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Drummer Ant
August 4th, 2011, 12:00 PM
Sorry for the long title, just thought it would catch peoples attention ;)

(also the languages incase anyones wondering are; English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian and most importantly, Bosnian)

Anyways, I'm Drummer Ant but I prefer just to be called Ant, but you can call me whatever you want....within reason anyway

A little bit about me;

I'm 15 and I love Pokemon and Music, I am a musician, I sing, play Guitar & play Drums (obviously hence the name Drummer Ant, I wanted my name to make sense) and Pokemon....well....Pokemon has been an on/ off relationship for a while.

I was mad on Pokemon, played it as much as I could then the interest faded when I turned about 12 so it's been 3 years since I've played properly, the only thing that kept me going with pokemon was the Pokemon Gold walkthrough I was doing on youtube at the time....being 11 I didn't realise there was a microphone when I was recording so it was 2-10 minutes of Pokemon with me unsuspectingly talking about random stuff...with either SpongeBob on in the background or my mum talking to me....Yikes.

I've literally since making this account re-logged in to that YouTube account and the amount of views has amazed and shocked me into playing more Pokemon, I would give the link to my YouTube account but I'm not sure if thats in the rules so I better not push it incase I get a warning :S

But here is the stats of my account:

Name: Anthony

Channel Views: 32,925

Total Upload Views: 1,365,648

And that with 65 videos having over 10,000 views and with the most watched having 98,354 views, it has really got me back into playing.

I love playing hacks and challenges rather than a "normal" game so I shall probably be in the Challenges forum mostly.

I think thats everything you need to know about me, but if you want to know anything more than send me a PM so it looks like I can get some friends :)

August 4th, 2011, 3:27 PM
Well, you certainly caught my attention...hence that I know three languages. xD Welcome/Benvenuto/Bienvenidos to the PokeCommunity! I'm glad to see ya here. :)

I'm quite amazed that you're a musician yourself. Your name Drummer Ant gives me an image of a Durant playing drums (Durant is one of the 5th Generation Pokemon, if you didn't know. xD). I think you may be interested in the Culture & Media section of the forums, since you seem to like music a lot. Also, you can post your Pokemon walkthrough in the Let's Plays subforum at the Video Gaming board.

By the way, you can put your YT channel on your signature. You do get warned if you advertise it elsewhere but your signature. ;) More information about that...you should check out the Community Rules and the FAQ, since they're pretty important to follow.

Anyways, please do enjoy it here. I'm always around if you have any questions...and have a splendid time here! :)

Drummer Ant
August 5th, 2011, 5:21 AM
Thanks for the warm welcome Meganium :)

I infact don't know any of the 5th gen pokemon other than Tepig?

I'll probably visit the lets play section at somepoint I seem to get through games very fast so updates would be regular ;P

I'm sure I'll have a pretty good time at the very least.