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April 27th, 2011, 3:52 AM
Hey Guy's Im Looking for people to Help me in my mission to help make a pokemon online Game.

What I Want =
I want to Create A Pokemon World (MMOPRG) using A Program Someone Can Code. Also If We Can get A decent Amount Of Traffic To The Game. then we can Become Uber famous :P.

What I Know So Far
I Know Alot About Mapping Pokemon Map's. but not alot about Codeing ,Programming or Sprite Making

What People I Want For The Jobs Currently Available is =

* Map Makers , GM'S and Head GM's
* Admins and Head Admins
* Sprite Makers and Advertiser's
* Server Hosters , Website Makers And Website Admins For Pokemon Online Website.
* Recruiter's (people who recruit others for Jobs They Want)
* Quest Writers / Story Writers

How Much Has Been Done Already?
We Will Be Starting From Scratch.. I thought It Be Better Starting From Scratch. Remember Everyone has to Start SomeWhere

What Idea's i Have =
I want to Completely Make Kanto Region and Give it A Complete Remake Of The Original Pokemon Yellow,Fire,Blue So It Has A Good Feel Too It. I Want to Make Pokemon Maps,Pokemon Software (Clients) And Pokemon Item's, And Most Awesomely Pokemon!

Pokemon Inspired Me to Do My Dream Which Is To Create Something People Will Like,That People Wont Forget Easy,That People Will Be Proud To Have Said " I Played A Pokemon Game Today",That Will Be Talked About,And Mainly We Get The Feeling Of Those Who Enjoy It.

I Hope You Have Enjoy reading my Help Request and ill speak to you soon.

NOTE!!! if you want to Contact Me Better Than On Here Speak to Me On My Hamachi Network.

Hamachi ID: pokemon staff recruitment and pass is 123


Kanto Region 0% Completed
Website 0% Done
The Team For Making Pokemon Online Game 15% Done
Quest's And Story 0% Done

We got 3 programmers and 1 website maker. and 1 Quest writer and 2 GM's.

Also contact me on youtube. TutsModding and message me.

Miss Doronjo
April 27th, 2011, 4:20 AM
Uh, this belongs more in the Pokemon gaming central board I think.
I'm not sure where, but...this doesn't belong here at least. :x