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December 30th, 2004, 7:32 PM
This is a remake of a fan fic. I made a while back. I'm gonna give it another shot. It's been edited a little. Enjoy.

Part 1: Jodi and Kirie the Adventure Begins

Chapter 1: An Unpleasant Discovery

A young girl walked down the hall in very high spirits. Her Eevee walked at her side looking just as happy. This girl lives at the Miyorna Orphanage. She was what you would call a tomboy. She has ocean blue eyes and dirty blond hair. She is wearing a forest green t-shirt, khaki pants, fingerless forest green and yellow gloves, forest green and yellow tennis shoes and a forest green head band. Her Eevee whose name is Kirie wears a similar headband. Because she has lived at the orphanage all her life Jodi has no idea who her true parents are. She is a rather unusual kid. Her senses are much more highly tuned then that of a normal human. She is also very fast, agile, strong, and has the endurance of a Tauros. Because of this she runs and plays alot. She is a good problem solver and can work her way out of tight situations with ease. She is small for her age, which comes in handy when hiding from the older kids that she likes to tease. She is most defiantly not a sweet little angel, far from it. Shes a mischievous little brat who is always bothering the older kids. Her Eevee is her best friend and they have been together longer than either can remember. She has many friends but she would rather play with the Pokemon at the orphanage than with the human children. She has run away from the orphanage five times just for the adventure, which greatly annoys the caretakers. Because of her love for adventure she knows the grounds around the orphanage better than anyone. But she's not really a bad kid, you couldnt find a better friend anywhere. If youre in trouble shell be there to help, and nothing can separate her from her Eevee. (Back to the story)

As Jodi passed a door she heard voices coming from inside. Eavesdropping being one of her favorite hobbies she stopped and listened. A man and a woman were talking quietly. Jodi recognized their voices.

Theyre the ones who are going to adopt me tomorrow. She whispered excitedly and moved closer.

Do you really think this is a good idea, what if they find out?

Dont worry even if they do there's nothing they can do about it, weve signed the papers havent we?

True, but if they find out they could ruin our whole operation.

You worry to much. There was pause, Look weve done stuff like this before. Besides once we have that kid itll all be worth it.

Yeah I bet the boss al be glad to finally get hold of someone who amounts to something. They laughed and Jodi now very confused moved even closer.

Yeah and well finally have a strong member of Team Shadow.

Jodi stopped dead. She started to shiver then before anymore is said she turned and started running and didnt stop until she got to her dormitory. Once safely inside she locked the door and flopped on the bed.

Did you hear that Kirie? They are only adopting me so they can turn me into a Team Shadow agent. A tear fell down her cheek.

Dont worry we can just runaway for a while.

Yeah I guess so, but what if they come back? Kirie was quiet for a moment.

What if we dont come back.

Dont come back?! But this is our home.

I know but it may be the only way. If they are really interested in you then they wont give up.

Ive got a better idea lets just tell the head.

Do you think she would believe us.

Why wouldnt she?

Because were trouble makers.

Yeah-another tear ran down her cheek. I hate this place. She burst out suddenly.

Kirie jumped. What do you mean? You just said this was our home.

That maybe true but that doesnt mean I have to like it. Tears streamed down her face but she ignored them. Do you think I like being picked on every day. I dont, I wish more than anything that I was still living with mom and dad.

But you dont even remember them.

So what it would be better than staying here for the rest of my life. She sat back down on the bed and looked at Kirie. Maybe your right, maybe we should runaway. Besides Ive always wanted to go on a Pokmon journey. Kirie stood up.

Yeah thats exactly what we should do. It would be great to battle in gyms and meet new people. Plus it would be great cover for our being away from home. Jodi was becoming exited.

Yeah its a great plan, but first. She became serious. First Im going to find out why Im in this orphanage.

Kirie nodded. Lets go see the head. Jodi wiped away the tears and hopped off the bed. She packed everything she could in a backpack (which looked like Mistys except that it was navy) and left it beside the bed, then she unlocked the door and walked down the hall towards the Head Mistresss office.

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well done.it is very good.hope the next chapters going to be posted soon.

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Sorry it took so long. Here's the next chapter.

Chapter 2: Princess Jodi?

Jodi started running then suddenly hit some one. Hey watch it you idi... oh sorry Head Mistress. The Head Mistress looked down at her at first in irritation then in pity. I was just coming to see you. I want to ask...
Never mind that now. Come with me to my office. She said in a strong brisk voice.

But Miss Kara...

Dont argue just walk. Jodi and Kirie followed glumly. Once they reached the office Miss Kara ushered them inside.

Whats the rush?

Quiet She snapped. Now sit. She said pointing to a chair. Jodi sat down and Kirie jumped onto her lap. Miss Kara sat behind her desk and fixed Jodi with a piercing gaze. She gulped. Now I understand that you will be leaving tomorrow. She stated plainly.

Well uh yeah. Said Jodi untruthfully. Miss Kara sighed.

Well then I guess its about time I told you about your past. Jodi and Kirie leaned forward excitedly. I was hoping to put it off for as long as I could, but now that your leaving I guess I dont have a choice. She sighed again and leaned back.

Well said Jodi impatiently. Miss Kara smiled wearily.

It begins I suppose with your mother. She was born in the Kingdom of Calibra. Your mother was a very clever woman and she had the power to see the good in people. Thats why she married your father. Now your father wasnt born in the Kingdom, he was born in Silver Town. They were both born to respected Pokemon trainers. Your father was the son of a famous gym leader and Pokemon league champion, while your mother was born to the king and queen of Calibra.

King! Jodi was stunned. You mean she was a princess!!!!

Yes and so are you. Jodi just stared blankly. Kirie turned and bowed to her.

Your Highness She said. Jodi pushed her out of her lap.

Cut it out. If Im a princess why wasnt I raised in the kingdom?

Because the Kingdom was invaded and your mother and farther were killed, and the crown was taken by a man named Lord Riko. Because your father had befriended this orphanages former Head Master you were left here. Being a princess we tried not to let you get into trouble. She smiled, But that was unavoidable. As the new king gained strength he became less concerned about anyone overthrowing him. He thought all of the royal Aries had been killed. But of course he was wrong. However he did not know that, so he wasnt bothered by anything. Until one day about five years ago that is.

What happened?

Someone in the kingdom, one of your fathers most trusted friends, let slip to the king that you were still alive. So he went all over the place gathering information, trying to find out where you were.

Did he?

No, in fact he doesnt even know youre a girl. He assumed you were a boy, so now hes looking for a young orphan boy about twelve years old. Jodi nodded slowly.

Has he looked here yet?

No, this place was kept secret to him. Besides even if he did come here we would make sure you were safe. There was a long pause, then finally Jodi spoke.

Why am I going with Mr. and Mrs. Macon if Im a royal princess?

Because its the safest place you could be. Ha, yeah thats right the safest place I could be is in the hands of Team Shadow. But she didnt say so.

I guess that makes since. So now what do I do? Now that I know about all this I cant just sit back and let that thieving king get away with all this.

I was afraid youd say that, which is why I didnt want to tell you. Then she grinned, So you want to be the lovely queen of Calibra? Jodi scowled,

No way, I dont want to be queen of anything.

Then what are you going to do about it?

Well I uh...well the least I can do is make someone else king. Miss Kara sighed yet again.

Yes unfortunately I think that is inevitable. But for now you need to play and have fun. After a while in which Miss Kara gave Jodi time to adjust to all this she stood up. You may leave. Jodi stood up with Kirie in her arms. She turned and walked to the door. Before she closed the door Miss Kara said And please be careful. Jodi turned back gave her the thumbs up, smiled, and left.

That night Jodi lied awake in bed. Even if she werent about to runaway she still wouldnt have been able to sleep. Everything that Miss Kara had just told her was flashing through her mind. Finally after she heard the last light switch click she got up and grabbed her backpack. Kirie jumped to her shoulder as she put her Pokegear around her neck. She smiled and patted her for reassurance then opened the door quietly and stepped out into the hallway. Moving quickly she reached the back door and eased it open, finally stepping into the cold night air and closing the door. Now lets go. She turned and ran into the night stopping she looked back at Miyorna one last time, Good bye I will miss all of you. Then she ran into the woods.

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thats really good alana! i hope there are new chapters coming.

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Heres the next chapter.

Chapter 3: A Lakeside Rest

Jodi and Kirie ran until they could go no further. Finally they stopped climbed a tree and immediately fell asleep. According to her Pokegear it was 8:00 in the morning when Jodi woke up. She stretched and looked around. I dont recognize this place. She said softly. Kirie sat up and yawned.

Guess we must have gone further than we thought last night. Jodi nodded.

Yeah I guess so. They climbed down began walking. After awhile Kirie asked,

So where are we going?

I dont really know. I guess well just head for the nearest town and get some trainer equipment.

Good idea, but if youre going to be a Pokemon trainer wont you need a Pokedex?

I didnt think about that. She was quiet for a time.

Where are we anyway? Kirie asked after about five minutes of walking threw the unfamiliar woods.

Not sure, weve never been this far from the orphanage before.

Well I hope we find some food soon, Im starving.

Quit whining about food. She said irritably.

As you wish, your Highness.

Stop calling me that. She said thwacking Kirie on the head.

Sorry your worship. Jodi scowled, but didnt reply. After about an hour of walking, in which neither said a word to each other, they came upon a lake surrounded by fruit trees.

We can stop here and rest.

Yeah and we can also get a bite to eat. Jodi smiled. Once they had eaten their fill of fruit and taken a short swim in the lake, Jodi sat with her back against a tree and pulled out her laptop. She started typing, and after awhile in which Kirie chased some Pidgey into a tree, she found what she was looking for.


Perhaps the best known of all the kingdoms, Calibra was founded and ruled by the Calone family for generations. The first king was called Rowel and his queen was Sulia. They watched as the kingdom became more and more beautiful. Time passed and the king and queen passed away, leaving the thrown to their only son Ricky. He grew up and married a beautiful lady named Caprel.

Jodi read all about each king, queen, prince, and princess. There was also alot about the history of the kingdom. Who built it, why it was built, ect. Then on the last page she found something that made her heart stop. It was a picture of a man and a woman standing in front of a palace. Under the picture it had the names, Queen Sharla and King Manetho.

These were the last king and queen of Calibras royal bloodline. They were very fair rulers, just like their ancestors. The people of the kingdom loved and respected them. It seemed like everything would be wonderful during their time as king and queen, but it wasnt. No more than three years after Princess Sharla married Manetho and took the crown, the kingdom was invaded by a man named Lord Riko and his army of Shadow Pokemon. Lord Riko was a power hungry man whose one desire was to rule. He sent his army to take over the kingdom; then he killed the king and queen taking the crown for himself. Many years past and the new king became more and more powerful. There were those who tried to stop him, but they were all brutally defeated and either killed or thrown in the dungeon. People always hoped that someday a royal family member would come and claim the thrown, and they would once again live in peace but they never did. Eventually Lord Riko tracked down and killed every last royal family member. He announced his triumph all over the kingdom and the people lost all hope. Then about five years ago a rumor started going around about the prince of Calibra. It was said that before the king and queen were killed they had sent their only son to live in safety somewhere far away from the kingdom. Though Lord Riko tried desperately to locate this boy he was never successful. He never stopped searching and to this day his Shadow Pokemon wander the streets of towns and villages trying to find the Prince of Calibra, the only remaining member of the royal bloodline.

Jodi leaned back against the tree and closed her eyes. The last member of the royal blood line. She whispered. Kirie nuzzled her cheek. She smiled, So Im the Prince of Calibra huh. Well I guess that means Im in absolutely no danger then huh? Kirie laughed.

But Prince Jodi arent you afraid that the Shadow Pokemon will get you? They laughed again, then Jodi grew quiet.

I wonder why Lord Riko thinks Im a boy.

That friend of your dads probably told him you were.

That's something else I want to find out about. Why did one of my dads closest friends tell Lord Riko I was still alive?

Maybe he threatened to have him sent to the dungeons if he didnt tell him about every single royal family member.

Yeah that could be it. Jodi closed her laptop and they were quiet again. After a few minutes they fell asleep. When they woke up the sun was beginning to set. Jodi stood up. I guess we should get moving. She packed up her stuff and headed back into the woods.

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it's preety good.

you even have a talking Eevee. now that is cool.

i just got one thing you need to work on. (maybe its me) you need to adress who is talking. it took me to back track to seee who is talking. that the only thing i see possible wrong

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I didn't think it was necacary to do say whop was talking ecause there were only two of them. But i'll keep that in mind. Kirie isn't a talking Eevee Jodi can just understand what she's saying.Heres the next chapter. it's short but necacary. You'll see later.

Chapter 4: Where the Winds of New Beginnings Blow

Jodi and Kirie walked for hours in the dark forest, trying to find a town where Jodi could register to become a Pokemon trainer. At last Jodi saw lights through the trees. She lifted Kirie to her shoulder and ran the rest of the way. She stopped on the edge of a cliff looking down on a large town. A sign next to them read, New Bark Town, This Way to the Town Where the Winds of New Beginnings Blow. Jodi stared at it for along time. Finally she straitened up and smiled.

This is the perfect place to start our journey.

The Town Where the Winds of New Beginnings Blow. Defiantly sounds like the place for us. Kirie jumped down from her shoulder and stood at her side. The wind picked up and blew threw Jodis hair and ruffled Kiries fur. Jodi looked skyward and closed her eyes.

It seems like forever since we left Miyorna, but its only been a couple of days. Weve traveled a good distance since then, and now were about to start our Pokemon journey. I never would have guessed that so much could happen in so little time. She opened her eyes and looked towards the town. She suddenly smiled and said, Watch out new Bark, here I come. They laughed and took off down the hill heading for New Bark Town.

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well done!XD i have said that heaps.. well i just hope there are mre chapters.

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Thanks. Here's th next chapter.

Chapter 5: Kiries Check Up

Jodi and Kirie stopped just inside of town. Now that were here where do we go.

Well I guess we go to where ever people get their first Pokemon.

Yeah but where is that?

I dont know. Maybe you should ask someone.

Who can I ask, there's no one awake at this time.

Well then we should wait till morning. Where should we rest?

Well how bout the Pokemon Center. Ive read all about them. Its a place where trainers can stop and rest. Since Im going to be a trainer Im sure theyll let us stay.

Yeah thats a good idea. So where is it? They looked around for a bit then Jodi pointed to a building with a large red P on it. That's it.

Then lets go. They walked up to the building and knocked because the doors were locked. A Chansey answered.


Uh hi, were looking for Nurse Joy. The Chansey nodded and left. A few minutes later Nurse Joy came to the door.

Hello how can I help.

Jodi hesitated then said, Nurse Joy we just arrived in town and were looking for a place to stay until morning. Nurse Joy smiled and stood aside to let them in.

So why have you come to New Bark?

Well I was hoping to register to become a Pokemon trainer.

Well youve come to the right place. New Bark Town is the place where lots of trainers come to start their journey. She bent down and picked up Kirie.

This Eevee looks very healthy. Is it yours?

Yeah, her name is Kirie.

Well it seems to me that youre going to be a great trainer. She handed Kirie back to Jodi. Well now I guess Id better get you a room. Follow me. She led them down a corridor and stopped outside one of the rooms. You can stay here to night. She unlocked the door to let them in.

Thank you Nurse Joy.

Good night...

My names Jodi.

Good night Jodi. She left. Jodi went inside and closed the door. Then she flopped on the bed and kicked off her shoes. The next morning Jodi woke up to find Chansey poking her.

Chansey? She sat up. What is it?

Chansey Chan Said Chansey motioning for her to get up and follow. Jodi reluctantly got dressed, picked up a sleeping Kirie and followed Chansey out of the room. Chansey took them to a room with some machines in it. She motioned for them to sit and wait, then she left. About five minutes later Nurse Joy came in.

Good morning Jodi. Did you sleep well?

Yeah I slept fine. Nurse Joy smiled then walked over to them.

Before you can become a Pokemon trainer, your Pokemon has to have a check up. Jodi grinned,

Well Ok I guess. She nudged Kirie, Come on sleepy head wake up. Kirie flicked her ears in irritation. She sat up and looked around.

Mind telling me why you woke me up at this insane hour?

Nurse joy wants to give you a check up, that's all.

Couldnt she have done it while I was asleep?


Fine then. Said Kirie yawning widely. Lets get this over with. Jodi handed Kirie to Nurse Joy and said,

How long will this check up take?

Not long. Dont worry. Then she added, So can you understand what your Eevee is saying?

Yes She nodded and left. About three minutes later Jodi heard Kirie scream and ran into the room Nurse Joy had entered.

Whats wrong? Then she saw Kirie flat against the wall looking like someone was trying to kill her, and standing beside a metal table was a very bewildered Nurse Joy holding a needle. Jodi couldnt help it she cracked up.

Hearing this Kirie ran over and jumped into Jodis arms. Stop laughing and get me out of here. She whined.

Jodi shook her head. Coward. Are you telling me your scared of a little needle?

Scared, who me? No.

Fine then, let Nurse joy give you the shot. Kirie quivered but held still as Nurse Joy gave her the shot.

There, all done. You can leave now. Jodi still smirking turned to leave. Oh wait a second. She turned back. Sorry I forgot to mention. If youre going to become a Pokemon trainer youll need to go see Prof. Elm.

Prof. Elm? Tanks Nurse Joy Ill go and see him right away. Then with a nod from Nurse Joy she left.

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Well it is good. but like i said before you need to address who talking but it geting better I only got lost once. (but remember. i not a professional editor/correcter.)

Everything else is ok.

Keep going.

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Thanks. Here's the next chapter. I hope this one's clearer.

Chapter 6: A Pokemon Trainer At Last

Jodi walked with Kirie on her shoulder. Though she didnt know her way around town it wasnt long before she found the lab of Prof. Elm. Well I guess this is it.


They stared at it for a minute then Kirie said, Well I guess we should go in.

Yeah. Jodi stepped forward and knocked. No one answered. Hello is anybody home? She called. No one answered.

Maybe hes out back or something. Kirie jumped down and walked around the lab. Wow check out his garden! Jodi followed Kirie and saw a huge field that lead into a forest. There were some lakes and ponds dotting the field. Beyond the forest some mountains rose up, it seemed like every kind of Pokemon on earth could find a place to live here.

This place is huge! Jodi said her eyes wide in astonishment.

I wonder what kind of plants he grows here. Jodi shook her head.

Can you be any more dense?

What do you mean? I just asked what do you think he grows here.

Thats what I mean. Its obvious that this isnt a garden. Its where the Prof. keeps all of the trainers Pokemon.

I knew that. I was just testing you.

What ever. They walked around the field for awhile searching for Prof. Elm. When they still couldnt find him they gave up and went back to the lab.

Maybe hes back by now. Jodi knocked again.

Hello Prof. Elm. Finally they heard some one inside. But instead of the door opening a scratching sound came from behind the door. Huh? She twisted the doorknob and it opened.

Dile! Said a little Totodile happily.

Hello little one. Have you seen Prof. Elm around? The Totodile nodded and led them into a room where Prof. Elm sat with his eye glued to a microscope.

Um Prof. She said tentatively.

Oh hello Sato your here early. Said Prof. Elm in a preoccupied voice. Jodi blinked in confusion.

Sato? My names Jodi. Prof. Elm looked up.

Jodi? He looked at her blankly. I dont know anyone by that name.

Well Im not from around here. Prof. Elm smiled.

So what can I help you with Jodi?

I want to register to become a Pokemon trainer. Nurse Joy told me you could help. Prof. Elm nodded.

How old are you Jodi?

Almost thirteen.

Oh I thought you were about eleven.

Alot of people think that. Prof. Elm nodded again. Then he noticed Kirie for the first time.

Is that your Eevee?

Yes, her name is Kirie.

Well it looks like youll have no trouble becoming a Pokemon trainer.

So can I register?

Yes. Follow me. Prof. Elm led them into yet another room with pictures of Pokemon and all kinds of trainer equipment lined the wall. He walked over to a shelf, which held several Pokeballs, and two or three Pokedexs. He picked up six Pokeballs and a Pokedex. Now all we have to do is program this Pokedex for you. Jodi had her picture taken, then she waited patiently as Prof. Elm loaded the picture onto a computer. He then put the Pokedex into a slot and pushed a button. Now theres just one thing left. I need to know your last name and where you come from.

Jodi bit her lip. She thought for second then said, Im from Silver Town and my last name is Sapel. Prof. Elm typed something, then he took the Pokedex and flipped it open. The Pokedex spoke in a mechanical voice, Jodi Sapel from Silver Town. He closed it and handed it to Jodi along with six Pokeballs.

That's it. Now your a certified Pokemon trainer.

Thank you Prof. Jodi picked up Kirie and almost jumped for joy as she left the lab.

January 24th, 2005, 10:43 PM
bravo!bravo! fantastic!i hope she doesnt have to keep secrets too long but i know she will untill shes faster or kiris stronger.

Miss Reyna
January 29th, 2005, 9:36 PM
Good good. Now hopfully we get to some action. Well i guess we have to wait for more. So i wait.

February 20th, 2005, 8:59 PM
Sorry for the delay. Bit of writters block. After this chapter we get action. But that's all I'm saying right now. Until then here's the new chapter.

Chapter 7: Sato and Keeto

Now that she was a Pokemon trainer Jodi wasnt sure where to go first. We should probably head for the Pokemart to get some supplies. Said Kirie jumping out of Jodis arms.

Yeah, we dont have much supplies. I guess thats where well go then. They walked for a while looking for the Pokemart. They didnt have much luck in that, but they did find a shop with some odd looking Pokeballs. Jodi decided to get some. Now all we need are some potions. But I cant find the Pokemart anywhere.

Maybe Prof. Elm or Nurse Joy would know where it is.

Oh yeah I didnt think to ask them. They turned around and went back to Prof. Elms lab. This time when they reached the lab Jodi opened the door and called, Hey Prof. Sorry to bother you but we need some help. Prof. Elm came in and smiled.

Hello Jodi, how can I help you?

Jodi walked in and replied, Were a little bit lost. See were trying to find the Pokemart but were not having much luck.

Prof. Elm smiled again. Its not hard to find. Id take you there myself but Im rather busy. He paused for a moment thinking then said, I have an idea Sato can help you. Hes waiting in the other room. Sato is also becoming a Pokemon trainer today. He led Jodi and Kirie into the room where Jodi had received her Pokedex. Inside a boy about the same age as her was leaning against the wall waiting patiently. He was wearing blue jeans, a black shirt, black jacket, black fingerless gloves, and black and grey tennis shoes. His eyes were dark blue and his anime style hair was midnight black. Beside him was a black backpack with a red mark on it. Jodi couldnt tell what it was from the angle it was lying.

He looked up and said, Uh hello. He looked her over and said, I take it you like green.

Yes. She said with a shrug. So.

Nothing. Just thought Id point that out. He spotted Kirie and asked, Is that your Eevee?

Yes. She said again. She was growing a bit impatient.

Prof. Elm smiled and said, Sato this Jodi. She just became a Pokemon trainer a little while ago. Sato nodded like he didnt care. Well enough introductions lets finish your registration. Have you found Keeto yet?

Sato shook his head. No hes still running around outside some where.

Well well have to find him wont we. Here. He handed Sato a Pokedex and six Pokeballs. Now all you need is Keeto. Why dont we go into the garden and see if we can find him? Sato shrugged and followed Prof. Elm outside.

Jodi stayed where she was. Great. I thought this wasnt going to take long. Maybe we should just leave and find the mart on our own.

And walk around in circles for an hour. Said Kirie wearily.

Jodi sighed. I guess your right. She leaned against the wall and watched the door waiting for Prof. Elm and Sato to return.

After waiting for about ten minutes they came back talking energetically. Balanced on Satos head was an Eevee slightly larger than Kirie. Jodi put two and two together and guessed that this Eevee was probably Keeto. So Sato had an Eevee too.

He really is getting stronger Sato. Jodi looked at Prof. Elm.

I told you. We practice every day but we can still be stronger. Thats why I need to be a Pokemon trainer.

Jodi was a bit surprised by what he said. Maybe hes more like me then I thought. Kirie had moved forward and was staring at Keeto with her head cocked. Keeto yipped and jumped off Satos shoulder. The two looked at each other for a moment then Keeto raised a paw and thwacked Kirie on the nose before turning and zooming off. Kirie yipped too then sped after him. She caught him half way across the room and they both flipped head over heals before landing in a heap on the other side of the room. All three of them laughed then Jodi and Sato walked over to see of their Pokemon were ok.

About ten minutes later Jodi and Sato were waving good bye to Prof. Elm. Sato had agreed to show Jodi where the PokeMart was.

So why did you name him Keeto? Asked Jodi nodding at Keeto who was now walking beside Sato.

Sato shrugged. Not sure. It just came to me and he seemed to like it. So does your Eevee have a name?

Yeah her names Kirie. Like you I have no idea why I chose that name. But its more that she chose it. Neither of them said much more until they had reached the PokeMart. This is it. Nothing impressive. What do you need here anyway?

Just some basic supplies. I have Pokeballs but Im gonna need potions, antidotes, repels, you know that kinda stuff.

I already got that stuff. No offense but you think if you were going to become a Pokemon trainer you would have already gotten this stuff.

Jodi shrugged. Yeah well I got a little sidetracked. Why does it matter?

Sato shrugged too. It doesnt I was just curious. They went inside and Jodi picked out the things she needed.

This all? Asked the clerk at the counter.

Yes sir. He started ringing up her items.

So I take it your a Pokemon trainer.

Jodi nodded. Yeah. The clerk finished ringing up her supplies and put them in a bag. Here ya go lass. Have fun.

Thanks I will. She turned to leave.

Wait a minute.

Yes. Said Jodi turning back to the clerk.

He lowered his voice and said, Are you wonderin the streets alone?

Well not now but I will be soon why?

Well rumor has it that Team Shadows been seen around these parts. People say their lookin for new recruits. Jodis stomach clenched as he continued. If I were you Id find myself a travelin buddy. Id hate to see a bright young lass like yourself turned into one of them savages.

Jodi nodded and said, I will. Maybe I can talk Sato into coming with me. She smiled and added, Thanks for the warning. Ill be sure to keep my eyes and ears open.

And your brain closed. Added Kirie. The store clerk nodded and waved. Jodi raised a hand and left.

What kept you? Asked Sato when she had caught up to him. She didnt answer. He looked at her face and asked, Jodi whats wrong?

She looked at him. Nothing. Im just thinking.

Do you always look like your walking to your grave when you think?

Not all the time just whenever Te... Jodi gave Kirie a piercing look.
Just when shes worried.

Sato looked from one to the other. What are you worried about?

Just as I thought Sato can understand Kirie too. Jodi smiled, Oh nothing important. Just something I heard some of the people in the store talking about.

Whatever. Said Sato. So where are you headed first? Im thinking CherryGrove City.

Jodi looked at him. Yeah I was thinking of heading that way too.

Then we can go together. Its fun to travel on your own but it can get boring.

Now that wasnt very nice. Said Keeto looking hurt.

Sato looked at him. What do you mean?

I dont think I should travel with you if you wont acknowledge that I exist.

Jodi laughed and Sato patted Keeto. Come on. He said. Lets go together all three of us.

A hum. Coughed Kirie.

Right all four of us.

Thats better.

Jodi picked up the little Eevee and ginned. You can't bare to be left out can you.

Kirie jumped to her shoulder and said, Nope. Jodi gave her a soft flick on the nose as the four of them entered the forest that led to CherryGrove City.

February 26th, 2005, 4:18 AM
well done alana.DEATH TO TEAM SHADOW!!!(by death i mean i mean break up so all the members o their own ways.