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August 13th, 2011, 4:38 PM
http://www.addemoticons.com/emoticon/cat/AddEmoticons00946.gif The PokeCommunity Cat Lovers Club http://www.addemoticons.com/emoticon/cat/AddEmoticons00946.gif

Hello, there, fellow cat lovers! I'm deoxys121. Welcome to the PokeCommunity Cat Lovers Club.


All PokeCommunity rules apply in this club.
Be courteous to other members.
If you do not like cats, do not post here.
Any photos of your cats/photos of cats you find: kindly place them in spoilers to avoid posts being made abnormally large.
Try to stay on topic with the discussion. If you want to venture to another topic based on something you or someone else posted, however, feel free.




Other members:

Nobody yet, please join!

Discussion Topicshttp://www.addemoticons.com/emoticon/cat/AddEmoticons00913.gif

How many cats of your own do you have?
Is there anything unique about your cat/cats?
How long have you been a cat lover?
Also, you may post/discuss pictures of your own cats, or anything you find on the internet that is cat-related that you like!