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March 12th, 2011, 12:28 AM
Episode 6: "Dreams by the Yard Full"
The episode will be airing in a few hours.

I'll be posting later with my thoughts.

March 12th, 2011, 6:49 AM
This was an awesome episode. Ash finished an awesome battle against Cilan. I am happy for Ash beating Cilan and getting his first Unova Badge. Cilan is a really cool character and I am glad that he is going with Ash on his adventure. I am glad all three of them decided to travel together. Seeing Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny was cool. I like Fennel. She was a cool character. I felt bad for Musharna because of those greedy people. Seeing Fraxure and Haxorus was really cool too!!! I can't wait until next week.

March 12th, 2011, 7:06 AM
Something tell me that Clian senses something between Ash and Iris. Or at least Iris liking him. We all know she is a gym leader. Anyways it was a good epidode for filling but kinda boreing other the the start.

March 12th, 2011, 9:31 AM
Apparantely this episode is the first in the English Dub not to use all the Original BGM.

I'll post my thoughts on the episode after I watch it.

March 12th, 2011, 10:08 AM
How did that water ricochet off the wall to hit the shell? O_o;

This episode was "meh". I can tolerate Munna, but Musharna is absolute hideous. That thing has all the appeal of an earthworm. Cilan is beginning to irritate me. At first I thought his voice was fine, but eventually I found myself lowering the volume on my TV. As long as he doesn't talk all the time we're cool.

The episode itself was somewhat interesting, but it felt very quick. Probably because they had to finish the gym battle. I wonder if that was Team Plasma who messed with Musharna?

March 12th, 2011, 10:54 AM
Oh Cilan what happened to your eyes?


March 12th, 2011, 11:02 AM
Oh Cilan what happened to your eyes?

You gotta admit, it makes him like ten times better that way.

March 12th, 2011, 11:27 AM
No "it's tasting time" makes me sad.

- "Who just happen to be brothers" ha, narrator, even you don't believe
- I wish Cilan said "it's tasting time" in the dub
- lol, Iris is right though. It would've looked hilariously bad if Ash lost after requesting to battle all three
- Oh, Ash has to go through the Nurse Joy thing -_-
- Huh, Officer Henny sounds like Dawn
- Ahhh, I was wondering why I thought I recognised Celestial Tower etc music in the games so much, it's because there's an anime version~

I wonder if that was Team Plasma who messed with Musharna?

That was what I was thinking.

March 12th, 2011, 12:54 PM
This whole episode was okay, the battle at the start was probably the best bit.

Cilan is a little annoying with his continuous food-related phrases, hopefully they will die down or I'll get used to them, but other than that he's alright.

I'm just happy we only heard Iris saying "such a kid" once in this episode...

March 12th, 2011, 1:40 PM
So Oshawott was able to pull it together and defeat Cilan. Ash has sealed his first victory in Unova.

As for Iris, she referred to Ash once again as a "kid," only once, but if she keeps it up, it might start getting annoying.

Unova's Officer Jenny is a major contrast to the other regions' Jennys. I don't really favor the new look, especially the shorter haircut. It makes her look a bit tomboyish.

Also, Lusharna's voice doesn't really suit its appearance in my opinion. I was expecting a deeper voice.

And, Cilan has joined the group. I can't wait to see how this journey will turn out.

March 12th, 2011, 3:29 PM
Also how did Ash know Oshawott knew Razor Shell?

March 12th, 2011, 4:38 PM
> "who just happened to be brothers!" um...
> Oshawott sounds so wussy.
> Iris adding "cool!" to the end of her sentence did not make it any better.
> Iris's voice does not quite match her expression.
> "The time for the battle to be served is here!"



> And then they go on about it.
> "Most brilliant battler ever" Cilan you sound terrible shut the hell up.
> I am hearing strange and unfamiliar music.
> "Uncool". You really care about such things, Iris?
> "That's fine with me." NO IT WAS NOT YOU LIAR
> It's Tabunne Audino~
> "pairing possibilities"... hehehe...
> This dialogue is crap.
> Team Rocket could have been so much more threatening.
> "It's a secret" rather than "I don't have any [ambitions]". They translate the most irrelevant crap exactly, and then do things like this?

It is official. Cilan and Dent are two separate beings, and they will never ever be anywhere close to similar.



Pink Typholsion
March 12th, 2011, 4:48 PM
Also how did Ash know Oshawott knew Razor Shell?

Like in Diamond and Pearl when Paul was recording what moves Starly knew, I'm sure Ash knew from checking on the Pokedex.

This episode was good, but Team Rocket's meeting with Giovanni should have been more fluent...

and Oshawott is a BEAST!!!!! :D

March 13th, 2011, 12:17 AM
...Okay, Fithboy.

1. What do you have against homosexuals/homosexuality?
2. There have been many scenes in Pokemon that are interpreted as "gayer" scenes.
3. Corn's "Best wishes on your journey" was a line from the original.

March 13th, 2011, 4:01 AM
...Moving on from Fifthboy, I really liked this episode actually. The episode before was a disappointment, but this one makes up for it. The only things I didn't like, were Musharna's voice, and Oshawott's Water Gun ricochetting off everything by sheer luck. And Cilan's voice kinda reminds me of Tracy.

March 13th, 2011, 10:20 AM
Aside from Oshawott's lucky win, great episode! Perhaps my favourite so far. It had action =3

Fine I'll do the "format" :P

-Dr. Fennel's voice is great! I heard that she is meant to be the same age as Prof. Juniper but I didn't see it from her art. But from seeing her in the Anime, I can see it now x) I hope she appears n future episodes.
-Munna and Musharna are HUGE! o_O
-They make Iris look lame D=
-Nurse Joy!!! <333
-Officer Jenny is better than I expected
-Oh and I like Cilan's (hate how they say that name! I say "see-lan" :() voice now. I like the manly tone, to show he's the oldest and most responsible out of the Gym trio and traveling trio too.
-Loving the serious Team Rocket
-Slogan was AWESOME! I'm really liking it, it makes Jesse hawt :P
-He's joining Ash and Iris somewhat makes sense now...
-Yeah, let him be the greatest Connoisseur, where does that leave you two?
-Best Wishes :D - Wait, they should have kept that as the title :K Prof. Juniper said it too.
-Cool Town Map
-Yay Iris
-Tell us your SECREEEET!!!

Definately my favourite episode so far =]

@Hiiro: You're so right, he looks better with sclera.

I... I think I actually prefer these three to Ash, Brock and Misty/May/Dawn. Well I like Iris out of all the girls and don't care much about Brock so yeah, these this trio is my favourite :D

March 13th, 2011, 10:59 AM
Honestly, I didn't really even notice the dub-exclusive music when I first watched it. Even when it when it was pointed out exactly where it was used, I couldn't differentiate the music between the original Japanese dub's and the English dub's. So, whether they have to use dub music or not, if they do this good a job on it, I honestly don't care.

March 13th, 2011, 12:43 PM
Oh Cilan what happened to your eyes?


Oh wow I didn't see that at all. This episode wasn't that bad. I'm so use to hearing Tasting time instead of serving time?(Was that it?) I still like Cilan and his voice. Oshawott got a lucky win and I love how Cilan asked Ash those questions in the Pokemon center. That was funny.

March 14th, 2011, 11:30 AM
Yes. I miss "It's Tasting Time". Why did they change it D=

Also, Cilan without sclera is probably making him have an eye difference with the rest of the cast like Brock did. And he's meant to replace Brock.

April 22nd, 2011, 11:49 AM
Posting this aged review as well. -.-

Review of BW006, Dreams By The Yard Full!


-BA! Wotter deflects a freaking SolarBeam with his shell, redirecting it toward the roof (though shouldn't there be a gaping hole...?)! LOL, loved the little dance on the rock.

-Is this going to be "Scalchop Spamming"...?

-LOL at the Bullet Seed barrages and the "BOOM Headshot!" moment.

-Punching Pansage, eh? Looks like a full-fledged boxer. XD

-Whoa...I thought Ash was just doing that Water Gun @ wall tactic for kicks, but it actually worked! Impressive. I always liked it when Ash improvised in Gym Battles and such; they allow the anime to flourish a bit more from the games. LOL at Iris's gaping mouth.

-I LOVE the Razor Shell bladed animation; glad it's more than just a simple swipe of the Scalchop. :D

-As someone on YouTube pointed out...

"Pansage, use Bite!"
Pansage punched.


-K-O!!! Wotter wins!!!

-OMG...hexagons AGAIN? Even the Badge tray is in that shape...

-Iris's speech after Ash receives the Badge seems REALLY jilted...as in Spider Riders jilted...which is NOT a good thing for any anime.

-"Dreamyard"?...that's such a weird name. >_>

-LOL at car-in-a-box. WITH SATELLITES!

-That Musharna opening its glowing eyes was a bit creepy...

-Aww...Munna's voice is cute.

-So now the tray that Nurse Joy uses for Poke Balls is a hexagon, too?! WHEN WILL THIS HEXAGON MADNESS END?
Nurse Joy is freaking hot, though. For some reason I just want to put my arm through those enticing loops in her hair. ._.

-_- Ash, ALL NURSE JOYS LOOK ALIKE! Didn't you learn that in Kanto?

-Audino! LOL...the Who's That Pokemon? segment would've made more sense featuring a Munna/Musharna, though... This episode is dream-centric.

-That scene with Cilan and Ash at the table seemed a little weird at the end...

-Woo...Pokemon Center "Pokemon-all-healed" chime!

-AIIEE!! FENNEL, FINALLY!! ^^ But I thought she was with Professor Juniper...?

-LOL...Munna munching on dreams looks a bit weird...

-Eww...that "dream booger" looked like a nose fart. #_#

-FRAXURE!!! Its voice is OK.

-Aww...Kibago looked so cute reaching toward the sky right after Fraxure appeared in the dream.

-I thought it was HAX-orus? :cer_confused: Yet Haxorus said Hax-OR-us. But whatever, IT'S H4X000000000rus!!!!!/ONONONONONONONONONONOKUSU!!!!!! :cer_boogie: With an awesome dinosauric voice, to boot! I can't wait until it appears in the flesh!


-Officer Jenny's redesign debuts...this one looks a bit radically different from the old design. I'll just consider it the "Unova" set of Jenny relatives...the voice is OK, but I liked the older voice (and design) a bit better... Well, she's hot as well! :D

-Aww; Pikachu looks so cute in Ash's new hat.

-"State of emergency?" Interesting terminology for Pokemon...

-The "silhouettes" from those three malicious men who approached Musharna looked quite creepy...
AAGH Musharna's bloodcurdling cry... >.<

-Over how many years, and the main characters still can't properly discern Team Rocket's disguises. -_-

-The black/white scheme during Team Rocket's motto looked nice.

-Yikes; random laser blasts.

-UGH I freaking love it when Pikachu uses Volt Tackle with ferocity. :D

-WHY didn't MUNNA use Psychic BEFORE it got to this point in time?? That was a pretty powerful attack, too.

-Team Rocket making BA escapes AGAIN? @[email protected] ...and they still managed to complete their mission! >_> Freaking ninjas, at this point.

-I kind of wish Chili was traveling with Ash and co.; he seemed quite hotheaded. But Cilan is OK, too. Cress's personality is good but it might clash with the main group. >_>

-"Good luck, and Best Wishes!" -Cress
TITLE DROP FTW! :cer_boogie:

-...hmm...I've been hearing that Cilan's Japanese catchphrase is "It's tasting time!" I hope that could be retained in the dub...

-LOL...random Iris from tree branch. I'm loving that ninja wild girl (except for all the "Such a kid." comments...)

-Iris wants to be a full-fledged Gym Leader...eh? EH?

-I'm glad the main group has been formed, but it seemed weird that Iris kept on "abandoning" Ash...it didn't seem as well handled as when Misty did it. And Iris did say she wanted to stick around to help Ash, so she should have an inclination to stay - leaving just makes it seem...inconsistent. >_>

3/5. It was an OK episode. Team Rocket, while BA, lose their previous humorous charm. The Striaton Gym Battle finisher was decent. The "dream" theme looked so weird, especially with Musharna's eyes and horrifying cries...

Oh Cilan what happened to your eyes?


You gotta admit, it makes him like ten times better that way.

This. I don't think there's even a disease where someone lacks a sclera. Jaundice can make it yellow-hued, but other than that... :x

- I wish Cilan said "it's tasting time" in the dub
- lol, Iris is right though. It would've looked hilariously bad if Ash lost after requesting to battle all three

Ash losing like that would indeed look hilarious, especially considering he got to choose who he battled, unlike players of the games. XD

Yes. I miss "It's Tasting Time". Why did they change it D=

Also, Cilan without sclera is probably making him have an eye difference with the rest of the cast like Brock did. And he's meant to replace Brock.

WHY is "It's Tasting Time!" gone? That seems like the perfect thing a dub Pokemon character would say. They (the localizers) want to force alliteration in the games (Herbivore -> Sap Sipper), yet they completely alter things that already provide alliteration like 'Magic Mirror -> Magic Bounce' and removing "It's Tasting Time!" WTF IS THEIR FREAKING DEAL?!!?

We don't need eye differences in Best Wishes! >.< Brock's closed eyes were OK because it was amusing, and apparently it's an established drawing convention in anime (and carried over to various Pokemon such as Swinub and Makuhita). I've never seen any normal human anime character, to the best of my knowledge, who lacks sclera. Of course, animals and beasts and mutated people may lack them, but not regular humans! And it's worse because both of Cilan's brothers properly have sclera. There is essentially no point in omitting the sclera... And just look, they made two mistakes in an episode, whereas you'd be hard-pressed to make a mistake just drawing Brock's eye slits.