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April 17th, 2011, 2:03 AM
Hello all! I've always been a fan of pokemon, but never got around to joining a pokemon community such as this one. Sort of stopped following the franchise since completing Silver (the game with Lugia I believe) but now I decided to come back to pokemon, even though I feel a bit out of the loop xD

I'm a big fan of Team Rocket and their mafia-like image, and was turned off when they were replaced by those not as serious Team Aqua and Magma, and Team Galactic just makes no sense. Saw the Pokemon ToxicPurple hack project here, but it seems to be dead... :disappoin

I hope to contribute to the community, but what do people do on a pokemon forum besides discussion? =O

April 17th, 2011, 2:15 AM
Nice to see you Neko.In my opinion,you can watch anime or play games(I strongly recommand Explorers of sky,one of pokemon mystery dungeon games.) and so on when you get tired of discussion.Besides these,I have a wonderful idea,you can build your site and decorate it with what you like.The site can be a blog,or any other.Then make a beautiful banner for it,and post it in your signature and link it to your website.I have done that,but i am just embarking on the English version of my site so i haven't post it in my signature.

April 17th, 2011, 8:16 AM
Hello & Welcome to PokeCommunity CheshireNeko. Glad you decided to join xD
We have cookies on the Poke Side xD

April 17th, 2011, 8:52 AM
Hey Neko, Welcome to the PC!

Looking forward to seeing you post. :)

April 18th, 2011, 7:28 AM
Thank you for your warm welcome lads and lasses =)

April 18th, 2011, 7:39 AM
Hello Neko
I'm also new in the community. Like you, I stopped following the show and the games after the 2nd generation, when I was 10 or 11. But I come back with the remake of Gold/Silver (the best games of the franchise, in my opinion). Even the show is kinda childish, the games are awesome.
Have fun :)

April 18th, 2011, 8:38 AM
ummm hi im new too and i just thought i should say hi. welcome to PC!