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May 18th, 2011, 9:05 PM
Evo1's Trade Shop

[align=center]Hey guys, I'm fairly new to this site and I'm willing to help you guys out by assisting you on a variety of offers. I am always online and will be updating this thread daily, so be aware of new content. Most likely, I leave my DS on whenever I'm home. I might be busy with other work, but besides that I just leave it on. Please read the time I'm available below:

Pacific Time Zone
Weekdays: I'm free from 3:00pm PST - 11:00 pm PST
Weekends: I'm free 7am PST - 11pm PST

WANT ANY SHINY POKEMON FROM MY LIST?: If you are able to clone, I would be more than happy to let you clone an extra one for your self. So that means I give you the pokemon, you clone one for yourself and one for me. You keep the one of the cloned one, and you trade me back the other cloned one and the original.

FREE SIGNATURE SERVICE: If you would like me to make you a signature, please PM me. Send a PM containing- Name:, Logo:, Favorite Color(s):, FC:, Pokemon:, and Miscellaneous:. The signatures I make for you will take about 1-2hours to finish.

FREE EV TRAINING SERVICE: If you would like me to EV train any pokemon for you please PM me. The EV Training will vary with time, since I have school.

FREE PkRS: I won't mind giving your pokemon PkRS. If you are in need of it, please PM or leave a comment on this thread. I will be certain to PM you back with details. This will only take a few minutes to do.

Trading Service:
Here is the list:

Shiny EV'd:

- Lv.66 Gliscor
Nature: Jolly
Moves: acrobatics, protect, earthquake, fling
EV: 252atk / 252 speed

- Lv.100 Groudon
Nature: Adamant
Moves: eruption, earthquake, solarbeam, fire punch
EV: 252atk / 252 speed

- Lv.100 Ninjask
Nature: Jolly
Moves: protect, aerial ace, x-scissor, u-turn
EV: 252atk / 252 speed

- Lv.100 Salamance
Nature: Adamant
Moves: Earthquake, outrage, dragon dance, roost
EV: 252 Atk / 200 speed / 50 HP

- Lv. 53 Emolga
Nature: Modest
Moves: Light screen, encore, volt switch, agility
EV: 252 sp.atk / 252 speed

- Lv.100 Hydreigon
Nature: Brave
Moves: body slam, scary face, hyper voice, outrage
EV: 252 sp.atk / 252 speed

- Lv.100 Milotic
Nature: modest
Moves: ice beam, toxic, surf, recover
EV: 252 sp.atk / 252 sp.def

- Lv.100 Braviary
Nature: Adamant
Moves: crush claw, rock slicde, u-turn, brave bird
EV: 252 atk / 252 speed

- Lv.100 Haxorus
Nature: adamant
Moves: brick break, outrage, earthquake, x-scissor
EV: 252 atk / 252 speed

- Lv.100 Tyranitar
Nature: adamant
Moves: crunch, earthquake, aquatail, stone edge
EV: 180 HP/ 252 Atk/ 76 Speeed

- Lv.100 Togekiss
Nature: modest
Moves: aura sphere, hidden power, air slash, flamethrower
EV: 252 sp.atk / 252 speed

- Lv.100 Volcarona
Nature: timid
Moves: bug buzz, quiver dance, morning sun, fiery dance
EV: 252 sp.atk / 252 speed

- Lv.100 Shedinja (focus sash)
Nature: adamant
Moves: toxic, protect, shadow sneak, x-scissor
EV: 252 atk, 252 speed

- Lv.100 Arcanine
Nature: adamant
Moves: extremespeed, flare blitz, hidden power (grass), morning sun
EV: 252atk, 252 speed

- Lv.100 Snorlax
Nature: careful
Moves: rest, fire punch, curse, eathquake
EV: 216 Sp. Def / 190 HP / 104 Def

- Lv.100 Latias
Nature: Timid
Moves: Calm Mind / Dragon Pulse / Refresh / Recover
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Sp / 4 Sp. Att

- Lv.50 Chandelure
Nature: timid
Moves: flamethrower, calm mind, shadow ball, hidden power (fight)
EVs: 150 Sp.Att / 102 speed / 252 HP

- Lv.50 Starmie
Nature: timid
Moves: thunderbolt, ice beam, psyshock, surf
EVs: 252 sp.atk / 252 speed

- Lv.40 Ferrothorn
Nature: Lax
Moves: rest, gyro ball, power whip, curse
EV: 252 HP / 252 Sp.def

- Lv.50 Scrafty
Nature: Docile
Moves: bulk up, hi jump kick, substitute, pursuit
EV: 252 HP / 252 sp.def / 4speed

- Lv.100 Zoroark
Nature: modest
Moves: flamethrower, nasty plost, night daze, grass knot
EV: 252 SPEED / 252 sp.atk / 4hp

- Lv.100 Staraptor
Nature: adamant
Moves: brave bird, close combat, return, roost
EV: 252 speed / 252 atk


Regular Shiny:

- Lv.40 Latios
Nature: Sassy
Moves: luster purge, refresh, protect, pyschic

- Lv.89 Regigias
Nature: lonely
Moves: stomp, superpower, zen headbutt, crush grip

- LV.42 Terrokion
Nature: adamant
Moves: sacred sword, rock sliede, retaliate, helping hand

- Lv.1 Torchic
Nature: bold
Moves: counter, night slash, crush claw, baton pass

- Lv.1 Shuckle
Nature: modest
Move: withdraw, constrict

- Lv.30 Ferroseed (EV training at the oment)
Nature: Lax
Moves: rest, power whip, gyro ball, curse

- Lv.100 Dialga
Nature: serious
Move: dragon claw, earthquake, flash cannon, aura sphere

- Lv.100 latias
Nature: careful
Move: calm mind, wish, dragonbreath, zen headbutt

- Lv.100 Latios
Nature: hardy
Move: thunderbolt, psychic, dragon pulse, heal pulse

- Lv.70 Mewtwo
Nature: hasty
Move: psycho cut, amnesia, power swap, gaurd swap

- Lv.100 Kyurem
Nature: hardy
Move: ice beam, dragon pulse, imprision, endeavor

- Lv.40 Thundurus
Nature: timid
Move: revenge, shock wave, heal block, agility

- Lv.12 Charmander
Nature: mild
Move: scratch, ember, growl

- Deino UT

- Golett UT

- Gible UT

- Trubbish UT



-Lv.100 Arceus

May 18th, 2011, 9:35 PM
can i have either genosect arceas or shiny reggigigas for blissy giratina orjapanesse vesquien

can i have either genosect arceas or shiny reggigigas for blissy giratina or japanesse vesquien :)

May 19th, 2011, 5:46 AM
are they shiny? i'm interested in shinies

May 19th, 2011, 5:53 AM
I've already told you not to offer hacked pokemon..

May 19th, 2011, 5:55 AM
srry !!! re-editted. srry bout tat

May 19th, 2011, 1:27 PM
CMT for this.

Shiny EV'd
- Lv.40 Ferrothorn
Nature: Lax
Moves: rest, gyro ball, power whip, curse
EV: 252 HP / 252 Sp.def