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May 6th, 2011, 3:27 AM
Hi guys welcome to Bird7 Trade Thread

1. Be polite and respect everyone
2. Do not give hacked pokemon. Cloned pokemon are ok though
3. You may trade the pokemon you receive from me
4. Negotiations will be made on this thread


Spiritomb male lvl-100
Nature- Timid
Ability- Pressure
Moveset- Sucker Punch/Nasty Plot/Memento/Dark Pulse

Venomoth male lvl-41
Nature- Relaxed
Ability- Shield Dust
Moveset- Supersonic/Gust/Psychic/Toxic

Gyarados male lvl-30
Nature- Jolly
Ability- Intimidate
Moveset- Bite/Dragon Rage/Leer/Twister
All starters

Scizor female lvl-40
Nature- Adamant
Ability- Technician
Moveset- Slash/Agility/Wing Attack/Fury Cutter

Metagross lvl-55
Nature- Gentle
Ability- Clear Body
Moveset- Iron Defense/Agility/Hammer Arm/Meteor Mash

Kingdra female lvl-45
Nature- Timid
Ability- Swift Swim
Moveset- Brine/Hydro Pump/Dragon Dance/Dragon Pulse

Magnezone lvl-33
Nature- Bold
Ability- Magnet Pull
Moveset- Tackle/Thunder Shock/Spark/Electro Ball

Rhyperior malelvl-54
Nature- Gentle
Ability- Solid Rock
Moveset- Horn Drill/Hammer Arm/Stone Edge/Earthquake

Numel female lvl-51
Nature- Relaxed
Ability- Oblivious
Moveset- Earth Power/Earthquake/flamethrower/Double-Edge

Smeargle female lvl-1
Nature- Careful
Ability- Technician

DW- Rattata female lvl-10
Nature- Sassy
Ability- Hustle
Moveset- Quick Attack/Focus Energy/Bite/Iron Tail

DW- Lickitung female lvl-10
Nature- Adamant
Ability- Cloud Nine
Moveset- Lick/Supersonic/Defense Curl

DW- Lotad male lvl- 10
Nature- Brave
Ability- Own Tempo
Moveset- Growl/Absorb/Nature Power/Water Pulse

EVd Pokés, make your offer
Pokémons with good IVs
Hitmonlee good IVs

Pokemon Black FC:3353 4498 5326

May 7th, 2011, 1:29 PM
I'm interested in your Spiritomb :)

CMT for that

May 7th, 2011, 1:32 PM
Venusaur sounds good :) can you clone Spiritomb back to me?

My FC is in first post :)

May 7th, 2011, 1:33 PM
Venusaur sounds good :) can you clone Spiritomb back to me?

My FC is in first post :)

Yeah sure, I'll just add you, clone Venusaur and be in Wi-Fi room :)

Meet you in Wi-Fi room