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December 17th, 2004, 3:24 PM
o.O Want to join an interesting virtual pet site?
Marapets is owned by sixteen year old Ian Mcham.Lisa May is the artist of Marapets.Marapets was created on August 15,2004 as a newer form of the once highly popular Neopets-Fan Site Maraqua.However they wanted their own pet site, but they faced a nasty lawsuit when they used NEOPET ITEMS on their Pet Site 'Maraqua-Pets'.So after all the trouble they made the strange site Marapets.

What Marapets Has To Offer;
- 2,000 MP When you Join
- Acess to Forums
- Chance to Meet People, And MAYBE make friends o.o;
- Interactive Staff
- 50+ Flash Games
- Marahome that you may furnish
- Auction House
- Bank
- 10,000+ Usershops
- 45+ Main Shops
- Daily Events
- Random Themes
- 10 Worlds to explore
- 21 Original Pets
- 48 Original Mini-Pets
- 15,000+ Original Items
- Advent Calendar

Click on the Button To See Marapets:

http://marapets.com/refer/mugen.gif (http://marapets.com/refer.php?id=Frozen)