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August 10th, 2011, 1:52 PM
Well, I've been away from the boards for a while, but I have done quite a bit in Pokemon Black.

I'm about to challenge the E4 for the very first time, and am wondering if my team is any good. I did soft-reset for the right nature on my starter, and have gotten proper natures for my other Pokemon. Just tell me what you think.

All my Pokemon are at Lv55

-Waterfall <----Will be replaced with Ice Beam
-Grass Knot
-X-Scissor <----What should I replace this with, if anything?

Timid/Wonder Skin
-Air Slash <---------Possibly will be replaced with Ice Beam
-Charge Beam <-------Not sure about replacing this or not.
-Fly (For traveling purposes)

Once I get the Ice Beam TM, I might teach it that over Air Slash, due to the coverage from Ice + Electric. Psychic might be all the STAB I need.

-Dragon Claw
-Crunch <--------Will be replaced with Flamethrower
-Thunder Wave

Adamant/Sand Rush
-Swords Dance
-Rock Slide

-Swords Dance
-Sacred Sword <-----------Might be Close Combat
-X-Scissor <-------Will be Leaf Blade once leveled up
-Giga Drain

Made a few changes and left a spot open for Reshiram.

The moves that I said I will replace are going to be replaced once I find the appropriate TMs.

August 10th, 2011, 2:14 PM
I honestly think a lot of your team needs a serious revamp. First of all, Archeops, Excadrill, and Haxorus all serve about the same purpose since they have similar movepools. Note that you're teaching them all Earthquake :\. Also, since Archeops has Defeatist, it's not good at all in my opinion. Replace Archeops with:

Sigilyph @ Life Orb
Ability: Magic Guard
- Fly (for naviagation only, replace with Ice Beam if you can)
- Air Slash
- Psychic
- Shadow Ball

Now, of Excadrill and Haxorus, I would keep Haxorus. Teach it Earthquake, Rock Slide, Swords Dance, and either Dragon Claw or Outrage (come Lv66).
For a replacement on Excadrill (I always use Grass-types):

- X-Scissor
- Leaf Blade
- Swords Dance
- Shadow Claw

As far as other moveset modifications, replace X-Scissor on Samurott with Megahorn, which can be taught through the move relearner in Mistralton City. You might also want to consider replacing Grass Knot with Revenge. Also, a possible change to Eelektross would be Flash Cannon (TM91; Twist Mountain) over Thunder Wave. Then, with Darmanitan, use Stone Edge (TM71; Challenger's Cave) over Rock Slide.

August 10th, 2011, 9:49 PM
i know you trained real well and that reflects on your pokemon how you checked for the natures before u started training so im going to do my best.

On Haxorus change Dragon Dance for Swords Dance because its Jolly nature and doesnt need the speed boost. i run Shadow Claw which is still good against Psychic types and has crit chance, but i also have an Adamant Hax so your decision.Also mine has Brick Break after a Swords dance its just as powerful as earthquake and you will have type coverage on your haxorus.

Your Samurott is pretty close to mine instead i have Megahorn which is a game changer bc your leaning towards sp atk so xscissors isnt strong enough to do the damage you want. Ice Beam wont be available until you beat the E4 so go ahead amd change it to something else i have Retaliate maybe not the BEST choice but it can as the move describes retaliate with a vengence so just another thought.

Archeops IS NOT BAD defeatist just means if ur health goes down you get weaker and whats the solution well hit hard and fast duh get rid of fly and teach it acrobatics with its high attack stab move plus its double without holding an Item its a force to be reckoned with. Dragon Claw is a good move for dragons and should be kept with them.(excluding Elektross) Teach it U-Turn and Roost.

The thing with Electross is its been created for the sole purpose of combos and the BEST is yet to be found. But, I found out that this set works quite well for most circumstances.

Dragon Claw
Discharge(has a 30% chance of paralyzing as opposed to Tbolt's 10 also it frees up your twave space for another attack)
Brick Break

good coverage on both the Physical and Special spectrum.

normally i would have something to say about all the pokemon in the party bc i have used them some point in my games but i have never used an Excadrill and it maybe good I dont know but you do, so if you think you could operate without it by all means try to get another pokemon with some better typing against your weaknesses So a Leavanny would be good for the team to take on any waters that unfortunately come your way.

Darmanitan is a F....N power house(beast) Get rid of Fire Punch and get Flare Blitz I know most ppl do not like the recoil but its ingame use hyper potions or whatever you use it rocks. keep rock Slide it will be powered up do to sheer force you wont get a flinch but yeah you get KO's good swap. NO EARTHQUAKE the reason i say this is bc sheer force. Use EQ on Haxorus and use Hammer arm or Superpower on Darmanitan reason more damage. For the last attack you either want Bulk-Up or U-Turn you want to do the most damage possible and with either move it makes it possible hit hard on the switch or bulk-up for 2 hammer arms or major damage flare-blitz!

August 12th, 2011, 9:51 AM
Made a couple of changes. Added Sigilyph and Virizion to my team and left a spot open for Reshiram once I catch it.

Not sure about Virizion's moveset though. Keep in mind that all my pokemon are Lv55 and I don't have all the TMs yet.

August 12th, 2011, 10:20 AM
Made a couple of changes. Added Sigilyph and Virizion to my team and left a spot open for Reshiram once I catch it.

Not sure about Virizion's moveset though. Keep in mind that all my pokemon are Lv55 and I don't have all the TMs yet.

Well, for pre-E4, the best moveset I can come up with for Virizion is:

- Giga Drain
- Sacred Sword
- X-Scissor
- Aerial Ace

After the Elite Four, when you have access to more TMs and Virizion gets a higher level:

- Leaf Blade
- Sacred Sword/Close Combat
- X- Scissor
- Stone Edge

August 12th, 2011, 1:56 PM
Deoxys nailed it perfect but I wouldnt even consider close combat due to sacred swords effect no matter how the defense raises it will still do the same damage. BTW when you beat the E4 let us know what was good and what lacked? I'm curious and was going to restart mine anybody want some pokes with pokerus or ev trained pokemon let me know.