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October 29th, 2011, 6:45 AM
To drum down everything, my Black team, well, sucks. I've got decent Pokémon and all, but my move sets just currently don't work, and in the long time I've been away from here, I haven't gotten any better at move sets. Bad for me.

So, my team is:

I actually don't think this is that bad, just might need a few tweaks in places.
Party leader, about full on attack.
Bashful; Hates To Lose

Crunch - Would Dark Pulse make a good replacement?

Basicly, this needs fixing up badly.
Good attack stat, full on attack again.
Adamant; Good Endurance

Night Daze

I don't know if this is bad, but being terrible at movesets, it's probably awful.
High attack & Sp. Defence.
Calm; Somewhat Stubborn

Close Combat
Stone Edge
Night Slash

Yet again, a Pokémon I must have previously used as it's not got a bad moveset. Well, some moves might not belong, but okay. In my eyes, anyways.
Good Sp. Attack, Attack and speed.
Sassy (O.o); Hates To Lose

Focus Blast (Risky, but has managed to save me plenty of times in the past)
Stone Edge (Overly used move for me, I know.)
Earthquake (Also Overly Used)

Needs lots of work, a good Pokémon that can be deadly if used correct. Why I kept her ^^
Quirky; Somewhat of a Clown

Hydro Pump
Ice Beam.

Neeeeeeds improvement. Just actually started to use this Pokémon so his moveset's not
too good.
Hasty; Quick Tempered

Brave Bird
Hyper Beam

So, if you can help I'll be really greatful ^^ I'd do this myself but I'm so bad at movesets I've been insulted about it.

October 29th, 2011, 9:55 AM
For Hydreigon, Dark Pulse would be better, yes. Hydreigon specialises in special attack, so the fact that you're using Crunch when you could get so much more power from Dark Pulse, yeaaah. Since it's mainly a special attacker, run with either Dragon Pulse or Draco Meteor for STAB. Flamethrower can also be replaced with Fire Blast, but it depends if you want power or accuracy. Generally in the last slot, Hydreigon runs with Focus Blast for being special and for coverage, whereas earthquake won't really help you :(

Unfortunately Zoroark works better as a special attacker, but it can still make use of its attack stat, with night slash as a STAB, swords dance to raise attack and low sweep for coverage and flamethrower is something you should keep, though. Usually if you time zoroark right, the opponent may use a non-super effective attack against you due to illusion fooling them into thinking it's something else, and boom, free SD.

For Infernape it really benefits from being mixed, imo. Close Combat - since it's fast you'll outspeed and OHKO a lot, U-Turn for coverage against psychics, flamethrower for STAB, and finally Mach Punch to outspeed opponents that'd normally be faster than you.

On Braviary, Hyper Beam is a terrible attack - yes you get power, but leave yourself open for a turn, it's dangerous tbh, instead go with Return for STAB and if your Pokemon really loves you, it'll be crazy strong. Braviary usually runs with U-turn as the last slot to be able to switch out etc, so it can be useful, whereas Fly generally isn't. :(

On Milotic, the issue is that it doesn't really need three water attacks, and there's also the fact that there's a physical/special split as of generation 4. This basically means that waterfall is a physical attack, while surf is a special attack since it doesn't really hit the opponent physically, if that makes sense. Have a look at the symbols next to the attacks and it'll show you if they're physical or special. Either way, Scald is generally preferred over surf, due to a chance of a burn, and as for the other two, on your team, toxic would generally fit in better for the added status opportunity, and recover, so it can last long and hit hard.

And finally on Heracross, your set actually matches with what Heracross should have (minus one, but on your team, physical is suited), so it seems you don't suck with movesets afterall!

Either way good luck with your team. :)

November 6th, 2011, 7:17 PM
Nica (Forever) does recommend a Hydreigon with Dark Pulse, which you'll have to obtain on a Deino through breeding. Make sure your male parent knows Dark Pulse and is in the same egg group as Deino (check online Pokedexes to find complete Egg Groups guide), then have a member of the Deino family be the female parent.

If all goes well, you'll get one with Dark Pulse! Then you'll have to grind endlessly till it evolves into Zweilous at Lv50, then grind 14 more levels to get that Hydreigon of your dreams!

I used one in Black that knows Crunch instead, but she still hits hard.