. The slight blemishes on the game are a minor thing - its sheer amount of good points completely outweigh the bad.

Whether you're a die-hard Pokémon fan, just starting up, too nostalgic or even not touched a gaming system, Pokémon Black and White is a great choice. Have you become a Pokémon Trainer today? All the new things make this a brand new adventure. You should get started, too!

P.S. Certain online-only stuff will not be in the review due to Global Link being down.

Graphics 10/10
Music 9/10
Sound 8/10
Plot 6/10
Gameplay 10/10
Lasting Appeal 10/10

Final Score 10/10

*Note that Final Score is not an average of all scores.

March 10th, 2011, 11:57 AM
Looking at the above (and below) reviews, I know I already have no chance, but at least I can say I tried. And hey, 100th (1146th) post lucky?

I had been highly anticipating this game for a long time. Ever since I saw Zoroark, had a couple of fangasms, and thought to myself "Wow, this looks badass, can't wait to see what the rest of the Pokemon look like!". And, day by day, week by week, it was all gradually revealed, and whilst the majority said things like "Eww these Pokemon are ugly!", or "OMG GAMEFREAK IS RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS!!!!!", or even things like "i coud do betar", I ignored them all, as I thought that these Pokemon were outstanding, in a way that not many others could see. The graphics - massively improved from previous generations - I honestly didn't really like at first. I thought they looked more Animal Crossing than Pokemon. Even when the game was released in Japan, and the internet was full of Roms, I thought the graphics looked extremely pixelly, and in general just looked pretty poor. My opinion on the graphics was drastically changed however when I got the actual game. The music...that music makes me feel so hot. Driftveil City has an amazing tune, as does Ghetsis's battle theme, although the chanting sounds more "Dennis" than "Ghetsis". Features...pretty damn good. I love how the Pokemon move, and there eyes shut when they sleep, they even blink; all of which adds up to make the game that little bit more realistic. And the idea of Random Battle over wi-fi is pretty good, although it's annoying when you battle a kid with his highest level Pokemon at level 14, run because you don't want to feel like a bully, then end up having to battle him again, win this time, and he disconnects. That got me pretty pissed off. I'm not too fond of the Poke-shifter, particularly the annoying little mini-game. Why should I need two DS's to transfer my old Pokemon into my new game? Something involving Friend Codes or something would've been much easier imo. I also love how they lower-cased the names. It's a lot better to look at:
"Youngster Example sent out Pidove!"
as opposed to:
And the musical instrument playing sort of people are [i]amazing.
There were a few thing in the game, however, that I did not like. For example, the trainers in the post-game use extremely high level Pokemon. Why is there a trainer with a level 68 Lapras when my highest level Pokemon after the league was my level 51 Samurott? And the sages, you don't even get to battle them. I was really looking forward to seeing what Pokemon they would use. And Musicals...me no likey Musicals. You don't even do anything...you put accessories that don't fit the body onto your Pokemon and watch them move from side to side. Wow. That is definitely why I bought this game. No VS Seeker? I think this one pretty much speaks for itself.

All in all though, this was a truly spectacular game, utterly magnificent, and if I use big words I might have a better chance of winning /shot.

And that's it. Doubt I'll win, but at least I can...oh, I said that already. xD

Moon Dreamer
March 10th, 2011, 7:47 PM
even though im not much of a competive battler i must say pokemon black is mind blowing
the graphics are amazing and the pokemon are very interesting to hunt
my favorite thing about pokemon black is the pokemon musical
i can't tell you how amused i am everytime i enter a pokemon to take part
the gyms are much more challenging which great because it makes me think more about strategy
one of the parts that are still a disappointment to me is the gts
no one seems to know what a fair trade is anymore
its like for a little snivy they want something major like zorua which bothers me
in the end i hope to see better challenging stuff after the elite 4
like the ability to go to different regions and fight more gym leaders
with my team which i am working on to be the best for online battling

March 10th, 2011, 11:41 PM
So far i'd say the best improvement is speed, me being an impatient person noticed the battle speed difference instantly, and really aprieciates the increase of pace. Now as for the creativity of the new pokemon... (this is just my opinion and all but) i feel they could of tried a little harder especially with the names.. i mean patrat?? come on.. anyway over all decent game, im always happy for a new region to beat and more options to compete with and this satisfied that need for now, so no complaints here :)
Also i got it the day before it came out!! :D i know a guy lol
And some of the new abilities kick a** i mean butt hehe..

March 11th, 2011, 6:50 AM
So, it was an issue for me and a good friend of mine getting Black and White. We had decided I would get White because I liked the more primitive areas, and he would get Black for its more futuristic places. But we wanted each others' legends, so we decided we'd trade those once we had gotten them.

Fortunately, another good friend of mine brought me to the midnight release and he paid off the difference from my $20. We grabbed a bite to eat, went back to his place and played it like crazy.

Racing back and forth, always competing to see who was further and who had better Pokemon. Before the 1st gym we had a battle, in which I won just by a little bit (: All night it was played, and all day the next. This kept on repeating until today.

My judgment on the game is that it is most definitely one of the best Pokemon (especially recent) games made to date. For once it made me feel a little something, specifically at the castle when you go into the room that the Shadow Triad leads you into (btw, I LOVE them!).

I'm absolutely in love with this game. The new character looks much better than the previous ones as well. Wish there were more post-game content, but I know I'll be enveloped in this game for a very long time.

March 11th, 2011, 7:28 AM
Pokémon Black and White Review
Specifically made for everyone who loves the new generation...
4th Generation made me lose a bit of my love for Pokémon, I hated that generation so much that I only played 4th gen on Pokémon Online. Then, the 5th Generation was announced. I became hyped, very happy, so cheerful―even up to the point that I was so overhyped I almost fainted. It was released on Japan, and 5th gen Pokémon were now being used in PO. And by competitive battling, I have encountered a certain Pokémon that captured my heart: Cofagrigus. Back then, Cofagrigus was still called Desukan. That made me really want to get the new games.

Then, it came: my Japanese copy of Black. I started playing, and carefully watched the intro and because of too much excitement, I turned my DS off and decided to go downstairs. Unfortunately, my DS was horrifically destroyed. It fell down the stairs. I have to give my Black cartridge to someone―and I gave it to my cousin. Although, even if I only have watched the opening scene, I already knew that this game is great. Everything about it makes it unique. A couple of things that I really liked the most are unlimited TM use and triple battles. Although I haven't experienced them yet, still they shine out as the best features of these new games.

Days passed, I decided to try and emulate the game. To my success, I did. I successfully emulated Pokémon White. So I started playing, and playing, and playing, and playing, and playing. I played some more, and more, and more. I can't really stopped playing it. Its addicting yet enjoyable. Even training your Pokémon is not boring. It excelled in almost all ways I could look at it. I also liked the way that there are more than 1 rival. Cheren and Bianca are to completely different people that really loves Pokémon. They bring life to the game itself.

Now, onto the Pokémon themselves. I've already told you about Cofagrigus, right? Well, that was only one of the new sprites that amazed me. Klinklang aslo piqued my interest, its artwork made me love B/W more and more. If you want to ask more, then just look at Snivy. Its pose is so darn awesome, it deserves to be called "the gangster". I nicknamed my Snivy, Smugleaf because that name makes me happy.

The game, in general, is made beautifully. Sure there are a few errors here and there but hey, nobody's perfect. Even Albert Einstein makes mistakes. If he can make mistake, why can't Game Freak? But if you really ask me, I'd give the game 4 thumbs up, and a rating of 10 out 10. My opinion may seem biased, even though it is, the game really is great. To anyone who haven't played it yet, I suggest you do. Else, you'd be missing the fun that everyone is experiencing right now. What are you waiting for? Are you ready for Unova?

Warrior Rapter
March 12th, 2011, 6:23 AM
What to say about Pokemon Black? I've played at least one Pokemon game from each generation, but with Black, I was at first shocked that no Pokemon from the previous generations would be seen until post-Elite Four. As I played through though, I became amazed with everything. The music's atmosphere fits every location. The 3-D graphics have much improved, and I especially enjoyed watching the Pokemon's animation in battle. The story was ingenious, I would say rivaling the story in Pokemon Platinum, if not beating it entirely. I also realized that the previous generation Pokemon were not needed post-Elite Four, the additional Pokemon in Generation V almost made it feel like I was playing an enhanced version of Generation I. I'm eager for the launch of the WiFi features, means as far as I know they are still updating the servers, just so I can explore more of what this game has to offer. I've only had one annoyance with the game: I understand why they are there, but does every trainer in the Unova region have to have one of the elemental monkeys? Seems like I seen someone with one around every corner.

Aside from the slight annoyance, I give this game two thumbs up and 9/10, because theres always room for improvement.

March 12th, 2011, 11:15 PM
[css-div="border-bottom: 1px solid #CCCCCC; text-shadow: grey 1px 1px 2px;"] Pokémon Black/White Review [/css-div][css-div="padding-left: 190px;"]http://i980.photobucket.com/albums/ae289/CKmaster/sigbuddies.gifBy Karpman of The PokéCommunity[/css-div]

Cue a myriad of bored Pokéfans jumping in joy at the announcement of a new generation of Pokemon Games. Like any new Pokemon game, Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White version both seemed to have an immense amount of potential once it stepped into the public eye. Following my favorite generation of Pokemon, I had high hopes for B/W, and at first, I imagine that it would fulfill them. One of the first screenshots of the new games, which showed the playable character crossing a bridge in stunning 3-D style graphics, as well as a video showing the game's fully animated battle system left us to imply that the game was promising, graphically. Most of the Unova Pokemon's designs were satisfying and unique, although were extremely poor, the 'dex managed to round itself out well. While Pokemon Black and White didn't exactly meet a few of my expectations, it ended up being a solid game.

The Pokemon of Unova
Like every new region, Unova managed to throw a variety of different Pokemon at us, each adding it's own unique flair to the pokedex. The first of these Pokemon introduced, Zorua and Zoroark, lived up to their hype. Their abilities and inspirations were a fresh change from the Dark Types of the past. All in all, these are two very well-done Pokemon and are quite deserving of all of their "fanboys". The Pokemon following Zorua and Zoroark's release, the Unova starters, were certainly an interesting bunch. Snivy was unimpressive, overall, it's design being less than stellar and it's moveset being bone dry. Then again, Serperior has access to Contrary, but that's another story. Tepig, the next of the starters, had pretty much stolen my heart from the moment he was released. I guess I could say I'm a fan of Fire starters when they aren't bipedal and overrated. Tepig's evolutions weren't horrid looking, but nothing great either, which led me to choose Oshawott as my starter. Tepig's evos also carried that horribly blasé Fire/Fighting typing, which isn't a bad combo, just overused far too much. Oshawott, the last of the 3 starters was the most interesting of all. If it wasn't quite obvious, Oshawott and it's evolutions drew their inspiration from Samurai and Feudal Japan. Dewott's, Oshwott's evolution has a lackluster design, and it's color was badly chosen, Samurott, however, is a different story. Samurott would have to be the sole reason that I picked Oshawott. The Japanese inspiration was obviously "there", and it's design was quite creative, I'd prefer Sammrott have gotten Water/Fighting for it's typing, but I'm content with it, nonetheless.

Many of the other Pokemon that were leaked in the early stages of B/W had creative designs as well, Minccino, Sandile, Axew, and Gear (albeit his evolutions are devoid of any creativity) all posessed either great designs, unique typing, or in Galvantula's case, both. The two 3rd Stage Psychic types introduced, Reuniclus, which is exclusive to Pokemon White Version, and Gothitelle, which can only be found in Pokemon Black Version, were two of the most unique Pokemon released with the 5th generation games. The only "catch" to them is that Pokemon's target audience may not understand where the two draw their inspirations from, Reuniclus being a homunculus and Gothitelle being a "Goth Loli". The only dissapointments about the two were their pre-evolutions. Duosion and Gothorita (not to mention Gothorita's name) seem to lack any form of creativity. My OCD and I are still grateful that the two are both 3-stage evolutions and not standalones or 2-stage, however. Excadrill was another of the better-designed Pokemon, not only is it great for battle, it has a sleek and strong appearance that really embodies its Ground/Steel typing. Unova's "Golem and Machamp" Gigalith and Conkeldurr, have some of the best designs in the dex. Gigalith is one of the better looking Rock-types of the generation, and Conkeldurr is quite unique. Conkeldurr, whose design seems to be a mix of an industrial worker and a street thug, is one of my favorite designs presented with the 5th generation Pokemon. Conkeldurr and its pre-evolutions are the first fighting types to be holding some sort of weapon, but GF really incorporated the Plank/Iron Bars/Concrete in well, and it really allows the 3 Pokemon to stand out. Last but not least, Chandelure and Braviary also boast great and creative designs, and are both fantastic additions to the Pokedex.

Since we're done talking about most of the gems of Unova, I figure it's time that we address the less than favorable designs. First up, Palpitoad and Seismitoad. Their typing is a bit clichéd, considering it's been used multiple times, and their designs are just horrid. Tympole is decent-looking, but these two just seem to scream "Derp". Woobat and Swoobat are poorly designed as well. They look bad, even compared to Zubat, who they are supposed to emulate. A psychic puff with wings sounds like something out of Yu-Gi-Oh, to be quite honest. Another of these unecessary Pokemon would be Durant, and I don't mean the basketball player. Not only is its typing unneeded, as 2 other Pokemon share it, one of them being in the same region as Durant. Durant's legs are probably the worst part of it's design, there's far too many and they all look out of place. Last but not least, we have the famous Stunfisk, who also goes under the name of "Flounderp". It's typing is one of the better ones, but it's design is just atrocious. To be blunt, it seems as if Game Freak deliberately created a Pokemon for the sole purpose of "being a derp". All of the aforementioned Pokemon that had poor designs easily outclass Stunfisk. Well, enough bashing some of the undesirable Unova Pokemon, I figure it's time to talk about B/W's graphics.

The one thing that really increased B/W's value would have to have been its graphics. B/W's graphics were a huge improvement from those of Diamond, Pearl and Platinum as well as the graphics showcased in HeartGold and Soulsilver. Nearly all of the tiles in the Unova region are either majestic, bright, colorful or well-made, most being all 4. The sprites looked good as well, especially when the artists had to cut down on their shading so that each sprite's animation would look more fluid. The Animations in the game, such as the Driftveil Drawbridge connecting and Team Plasma's castle spawning were breathtaking to watch, it was really great to see beautiful animations of what was going on, incorporated into the games. The most amazing part of the game, graphics-wise, would probably have to be the Pokemon League gate. It really showed the prestige of the Pokemon League and improved my gaming experience. My only two qualms, both of which are quite small on a grand scale, are the pallete of the grass and caves/mountains. To be short and sweet, the grass is too bright, and the mountains are too dark. Other than that, B/W's artists really earned their paychecks with their work on the games.

The Music of B/W
Like any new Pokemon game, B/W featured an entirely new soundtrack, full of energy and zeal. The feature to add certain instruments to the game's soundtrack by talking to characters in the overworld was genius, as well as a nice change of pace. Most of the towns and cities in the Unova Region had catchy and nice-sounding themes, especially Nimbasa and Driftveil. The biking music was a gift to the ears, it was somewhere in between the Sinnoh region's music and Mario Kart, but it ended up creating some blissful music to listen to. B/W's non-battle soundtrack would have to be my favorite, out of all of the games. As for the in-battle tracks, not so much. The rival battle theme is far too ditzy, and doesn't get you motivated to crush your rival, such as the Rival themes did in FRLG and DPPt. The gym leader music sounded okay, but the real highlight to it was the variation of the theme that played when the leader was down to one Pokemon. N's theme was subpar, unlike most of the Evil Team boss themes of the past, but I was pleased with the track that played when you battled a Team Plasma grunt. The Elite Four music was a real disappointed. It was intimidating, but not as majestic and powerful as the Eltie Four music in R/S/E, then again, it was a nice change from having one set theme for both the Gym Leaders and E4. As ironic as it may be, my favorite track from B/W was one that was only used in the Unity Tower, as the rumor goes. That track would be the Kanto Champion Remix (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEZrn5h7C-Q&feature=related), that some believe is hinting at a yellow version remake. All in all, the soundtrack of B/W was pleasing, but didn't completely amaze me as I had hoped it would.

B/W's plot was a minor enhancement from the "beat the evil team and catch the legendary" storylines of the past, and it even contained a plot twist at the end, albeit it was a predictable one. Team Plasma lacked any "admins" that you had to battle, which was a bit of a letdown, since most of the grunts were weak. I really liked how N fought you using Pokemon from around the area in which you fought, it really showed his passion for hating confinement and connecting with Pokemon in their natural habitat. It was also pretty neat how they incorporated N's goal of getting Reshiram under his control was incorporated into the gym challenge. The one thing I really dislike is that the only thing Reshiram/Zekrom's power was going to be used for (by Team Plasma) was to threaten people. Their goal seemed weak, when compared to Team Galactic's, and even Team Magma/Aqua's. The plot was another quality of B/W that didn't live up to what I had expected of it. I remember there was this crazy rumor way back when that N's brother was leader of Team Plasma and that he had sort of cut ties in the same way that Silver did with Team Rocket. I'm not really sure what I wanted to be added, perhaps some deep secrets that Team Plasma held or some plot twists that I didn't expect. The thing with the primitive and futuristic versions of Opelucid City, and the version-exclusive areas implied time travel, to an extent. In my opinion, it would have been nice if we had to travel back-or forward, depending on the version, to thwart Team Plasma's schemes. The plot was nice, and certainly an improvement from the previous storylines, but it could have been so much more.

Other Features and Closing Words
Well, it's time I wrap up this review and use this as a chance to voice my opinion on any of the features not mentioned above. I'll start with Triple battles, they seemed like a fun addition, but was also quite unecessary. The mechanics differ a bit from Single and Double battles, so that requires an extra aspect of Pokemon to learn. Either way, I'm indifferent, I may fight in the occasional Triple battle once in a while, but nothing I'm going crazy over. Pokemon Musical, the game's Contest/Pokeathlon-like event is, in my opinion, a great and fun way to waste time. The best part is that it's basically a big-dress up show, all for the purpose of watching your Pokemon "perform", no competition. Another thing I liked about the game is that they increased the diversity of the NPCs, having African-American characters, such as Aloe and Marshal, and having a lot of new trainer classes that one may not expect, like the "Hoopster". The Xtransceiver feature is another feature that really struck my fancy, being able to voice chat with Pokemon games , provided you have a DSi, is a great feature to have. The same applies to the Entralink and the Dream World, the mutliplayer features of Pokemon have really evolved with B/W. Another thing about the Dream World, that enhanced the metagame, were the special Dream World abilities given to each Pokemon as an alternate 2nd or 3rd ability. It's really great how some Pokemon have gained newfound usage because they had an ability that can really enhance a player's team, such as Politoed with its Drizzle ability. I figure I should wrap it up here. B/W was a fun game to play and it was great being a part of the hype and speculation.

Pokemon Designs-8/10
Other Features-9/10
Overall Rating-7.5/10

March 16th, 2011, 5:36 AM
Vaporeon7's Pokemon Black and White Review!

First Impressions
I must say Pokemon Black and White made a great first impression on me. I must admit as soon as I saw Zoroark I thought it would be pretty bad as I was in denial about the fourth generation ending but then after seeing the character walk on the beautiful Skyarrow Bridge I was hooked. Game Freak could not have chosen anything better to try and sell the games to me on looks than showing me a dazzling bridge with an angle of view that we have never seen before in Pokemon. Then if that wasn't enough Game Freak also showed us other amazing features for us to get excited over such as the Nimbasa Gym's roller-coster and something we've or at least I've always wanted: animated sprites in battles.

The Land of Unova
Like every generation Game Freak supplied us with a brand new region that surpasses the last. Unova was designed very well because it had great variation that went from wetlands and deserts to villages on bridges and skyscraper filled cities. Unova was also the freshness Pokemon needed after 15 years of bringing us all joy going back to its roots and 'starting again' by basing it on a country other than Japan. I was also happy to see more bridges then ever before as I am quite fond of them. The even better part about this is all the bridges weren't the same like we've seen in so many other games. Overall the main stand out point that made Unova the best designed region since Hoenn is that it is like nothing we've ever seen before and it has a lot of variety.

The Pokemon
At first I hated almost all of the new Pokemon. Pretty much sighing over most new Pokemon being revealed. And when I saw the whole list I thought that it had to be a joke because I dislike most of them. Some exceptions being Petilil, Lilligant, Galvantula and Alomomola. But after after about month I realised that I was still in denial about the new generation of Pokemon. I think I had completely forgotten that it had in fact been 4 years since the days of Hoenn. But as soon as I broke free of the denial that was preventing me from liking almost anything new I began to like most of the Pokemon. But of course there were ones I still despised. *coughstunfiskcough* After I had warmed up to their designs I learned their English names. Wow was I not pleased then. I almost found fault with every one. One of the only exceptions was again Lilligant. At that time when I saw the name Sawk I thought sock or Sawsbuck I though Starbucks. Again like before I eventually warmed up to most names. Stunfisk still bothers me though. After seeing some of the 5th generation Pokemon anime some of my opinions of some of the Pokemon changed. For instance I began to adore Oshawott after seeing Ash's and I began to like Pidove a little less, but overall watching the anime improved my opinions. But to sum up the new Pokemon get my approval.

The Music
I think most of the music of Pokemon Black and White is great. A favourite feature of mine is how in sum places you have the ability to add more instruments to the music such as the piano and drums to Accumula Town or the violin to Opelucid City. The music may have not reached the standard that Pokemon Gold and Silver set for me but it still performed exceptionally well. Another thing that was an outstanding first for Pokemon was lyrics in the music. Albeit japanese language it is still a feature that I am overjoyed that they did not remove in the translation. The music of Unova did very well compared to most regions.

The Graphics
Game Freak certainly outdid themselves with Pokemon Black and white. Skyarrow Bridge was a major standout. It was beautifully designed and had amazing camera angles. The addition of different camera angles then the normal 45 degrees was a huge thing for Pokemon Black and White. It was one of the things that impressed me when I was in denial. Castelia City was another big thing for me. At last a city that actually looked like one with more than 15 buildings and more than one or two skyscrapers. Game Freak also make lake water look beautiful being able to see the freshness of the water by being able to see the bottom. Before the battle with N has some of the best graphics I have ever seen and certainly the best from a Nintendo DS. It is a shame to see how pixilated your Pokemon's back-sprite is in battle but that is one of the few flaws that Game Freak actually made in this game. So long the days of a flat, same angle, black and white world and hello the days of a 3D world with bursts of colour and camera angles that allow you to see beautiful sceneries.

The Plot
The plot of Pokemon Black and White was a great one even though it followed the same main plot as all the other games where you had to beat evil to save the world and catch the legendary that they wanted. I loved N as a villain. Team Plasma may not be any Team Rocket but they sure were good. I loved N's goal to liberate Pokemon and I also liked how you had two friends who actually were good enough as rivals with one actually beating the Elite 4. The plot near the end was a stand out for me. I always like a twist in plot. And this reminded me a little of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. I liked how Team Plasma was actually evil (for the most part) all along.

Things That Needed Improvement/Should have been Included
Pokemon Black and Whites lack of mini games disappointed me. Pokemon Musicals weren't that entertaining as all you got to do was dress up your Pokemon and click twice in the performance. I would have enjoyed more with the Dream World still included. I was also disappointed that there wasn't a random weather pattern. It would have been really good if in winter it snowed in Castelia City and in summer there was a drought on Route 5 and maybe one day it would be clear on Route 10 and the next rainy. But all in all Pokemon Black and White didn't need much improving. One thing that constantly annoyed me was when you sent your Pokemon into battle and it would thud on the ground. If only Black and White used a time machine like in Gold and Silver...

The Good Things
Pokemon Black and White was full of great things but I will only mention the stand out things. The battles are so mush quicker then they were in the 4th generation. Trading and battling because so much easier not being limited to the Pokemon in your party and having access to your box. One thing that annoyed me and most people was the 6 Pokemon a day restriction when transferring Pokemon from an old game. Well Pokemon Black and White solved this making and unlimited amount of Pokemon a day. And what about when using Pokemon Black and White on a DSi/DSiXL/3DS being able to connect to WPA internet. This is so great for people like me who couldn't use Nintendo Wifi in the 4th Generation and had a lack of hotspots.

In Conclusion
In conclusion Pokemon Black and White are must buy games. They are certainly nothing like you've ever seen before and something everyone just has to try.Something new will attract you wether it be the triple battles, Xtransceiver, the Dream World or any of the other wonderful new features.

Pokemon: 8/10
Graphics: 10/10
Music: 9/10
Plot: 9/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Lasting Appeal: 10/10
Total: 10/10

March 16th, 2011, 5:32 PM
Lambda's Black Review!

Topic: A new adventure in Unova

On a first note I will begin by stating that Black is one of the best pokemon games I ever played, and a exceptional game in general. Only a handful of series of games these day are truly great games that incorporate wonderful storyline, fantastic mechanics, and a vast fan base supporting the games. Pokemon however without a doubt is on this list.
Now I will begin my review at the beginning, but not at the start of my adventure but the opening scene. I always had a tradition that every new pokemon game I got I’ll watch the opening scene to give my self a feel of the game. So the scene begins with a shooting star falling down break into the letters of GameFreak and then assembling itself. My first thought of this was “ Wow this is just the opening for GameFreak I wonder what the rest is?!”. Next the main thing of the scene happens it shows N’s Castle and Ghetis walking down the throne room carrying a crown in the through a row of the Sages. Soon the view is redirected to N walking being ready to be crowned while having a flash back of his youth. Finally it show him being crowned and then the gameplay is shown about hopes, dreams, and whatnot. Then like most games it shows the version legendary (which for me is reshriam) but I found this quite impressive for when I clicked “A” it shows a dramatic close up of our Fire and Dragon type. This may all seem unimportant but it is the small things such as this stuff that I like and really count.
Finally I began my adventure. Like all games I’m greeted by the regional Professor which in this case is Professor Juniper the first Female Professor in the series. She the rants about the usual pokemon and humans and asks for our name. Now Finally we begin playing where like all other games we begin in our room. Next our friends/Rivals Cheren and Bianca come in informing you of the present Juniper sent containing the starters. Now like all other games you pick your starter, so does your rival(s), a battle then commences, you go thank the professor graciously, you then receives a pokedex, and now your adventure unfolds!
So now your off to do the cliche be getting your badges and defeating the bad, bad team of that region. But this is the 5th Generation and is new adventure that is unlike any other!

Critique on Black

Graphics- This section was easily given a 10/10. Every newer game has better graphics. However these ones were very well done. First the cities were such nicely made and extremely original. Next the pokemon were nicely made to. The scenery to was such a natrual feel to it and had such a different arua to them that no other game I played has.

Team Plasma- I have to say I was first a skeptic of this Team Plasma would be a bunch of losers and be a terrible team. But once I first saw them I became a instant #1 fan of them. I had only one complaint about them, I wanted to battle the Sages but I can live without them. This Team is like a combo of Team Rocket and Galactic.There plans were so carefully formulated and thought out with amazing characters in it and outstanding plot. This is truly one now tied with Team Rocket for me that this is the best team of all time so far.

Characters- Through out pokemon it was always a standard to have such great characters with deep personalities. I can easily name some very remembered ones such as Blue and Professor Oak from Kanto, Lance and RocketExecs from Johto, May and Steven Stone of Hoenn, and Cynthia and Professor Rowan in Sinnoh. When I think of our past gym leader I think of just obstacles in the game meant to be defeated with little or no personality with the exception of Giovanni and some of the Sinnoh and HG/SS ones. However I enjoyed very much that they played a bigger role this generation. First now I realize that every Gym Leader made a appearance out side of their Gym. I really enjoy seeing them out side of the gym because it makes us feel like they are really part of story and are people to. And lastly but certainly not least is N. N perhaps is the most popular character in the 5th Generation. When he is first seen he is seen as very mysterious throughout the first part of the game till while in the middle finally reveals him self as the Head Of Team Plasma and still is Dubious from then on. N had a extremely complex type of personality and even after you beat the game you are left with question. N however is one of the best Characters crafted and thought of.

Plot- The Plot this Generation was bottom line remarkably crafted, fitted, and thought of. The Plot was so interesting to follow and you were constantly being amazed. I just have to say remarkably done could not get better.

Miscellaneous, Final Thoughts

I just have a couple of last concepts of the game I want to mine on.
First Kudos to Nintendo of making a very big difference in the two versions rather than just having a couple of different Pokes.
Next I would like to say thanks to making the game much longer with great story line and pokemon. I usually beat the Elite Four at about 18 hours but on white it took me 40 Hours. I love games where it takes a long time to beat so many things to do :)
Lastly I just want to say this was a great gaming experience.
Grade: A

King Gumball
March 17th, 2011, 2:51 AM
The Story of a Crazy Fan

When I first saw Zorua and Zoroark back in Feb '10 I dismissed all excitement for a new generation pretty quickly. I did this knowing it would be many months before any more information would be revealed. So I forgot all about it until the legendaries were revealed. I dismissed b/w as I thought obsessing over theme of Black and White (all that was really revealed at that time) would be pretty boring, as it sounded like a pretty tasteless theme tbh. I didn't really want to know anything about the game until the pokemon were revealed, so I could truly get excited. When the screen shots were revealed I didn't want to look as I never look at screeshots till the pokemon are named. And as more and more pokemon were shown I started to think this generation would be pretty cool. After generation 4 I thought there would be no more, after the creation of Arceus and tying up of loose ends in Sinnoh. So I was surprised at how engaged I got after the first cluster of pokemon were revealed over time. And that is what led me to PC. I was shockingly excited for yet another region and needed somewhere people friendly to discuss about the B/W revelations.

So many changes `@[email protected]"
when it was revealed that Isshu would be set in America I was pretty shocked. Pokemon was always in Japan, so this meant that there would be many more generations to come! And then it was revealed that Alomomola was not after all a Luvdisc evolution. And that there would be no evolutions at all.... I was greatly peeved tbh and it made me neglect B/W for a while. Then I got over it, they did that in Hoenn as well, so I thought that it wouldn't be so bad, so different. A whole new start in a whole new continent. Another thing that peeved me off was the fact that there was no gym rematches OR that there was no follow feature, OR that there was no VS Seeker.... This m,ade me go back to not looking forward to the game, and I didn't think that it would be so enjoyable, and that it would get veerrry boring very soon. I never got over this till I got the game and found out how awesome it actually was.

At PC I actively posted in the b/w opinions thread, spazzing over each new pokemon over and over again. Goodness knows how many duplicate posts I made of the genie trio, Druggidon, Kyeremu... But I couldn't stops staring and examining every pokemon and discussing everything about them here. I just needed to know every detail!

However I avoided as many screen shot spoilers as possible and all images of towns, so that I could enjoy some surprises in the game.... but honestly, because all I cared about for ages was the actual pokemon, I wasn;t too interested in the towns or cities. I was interested in the new features, pokemon musicals. I thought it was an interesting addition and I enjoyed contests so I thought this would be a thing for me. The seasons was something I really looked forward to, and I thought was about time they added that. and Deerling was an amaaazing addition. I was so hyped to find there was a pokemon that changed with the seasons!

So yeah all in all before the game was released i had mixed feelings. I was so CRAZY about the new pokemon and I was greatly disappointed about the things they left out this time around but that leaves room for additions to make the third game impossibley more awesome

Speaking of the third game, I love predicting things it will have in it. I expect the follow feature to return, gym rematches, the VS Seeker or some other way to verse trainers again, Kyeremu to be the mascot and get a new form and some endless winter realm where it lives XD And that the third game will be called pokemon Grey!

ok... I am spaz typing right now XD It proves how excited I am, so sorry if some of this doesn't make any sense!

When the English names came out, I was sooo disappointed in most of them. I just adored all the Japanese names, and the english names were so goofy and uncreative... Crustle, Burgh, Sandile, Unova.... I loved the name Isshu as soon as I heard it, and Unova was something so completely different. I got used to Unova pretty quick though and I <3 it now <3 <3 <3 Most of the english names I have gotten over, and gotten used to as I expected, so it wasn't too much to stress over. I had always gotten used to the english names.

Really? What about us!?!?!?
Okay, so when Australia was revealed to get the games a week after Europe and days after USA I was P'd off. Like fuming. The most excited I have ever been over ANYTHING and we get it dead last.... with no visits from famous pokemon producers, with no day early release date, with no game based on us ok so what if i am being a drama queen here... i wanted and aus based game XD . Added on to the fact that my brother's router screwed over the Wi-Fi so no shiny beast or Victini for me, and the fact I had to wait an extra day, and would have hardly ANY time to play it because of 13 assessments due in a window of 3 wks.

Okay so I bought it for a reduced price because I am thrifty ^.^ I take it home.... I play it and freak out over the AMAZING graphics... I turned into a crazy anime fangirl and could hardly press the buttons right because of how urgently I wanted the characters to shut up so I could play. So.Much.Talking. Oh then they both want to verse me ;____;; I walk outside and there are Pidoves <3 and all the houses looks so 3D, it puts Platinum to shame. I love how all the angles change when you walk/enter a house/ walk on a bridge. I chose Snivy as my starter, because of how much I love Serperior. I thought the graphics on Skyarrow bridge were to die for, and it looked beautiful at night, seeing all Castelias lights.

I thought that all the cities were so much bigger and technological. Everything was so modern and fancy, which I loved, and all the Autumn trees and leaves were really pretty. I can't wait till winter. I thought Castelia was ridiculously massive, not in a bad way, and I loved how there were all those self absorbed people everywhere on their way to work. Before B/W came out I hated almost all the badges except the eighth one. But in game they truly look amazing, I love how the middle is the glittery glass, and outlined in the gold. I thought one of best areas I have seen so far in White was Charge Stone Cave. The blue electricity was so cool, and I loved the general look of it.

I liked how Bianca and Cheren follow you around a bit more, and sort if share the adventure with you, not like your other friends, running off and appearing a few times. These guys were true friends, although they got a little annoying battling you all the time. I liked Team Plasma's plot a lot, so far. There is logic to what they are going and they are just like pokemon rights activists trying to stop pokemon cruelty, pretty hypocritically kicking munna ;_; and taking it to the extremes. N was really mysterious and the way he talks to me was pretty random XD Like he expects me to really relate to him or something. And his sudden outburst at Juniper showed his evil side. I can't wait to uncover the full plot of Plasma, which I tried to avoid at all costs before it came out.

In pokemon battles it was great to see endless battle animations, that change under certain conditions, like how their eyes close when they are put to sleep. I also liked how when you send a pokemon out into battle it makes a thud as it hits the ground, but floating pokemon dont. All these details, the thuds, glitter on the badges, autumn leaves on the ground, electric currents in charge stone, differing camera angles in battle and on the bridges, animations and the different feel to the game that is what made it so amazing. every thing they left out has been completely forgiven because of all these small things they added making up for it. The new modern feel to the game suits me and I know I will buy black to have fun, non serious play throughs absorbing everything Unova has to offer.

11/10, best game I have EVER played. It has brought new joy into pokemon. And brought me to PC <3

And can I just say the music tracks have been excellent, especially Driftveils. So catchy~



March 17th, 2011, 7:30 AM
Well, whatever. I might as well enter. So here I go:

Pokemon Black and White review:

Okay, I'm going to list down the good and the bad for Pokemon Black and White.
The Good:
The Story - You are a Pokemon trainer set on a journey by renowned Professor Juniper to complete the Pokedex with your bestfriends: Cheren and Bianca, and along the way you encounter a suspicious group called Team Plasma who wants to free all Pokemon from the commands of humans, and another suspicious person called 'N'. I really like the idea of the story line. It's on the verge of Black and White morality. Yeah, I said it. Black and White morality means you don't know whether you're doing is good or evil. I mean face it, capturing Pokemon and putting them in ball capsules, and making them fight. Is it really a good thing? Also how awesome is it to have every Gymleader out of their gyms and contribute to the story? I wished that feature on Emerald, and I liked that they added it on Platinum. I liked on how the Elite four can also be out of the Pokemon league.

The Graphics - Oh my god. Scenery porn everywhere! 3D here, and 3D there. I don't know, but whenever I enter a new route, city, forest, etcetera, it reminds me of the Distorsion World. I mean, go and enter the Skyarrow Bridge. Zoom in, Zoom out everywhere! You also get to see your sprite on different angles. It's like the Distorsion World all over again! Which is a good thing. :D

The Sound - I never really paid any attention to the soundtracks of Pokemon game, but... B&W soundtrack is amazing! The OST track 'Emotion' got me, well, emotional! Also, the Bike theme and the red HP OST is amazing. In the previous games, I get irritated by it and I just mute my DS.

The Characters - There's the strict Cheren, and the loopy head Bel. There's also the mysterious N, and unlike the previous games, the Gymleaders and Elite Four actually has personalities! We also get the glimpse of the Champion's past. Character developments are everywhere.

The Gameplay - I liked the fact that they added Nurses and Doctors all over caves and forest. It makes me skip the part that makes me go back to the Pokemon Center and back again.

The Enhanced Features - It cranks it up to 120 of pure awesome-ness. First Gymleader isn't a Rock gym, Poison doesn't work outside of battle, the ability Sturdy, moving sprites, faster battle animation, and so much more! It's like, you entered a new generation of Pokemon, oh wait...

The Bad:
The Story - The story is good, but not well executed in my opinion. Especially N. I also knew what Team Plasma's real goal from the first time I battled them and without any spoilers. I took N's interest in me to be... an interest in me and kinda creeped me out. I also haven't got over the fact that how come lowly Team Plasma members knew of Ghetsis' scheme, but not N? Plot holes, plot holes. Also, THE GAME IS SO SHORT. I would like it if it's like R/S/E long, or HG/SS long. Where you finish the main game, and finish the second half.

The Graphics - It takes longer to enter a building. Especially if it's a building on the side, and especially in White Forest where the forest is zoomed out, and when you enter the Pokemon Center, it zooms in for about, I don't know 2 seconds. I also don't like the fact that there's talking heads in this game. That's for the Xtransceiver and really has no point. And only N, You, Cheren, Bel, Professor Juniper and your mom has talking heads.

The Sound - No complains about the sound, surprisingly.

The Characters - I failed to become attached to my rival, unlike in D/P/Pt where I was attached with Barry. I also don't like the fact that they didn't elaborate on any of the backstory except for N. I like to know more about Alder's and Brycen's backstory more. And I also like to know what is Drayden's role in Pokemon White. I didn't know that he was the Mayor of Opelucid City.

The Gameplay - THE GAME WAS TOO EASY. I beat the Elite Four with an underleveled team. I mean, I don't think my team is that good to beat the crap out of them so easily! And the Gymleaders are a breeze. The only Gymleader I have trouble with was Elesa, and that's because of her Emolga's. Her Zebstrika was a push-over. I also didn't get on why Skyla and Iris was so easy. I used to have a hard time with Winona and Claire. Hmph.

The Enhanced Features - The new features makes it hard for the game to be... challenging. Whenever I got my Pokemon to be poisoned, I use to rush to the Pokemon Center to get them healed, ASAP. I also don't get why there's lots of Nurses and Doctors around. It's not like I don't like it but, it makes the game unchallenging.

Overall Enjoyment: Despite on how I sound, I enjoyed the game very much. But I guess, it's going to be 8/10 for me though. I guess it's partly my fault for setting my expectations too high.

Well, that's my 2 cents.

March 17th, 2011, 5:51 PM
Just so you know!

Entries for the blog event will cut off in 2 hours and 9 minutes. So if you have any changes to add, or any entries to enter, do it now, because by then the thread will be locked.

Also, the results of this will be posted on Sunday, March 20, which is when this thread will be unlocked briefly to make any comments if you have any after the results.

March 17th, 2011, 6:58 PM

Pokémon Black and Pokémon White are the latest iterations of the popular Nintendo franchise based around the concept of collecting, trading, and battling monsters which can fit into your pocket. Black and White introduce over 150 new Pokémon to acquire and battle with, and feature a new region to explore, a new criminal syndicate to conquer, and several new wireless and online features to play with.

Plot and Setting

Black and White are set in Unova, a new region based off of the New York City area of the United States. Unova is a beautiful region, and is home to many interesting and unique cities and landmarks. At the same time, Unova is small and linear. The cities, towns, and routes are larger for the most part, but in exchange, there aren't nearly quite as many, and while many of these cities and landmarks are very enjoyable to explore initially, the majority of them become useless as you progress from them, and that's quite a shame.

Black and White feature the same basic, familiar plot as its predecessors, albeit with a few much-appreciated twists and modifications. Two rivals are incorporated into the story, in contrast with previous games which had only featured one, and both rivals mature and develop as characters and as trainers throughout the story. Black and White also feature a new criminal syndicate, Team Plasma, an organization led by a young man determined to separate Pokémon and humans, who considers the latter as beings who abuse Pokémon, especially by forcing them to battle against each other. It's an interesting goal, and it's a shame the concept isn't explored further, but rather only lightly touched upon. Still, it's a great chance of pace and a definite improvement to the criminal organizations of the past.

Graphics and Audio

As mentioned previously, Unova is a beautiful region. Black and White are amazing aesthetically, and the game's graphics are what stand out the most. GameFreak also came to the wonderful conclusion that bridges are a great way to display their graphics through a variety of different camera angles, and indeed, the five different bridges scattered throughout Unova look absolutely amazing. In addition, Pokémon now animate fluidly throughout the battle, and GameFreak have finally ditched the awful two-frame distortion animations that plagued the 4th Generation games.

Audio-wise, the game is not as great. Black and White do feature some great music--some particularly great tracks include the Wild Pokémon theme, the Team Plasma theme, the Elite Four theme, the Route 10 theme, the Driftveil City theme, and the Rival Battle theme. However, a good portion of the tracks are either boring or don't contribute to the atmosphere of their respective locations. Cries are another big problem--while the new Pokémon cries are just fine, GameFreak have continued to recycle the horrible, static cries of the older Pokémon. Not only are they inconsistent with the new cries, but they sound outdated and horrible, and there's no excuse for re-using the same cries for over 15 years.


Needless to say, the most important factor in any game is the gameplay, and overall, the gameplay is exactly what you'd expect it'd be, for better or worse. The battle mechanics for single and double battles have received no upgrades, modifications or refinements. Presentation has improved, fortunately, as a constantly-moving camera and the aforementioned animated sprites makes battle more exciting and fun to watch. And, as with previous generations, new attacks, abilities and Pokémon help shake things up a bit, particular when it comes to the adventure--indeed, Black and White is at its best when you're exploring Unova and discovering, catching and training the brand new Pokémon for the very first time. Even players that have been there since the beginning will enjoy the adventure, and the decision to exclude older Pokémon from the storyline was a great one.

Unfortunately, the adventure doesn't last for long, and virtually unchanged, the battle mechanics are the same as they have been since 2006, with the last refinement to the battle mechanics occurring with Diamond and Pearl and their physical/special attack changes. "If it ain't broken, don't fix it" no longer applies when battles begin to feel boring, repetitive, and outdated. Triple Battles and Rotational Battles have been introduced, and while there is a fair amount of strategy involved in both (the latter being considerably more strategical), neither are quite as enjoyable as single battles. And the biggest issue of all, balance continues to be an issue, with the type-chart remaining very unbalanced (c'mon, GameFreak, Grass-types do not merit 7 weaknesses), and many older Pokémon simply not being viable in battles at all, with notable factors including poor stats, lackluster movepools, or competition from newer, stronger Pokémon.

Luckily, GameFreak was a bit more innovative when it comes to the multiplayer options, and GameFreak does deliver in that regard. While the Underground and Secret Bases unfortunately do not return, we do receive a similar feature--the Pokémon Dream World. By connecting to the Internet, players can upload their Black or White save file online, and through the Pokemon Dream World/Global Link website, players can not only customize their own online houses for their Pokémon, but they can play a variety of mini-games, and by winning these mini-games, players are awarded Pokémon with special alternate abilities they cannot otherwise receive.

Outside the Global Link website, there are multiple other new Wireless features. The Entralink is feature where players can actually visit other player's Unovas (only through Wireless, not Wi-Fi, unfortunately), where they can interact with the other player, or accept missions, which in return give you special "powers", such as the ability to increase the amount of experience or money gained in battles, or to cut the prices of items sold in shops in half. There are also new Wi-Fi features, such as the ability to negotiate trades online through the GTS, or the new random battle feature, where players can randomly battle other players from around the world without the need for friend codes.

Bottom Line

Black and White excel in some areas, and stagger in others. They don't innovate where they needed to the most, but the wonderful additions, particular to the game's graphics and story, outweigh the shortcomings and the result is one hell of an entertaining--if a bit familiar--Pokémon game. They're worth the purchase, and while I hope GameFreak will innovate and modify the slowly aging battle mechanics with future installments, Black and White offer enough to entertain players until that day.

March 19th, 2011, 10:15 PM
And your winners are here...
After the long await, the winners for the blog competition for Autumn in Unova are finally in! First off, I want to say all of your reviews and summaries were great and those who didn't win this competition, still did a great job with their entries. I appreciate all the hard work and effort put into them, everyone deserves a high five!

But your winners of the review competition are... ;
King Gumball

Congratulations to those guys, and thank you all for participating! Have fun playing the games and once again, thanks for all of the attempts and effort put into entering these events for the release of Black and White. :)

King Gumball
March 19th, 2011, 10:28 PM
omgomgomgomgomg i had a heart attack just thenasfdk

Thanksss I didnt know how I would fair, when I took the risk of formatting my review differently to everyone else, looks like it was effective ^.^ And congrats to those who won with mee!! Thank you! <3

March 20th, 2011, 2:42 AM

Just... :O

I read down the list nodding, thinking "Yeah, these guys were awesome... wish I'd done more... wait what."

Thank you so much! I'm so happy! Thankyouthankyou! And congrats to the other winners, too!

March 20th, 2011, 3:26 AM
I won? Along with others? The competition is apparently pretty tight, so I was surprised that I won - and the fact that there are multiple winners, all 5 of them. Thank you for holding the competition, Kaori and Forever, and thank you for being participants in the event, all participants. I think I'm going to enjoy this new feature that I now have.

The most important thing in your review is your heart. Write it out - it'll do much good. I hope that this kind of event comes back sometime later for everyone!

March 20th, 2011, 8:18 AM
Well...the important thing is that I tried. I've said that three times now. xD
Congrats to all the winners, and well done on obtaining a shiny new blog :)

March 20th, 2011, 11:10 AM
Wow! After reading some everyone else's fantastic reviews, I honestly thought I didn't have much of a chance.

Congratulations to all the other winners, and thank you, Kaori and Forever, for holding this competition!

March 20th, 2011, 12:10 PM
You guys know that you cam also get a blog if you get to 1000 posts or become a supporter :)

King Gumball
March 20th, 2011, 12:26 PM
You guys know that you cam also get a blog if you get to 1000 posts or become a supporter :)

Umm no you can't. Supporter yes, but it is 5000 posts XD

March 20th, 2011, 12:54 PM
I can't express how long I've wanted a PC blog, and I'm beyond thankful that Forever, Kaori and Sotomura gave me the oppurtunity to get one. Congrats to everyone that won, as all of you were justified
in winning a blog, imo. I'm glad that the 5 top blogs were recognized, as I did think my chances of winning were slowly declining as I saw some really solid and well-done reviews coming after my own, nonetheless,
this was certainly an experience that I was glad to be a part of.

March 20th, 2011, 2:15 PM
Oh man i knew i wasnt going to win but i wish well congrats guys!

March 20th, 2011, 10:43 PM
Aww. Well, I didn't really expect that I'd win anyway, but atleast I tried. Congratulations to the winners, though. :D

March 22nd, 2011, 5:39 AM
Oh, congratulations, you winners! ^.~ Use your new blog well~