View Full Version : Megaman NT warrior/Battle network fan club

Raizor Blaid
December 15th, 2004, 2:27 PM
yeah big title huh? lol well this is for people who acctually like the new anime/game style enough to join, (now for any mods who see this may I ask if this can be allowed, I know there is a megaman club but this is for new age blue bomber, I dunno anyways I'll find out once some mod or someone answers....)
ok I am accepting 3 co-owners. Now you don't gotta like NT (stupid dub name) more than old style you just gotta... sorta remotely like it :D also.... posting things like custom navi pics you made are allowed (duh) and encouraged I have one so yeah he'll be posted soon so here is the members list:
Owner: me (emerald mew)
Co-Owner 1:pokemonchampion2k4
Co-Owner 2:eva02
Co-Owner 3:

Its empty right now (sorta) but its just here for updating so now I'm done....

December 15th, 2004, 2:28 PM
can I be co owner one thx emerald mew

Raizor Blaid
December 15th, 2004, 2:30 PM
uh sure (that was fast). so yeah I'll work on a banner, anyone else who joins and wants too can try too

December 16th, 2004, 1:23 AM
ill be co owner 2 and i can watch it here in auz

Raizor Blaid
December 16th, 2004, 12:47 PM
ok thats 2 co-owners!
so, have either of you seen any axess eppies? I only saw the one with their first unison, I don't think it was the first because chowsou (don't mock mah spellin disabilitties) didn't have his intro

December 17th, 2004, 8:46 AM
I luv EXE. It gives Megaman a whole new twist. Wouldn't it be cool if I had a Net NAvi? I'm kinda crazy about EXE, I have all the games for GBA (including those different versions) I just got EXE 5 Team of Blues, and I'm enjoying it. (Even though I don't understand a single word of it).

Raizor Blaid
December 17th, 2004, 9:58 AM
blues? isn't that protoman? anyways yeah yur in

pkmntrainer kamaro
August 4th, 2005, 1:08 PM
can i be co owner 3 i made my own navi gagiamanhttp://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b24/tendi/gaigaman.jpg

.: Kira Yamato :.
August 4th, 2005, 5:05 PM
can i be the 3rd co-owner, forte.exe is the greatest^_^

pkmntrainer kamaro
August 5th, 2005, 7:28 AM
i can make navi's for this club and p.e.t.s

Fury of Ninetales
August 5th, 2005, 8:04 AM
could i be the 3rd co-owner? I've beatin most of BN3 and BN4. i think i could think up strategies for chip folders and junk(man LOL). When is Lan gonna go out w/ Mayl/Maylu? since he did in BN4, i think he should on the anime.

pkmntrainer kamaro
August 5th, 2005, 8:31 AM
listen i asked first i know all about megaman and i wanna be co-owner3

August 20th, 2005, 4:31 AM
Wait wait wait i want to be Co owner three but please dont turn this to a flaming post pleas don't use japanese names they confuse me

Shadow Forte.EXE
August 20th, 2005, 7:36 AM
Can I join too I love watching and playing Rockman.exe!