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November 28th, 2003, 4:21 PM
I wanna know about other people's pokemon creations. I Have a few, but my favourite can be seen in my signature pic. Grandor. It is the evolved form of another one of my creations, Granitt. (which i will get a pic of shortly if anyones interested) They are both ground type Dragon pokemon. And ironicaly i am not a fan of ground types... o.O

This picture below is the original picture that is in my singature pic...
But on with it!!! Post your creations here!

November 29th, 2003, 3:12 PM
i created igtica :p i have a plenty pics of it somewhere.


it's on that of my old sig

Spike Razzor
November 30th, 2003, 2:27 PM
I made up like 17 dragons for each element, then theres some Pokemon here and there.

This one is new. Its called Aurgo, the berserk Pokemon. Aurgo is the 3 form of a smaller Pokemon which has yet to be named, the second stage is like a big egg. Then we have Aurgo, whats wierd is that unlike it other Steel types it sacrafices high 400+ Def to have a higher Sp. status.

Classification:Berserk Pokemon
Ability:Active Armour, Attack raises by 1 for ever non-speacial move that hits Aurgo.
Item:Soft Sand, or Metal Poweder
Move List:
-- Tackle
-- Harden
-- Stomp
Lv5 Horn Attack
Lv10 Iron Defence
Lv15 Slam
Lv20 Dig
Lv25 Screech/Metal Sound (depends on its personality)
Lv30 Iron Tail
Lv35 Horn Drill/Fissure (depends on its personality)
Lv45 Manitude
Lv50 Hyber Beam
Lv55 Eathquake
Lv60 Doom Desire


December 3rd, 2003, 2:22 AM
I made Blissful.
Some cross between a Jigglypuff and Blissey, two of the many pokemon I like.