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June 7th, 2011, 9:01 AM
Ok, I just say something about my team without any useless works.

Lead (Standart situations)
Gliscor (Leftrovers)
Sand Veil
252/252/6- HP/Speed/Attack
-U-Turn (Maybe Ice Fang, I often see situation when I mean it is great but...)

Standart Gliscor set from previous Gen. Taunt stoping slower Lead with residuals (Hippowdon, Forretress, Metagross, Swampert, etc), U-turn I use when I prediction thing with Ice Beam or somthing like this (Tyranitar, Nidoking often has this recently).

Earthquake for STAB. Gliscor can cover fighting (for Umbreon), Ground (Infernape) and electric (Azumarill) for other teams member safely (Roost for survive)

Defensive Core
Foretress (Leftrovers)
252/252/6- HP/Defense/Sp. defense
-Toxic Spikes
-Rapid Spin
-Gyro Ball

He is one of my most use poké. I use both spikes because when we have team preview I can see oponents poké and his rapid spiner (if he has rapid spiner). When I see steel types, poison type I use spikes, in other situation toxic spikes. Sturdy is big support for this (when I setup toxic spikes, I need two lines because one is not that great). Gyro Ball is for STAB and for non-fire type fast sweepers (like salamance, Weavile etc.). He can also take everything psychical hit (without fire of course).

Umbreon (Leftrovers)
252/252/6- HP/Sp. defense/Defense
-Hel Bell

Cleric. In long battles is Hel Bell great, but he has problem with steel/poison types and taunt users (but he can survive special hits without fighting).


Infernape (Life Orb)
252/252/6- Sp. Attack/Speed/Attack
-Fire Blast
-Close Combat
-HP Ice
-Work Out/U-turn

Realy great synergy with Yanmega

Yanmega (Life Orb)
Speed Boost
252/252/6- Sp. Attack/Speed/HP
-Bugg Buzz
-Air Slash
-HP Ground
Azumarill (Choice Band)
Huge Powa
-Aqua Jet
-Double Edge

Sorry for my gramar mistakes (my english is bad, I know).

June 7th, 2011, 10:03 AM
Gliscor wants Impish nature this Gen because of threats like Conkeldurr and Excadrill. Jolly only really works on the SubToxic varients now because it has such a niche speed stat. Anyway something like 252HP / 212Def/44Spe would help you out a lot more. They allow you to take out the multitude of Ground and Fighting types and outspeed min speed Jirachi which is all you need really. You can try out Poison Heal Gliscor too as it can heal quite a bit by itself and frees up one of your moveslots. It also allows it to status without being crippled.

If you're using Gyro Ball on Forry then make the nature Relaxed with 0 Spe IVs so it does more damage. You can also use the speed Relaxed @ 252 HP / 16Def / 240SpD which still allows you to take Outrages from Garchomp, as well as Draco Meteors from [email protected] giving you more opportunities to set hazards. From experience (if you trust me lol), I can say that when you play Forretress, setting up one layer T-Spikes immediately followed by a layer regular Spikes allow for max damage. Since Infernape/ Azumarill can cause quite a few switches. Only after 3 turns will 2 layers of T-Spikes outdamage 1.

Alright, so problems. Gyarados can set up on everything. Outspeed your entire team and destroy it before you even get a chance to react. Something like bulky Rotom-W can do well against it.

June 7th, 2011, 10:10 AM
Also notably Taunt Jellicent literally walls your entire team. Like flamehaze94 suggested, I'd advise Rotom-W > something. Secondly I greatly prefer Toxic Orb Poison Heal Gliscor > Sand Veil Gliscor, especially if you're not running SR on it or running it with Sand Stream assistance. The extra recovery each turn is amazing and you don't have to waste a moveslot for Roost; also there is no PP involved so you can't be stalled out of Roosts if that is ever the case. You also lack a way to deal with some common things like Specs Politoed (actually, you look like you have trouble with rain in general especially once Azu is down for the count).