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November 18th, 2011, 10:00 PM
This challenge is based off of LauretheLoner's epic Tabletop Battle Supreme, so if you think its a copy of that, know that it's inspired by that ;)
Also, this is beta, so i can test everything and make sure it works sort of like how laure did

Sign ups end on November 26, unless we do not have a sufficient amount of participants

Welcome to

Finish Him! A Monotype Battle Challenge!

This challenge is not the typical challenge? Why?
Not only are you playing through the game with monotype, but...
Winning depends on the game you are playing:

If you are playing Ruby, Then you have to
-Beat Steven
-Catch Groudon
-Get all the Regis and Rayquaza
-Get Master Rank in at least one trait for a pokemon
If you are playing Sapphire, Then you have to
-Beat Steven
-Catch Kyogre
-Get all the Regis and Rayquaza
-Get Master Rank in at least one trait for a pokemon
If you are playing Emerald, then you have to
-Beat Wallace
-Catch Rayquaze, Kyogre, Groudon, and all the Regis
-Beat Steven

But its not that easy! Why?

Every day, you only get 30 minutes of gametime
During this day you must get points, which can help you buy items or do other things
These Items can be used to either Help your progress or Hinder others' progress
Anyone not active for 4 days will be removed
There are other things you can do to get items / points: Quests, Alchemy, Lottery, and Bombs!
Each of these will be explained in depth below

The Points Table!

Adding a Pokemon to the Pokedex: 3 Points
Finding a hidden item: 5 points
Catch a Red pokemon (sapphire only) 10 Points
Catch a Blue Pokemon (Ruby only) 10 points
Finding an evolutionary stone: 5 points
Getting Whited Out: -30 Points
Starter reaching final stage: 10 points
Nugget: 10 points
TM (can't be bought or gym leader give) 5 points
HM: 3 points
Catching a penguin related pokemon: 7 points
Catching a Tiger Related pokemon: 10 points
Getting 50 pokemon in your Pokedex: 50 points
Filling up your Pokedex (impossible lol) 500 points
Seeing 100 Pokemon: 25 points

The Super Shop!

Dark Pokeball: Forces an Opponent to Box one of their Pokemon | 30 points
-trollface.jpg: causes an opponent to rage so hard they can't play for the following 3 days! | 50 points
Black Out: Forces an opponent to start a new game, and get a new type [can only be used once per person] | 100 points
Stone A: Usable for alchemy | 5 points
Stone B: Usable for Alchemy | 10 points
Stone C: Usable for Alchemy | 30 points
Randobomb: Forces another bomb into the playing field | 45 points
The Answer to All Life: This does something....is it good or bad? find out! | 42 points
ChaosPenguin: Protects you against any attacks for the next 2 days! Only peson can have at a time | 56 points
Phoenix Down: Revives a boxed pokemon | 49 points
Dark Masterball: Forces the releasing of 2 of the targets pokemon (Can't be phoenix downed) | 70 points

Quests: There are quests acomplishable mid-game! First to pull these off gets the reward that goes with it! There are 5 quests, and here they are:

Quest 1: Food Coloring | Defeat steven with a Monotype team that is also a monocolor team. Must have all 6 team members. | Reward: 1 Black Out, 1 Dark Pokeball, 1 Dark Masterball
Quest 2: Pokeballin! | Catch everything you catch (team members, legendaries, etc.) with pokeballs. | Reward: 3 Dark Pokeballs, 3 Dark Masterballs, 100 points
Quest 3: Bowsinators Avi Glitch | Not that hard, duplicate the glitch on my avi and send screenshot | Reward: 50 points + Handle
Quest 4:Latias / Latios | Catch Latios / Latias! Simple enough, right? | Latios: 50 points + a Sudden Change, Latias: 50 points + a ChaosPenguin
Quest 5) Unevolved! Pwn'd | Play through main storyline unevolved + monotype | Reward: 200 pointst + Black Out

Alcemy: Mix up Items to get SUPER Items

Stone A + Stone B (2) + Dark Pokeball (2) = Dark Darkball [Release all but one of targets team]
Chaospenguin + Chaospenguin + Stone C + Phoenix Down + Dark Pokeball = Ultra Block [Prevents any Point Gain for a target for the rest of the challenge]
Stone A (2) + Stone B (2) + Stone C (2) = Stone X [The ultimate stone that can be sold for 100 points]
Stone A + Stone B + Stone C + Stone X + Handle + Phoenix Down (2) = Ultra Sword [You can't be harmed by anything for the rest of the challenge, and you can deal the damage of a blackout to 2 people of your choice]

Now, during all of this is going on, 2 things will occur:

-Lottery: at the start of the day, someone either gets points or gets an item. lotteries can be bad
-Bomb: Is handed out, and can be passed at any time to another person. You can only pass if you are updating. Said Bomb explodes after a set amount of time.

So, I will take suggestions, Comments, and Concerns!

The first one to accomplish the goals of their game is the winner!
Players have 30 minutes per day to do whatever it is they do and update points by point on how they did that specific day!
Saving in case you did not catch a pokemon is fine, however, you must use a real timer to keep time

Sign Up (with mine)

Name: The Bowsinator
Game: Sapphire
Type: Water

Have fun playing! I Hope everyone who does this challenge has a great experience!

V----Format for in game status, will be used during challenge
Location in Game:

November 23rd, 2011, 12:41 PM
This is similar to the kunai challenge:
Name: Lezza
Game: Ruby
Type: Fighting

November 25th, 2011, 8:22 PM
Interesting, no? I dunno whether you'll be able to go through with this, but:
Name: Ragnia
Game: Ruby
Type: Psychic
I'm going to assume that emulators are out do to the speed up button.

November 26th, 2011, 9:22 AM
Name: Nineray
Game: Emerald
Type: Water

November 26th, 2011, 11:43 AM
Name: Poueff
Game: Ruby
Type: Ground (does it count if I choose Mudkip, since it evolves into part ground anyway? and it has mud in its name :P)

Also, I do think you give away too many easy Black Outs...

November 28th, 2011, 4:56 PM
Hell, this is the kunai challenge ._. this is why i should read stuff...anyway, added everyone to the OP

November 28th, 2011, 5:05 PM
Locked by OP's request...and since it's essentially the Kunai Challenge. Arrrrighty then.