View Full Version : Offering Totodiles/Charmander/Chikorita/Growlithe/Squirtles/Larvitar/Snivy & More

April 30th, 2011, 5:37 PM
I've had another breeding frenzy and I have some Pokemon babies left over! So I thought I'd offer them to you fine people! PLEASE PM WITH YOUR REQUEST/OFFER SO I CAN KEEP TRACK MORE EASILY. If anyone has Turtwig, Chimchar or Piplup or any Japanese/Korean Pokemon in return for any of these I'd loooove that. Otherwise just make an offer!

Vulpix w/ Flash Fire
Moves: Ember, Fire Blast
Male- Bashful Nature
Male- Brave Nature
Female- Quirky Nature

Growlithe w/ Flash Fire
Moves: Bite, Roar, Fire Blast
Male- Quirky Nature

Larvitar w/ Guts
Moves: Bite, Leer
Male- Gentle Nature
Female- Impish Nature
Female- Rash Nature

Squirtle w/ Torrent
Moves: Tackle
Male- Adamant Nature
Male- Hasty Nature (w/ Protect)

Totodile w/ Torrent
Moves: Scratch, Leer
Male- Calm Nature
Male- Calm Nature
Male- Careful Nature
Male- Jolly Nature
Male- Quiet Nature
Male- Hasty Nature
Male- Hardy Nature
Male- Modest Nature
Female- Careful Nature

Totodile w/ Torrent
Moves: Scratch, Leer, AncientPower
Male- Quirky Nature
Male- Rash Nature
Male- Relaxed Nature

Snivy w/ Overgrow
Moves: Tackle, Magical Leaf, SolarBeam
Male- Serious Nature
Male- Serious Nature
Male- Careful Nature
Female- Gentle Nature

I'll be around tonight to mark your request down but not for trading. I'll be around tomorrow for trading though so just let me know when you think you'd be available!