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May 14th, 2011, 7:18 PM
I'm (hopefully) going to anime expo, and was wondering if anyone has any advice for me.
There isn't really any info on the anime expo website, and I want to be as prepared as possible... I really have no clue what it's going to be like. lol

May 15th, 2011, 7:57 PM
I'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm going!

Well, if you check out the forum for AX, there's some thread with really helpful tips.
Its my first time going actually, but here's some tips I've picked up..

1. Wear cool clothes if your not cosplaying; its going to be VERY hot.
2.Make sure to pack some food to eat in your bag if your not planning on spending money for food there. It costs a lot. You can always just leave and shop around the area (there are many markets where you can buy food in the area) then go back to the con.
3.Be respectful to all people there. Ask politely if you want to take a picture of a cosplayer.
4.I'm assuming you've already pre-registered, but if you decided to register at the last minute, GET TO THE DAY OF THE CON EARLY. Lines get long as HELL and no one wants to stand in line forever..
5.Don't spend to much time at one booth/ect; if you want to experience the whole con itself, look around!
6.Make sure to bring some spare $$$. Some things there can be quite expensive, and you can easily spend over 200$ in one day.

that's all i have for now.. hope it helped ^_^

May 16th, 2011, 2:58 AM
^What they said.

I have never been to AX, but I've been to tons of cons. So, i'd like to also add..

*Keep hydrated. I've never been to a con where they didn't have a water station set up throughout the con, so drink plenty of water. You don't want to pass out from lack of hydration.

*Don't forget to eat. As was mention before, bring your own food or search beforehand for a place to eat that is near by. Food served at cons are expensive. Being at a con can be lots of fan, but you shouldn't forget to eat. People have collapse from lack of energy do to not eating anything.

*Look over the schedule for the start time of key events you want to go to. The bigger main events tend to fill up quick, so try to get there early, maybe an hour beforehand. (Remember scheduling can change.)

*Take care of your personal items, especially if you buy swag. There will be a lots of people and can get hectic, so it'd be easy to forget you placed something down and lose track of your items.

*Hygiene. If you'll be attending all dates, shower daily and don't forget deodorant. You'd be surprise how much this gets talked about with other con goers and how everyone is encourage to keep good hygiene. Ever heard of con funk? You'll know what it is soon enough. xP

*Make sure you know the policies & procedures. Every place has rules to follow, so make sure you know the rules for AX. Go to their website for all the information you'll need.

*Most importantly, have fun~!^^ You'll be surrounded by other people who have the same interests as you, so it's the perfect time to be social.

Going to your first con can be overwhelming, especially one as big as Anime Expo, but it'll be an awesome experience you'll never forget. =) If you do hopefully go, enjoy yourself and have a great time.^^

Weeaboo Name
May 16th, 2011, 3:12 AM
Go in with a clear plan.


Elite Overlord LeSabre™
May 17th, 2011, 6:05 AM
- Not every vendor takes credit cards, and if there are ATMs on site they will most likely be packed with people who didn't heed the advice to have some green on hand before you get there. Just be careful not to have it stolen, especially if you'll be cosplaying and your outfit has no pockets.

- Take breaks every now and then. Walking around all day will get your feet hurting.

- Study the layout of the con beforehand; that way if two events you want to go to are one after another you know exactly how to get there quickly so you don't miss the start of it.

- Make sure you have a spare set of batteries for your camera.