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August 24th, 2011, 9:12 PM
The repost of a repost, of, another repost? (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=177823)


Talk about your history, memories, stories and your overall journey through PC thus far - spare no detail, we want to hear it all, good and bad. Whether it be a small anecdote or oodles of tl;dr, post your PC history. :D

August 24th, 2011, 9:26 PM
Let's see..

First account when I was 12/13. Went innactive on that.
After a few months of inactivity, I came back on another account. Noob/troll/rom hacker.
Went inactive for another a year or a little more and came back on the first account. Stayed on that for awhile. Noob/troll/rom hacker still.
Went inactive for a year..again. Came back on another account. Didn't post much, just lurked.
Went inactive for a month or two, maybe more, came back on this account. I like to say I changed, I think I did anyways - mainly because I feel shame when I think about my past accounts. :/

August 24th, 2011, 10:08 PM
Okay, time to think back on this one.

Started in Late 2009, November 12th I was such a noob back then, honestly. Even I ended up getting into plenty of arguments because of my attitude. I found this forum when my friend told me about how cool this place was, so I searched for it on Google and registered as sspokemon because that's the only name that came to mind at the time. I wasn't very fond of it later in the year, but I'll explain that ;)

At first I was pretty inactive, but then as Christmas came I started to gain interest and to add there was the arguments I have had with several of my friends then because of 'My friend' who told me about this forum, but we soon worked out our ways. Around the 21st December I soon started to acknowledge that this forum was huge and it contained a lot of members and I mean A LOT. So, I started to post because my friend use to boast about How many posts he had and I was very competitive at that time; I first started to post in three or four different sections of the forum: OT, OV, OC, Pokemon general and the Art corner because those sections were pretty interesting to post in. After, I had reached about 100 and above posts I soon started to take more action in the OT section, now that is where I met more of my good friends and we're friends still now.So, after 2009 ended I got my first emblem!

Around January, I turned 16 years old. Started to post and post more and that's when I started to gain and talk to the best people I have ever met online, my friends. Then around April, I soon started to gain more interest in anime (this is where my Anime list started to grow ;D) so I became obsessed with it. Then I won PC's PPC in June or July with Forever, this is when I started to get more emblems. It's also the same time, I started to get a liking to graphics and design.

After that though, I had a total of 3 pairings and a pretty large PC Family and in September there was PC's Get-Together, I entered like 1 event and came Second and then I entered the October Halloween event, but finally at the end of 2010 it ended so fast. I loved that year at PC.

But before that ended, one of my Best friends left this forum (WonderGirl), so in January again, I became 17 years old and the New years events went by too. I also became a supporter and got more emblems.

So.. in this year, I did go inactive a bit because of school, but I still have tried to reach my goal of 2,000 posts! Did I mention I got a name change?, but in June or July there was PC's Get-Together 8, I took part in several events and also hosted a couple and now I only really post in some of the sections such as OV, G&P and the Website area.

August 24th, 2011, 10:40 PM
I joined February 11th 2006 when I was 15 years-old :'D My first username that I registered as was KyokoButterfly15 and I joined for the specific purpose of reading and writing tons and tons of fanfiction. I first introduced myself with a thread in New Users that made the fact that I was a noob completely not obvious >_> it was titled "I'm Here!!!!!!!!!!" I was really excited, clearly.

I learned pretty quickly that fanfiction wasn't that active of a forum so I went elsewhere, aka MCG. I made a Drew and Coordinators club which was pretty active for a club made by a newbie :) I also made my first real friend on here in that club: Aegis. We were both newbies and decided to pair up, making him my first pair. My second friend on this forum was Igiko, my partner in crime, who I met in the Yuki and Kyo fanclub (fruits basket, anyone?).

I then moved from pokemon and etc fanclubs to member fanclubs where I met the rest of my awesome friends on this forum, which was in late 06 :) I met: Klippy, Emma, Dawg 2005, Drummershuff, Shirosaki and Midori Chi. Then in 07 I met: Amachi, Ullion (my second pair), Marz, Warheart, Harmony, Midnight Beat, Saryka, Sorano, and Live in Color (3rd pair) (I do believe in that order). We had funnnn and spammed Member fanclubs. I went through the usernames: *Princess Seraphia*, Takara, Kyoko, Satsuki, Kyoko in this time frame.

In 08 some fights between friends happened so I got kinda inactive since everyone was leaving and such. I then would sign on every once in a while to post in OVP since MCG was taken away for the most part. This continued on through 09-10, so it wasn't the most exciting of my time on here XD; I had the usernames: Thaelia, Reine Blair and Stiletto.

Kyoko has always been my favorite username and I saw some other user used it and I was like nooooooooooooooooooo D: so when they changed their name, I changed it right back and thankfully that was the last time they did name changes. So I'm thrilled this is my username :)

Now I just kinda chill in OVP, OC, and Culture and Media when I find time to sign on. I'm not nearly as active as I am now but hey. This site gave me great friends and memories so I can't just leave it <3


August 24th, 2011, 11:15 PM
Once upon a time, I was 12 years old and was googling Squirtles.

Suddenly PC.

Suddenly life undergoes changes for the next 7+ years.

I first joined in October 2004 under the username Firefox113. Everyone thought it was because I was proud of my internet browser, but... I didn't know what Firefox the BROWSER was back then. My favorite pokemon was Vulpix and I thought it was clever. APPARENTLY I WAS BEING UNORIGINAL HUFFS.

Skipping on ahead, my first close friend was Kyoko, my partner in crime. We battled through our noob days with vigilance and integrity.

Eventually, (i forgot who did it)I got added to an MSN conversation with some people from PC. Those people were Penetrait, Klippy, Metatron, Harmony, and a couple other people. It was one of those "lol we gonna add dis random person" kinda of chats, so I was added and I guess we all because friends in that chat. This was in 2005-2006, around there. We were all pretty awesome, not gonna lie. To this day, I'm still good friends with all of them :)

I was a mod strumpet. I was paired with like. All of the mods. Not really. Maybe like three of the mods. But I was known as the mod strumpet.

I started getting into photoshop and practiced and stuff. I eventually opened a shop in GAP, which was actually more successful than I thought it would be. Considering my extremely mediocre skills lmfao. I'm pretty positive that's when I met my friend Tyler, whose PC name escapes me. We ended up owning a graphics thread together for a few months :)

Then drama happened and I inched away from PC.

I think there was an entire year where I didn't visit once. Lately, I've been coming back more often, lurking more than anything, but before that I was literally here once every few months.

I've been through a RIDICULOUS NUMBER OF USERNAME CHANGES. I've been Firefox113, Chikara(which I WISH I could be again), Sorairo, Naoki, and finally Igiko.

For me, PC has always been a social thing. Whether I was casually talking to someone, or intentionally pissing some off for the lulz, I never took it seriously at all.

I still talk to a good majority of the friends from PC I met on that random MSN chat that random day way back when.

August 24th, 2011, 11:17 PM
I kind of end up doing tl;drs on threads like these, so going to avoid that today! Imma just sorta type in no order what comes to mind when typing memories.


Favourite Memories
Getting modded in Black and White and being completely afraid Jake would fire me by the end of the week (aka MSN convo type modding). Oh and the day after that was also awesome because of FRUITS.

Stunfisk and Herdier applesauces day. Everything was so plasbad that people almost got arrested and THE GREATEST PEOPLE EVER started to think about that water pokémon in gen 5 that looks like a lawnmower sort of in its sprite when it's on the ground and evolves into those really ugly things and they always kill your electric types, while in the end earning no extra tacos but got to greet some fresh meat/fish which lead to lots of interesting hotel rooms featuring a pickle and a cucumber.

Black and White release day in Japan. So. Active. So. Spam. So. Exciting. Also the fact that Kaori got modded and it was so hilarious seriously. I mean, the way she got modded, not that she got modded. XD;

Black and White release week in English. We had a mini GT which was crazy successful just for our section and we had to deal with a looot of activity that we hadn't seen in months.

GT8. While I didn't do much other than host/be involved in 5 events, it's still nostalgic for reasons! Even though it was like less than a month ago, lol. :( Good times!

By far one of the best GTs. Since I got modded like the day the planning forum was made I sorta ended up supervising others events that I had nothing else to do with otherwise (and I'm pretty sure they got modded afterwards anyway lol) and then I was like basically stalking the whole GT forum for anything to report during then, and I participated in more iirc then than I did in the last one. :x

The Easter Egg-stravaganza. aka Egg Swap and Egg Hunt, helping give people supportership and making them search the whole forum for eggs that were nearly impossible to find. :3

Releasing the Top Dog with lots of errors BUT YET IT'S SOMEWHAT LESS ERROR-FILLED NOW.

I think this was then. Idk. Either way, Unova's Violet Masquerade was released sometime around then. It had errors indeed, a lot more than the above style...

April Fools 06, aka the blackout skin, the real Todoroki etc.

Becoming a supporter and waiting until the end of the day to check the VIP forum, lol.

Christmas in Unova. Idk the date but I know it was in December, awesome but inactive compared to the latest one.

By that I mean the months. Seriously, in irc, PC, the whole time period was amazing we all know who it's due to but hey figured I might as well throw that in! ;3 Actually no, we'll just say Ole in general as best times tbh. Actually inclusive in that was May when I made like 20 people's signatures or something lool.

Other things that were also awesome include:
- pink usernames
- 14000
- 1000 vm spam thing lol
- PC blogs, not so much so now though
- rumours thread @ B/W
- being somewhat involved in GT Haunt '10
- giving out over 400 emblems in 2 hours

Least Favourite Memories
No dates for these, we'll just say hmmm, my time when I was active in OC @ 2010, my "posting too much" days in OC @ 2009/2007, dat secret spam @ June 2010, 2009 in general, okay let's just say everything before July 2010 pretty much isn't worth mentioning if it hasn't been already. And also my past alt accounts, and my past usernames, lots of my past. :)

What 'bout overall history?
And since I feel awkward that everyone else is summarising, imma just quickly summarise. Kay so joined November 15 2005, made lots of bad posts and eventually found MCG. Joined Typhlosion/Altaria club, became friends with certain people who I don't speak to anymore, as well as was active in lots of other Pokemon clubs with terrible topics. It was then when the GSC fanclub and the fanclub for something were around which both had drama and spam. I then stayed there until about October when I discovered the DCC. I was a terrible member and somewhat left it by mid-July 2007 when I became active in OT, being one of the first people to post in the thread that is still around aka TCTI. After that, still while being terrible, I managed to become friends with Maly, Simm and Went throughout those early TCTI days, or well, the first year of it at least. Then there were dares which were terrible but fun back then in July 2008, I got infracted in August 2008, proof I was a terrible member, though that was already proven. In 2009 I found OVP and posted terrible threads there which somewhat became better threads by the end of 2010. In June and July of 2009 there was drama, which was also terrible. Finally when 2010 arrived, I was still terrible, but I got to know a few other people who were great. June and July of 2010 was when Black and White was amazingly fun and became even more fun in August and onwards which I still want to be fun. Then in October was the Halloween GT which was fun sorta. In December I got to help out with MOTY in December. In 2011 I became active in irc, aka #tpc, my profile designing continued to improve (oh, and I also won Pokemon and normal PPC throughout 2010 and hosted the Photography comp @ Competitions during 2010 too). Yeah really from then on, all I can really remember about 2011 is Ole (and obv Kaori/Vrai lool). Such a good year. But yeah my PC life definitely has improved since the past :) During that time I also paired with many people, made many terrible alternate accounts and did other stuff buuut those things don't really matter. From now on really, I don't think my PC life will return to how bad it was before actually I don't think it'll be better even for a while due to my pro-2011 mindset. :x I didn't wanna name names much btw :(

August 24th, 2011, 11:20 PM
I started as a ROM hack noob who joined to download Pokemon ShinyGold. I got real into hacking and even founded my own production company called HackerCross Production with my good friend xXscytherXx (Always & Never). That never really got anywhere.

After that I started hitting MCG and met some great people that I still talk to today: Murderface, Harmony, Kyoko, Igiko, Ullion (but I dont talk to him anymore sadly), Drummershuff, and plenty more. Through these people I met others over MSN like Klippy, Sorano, Saryka, Tyler (idk your PC name anymore lol). I ended up moderator of MCG and did a great job, but in Feb '08 I decided to quit. This is when I started judging that PC was for losers and tried to stray away from it. But in March I came back, and was remodded, because I realized I didn't really have much waiting for me outside PC. Sure, I had a couple RL friends but PC was really my pass-time and my friends on here were my life. Doesn't mean I accepted PC, though. A couple months later, me and then-mod Klippy started trolling around in the mod forums and both quit. A few months following that, as Kyoko mentioned in her post, our group of friends had a ton of drama. Things were said, and the activity level for most of us dropped substantially.

Jump to November '08 and I begin trolling PC. I had decided to have a string of usernames relating to sex. I creatively came up with "Cex," and followed it with the username you see now. I had a lot of fun trolling around and bashing the staff, and finally got myself permanently banned around June '09.

Really it stops there. I was unbanned in April '11 and put on probation until October. I came back to PC because I got my personal issues with this place sorted out and don't see it as a bad place anymore. The only thing I regret is having come back after the final user name changes had been set, so I'm stuck with the memory of my troll days, going around as Penatrait.

Around these parts, I was known as marz, Marz, Deimos, Mayz, L'Viaquez, Cex and Penatrait.

Oh I should mention that I've had the pleasure to meet the beautiful Sorano in '08, mister Tyler and gorgeous Saryka in '09, the equally beautiful Kyoko in '10 and the ugly Klippy in '11. :)

August 25th, 2011, 4:46 AM
Okay, let's keep it brief. I like timelines, too.
September 2009
Joined PC, my initial aim was to learn ROM hacking. I didn't even look at other subforums. Started learning and creating my own hack.

October 2009
Learned how to pixel art. Being a connoisseur for drawing,I learned quickly and expanded my hack graphically.

November-December 2009
I was just caring for hacks around the Emulation sub-forum. So at that period I started getting to know other hackers, discuss with them etc.

January-February 2010
Beginning of my second hack, which was a failure as well. Started being active in the Pixel Art section.

March-May 2010
My third hack attempt T_T. Anyway, by that time, I had sprited for quite a few people, and my activity had reached its peak.

Summer 2010
I tried to create a forum game based on mafia games, but it failed for many reasons. I started being inactive, well, due to summer.

September 2010
1 year anniversary. When I started posting on PC again actively, I started getting a lot more requests for sprites, and so on.

October-November 2010
I was starting to get annoyed by myself. Part of me wanted to continue spriting for others, but I couldn't devote time in my own projects this way. So I cut down on it.

December 2010
The reason above as well as some people from another forum who were looking for me found me here, led me to create a new account, to avoid collision with them. Whoever asked who I was I told him but at least the people who were looking for me, well, stopped looking.

January-March 2011
Trying to be active in different sections, I learned a lot of stuff about pokemon and whatnot. Got to know a lot of members of the community, and I participated in one of the NYEs.

April-August 2011
Hiatus from PC. My interests over the internet was over another forum because my time was limited on the internet. But at least at the end of August I came back and created this account, because I wanted to have the same username as I appear with everywhere now. too bad, no name changes.

So here I am.

August 25th, 2011, 4:47 AM
I joined for Shiny Gold, as did most people. Heck, I've been working on a ROM hck ever since. It has never progressed enough that I could show it here though. :\ I didn't start posting until a long time after I had actually created this account, and even then I think I just posted in some hacks. Then i started to post more, and in a wider range of sections (especially Pixel Art and Pokemon General.) Actually, PokeCommunity got me into Pixel Art, and without it, I'd suck so much at it tbh. Thanks to the wonderful constructive criticism, I have improved, and I thank you critics. Anyway, I remember when there was member of the month, and I never actually got around to voting in it, although I did check the threads regulary. I remember the Todoroki april fools, and when everyone was a moderator. That was fun, but both of them were confusing. XD Especially the Todoroki one, although it was fun to see who posted what when April Fools was over. Ah, good times. :) I remember some of the older mods, such as Amachi and Fox modding Pixel Art, and Aegis modding Pokemon General. Oh, and also a couple of moths after joing, BeachBoy becoming a moderator and then a super moderator. :D I probably haven't imputted as much to PC as others have, but it has been fun to watch it change. Especially the mods. I do get excited when a new person is modded, I have to admit. XD

August 25th, 2011, 5:39 AM
I first joined this community in November 18th, under a very spam-like name qa123, purely for downloading ROM hacks. I initially intended to reply to a 6-month-old topic, but then I remembered mods being a "nazi" and immediately closing down those topics (or at least I thought of it that way back then). Around a day of lurking around, I just decided to forget about it. When life got bored, I thought of nothing, then this site came into my mind, so I created a new account under "new alias" (which by now isn't even a "secret" anymore), then got active in posting around July and donated $15, then I'm slowly drifting a bit inactive because of real-life stuff.

Karma Police
August 25th, 2011, 11:05 AM
Yeah, my PC history has been good :D

August 2010

I joined the forums, only for downloading hacks. I then disappeared, and I think (can't remember) I used to be on and off, appearing and disappearing, trying to find new hacks. My account during that time was rustymenon.

May 2011

I came back to become a hacker. Failed miserably D: I then drifted around the forums, and stumbled upon the amazing area called RP Corner :) I then joined a lotta RPs, and made a good amount of friends there.

June 2011

Continued RPing, and had to go offline for a while due to laptop issues. I returned in July.

July 2011

Made my alt. called -DeepImpact- I continued to RP, and am now a frequent visitor of Other Trivia, Other Chat, and Other Voting Polls too :)

August 25th, 2011, 11:20 AM
I'd have to say just a few things that come to mind.

1. The day I joined.
2. The day Nica had her proxy mess up and send me over 150 PMs.
3. When I first donated to the site.
4. Stunfisk and Herdier applesauces day.
5. Helping at 3 different Get-Together events.
6. Sllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwpppppppppppppppoooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeee day.

August 25th, 2011, 11:32 AM

I first joined PC on February 26th, 2010 to download ShinyGold. Then I returned some months later to start ROM hacking on my own, and asked a question here. Turns out I asked a question in the wrong section--Game Development instead, which was why I got no answer in return.

And yeah I got sick of my old username so I made a new one on July 26th, 2010 (both on the 26th how fortunate). Sometime around then I hosted my first event at the 2010 Get-Together (Script-writer's Contest). It was pretty fun, and I got my first emblems in that event. On Thanksgiving (I'm sure it was Thanksgiving) Team Fail and I paired up. Then I hosted the Holiday Map-Off at the New Years Extravaganza, and got my 1,000th post around that time too.

Then sometime in the spring my pair gave me a Supporter 1 tier. And now we jump all the way to where we are now, where I hosted three events at the 2011 Get-Together (Speedhacking, Map-Off, and Battle-Tag Event). I got my 2,000th post about two days ago, so I'm happy about that.

August 25th, 2011, 11:41 AM
I originally joined PC for sprite comics. I had seen a few websites for them and tried to create some, but some of the first forums I signed up for were pretty harsh in their critiques of the comics, so I scrolled through Google and happened to find PC's Pixel Art area (it was another name back then). I joined PC and figured it would be my last attempt to have some good comments about my comics. So I signed up with the name The Pokemon Hossier, posted a few comics and met a few good buddies in the section thanks to their support and common interest (Matt Silver, Decepticon, Shirosaki, and others that have faded away from my memory unfortunately). Signomi was the mod then and was always giving me grief for sprite credits and such.

Following that, I was introduced to Kyoko, Sorano, Krafty Quill and some others through Shirosaki. I had spent the majority of my first two years on PC in the sprite comic section and honestly had never visited a single other area in my time on the forums. I decided to finally venture forth and visit some other places. I spent some time in Other Chat and met Drummershuff, and others, and eventually found my way to (what was Other Games) Video Gaming. Around this time I began speaking to the closest friends I've had from PC: Marz, Morkula, Hiidoran, Igiko, Warheart (Mike), Saryka, Sorano, Kyoko, and several others.

So awhile after that, I became the mod of Other Games, Other Entertainment and Other Writing. During this point, my old group of friends quit talking as much and I started chatting with some people that no one cares about or remembers. After being a mod for... I don't even remember how long, some nerds cooked up a story to get me in trouble with the staff. It didn't work, but I felt rather disenfranchised with PC and the staff, so I retired from the staff.

Then I was gone from PC for awhile, and returned. I don't really remember many details around this time besides modding VG and creating video game events, but I met Sydian around this time, who I lub. I was remodded to continue helping out Video Gaming and the area I enjoyed most on the site. I helped create the Let's Play subforum around then. Eventually, I started losing interest and enjoyment out of PC, took a DLoA, and just decided not to return afterwards. It was the right choice for me at the time and I've never regretted leaving since I decided to. It was just my time and PC had served it's primary purpose for me many years before when I met some of the best friends I could ask for.

I have had many memories on PC, the majority of which have given me fond memories of my youth, since I chose to spend many-a-night on PC and MSN with my group of friends than partying and doing drugs. I made the best friends I could ever have asked for at the time when I most needed them and for that, I think PC is one of the best things that I just happened to stumble upon, especially when my original reason to join was just to post some fun sprite comics.

I also had the pleasure of spending a week (including his birthday) with Marz/Alex/Penatrait this previous summer. That was definitely a highlight of joining PC so many years ago because I got to meet my best friend. Hopefully I get to meet some of my original group of friends in the next year or two, cause it'd be great to make those friendships in-person and not just on the computer. :)

My list of usernames: The Pokemon Hossier (original name), G-Man, That Hideous Strength, Feiku (terrible name), Popwar Bunny (the username I liked a lot), and Klippy.

Mr Cat Dog
August 25th, 2011, 2:15 PM
You can never have enough nostalgia! I have some responses from previous threads:

Mr Cat Dog joined The Pokecommunity on April 16th from a link in ex-mod Simone's signature, back on PWC. After joining, he hung round all of the gaming forums, as well as reviewing fanfiction. However, he heard a rumour saying that #free_pokemon was illegal, and left in May, (to think to the police that he wouldn't be affiliated with it - what on earth was he thinking) for about 3 or so months.

Upon returning in late August (after realising he wouldn't get arrested for being a member), he returned back to his gaming forums and Fanfiction, only to stop reviewing (as he was getting low on time to review and stuff). Eventually, his knowledge of Ruby/Sapphire made him become a moderator of that forum, and the General Games.

Mr Cat Dog stopped going to FRLG and Breeders Corner, and started spending more time at Pokemon General, Other Voting Polls and Poetry. Eventually, he became a moderator of the first two forums. Then, on February 16th, he was promoted to the rank of Super-Moderator.

Hoo boy. I honestly can't remember much about anything, let alone what I used to do here, but let's give this a go.

I think I got into the whole 'forum' culture probably when I was 12-13ish (or maybe younger, I honestly can't remember) through the Nintendo Europe Official Pokemon Forum, as it was known back then. Either I lurked, or was a semi-active member, but that was a stepping stone to unofficial sites such as Serebii and Bulbagarden. Again, at best I could only have been described as semi-active on both (although one thing I do remember is that when Serebii upgraded its forums, I was one of the first to re-register, I think I'm number 8 or something).

Eventually, something about PC drew me to it like a moth to a flame. Maybe it was the different forum culture, but I became 'very active', as opposed to 'semi-active' on most parts of the site.

This is where things get extremely hazy. I must have become a moderator at some point... I just can't remember when or at which sub-forum(s) at all. Presumably I did an OK job of that, as I became a Super Mod some time in 2005, and proceeded to get literally hundreds of Private Message Reports telling me that 'So and So is breaking the rules in Other Chat, go punish him!' and the like. Eventually, a gradual decline in my affections for Pokemon, coupled with a decline in my affections for the majority of the forum populace at the time, prompted me to retire in a blaze of glory (aka a MASSIVE rant in Other Chat denigrating pretty much everyone... not my best moment in hind sight).

5 and a bit years later, my room-mate at university got me thinking about Pokemon again (he's a much bigger fan than I ever was; he knows all about Base Stats and IVs and other stuff I had no idea about at the time). I went out and bought Black, and thought I might as well pop in and see how everyone is! But now everything's different and everyone's changed their names... it's all very new and exciting.

Since then, not much has happened, apart from becoming a moderator again and making some nice new friends. In terms of memories, I have surprisingly few; that's not to say I didn't have fun, my memory is just godawful. What I can remember mostly involve staff discussions, as that's where I seemed to spend most of my time. Hopefully I'll get some nice new memories though... not planning on going anywhere anytime soon!

August 25th, 2011, 2:24 PM
I joined at the end of 08' (I was 13) I only joined just to play ROM hacks, I never posted at all, till just recently, maybe a month or two ago? I opened a trade thread and started posting in random threads and what not, I should have done this ages ago! >.<

Captain Fabio
August 25th, 2011, 2:25 PM
Well, this could take a while.

I first joined in 2006 and I could be defined as a noob back then. I joined for Pokemon, obviously, looking for Pokemon discussion on gaming mechanics and so on. I didn't know too much about it then, wanted to know about EVs, IVs and shiny hunting. I just went about my noobish ways and nothing interesting really happened.
I left after a while due to just being bored of Pokemon and then came back when one of the games were released, not sure which one.
Again, nothing much happened in this time as I was still a noob and just carried on lurking and posting in Pokemon boards, then I left again.

I came back around 2008 and started to get involved in the community; actually getting to know some people, making a friend here and there and so on. I think around this time I started talking to Vendak and the late Fox. These two turned into good friends of mine, going around with them and just enjoying my time around here. Then I started, for some reason, to get bored of the community and certain members started to really annoy me in their attitude and the way they felt they were better than others. I trolled a lot in 2009 and, no doubt, became a pointless member in the eyes of the staff, but I didn't really care. I just ignored the rules in this sense and went about my time just messing around and doing nothing really.

After a big bust up with some people, me and Fox left the community and my intentions were to never really return. After a couple of months, I decided to bite the bullet and talk to the people concerned to explain my actions and tried to be a better member for the community. I was in my second year of University around this time and my love for games was just as big here. I took a shine to the forum Other Games (Video Games) as it was back then. I decided to just put my decent efforts into that board and just started to try to be a better member. I thought since I was such a crap member, I thought it wouldn't hurt to be better.

So, 2010 came and I made good friends on here and started to enjoy the community once more, more so than before. I made good friends with Morkula, Sydian, Forever, Hiidoran, Live_Wire466, Hiiro, Mr Cat Dog and Patchisou Yutohru. I am still good friends with Vendak, who I have spoke to the most on here. These people are really good people and I doubt I would still have been here if they weren't my friends.

2011 came around and I carried on about my business, just doing my thing and then, I was promoted to Video Games moderator. I didn't really expect I would ever be put in charge of this board because of my past. I just thought it would be hard for the staff to trust me, after everything I had done previously; granted, people can change and I feel I am a good example of it, but I was still unsure if I would ever be a moderator. Even though I felt like that, it didn't change my view on wanting to change. But yes, I was modded and I was so happy that I was given a chance to give back to the community, which brings me to where we are today. I am still a moderator and I am happy. I hope that I can just stay around here for as long as I can.

That is it really...

August 27th, 2011, 1:20 PM
I joined Serebii in 2008 at the age of 15. I got tired of it and noticed a lot of members there were also members here at PC. I originally came here to get better feedback on my fan fics and also because I was a big Pokemon Special fan during that time and I heard there were manga scans here. My first adventures here include making friends with the Pokemon Fan Fic regulars, Astinus, Gummy, JX Valentine, bobandbill, Rekky, and various other people I can't remember. Sorry. And in the manga section, I made friends with various manga nerds that also came from Serebii, chamo-chan, silverdragonlaura, Sir Boulevard, Valentine Umbreon, and a ton more. Netto Azure and BinaryPeaches are in that manga group as well. Also met a dude by the name of Royal Genesis (now Ageless Irony) who quickly became my first best friend from PC, though we don't really talk anymore. We were born 3 minutes apart...which is weird.

Later in 2008, I changed my name to Sydian for the first time, but disliked having to introduce myself as "Sydian, but you might know me as SilverSmeargleSplatter." It just wasn't catching on the way I wanted it to, so I took a break from PC during this time, plus I had a lot of personal problems getting in the way. I came back full time in umm...April 2009 I guess, since that's when it says I went back to being SSS. I started branching out then and posting more in the Pokemon gaming forums, VG, and various other places. I slowly moved away from my original reason for joining.

In September 2009, I got a fantastic little PM from a super Goomba smod we all know. And thus became the moderator of General Pokemon Gaming, Advanced Generation, Metal/Color Generation, and Spin-offs. It came as a bit of a surprise to me, and I ran around the house. This is also the time I started talking to Klippy, who I lub. He was the first person to really make me feel welcome to the staff. I started talking to more staff members since well, I like to have a good relationship with the people I work with, even though this is just a Pokemon forum haha. Then Hiiro got modded in 2010 and stole my name, Sydian. I had just gotten back from a small LoA too, and I was kinda pissed to see some random new mod with my name. But it brought us together and made us friends, and as you can tell, it all worked out, because I'm Sydian and he's not. :) After that, some Hiidoran guy got modded, who was friends with Klippy. So me, Klippster, and Larru started chatting it up on MSN all the time. Now we're like the Three Crazy Ass Musketeers or something. Oh and we all paired on March 14, 2010. I'm the good one in the relationship that remembers anniversaries. Truth be told, they paired and I squished in two or three days after they did lol. :3

Around June (or well, early summer) that year, I helped get the Challenge forum set up, since most of the Pokemon Gaming forums were just cluttered with challenges. And of course, it's my pride and joy section (screw off, spin offs), though I couldn't have it now without the help of Went and Lightning. Thanks bbys xoxo. Later that year, I had the HORROR to have that crazy Penatrait guy added to an MSN conversation. And UNFORTUNATELY we became really good friends. lol (alex u kno i'm jp an ily n stuf xoxo)

RECENTLY in the year of 2011, I adopted some crazy children, Razor Leaf and Charizard(star). I need a water kid...lol :(

Username history:


August 27th, 2011, 1:48 PM
2. The day Nica had her proxy mess up and send me over 150 PMs.

I wasn't the only victim. :3


I joined in April 09' I don't even remember how I found this site. Surprisingly it wasn't for Rom hacks. I remember as soon as I joined I went to the role-playing section ;; I can't even remember what it was about -- or what it was named. A few people joined but then I signed off and forgot about this thing completely. I came back in like September, this time for Hacks. :> I made a few threads about making a hack that didn't take off lol. Theeen; I left again and came back during June/July 2010, silly me didn't know about creating a new account and instead I kept this one. ;-; I started off in the trade corner and started to meet some of the TC people. I became friends with them and started to branch out to other forums; Black and White. I loved speculating stuff and waiting for new information. And then once it was all released I got bored since it wasn't that much fun anymore and moved to CBC, which was S&M at the time. I became a regular there after going on the server a couple times. Then I moved into GPGD. And started posting, then I just posted where ever. I met some cool people during my time here such as; Eurydice, Rilence, Hybrid Trainer, Twistedpuppy, Twilightblade, Sydian, Razor Leaf, Vrai, Spino etc. ;o; you guise r awsum.

tl;dr - Joined. Left. Came back and here we are. ~

August 27th, 2011, 2:31 PM
Early PC Life (July 13, 2004 to sometime in '06)
- Joined as an arrogant noob, hence the username.
- Met lots of people due to FTiPL.
- Became good friends with this dude named Joe.
- Inched away into the void that is preteen-made and -run forums in mid-2005.
- Popped in for a few days in mid-'06.

The Good Times (July 10, 2010 and onward)
- Started being active in OT.

- Re-created The Nightclub which did amazingly well.
- Started VMing my now best friend Jared.
- Met lots and lots of people.

- Started to make welcoming new members a regular activity.
- Became a supporter.

- Had a ton of fun at the Halloween Get-Together and got 3rd place in the costume contest iirc.

- Ventured into Pokémon Anime and met even more people.
- Got involved in some drama.
- Used newfound iconing skills to make an emblem.

- Drama.
- Dent obsession apparently started getting me noticed?

- Wandered into Pokémon Groups and created Café Mocha (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=241238) and ~Fabulous~ (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=241936)
- Met lots of people.

- Started going to the IRC.

- Was involved in Pokémon Groups' Evil Team Wars.
- Was made second-in-command of ~Sweet and Mysterious~
- Got involved in more drama.

- Got put in charge of The Pokémon Claim Thread.
- Was made second-in-command of Triple Trouble (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=250472).

- Wasn't that when the Mentorship program was announced? Whatever happened to that?

- Made the combined Team Aqua/Magma Fanclub (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=254528).
- Attempted a revival of the Nightclub and it did not work. Oh well.

- Celebrated my birthday on PC for the first time. :3
- Made Jared's first birthday thread~

- Drama?

Note that dates have a 70% chance of being accurate.

My PC history is quite lengthy and- well, mainly because- I do love to go into detail but I would hate to leave anyone out and I'm busybusy so yeah. This is the condensed version. And I'm sure I've forgotten a variety of things.

August 28th, 2011, 8:09 PM
Ooh, I like these:

I joined in March of 2009 in order to download ShinyGold, as I am sure plenty of people have done. I promptly logged out and never touched the account again until a year least later, when I wanted to check on the status of SG. It hadn't been updated, so I logged back out. Then, I kinda felt bad, because I realized that i had joined this site, created an account, and was pretty much using the site purely to get something out of it, without giving anything in return. So I decided to change that.

I signed back in and decided to post around a bit. At the time, I didn't know anyone, so I kinda just flitted around, until I noticed the Trade Center. I decided to do some trading for the fun of it, where I met xXRogue_TrainerXx and talked with him for a while. I also met Live_Wire after requesting at least a dozen random eggs from him. So I hung around and kept posting.

Then I decided to change my avatar and profile picture to something from an Awkward Zombie comic. TheSmartOne/Anna noticed, so she messaged me, and I messaged back, and we talked, and we became bestest friends. We have a boatload of VMs.

Sometime later, butterbiscuit messaged me about an error in my sig, and we have chatted ever since. We both feverishly awaited the 3DS release. XD

Charizard Star (Idk how to do the star symbol. XD) also talks with me, and we have wonderful discussions about pie, Taco Bell, and cannibalism. Trust me, it's better than it sounds. XD

I also joined the Bleach Fan Club, where I made a whole bunch of friends, too numerous for me to try and count (lest I forget someone. ;-;)

And that pretty much sums up my history here. ^__^

August 28th, 2011, 10:31 PM
My history of PokeCommunity:

Pre-Absence: (June 3rd, 2010 - August 10, 2010)
~I joined PC. I did not had a purpose of joining, honestly. I had someone ask me why I joined PC, which made me feel a bit intimidated. So I stumbled upon the ROM Hacking section and started to lurk there. Pokeyomom and Para-Dox were my first friends at PC. I had ideas for a hack I wanted to make, but they ended up being ideas for a fanfic instead. Later on, I became Tier 5 Supporter, and befriended my first mod friend. I'd rather not name her, but she used to be moderator of Pokemon Anime. By August, my activity started to decline, because of school preparations, and the community was just overwhelming for me to be active. So I left, just like that.

Post-Absence & Pre-Moderator: (November 22, 2010 - June 30th, 2011)
So I took a 3-month absence. Three days after turning 20 years old, I returned and made a comeback, pretty much...because of Black & White. PC has changed a lot back then, and it was even harder for me to adjust to the changes, especially to the new signature rule that I wasn't even aware of (until now. haha).

During New Years, I participated in the New Years Extravaganza, my first get-together..where I met tons of people and made friends with few people, including World King. Our friendship was on and off, until we decided to pair up on February 22nd, becoming my first pair ever. Unfortunately our pairing lasted a week. .__. Shortly after breaking off the pairing, I met a quiet, yet wise member named Buoysel (now known as quilzel). We shared the same exact same interests, like Pokemon (obviously), as well as the weather, technology, and tastes of music. Our friendship bond was so strong, that I had to ask him to be my pair, and he agreed. Since March 30th, we're still paired today. ^_^

Fast forward to June, where my activity in NU/W shot up drastically, although I was an active regular of the section for a while since I met Silver.Nova, another friend I met during my newbie days. Towards the end of the month, activity in NU/W was dwindling slowly, and I was starting to be really suspicious of the mass amount of higher staff coming to see my profile. I was scared, really...thinking I may have done something wrong. Until I got a PM from one of the higher staff asking that if I wanted to help Hiidoran out in NU/W. I completely, and literally FAINTED. xD

I immediately told Bui about my promotion, and I remember that we were both refreshing PC so much just so I can see that I was in bold blue. And I did. haha. June 30th was one of the best days of my PC life, pretty much. Something I'll never forget. lol

Moderator: (July 1, 2011 - Present)
My first week of modding....to be quite honest, it wasn't as good as I expected, due to NOT KNOWING what to do, really. I'm a person that usually does the things first, then read the rules later. I made that mistake and I regret that. xD I got to make (and pass out) emblems, which was really fun. The whole month of July was all about learning the ropes, and I met SO MANY PEOPLE. Like really. I got to talk to Twilight Sky again, even though I met him back in 2010...also dragonomega, who became my grandmother. ^_^ Then there's Sydian, my partner's pair...YOU'RE SO AMAZING. Anastasia.R, you're the best mod buddy a Meganium could have <3 And... so many more that I just need to go to my profile and check my VMs. xD

Today, I'm used to balancing my regular PC side...the one I had before, my modding side, and my IRL side. Looking back to 2010, I can say I evolved, and I'll keep evolving. ^_^ I've only been here for a year and 2 months and I know there's more stuff coming to me. :)

August 31st, 2011, 8:37 PM
Here's my history at PC as best as I can remember it:

I made my initial account on Dec. 29, 2002...about two months after the community first acquired its vBulletin license as I soon learned. My first four months or so were fairly uneventful. I came in and posted maybe once or twice a day and left.

When the mass exodus of PE2K members (at the time, PE2K was affiliated with PC while PE2K was working on launching his own forum) in the spring of 2003 came about, the forum was about as dead as can be, with only a handful of active members. At this point, I took it upon myself to bring activity back. During the following summer, there was an unofficial postcount battle between me and two newbies...Arcanine and 22sa...to see who can be the rop poster. Admittedly, I remained competitive by spamming the Pokemon Trivia section (which had postcount turned on back then). XD

Near the end of the summer, PC's founder, Master Kwesi Nkromah held AIM interviews for new moderators and I decided that I should try out seeing as I had over a thousand posts and everything (lol, newbie mentality). The interview went well and I was told that I should wait patiently for big changes to happen in PC.

Soon enough, on Sept. 6, 2003, PC's database was reset to be more stable and all the registered members had to re-register. Less than five minutes after I made my account, I had access to the fabled moderator's lounge and a bolded name. I had been selected to be the active moderator in Pokemon Trivia. XD

I was at the peak of my PC experience. I had achieved my goals, and I was among some of the members I had admired greatly: Lightning (at the time a lowly OVP moderator), Arcanine (who was promoted from Pokemon gaming mod to S-Mod in a week's time), Dakota (Pokemon TCG mod later turned S-mod...currently banned), and Kairi (another Pokemon gaming mod who eventually became and S-mod before disappearing). Over the course of the following year, I proved myself more and more capable of multi-tasking and eventually picked up mod duties for Pokemon General and Video Gaming.

Over the course of the summer of 2004, drama began brewing that would only escalate thanks to me and a couple of my buddies. A pair of trolls (or at least, I assumed they were trolls in my youthful hotheadedness...I can't honestly attest to the truth anymore) joined PC. As they did their thing, they drew attention and popularity to themselves despite the fact that I wanted nothing to do with either of them and was flabbergasted that they were never banned...a stance that I (foolishly in hindsight given my position at the time) made well known in any thread they posted in. Things only got worse when threads about political and social issues started appearing in OC. My classically conservative point of view naturally clashed with their (and as I eventually found out with age, the majority of the Internet's) progressive and liberal point of view...eventually leading to accusations of me being homophobic in the face of a PC staff scandal (at least from my younger self's point of view...it could have been a legit decision in hindsight) involving Kairi (at this point, the site's first assistant admin) being in a lesbian e-relation with a1337a (one of the aforementioned "trolls" and was suddenly modded in Computers & Technology). Fun times. -.-

Of all the times for the upper staff to consider S-mod promotions, this was perhaps the most unfortunate timing given the hole I had dug myself in, but either way, on Dec. 19, 2004, I was promoted to S-mod despite all the people that hated my guts (perhaps a sign that my mod work was good enough to promote despite my unpopularity, or perhaps I just had a lot of friends in high places...who knows? Who cares?). I think they almost had to promote a second S-mod (Claire/DF DaDragonz...if anyone knows where she disappeared to, let me know) on the same day to alleviate the potential backlash. XD

The next couple of months were turbulent...it seemed like every other week, another venerable staffer dropped off the staff and their fans blamed the opposite sect. Some integrated back with the staff and some dropped off the radar completely. I can't recall the exact date, but I eventually gave my resignation some time in the spring of 2005, citing that I had too much to worry about IRL with high school graduation and college-searching stuff. While all that was true, I also simply couldn't stand being vilified anymore. My activity severely dropped from posting five to ten times a day at my resignation, to once or twice a day over the summer, to once a week during the fall to once every whenever-I-remember-this-site-exists after that. I think my last post with my original account was some time in 2007. XD

One summer day in 2009, I'm sitting in my apartment an older and wiser fellow than I was before, and then I catch word of two new Pokemon games coming out...Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. Eager to jump into the speculation mill, I rush to GameFAQS, which had since become my forum of choice for most things, but a slight tinge of nostalgia washes over me and I decide to type in www.pokecommunity.com in the URL bar, and I'm blown away by how much the site had changed since my last visit. Since I more or less felt like a newbie all over again, I decided to make a new account instead of reviving my old one. I even vowed to match my old account's postcount in a faster time than it took me the first time around (a goal I proudly achieved). Other than that though, I haven't really done much of significance with my Timbjerr account. XD