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August 17th, 2011, 8:04 AM
Hello everyone. I'm new at forums and this forum looks very cool. Offcourse I like Pokémon and this is Pokémon forum so...yeah! My favourite Pokémon is Torterra and favourite character is Dawn and Ash. Favourite season is 10-13. Favourite game is Diamond and Pearl. I have Pokémon Emerald, Pokémon Pearl, Pokémon Soul Silver, Pokémon White and Pokémon Colosseum. I started Pokémon games about 5-7 years ago. Pokémon is best!

August 17th, 2011, 8:24 AM
Seems like you're much of a fan of the 4th Generation games as well as the Anime series! Awesome! Welcome aboard to the PokeCommunity! We do certainly have a forum dedicated to the 4th Gen. gaming. And we also have a Pokemon Anime section where you can talk about the Diamond & Pearl series, and so much more. Here at PC it is for sure that you'll remember the DP series, and make awesome friends that share the same opinions as you do. ^_^ You can also battle/trade using your games (that is, if you have wi-fi), and it's pretty fun, actually.

Don't forget that Hiidoran and I are always around if you encounter any problems or just have a question about the forums. And read the community rules! Have fun at PC, okay!~

August 17th, 2011, 2:13 PM
Hey Gazzer Welcome to the community, I love the 4th Gen too, I love to trade so if your ever intrested in a Cyndaquil, Just give me a pm :) Have a great time here and i hope you enjoy your stay! :D