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December 8th, 2004, 9:40 PM
I know this may sound kinda gross or disgusting for some people, and if you are a person who gets queasy really easily, don't read the rest of this post UNLESS you get queasy because you have the same problem I do.

Well, to give you the full picture, I need to go backaways. Say, March 2003. I was in school, and all of a sudden, I felt like I was gonna puke (there's no way to make it less disgusting, sorry). So I rushed to the bathroom, and didn't do it. Then I get home, and I do IT (that's what I'll call it- IT), really bad. It hurt, and I kept doing IT about every 40 minutes, which is pretty short intervals, if you don't know. I suffered for a whole night, and stopped doing IT after about the 10th time. Anyway, as I was getting better, I noticed that the ache you get when your stomach is empty when you're sick was still there. I just shooed it away until the end of that summer.

During the summer, I went to the hospital to see what was wrong- I kept feeling like I was kinda gonna blow. I did everything but lean over and gag ans it was being such a pain that I went to the local doc. I was sent through a CAT scan, and there was no visible damage to my stomach. I went home, and survived with this gnawing pain since. I am taking a natural pill that has bacteria in it to counter what I think is causing an ulcer in me.

Sopposedly, I somehow got a very rare and painful germ in my stomach sometime in the spring of 2003. That's what I was trying to barf up. But, I didn't, and it caused an ulcer to form. This very rare germ, called H. Plyori, stays inside the host (me) and drills into my stomach lining. It stays there, and to stop the natural stomach acids from destroying it, the grem releases enzymes that eat away at the empty stomach, creating a painful ulcer, or raw sore.

I have this praticular problem, and I was just wondering if anyone out there has it, too. If you need an explanation of the pain- it's like a burning feeling without the heat; a gnawing pain that never goes away; and in the middle of the night, it multiplies by about 5 times. So, I was just wondering if anyone else has it.

--(What I don't need is someone sympathizing for me, I can handle the pain (mostly) and don't need any crap from someone who calls me a wimp or baby for crying about the pain- you can't imagine the feeling, and I can't blame you.)--

If this post gets closed because no one reads it, that's ok. I just wanted to know.