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December 8th, 2004, 9:38 AM
Hey that's me, domino jack
name[jean erikson]

metromorphs are pokemon clones, much like the ones created by mewtwo, but a mear shadow of themselfs, these are the desendants of mewtwo's clones, these pokemon resemble certin normal pokemon and yet have a darkness, or sometimes even light to themselfs (these are your own pokemon, this is how i explain them.)these pokemon are rediculed by most, but few trainers take them under they're wing, and most are starting to relize, the metromorphs have strange powers, foresight powers, visions, and sometimes they can jump in levels, from pure rage.

professor. erikson, my dad, has been studying metromorphs for some time.
he gave me two metromorphs, lanet(f) and lanet(m), i've had them for two years and they have evolved for the second time, they're on they're third stage, not many trainers raise metromorphs, so it isint known wether they will evolve again. however a new trainer has wandered into town, and it isint known wether (you) have metromorphs or normal pokemon, what is sure is we will be battling soon.