View Full Version : Time to get my nostalgia on

August 4th, 2011, 2:57 PM
Hey everyone, a few things I like: I like nostalgia, therefor I like pokemon, therefor I like you guys (unless I don't, well see... /glare). I was thinking of playing through one of the first gen games for fun today, and decided I might as well come here (lurked here a while ago for a short time), mostly for the challenges section of the forum so that I don't just get a team full of legendaries and OP pokemon and faceroll the elite four like I usually end up doing, making the game a lot less fun.

It also reminds me a lot of my time spent at the diablo singleplayer forums over at incgamers, and all the challenges there, so I figured some pokemon ones would be fun to pass some time.

See you around.

August 4th, 2011, 3:22 PM
Welcome. :) Hope you find some good challenges and enjoy your playthroughs.

August 7th, 2011, 5:44 PM
Hi! I've heard the challenges are fun but I've never done one personally. I can't even beat Red if I'm using a Charmander, guess I'm just not the type for challenges, haha.

Anyway, no matter what you joined for, I would recommend exploring all the forums and finding things you might be interested in! I know some of the forums have some surprising things to find inside them, so don't confine yourself to just the challenges!

Be sure to read the rules and if you need any help, you can ask pretty much anyone active, we're all friendly here! :3 Have fun!