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October 10th, 2011, 6:56 AM

Hajime no Ippo
Welcome to the Hajime no Ippo Fanclub! Here we can discuss various topics relating to the manga, video games, or anime of Hajime no Ippo!

For those who aren't in the know, Hajime no Ippo, written by George Morikawa, is a manga about Makunouchi Ippo, a shy high school student that lives with his mother and helps her run their boat fishing business. Due to his low-key personality, he is frequently targeted by bullies. One day, while being beaten up, a man named Takamura Mamoru happens to run by and notices Ippo's predicament. After saving Ippo, he collapses from the assault, forcing Takamura to take him to the Kamogawa Gym for some minor first aid. After recovering, Ippo thanks Takamura for the help and starts to leave, but Takamura asks Ippo to at least vent some of his frustration on the sandbag. After a failed first attempt, and after a lesson in punching from Takamura, Ippo launches a tremendously powerful punch that shocks the whole gym. When Coach Kamogawa learns of this, he realizes the potential that Ippo possesses. And so begins the new life that Ippo forges for himself...

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::Always respect other members::
::Make sure you use Spoiler tags for anything that has happened in any of the later chapters, especially matches. Early matches, up through the Rookie King matches should be fine to be left unspoiled, but anything after that should be spoilered::
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And here is my application:
Username/Nickname: Pikapal642, you may call me Pikapal, Ppal, or Jared.
Number of Chapters Read: All of them. :3
Favorite Character? Makunouchi Ippo
Favorite Match? Mashiba vs. Sawamura
Reason for Joining? I created the club. XD