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April 20th, 2011, 11:49 AM
The pre-historic pokemon challenge

This is a challenge for all those great pokemon that don’t get many chances to shine
Namely pokemon that evolve from fossils although there will be other pokemon than that included


1. Hacking or trading(preferably as an egg. Egg moves allowed) two Pokémon of the same level that is on your current route is allowed.
2. Unless it is included you may not use your starter during and after the first gym (don’t worry if you can’t hack or trade there is at least one pokemon you can use.
3. Your allowed up to 3 hm slaves (includes pickup/ Illuminate/sweetscent)
4. You must use atleast 4 pokemon so it doesn’t qualify for mono/duo/trio type challenges
5. Emulators and established hacks are allowed.
6. For each generation you can use:
1st kanto red, blue, green, yellow, fire red, leaf green
2nd johto gold, silver, crystal, heartgold, soulsilver
3rd hoenn ruby, sapphire, emerald
4th sinnoh pear, diamond, platinum
5th unova black, white (any other game they make for this region)
7. in gsc hgss you must beat red
on bw when you beat the elite 4
in emerald Steven is the end point
other than that just beat the league champion and your good
8. No legendary’s unless individually specified (doesn’t just come under dragon or ghost)
9. Have fun

Useable pokemon
And there families

• All ghost pokemon (been around so long they died r.i.p)
• All dragon pokemon
• All fossils (includes aerodactyl)
• Venasaur
• Charizard
• Alakazam
• Rhydon
• Seadra
• Kangaskhan
• Gyarados
• Lapras

• Meganium
• Feraligatr
• Crobat
• Lanturn
• Piloswine
• kindra
• Donphan
• Tyrantar

• Slaking
• Exploud
• Aggron
• Sharpedo
• Lunatone
• Solrock
• Claydol
• Walrein
• Relicanth
• Groudon (i did say there would be a legendary)

• Torterra
• Gastrodon
• hippowdon
• Rhyperior
• Mamoswine
• Yanmega

• Samurott
• Musharna
• Gigalith
• Seismitoad
• Krookodile
• Amoonguss
• Braviary
• Mandibuzz

johto Eeveé
champions pokepokemo

My sign up
game: crystal
pokemon: meganium, kingdra, crobat, donphan
hm slave: tentacruel, togetic

any other pokemon you think should be added feel free to let me know especially with generation 5 as I’ve mainly been focusing on my challenges i haven’t really played it yet.

April 21st, 2011, 3:24 AM
I'll join in emerald with the following pokemon after I finish my challenges


April 21st, 2011, 4:09 AM
called myself Eevee
choose chikorita (for the first time ever) and named HER kusa
grinded got egg
beat ??? and kusa evolved
called rival itachi
caught iwa the phanpy
and hacked in kingdra as i wont be able to trade to evolve him (lv3)
caught kaze the zubat

April 22nd, 2011, 12:39 AM
I'll withdraw from this challenge and play with crystal
using other pokemon:

I'll hack the Kangashkan in

April 22nd, 2011, 6:13 AM
okay ill change you to crystal

April 22nd, 2011, 4:00 PM
First update:

After I downloaded the emulator for trades(tgb-dual),I opened the rom and put in the time.That prof.Oak thinks nobody knows pokemon so I skipped it and named myself ALM.Woke up then chose totodile,a water type(I usually go with the fire types)then grinded it to level 11.Prof oak gave me the pokedex and the poke guy gave me an egg.
My show-of rival challenged me with his lv 5 chikorita,a joke.got back to Elm and god knows who I named my rival.Got the pokeballs and caught elepump the phanpy.IN the route before violet I hacked in a lv4 kangashkan.
Proceeded to violet city and K.Oed Falkner,After waiting sometime I caught griot the gastly at night.
to rock tunnel and smashed the insides and got to azalea.then I smashed those evil rockets for cutting slowpoke's tails of.
The gym went down quick and whitney experienced the same.
Sudowoodo was annoyed but got down.
Now am in Ecruteak.
Slaves: Oddish

EDIT:God,I have to restart the challenge because I deleted a file save....

April 25th, 2011, 5:50 AM
Phew!after getting back to the deleted files place with pretty much the same procedure I evolved gastly into haunter and KOed Morty.
The following I traded Haunter to myself and back using my tgb-dual emulator.I went to Olivine and talked to the gym leader.
Then went to the next town using Kunga the surfer Kangashkan.
After chuck tasting a painful defeat I went to the pharmacy and got some meds for amphy.Jasmine got pawned by Donphan and lost.Time for the Mahogany town fun.The lake of rage was snappy and the shiny gyarados got Koed :'( (Shame I couldn't catch it).Lance's blah blah and the base followed and Pryce's defeat was easy.Goldenrod tower's rockets was boomed and the basement to.Gone to whirl islands and caught Horsea.Raised it in Clair's gym and beat Clair.The girl had to test me and I passed.Trained Horsea to evolve and brought and end to Seadra and evolved it to Kingdra using the Dragon scale from MT.Mortar.


Traveled to the victory road and beat Silver once more,poor guy.

The elites were trouble but my whopping Full restores and revives I bought From the local shop were helpful.

Do I have to beat Red?

April 25th, 2011, 1:26 PM
sorry meant to but it in my first post changed it now but sadly yes we have to otherwise the game is so much shorter than others

April 27th, 2011, 2:40 AM
Huzzah!!I won!!!
I beat the gyms in Kanto using my team and then trained in the E4 until I got to the late 50s in level.Then I challenged Red using my Team.
Pikachu Got smooshed by Donphan.
Venusaur Got stomped over by Gengar dream eater
Snorlax got KOed by a few Dynamic punches from Kangashkan
Espeon got defeated by Donphan and Kingdra
Blastoise got destiny bonded with Gengar
and Charizard Got down by A Toxic from Feraligatr and surfs from Kangashkan.