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December 28th, 2004, 1:06 PM
Well, I got this game for Christmas, and all I have to say is that it freakin' rocks; it's certainly one of the best fighter games I've ever played (although it does have areas where it could improve).

Like its predecessor, the basics of this game are so simple that you can literally just pick up & play...most basic moves are confined to the A, B, & X buttons. "A" throws projectiles (except for a few characters, such as Zabuza, who can't really throw his sword, or Lee, who focuses mainly on using his fists or feet), "B" performs basic combos of puches, kicks, etc., "X" performs a Special (no complicated combos here!), "Y" is grab-&-throw, & "L" & "R" are used for dodging. The option for very complicated combo fighting is there, for those more-experienced players, as the directional pad & A & B can be combined in too many ways to count.

The graphics are beautiful; the cellshading is done so well, that most of the time it feels like you're "playing the anime" (a sensation aided by the fact that nearly everything--from menus to shops--is voiced over using the same voice actors from the anime). The music is all original; that is, none of it has appeared in the anime. Of course, it follows the standard that Naruto-based music has set, being a unique combination of classical Japanese instruments & modern ones.

As for changes made, there are, of course, many characters added from previous installments. This includes the Genin that were missing from the teams in GNT2 (Chouji, Temari, Shino, Tenten), as well as many characters that hadn't come into the anime when GNT2 was released. You can now use characters such as Tsunade, Jiraiya, & Itachi, as well as others. Also, the "extra versions" of some characters fromt he first game (Kyuubi Naruto, Sharingan Sasuke, Sharingan Kakashi) have been combined with their normal forms, and you can "activate" them at certain times during battle by pressing Down+X(when you have red health, you can go to Kyuubi Naruto...Sasuke & Kakashi can activate their Sharingan at any time, provided that they have enough chakra).

The other changes were made in gameplay. Each character now has at least 2 Special moves. How to use it depends on the character. Some character's gain a new special when they "mode change". Some can only be used when the character's health hits red, others can be used by hitting down+X (ie, Gaara's, possibly the best secondary special in the game), while still others can be activated by jumping & hitting X (these all suck though, and can be blocked fairly easily).

Also, Story Mode has gotten a revamp. It's closer to the anime now, and there are often objectives that you have to complete to pass the round. This usually involves defeating an opponent in a very specific way, so Story Mode absolutely requires a walkthrough (unless you can read Japanese, or have an insane amount of luck).

Because it's a fighting game, Naruto GNT3 has quite the multiplayer mode. There are multiplayer versions of pretty much everything, including Survival & Team Battle. There's one-on-one Multiplayer, as well as 4-player (however, there is no option to just have 3 people playing. Oh well). Multiplayer is what this game was made for, and is what gives it the extreme lasting appeal that the previous game was known for.

However, this game is a lot less exciting for those people who can't speak Japanese, or don't know at least a bit about Naruto. There are a lot of little things that only a Japanese-fluent person or Naruto fan would pick up on, especially in Story Mode. So unless you have access to Gamefaqs, the single-player mode & menus in this game could give you quite the headache.

All in all, I found Naruto GNT3 to be a really entertaining game. All the quirky things in it are too small to even mention, and are far outweighed by the good things. If you have a modded Gamecube, or a Freeloader disc, I seriously suggest you consider heading over to www.playasia.com & grabbing a copy right now.

9.9/10. Nearly perfect, but could be annoying for anyone who doesn't like games in foreign languages, or for those who don't have anyone to play it with.

December 28th, 2004, 1:08 PM
it sounds awesome but ive never seen it in stores

December 28th, 2004, 1:20 PM
It's a Japanese-only game. There are a few places that you can grab it online, but I would suggest www.playasia.com since you can also buy the very useful Freeloader disc there