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August 18th, 2011, 5:41 AM
Hi everyone, wats up, my thumbs..... Right.....
My fav pokemons is Grovyle and my least is Stunfisk (the little buggers) and my favouritest move is Doom Desire, even tho I've never used or seen the move on gam play, lol
I also like donuts
.........and scones. Haha XD
I've played pokemon for 7 Years even tho I'm only 12 and currently have 10 lvl 100s and my fav poke game is pokemons ruby version, I don't have wifi so don't bother asking me for trades but you can still pm me for helpful tips as I have been playing this game, again, for 7 years (and in that time, you DO tend to pick up a hang of the game).
I also like to type a lot"............... Buhahahaha
Piece out peeps, as soon as I get a hang of this, I'll start posting more threads.

August 18th, 2011, 9:03 AM
...Oh, we have some Stunfisks laying around. You'll see them sometimes. :P And Grovyles, i have a friend that LOVES Grovyles, and there are plenty more of them around here. ^_^

Well anyways, welcome aboard to the community! There are tons of things to do here. There are some discussions about your favorite game (Ruby), and other games you may have played. And don't worry about getting wifi, it's not really required..so both the Trade Corner and the Competitive Battling Center will still be here. What else are you interested in terms of Pokemon? Either you're more into the anime, manga, the TCG, or simply just the Pokemon, we have a topic for that. :D

I like to type as well. :P Haha, well I hope you're getting settled here, and don't forget to read the rules! Hiidoran and I are always around if you need to ask any questions you may have. Have fun and see ya! :)