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December 27th, 2004, 4:49 PM
Monster Iland has drifted to just off the shor of New York. The govermint has called to colet all kids under the age of 14 with a speshul gift to be bort to monster iland and be parid withe a monster. But aleons called the Otagons that are two leged otapuses are using monster data to creat monsters of there oun to take over the world. The kids can mereg and gain conplit control of the monsters.

Heres the form for humins:

age: ( under 14 )
paired monster: ( you can be paired with an exsisting one or one that sombody made as long as you get there permishin. )

and monsters:

powers: ( Plese don't copy an inter moveset or give it an inposabul to block or serviv attik. )

Note: that you can be your oun monster and it's paired humin.


Name: Logan
age: 12
looks: Black hire and green anima eyes. He wars a Godzilla green shrat and blue jens.
personality: A daredevle, he freefell 800 feet and almost got killed by rodan!
paired monster: Godzilla
gift: He can withstand almost any weak phsicul damig.

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December 27th, 2004, 10:19 PM
Just wondering, do you mean...
Monster Island has drifted to just off the shore of New York. The goverment has called for all kids under the age of 14 with a special gift to be brought to monster island and be paired with a monster. But aliens called the Otagons that are two legged octapuses are using monster data to create monsters of their own to take over the world. The kids can merge and gain complete control of the monsters.
Btw, an octapus with two legs is a... duapus? Bipus? Sounds like some yellowish liquid...

Name: Nic
age: 13.96
looks: ... I'm pretty sure you know what to expect.
personality: ...ditto.
paired monster: Can I pair with something I make...? Teh "Quetzacoatl".
gift: No darned idea... how about a genius that can outstratergise pretty much anyone and design almost perfect weapons? XD

Name: Quetzacoatl (Yes, it isn't very creative...)
looks: Um... white winged, feathered serpent. Tail ends off in a Suzaku style.
personality: Calm, observes the situation from a distance.
powers: Flaps wings -> Strong wind. Um, tail is sharp, since the tip is bone. Feathers are sharp, with the strong wind it becomes a storm of daggers...?

December 28th, 2004, 6:11 AM
Yes and yes to both qustins. And ther my aleans so I get to name them.