View Full Version : Worst DVDs in your collection

Richard Nixon
June 3rd, 2011, 11:41 AM
not the worst movies you've seen
not the worst movies you've downloaded and burnt to disc
not the worst movies your girlfriend/family/friends have

the worst movies you own on dvd

they might have been gifts, you might have bought them because they were cheap, whatever the reason post them here

For me, in no particular order:

Bought it about 7 years ago, because I was 7 years younger, it had arnie on the cover, it was very cheap and I didn't think that a movie could be so poorly made as this

Then I discovered the existance of:
When I was a student living in a house full of students someone rented a movie and one of the trailers at the start was for the dummy. It was the funniest thing that we had ever seen, and when I say the dvd for sale the next week preowned and very cheap I couldn't resist. I wish that I had. The trailer was all the funny bits, with all the terrible bits cut out of it. You live and learn.

this was one of the first dvds I ever bought. This was back in the day that a new release cost £20 and anything less than £10 was a great deal. Here this was sitting in HMV for £3.99. I glanced at the back and thought it must be worth at least that (it wasn't). Out of the 4 movies I'm posting it's probably the one I'd be most likely to revisit at some point in my life, but I can't see that happenening anytime soon.

Back in university I thought that steven seagal was the bollocks. I thought he was the greatest thing ever. Under Seige, the Glimmer Man, Exit Wounds, Nico, were quality films in my opinion. Pretty quickly my taste in films improved, and the quality of steven seagal films went in the other direction. There was however still enough time for me to buy this abomination.

If any of these DVDs got stolen in a house party, I would not mourn their loss