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November 6th, 2011, 9:00 AM
My Random Matchup team. I have been winning 44 times in Single Battles. I use Ferrothorn, Espeon, Gyarados, Latias, Hitmonlee, and Volcarona. I gave all of them vitamins to increase all their stats to the Maximum.
Ferrothorn- He's weak against Fighting and Fire. It knows: Iron Defense, Leech Seed, Power Whip, and Gyro Ball. Holds: Macho Brace. It's defense, Special Defense, and attack is high. Holds: Macho Brace. Ferrothorn can survive against long battles, but not against most strong fire type moves, and can survive some fighting type attacks.
Espeon- Holds: Leftovers. Moves: Calm Mind, Grass Knot, Psychic, and Shadow Ball. Her special attack is 180. Her speed is 130, and her Special defense is 100. Her HP Stat is above average. She's weak to Ghost, Bug, and Dark. She can sweep heavy Pokemon by Grass Knot.
Gyarados- Holds: Thick Club. Attacks: Aqua Tail, Ice Fang, Dragon Dance, and Stone Edge. Gyarados can't survive against Electric type attacks and some rock types. She can sweep a Haxorus by outspeeding and 2 Ice Fangs.
Latias- Holds: Ice Gem. Attacks: Calm Mind, Recover, Dragon Pulse(I don't want Draco Meteor, super risky), and Ice Beam. Her stats are between 110-140. She's pretty strong, but she's weak to- Ghost, Ice, Dragon, Dark, and Bug.
Hitmonlee- Holds: Life Orb. Attacks: Mach Punch, High Jump Kick, Bulk Up, and Blaze Kick. He has a VERY high Special Defense. His Defense stat is 75. The rest are in the 100s. He's risky to use, and can sweep some Pokemon. He's weak to Flying and Psychic.
Volcarona: Holds: SilverPowder. Moves: Quiver Dance, Psychic, Heat Wave, and Bug Buzz. He is the strongest at my team. He can sweep a Milotic by 4 Quiver Dances and 1 Bug Buzz. He over all has good stats, but I worry about the Defense stat, which is 85. He's SUPER weak to rock, and is weak to Water and Flying.
Good team to you right?

November 6th, 2011, 9:34 AM
Generally the way CBC lists the teams is to include the ev spread (while vitamins are great, unless you actually ev trained it doesn't really help the Pokemon overall), as well as the natures and abilities. It'll help us get a better idea of your team if you edit that in, for now going to comment on attacks though!

Gyarados could do with some fixing; thick club doesn't help it whatsoever as the attack usually . Generally you'd do a lot better if you stuck a Life Orb on there, which would make Ice Fang hit a lot harder (might be able to OHKO after a few DD's?) Also, while Aqua Tail is good, having three attacks with bad accuracy generally isn't a great idea since your sweep can so easily be ended.

For Volcarona, Fiery Dance is generally superior to Heat Wave in terms of Volcarona lasting, since the opponent is likely to get burned from even touching you - and raising sPA along with Quiver Dance makes it pretty hard to beat. Also for the item, leftovers as well as life orb can work depending on what you want.

Ferrothorn is OHKO'd by LO Scizor with Superpower, so while iron defence is nice to keep it in, you're better off switching out, its purpose is primarily to set up SR and suck the opponent's HP with leech seed. While I see the purpose for macho brace, you could also go with rocky helmet in addition to iron barbs with Ferrothorn to make it more annoying to touch (though big root and leech seed can be fun :x).

Hitmonlee is outclassed by things like Mienshao (Terrakion is also good but if you're talking purely fighting, Mienshao is better overall, other than in special defense which doesn't really matter because it'd switch out anyway). But if you wanna keep Hitmonlee that's fine but I don't really have anything to comment on it.

As for Latias, ice gem doesn't really help at all, nor does Ice Beam really help defeat your threats. Since you're running a calm mind set, you really need Surf as the final spot to help take on the things that'd otherwise threaten you. You'd go with Life Orb or leftovers in that case.

Also your team is somewhat weak to Terrakion - with many standard sets running CC, X-Scissor and Stone Edge, your team really needs something that can resist all that - Scizor being a great example with STAB Technician Bullet Punch OHKOing it while Terrakion sits there helpless.

Either way, good luck with your team!

November 6th, 2011, 11:06 AM
I would try doing that, thanks anyway.

November 6th, 2011, 4:44 PM
It would also be best to provide EVs and natures for your Pokemon.

Also, I think Ferrothorn could use an entry hazard (Stealth Rock or Spikes) over Iron Defense. If you can't be bothered to breed again, how about Curse to make Ferrothorn an offensive tank?