View Full Version : [Gen IV] 4th gen UU team rate/help

July 20th, 2011, 6:01 PM
So I sorta threw together a UU/NU team, it is pretty decent IMO haven't lost any battles with it yet, then again I have only done 2 battles with it so far.

Whenever I go into a battle, I sorta fear that I am missing something or items aren't good or something, any ways rate it so I can improve it.

Kabutops w/ Leftovers
Nature Adamant Ability Battle Armour
EV spread
Atk/Spe 252 Def 4

Rock Polish
X scissor
Stone Edge

I have been contemplating weather or not I should Scarf it so out speed most everything on the UU field that isn't scarfed or boosted, but I don't like the fact of being locked into a single move making it risky for myself. I got tricked in a battle and got the scarf I swept 3 pokies, before I switched because Stone Edge was on 1 PP. BTW I am going to keep waterfall on, I don't like the accuracy of Aqua Tail, I don't even like Stone Edge but it's a STAB move that just works. X Scissor is in there incase I do end up in battle with Grass pokies, also nice for the Dark/Psychics that you run across.

Weezing (Chrenobyl) w/ leftovers
Nature Bold Ability Levitate
EV spread HP/Def 252 Sp.A 4

Will O Wisp
Pain Split
Fire Blast

Ahh, I love this thing, she is my most favorite wall ever. Yes it is a she. Anyways since it is a given fact that most pokies that are sweepers tend to be physical for some reason (not saying all but Physical is more prominent then Special) Will O Wisp is for specifically for the Physical hitters so I can make it's ATK do hardly anything. Thunderbolt and Fire Blast are there just for some offensive defending (oxymoron) Then Pain Split is in there for a recovery move, not perfect, but it's a nice little bonus, I want that over rest.

Dusclops (ThinkTwice) w/ leftovers
Nature: Relaxed Ability: Pressure
EV spread
HP 252 Def 84 Sp.D 172 Atk 4

Will O Wisp
Shadow Sneak/Pain Split
Thunder Punch

Ehh such a confusing set, I don't know about it, it doesn't feel right I may redo this one. Pretty much, this is my all around Wall, Relaxed with the EV spread keep the Def, and Sp.D at about the same. I sorta just threw this one together it proved it could hold it's own but it just doesn't feel right. Will o Wisp is so I can cut down an opponents Physical atks, giving enough comfort to myself that physical atks aren't going to hurt it to bad, and with the Sp.D EV's it's going to take a lot to hurt it. Thunder Punch is in there so the same as Chrenobyl, offensive defending. Shadow sneak is simply a filler, I am either going to leave it or put in pain split, but not to sure ATM.
Simple tactics are used here, Wall all Sp. Attackers as long as possible, before it get's KO'd throw down a Curse and induce the KO. Burn and curse will take most things down within a few turns, or hurt them for my switch to hit them with a KO.

Absol (Dark Moon) Choice Scarf
Nature: Naive Ability: Super Lucky
Ev Spread: Atk/Spe 252 Hp or Def (I forget) 4

Psycho Cut
Night Slash

I haven't got any tactics nor actually used this to it's full potetial, mostly just to finish up a few pokies at the end of the battle. I choose to do a scarf set because we all no any Absol isn't going to be able to take any major hits, and if it does survive a hit, it is just going to become death fodder, so I assume I might as well hit as hard, and as fast as I can, before that sad sad turn comes around.

Blaziken Choice Scarf
Nature: Adamant EV Ability:....OMG IT'S BLAZE such an UBER :/
EV Spread: ATK/Spe 252 Sp.D 4

Swords Dance
Blaze Kick
Thunder Punch

Scarfing this is Ehh to me, I don't know what I want. It's about like Absol, it won't be able to take a hit, and if it survives it will be death fodder. I don't really know what the average Base speed is in UU/NU but really no matter what it needs to get off a hit. Blaze Kick, and Superpower both being it's main STAB's with thunder Punch to hit Flying and Waters that come at it. I think I need help on this one though, I don't want to drop it yet, but I will if I must.

Porygon2 (Agent Duck) Life Orb/Expert Belt
Nature: Modest Ability: Download
Ev Spread: Sp.A/Spe 252 and HP 4

Ice Beam
Shadow Ball

I doubt I am going to change the move set on this, since it is how my normal porygon set runs, and I do fantastic with it. (Porygon Z has nasty Plot and Dark Pulse though) Download is simple here, it will either raise it's Atk, or Sp.A depending on what is pulled out. If I get lucky with the Sp.A boost and can pull of an agility then I am set to sweep. Shadow ball is in there to allow me to hit Ghosts (opposing Dusclops) that wold normally wall the majority of my team. Psychic is for when I can get lucky enough to outpace a fighting type and hit it before it hits me, plus poison doesn't like it to much Ice Beam, for them Lovley Alitar that tend to show up to wall, x4 weakness is all it needs, especially when I get myself a nice boost, and life orb/expert belt.

Any more info please post, I am going to be watching this, and I will have friendly debates with anybody about the team, just to ensure that they have a good reason to back up why I should change something. I have a very open mind, but like to know why I should change something.

I do know that I am lacking SR and Spikes, along with a spinner, I fear them both myself because if it get's set up then I have no way of getting rid of them, or causing a decent hazard. I haven't had any issues so far, and hopefully won't but when I do, please help me out so I can prep for it when the time comes.