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August 10th, 2011, 4:24 PM
hello, pokecommunity! i am adam, or pym, whatever you would like to call me, i am fine with either! i am sixteen (soon to be seventeen) and live in minnesota. I'll be a junior in high school starting next month. i hope to be an english teacher when i grow up.

i have been playing pokemon since i was five, i got my first games for christmas. i grew up with the little monsters, as many other fans did. although in recent years i have been playing less and less and my interests grow further and further away from the pokemon universe, i still play a little. i have beaten both black and white and now i am retracing my steps through hoenn in emerald version. my favorite pokemon game is pokemon platinum though. my favorite pokemon are; bulbasaur, girafarig, wailmer, mime jr., and tepig. i even have a shiny bulbasaur, so that's pretty nifty :3

i like a couple other things too. i love comic books, more specifically, cape comics. my favorite super heroes are, if you haven't guessed, ant-man, hawkeye, mockingbird, and a number of others. i love both dc and marvel, and i am excited for the dc reboot. some of my other interests include; glee, law and order: svu, scott pilgrim, norse and greek mythology, disney/pixar, percy jackson/the heroes of olympus, i am number four, harry potter, witch and wizard, the hunger games, star wars, avatar: the last airbender, angry birds, legend of zelda, and much, much more.

i'll be in the tech. and media sections, as well as role-playing and off-topic. i'll appear every once in a while in the pokemon sections as well!

i also love to talk, so send me a vm whenever you want to talk!! i'd really like that.

thank you, pc!

- // Pym

August 10th, 2011, 9:54 PM
High-five for fellow Minnesotans! Haha looks like you'll be all over the board with that range of interests! Make sure you review the rules of course, and have fun~