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Latios Master
January 1st, 2005, 5:00 PM
Well, I decided to bring back my old fanfic. The old thread died out a few months ago. Now that I have a new computer, I've decided to start updating this fanfic. I think that a story that was once "fanfic of the week" should be finished. ;)

Latios Master: The Born Legend
By Latios Master

This story starts 5 years after the end of Ruby/Sapphire.

Chapter 1: The Storm
Announcer: "And they are down to 1 Pokemon each! This must be the greatest Pokemon battle ever, 2 champions battling each other in the World Wide Championships! Lance chooses a Dragonite. Steven chooses a Metagross. Let the battle begin!"
Lance: "Dragonite, Thunder Wave!"
Steven: "Metagross, Meteor Mash, now!" *TV blinks out*
Me: "NOOOOOOOOO! I wanted to see the end! How can I be a Pokemon master without seeing 2 champions dueling it out? There just had to be a thunderstorm tonight and the power just had to go out, didn't it? I'm going to bed so I can be ready for starting my Pokemon journey tomarrow."

Many miles away a great storm started. It was rated the worsest storm of the century in Hoenn.
TV reporter: "I bring you news of a great storm that has started in the area of DragonWave City, just south of Sootopolis City and Pacifidlog Town. Please stay indoors and away from windows. Refuge will be held at your local Pokemon Center. This just in! A black and purple hole has just appeared above DragonWave City! Something is coming out of it! It's, it's, a, a" *broadcast goes out*

Latios Master
January 1st, 2005, 5:02 PM
Chapter 2: A Journey Starts

*news broadcast*
TV reporter: "And today is the big day for the beggining trainers of Littleroot Town. All trainers who are starting there adventure must go to Professor Birch's Pokemon Lab and choose their starting Pokemon. They can choose from a grass Pokemon, Treecko, a fire Pokemon, Torchic, or a water Pokemon, Mudkip. This just in, 2 strange people and a Pokemon have taken over the Pokemon Lab!"

(At the lab.)
Strange women: "Professor Birch, where are the Pokemon?!"
Birch: "Who are you, and what do you want?"
Strange women: "We want those Pokemon to give to our boss.
Birch: "Never!"
Women: "Then you will suffer!"
Strange man: "Jessie, let's get out of here, there is a huge crowd of people outside and the police are coming!"
Strange Pokemon: "Meowth! There they are, the Pokemon in their Poke Balls!"
Birch: "You talk?!"
Meowth: "That's right, and we are from Team Rocket!"
(The 3 do their intro.)
Birch: "I've never heard of Team Rocket. I know of 2 teams named Magma and Aqua that were taking control and fought but they all died 5 years ago from a strange storm like the one over DragonWave City right now."
Jessie: "Let's get those Poke Balls!"
A strange figure with a cape shows up from the shadows of the lab behind the Poke Balls.
Jessie: "Let's get him!" Go, Seviper!"
James: Go, Cacnea!"
Strange figure: "You'll need that to beat me! Go, Registeel!"
Team Rocket: "What, a legendary Pokemon?!"
Strange figure: "I am the greatest Pokemon master in the world. My name is... Ash Ketchem."
TR: "WHAT?!"
Ash: I am this old now (30), because of a time traveling incident with a Celebi. Since you have 2 Pokemon, I'll choose another. Go, Pikachu!"
TR: "That Pikachu!"
Ash: "Pikachu, blast them all with Thunder!"
TR: "Team Rocket is blasting of again!"
Birch: "Thanks for saving me, how did you get in here?"
Ash: "Never mind. I must go now and help out in DragonWave City. A shiny black Rayquaza showed up from the sky from a black and purple hole and is destroying the city. Goodbye."

(Later on.)
*news on TV*
TV reporter: "The problem has been fixed and the Pokemon Lab is now open. Trainers will be showing up now to start their journey."
(At the lab.)
Guard: "Next!"
I went in.
Birch: "Welcome to the Pokemon Lab. Please choose your starting Pokemon. Treecko, Torchic, or Mudkip?"
Me: "I'll choose, Mudkip!"
Birch: "Here you go, and here is a PokeDex for recording new Pokemon you meet."
Me: "Thanks!"
Birch: "Your welcome."

(Later on in the woods between Littleroot Town and Oldale Town.)
Me: "Well, I now am on my journey."
A shadow shows up behind me.

Scyther: "Scyther!"

Keith's current Pokemon: Mudkip

Latios Master
January 1st, 2005, 5:03 PM
Chapter 3: The Scyther not meant to be?

Scyther: "Scyther, Scyther!"
Me: "A Scyther! I better run!... Wait, this Scyther, it's a different color. It's a shiny Pokemon!"
*I run, Scyther follows*
Me: "Hey, there's a Poke Ball over there by that tree, but it's purple. It's a Master Ball! I better grab it!"
*runs over and grabs Master Ball*
Me: "Go, Master Ball!"
The Master Ball flew straight at the angry, chasing, shiny Scyther.
Master Ball noises: "Swoooosh! Bob, bob... ting!"
*grabs Master Ball and holds it in the air*
Me: "I caught Scyther, and it's a shiny too! It's all mine... what?! Hey!"
At that moment, a Fearow swooped down and grabbed my Master Ball with his claws and flew in the sky, getting away.
Me: "NOOOOOO! He's gone. My first caught Pokemon."

(Later on in Oldale Town.)
Me: "I'm finally in Oldale Town. What?"
A man near the Poke Mart: "Free Potion give away!"
*a crowd gathers*
Me: "Oh boy! I want one."
Man: "If you let me see your Pokemon, you get one of these Potions for free! Get in line."
Me: "Mmm... one of his assistance is a cat Pokemon. Strange."
Man: "Let me see your Pokemon, sir."
Man first in line: "This here is my prized Machop and I also have a, hey! My Machop!"
Man with Potions: "This will do."
*grabs Machop Poke Ball*
Man with Potions: "Run Jessie! we have a good, strong Pokemon. Let's get out of here before we are arrested for having stolen Potions that are empty from the Poke Mart."
Jessie: "Empty?"
James: "I was thirsty!"
*Jessie slaps James in the face*
Jessie: "Why did you do that for?! They are for Pokemon, not humans!"
James: "Sorry."

(Later on between Oldale Town and Petalburg City.)
Boy: "Hey trainer, wanna battle? How about 1 Pokemon each."
Me: Ok."
Boy: "Go, Oddish!"
Me: "This should be easy. I choose you, Mudkip!"
Boy: "Oddish, Absorb!"
Me: Mudkip, quickly use Tackle!"
Mudkip slammed into Oddish sending Oddish flying backwards. *Oddish faints*
Me: "Yay! I won!" Boy: "Good job. Bye."

(Petalburg City)
Me: "I made it to Petalburg City. I think I'll go get my first badge."
*enters Pokemon Gym*
Me: "Hi, I would like to battle the Gym leader."
Woman at front desk: "Do you have at least three Pokemon?"
Me: "No."
Woman: "Well, you can't battle Wally the Psychic type Pokemon Gym Leader without 3 Pokemon first. Good bye."
*I leave*
Me: I guess I better get going and get 2 more Pokemon."
*thinks about Scyther*

Later on I entered the Petalburg Woods with 5 newly bought Poke Balls in hopes of capturing Pokemon.
Me: "What's that?!"

Keith's current Pokemon: Mudkip

Latios Master
January 1st, 2005, 5:04 PM
Chapter 4: Forest Battle

Me: "What's that? Cool! A different kind of Poke Ball. It's a Great Ball. This should help me a lot."
*grabs Great Ball, and hears noises in the bushes near by.*
Me: "Huh? What's that?"
All of a sudden 2 eyes poked out of the woods.
Wurmple: "Wurmple!"
Me: "Hey, a Wurmple! I'm going to catch it. Go, Mudkip!"
Wurmple came out of the bush and started to use String Shot.
Me: "Mudkip, quick and use tackle!"
Mudkip slammed into Wurmple as it was using String Shot. Wurmple flew backwards and got wrapped by his own String Shot!
Me: "Yes. Go, Poke Ball!"
*throws Poke Ball*
Poke Ball: "Swoooosh, bump, bump, ting!"
*picks up Poke Ball*
Me: "I caught Wurmple! Return, Mudkip. Good job. I wonder if there are any other Pokemon here."
I walked farther in the woods when all of a sudden I heard a voice.
Man: "Hey, you. I challenge you to a Pokemon battle. 3 vs. 3."
Me: "I don't have 3 Pokemon."
Man: "Then how many do you have?"
Me: "2."
Man: "Ok, then it'll be 2 vs. 2. I choose... Magmar!"
Me: "Uh oh. Go, Mudkip!"
Man: "Easy. Magmar, Flamethrower!"
Me: "Mudkip, dodge it and use Water Gun!"
Mudkip dodged the Flamethrower and aimed a Water Gun at Magmar's head.
Magmar fell back on the ground and fainted.
Me: "Yay! I beat a Magmar!"
Man: "You just got lucky kid, but you won't last much longer. Go, Scyther!"
Me: "A Scyther?! I remember my Scyther, but it's gone now."
Man: "You had a Scyther? Why with such weak other Pokemon?
Me: "Long story. Mudkip, Tackle!"
Man: "Scyther, Slash!"
As Mudkip raced toward Scyther, Scyther flung a sickle at Mudkip, hurting him badly and making him faint.
Me: "No! Return, Mudkip.
Go, Wurmple!"
Man: "A Wurmple? Ahahahaha! You have no chance of winning. Scyther, Slash attack now!"
Me: "Wurmple, move over a little to your left and shoot a String Shot at his head!"
Scyther flew past Wurmple and Wurmple shot a String Shot at Scyther's head. Scyther was blind and couldn't see!
Me: "Good job. Now Tackle!"
Wurmple slammed into the helpless Scyther and Scyther fainted.
Man: "No way! My scyther getting beat by a Wurmple?! There's no way. Return, Scyther. I am very suprised. Here, take this as a reward. It's my Poochyena. Raise it with care. Bye."
Me: "Wow thanks! I will."
*takes Poke Ball*
Me: "Bye! What?!" At that moment, Wurmple evolved into a Silcoon!
Me: "Wow, Wurmple evolved! Return Wurm- I mean Silcoon."

(Back in Petalburg City.)
Me: "Wow, someone gave me a Pokemon for beating them."
*looks at Poke Ball*
Me: "Hey, it says 'property of Norman'. That man I battled must of been named Norman. Hey, wasn't he the former Gym Leader at the Petalburg City Gym until he decided to return home to take care of his family again? Must be."
*noise comes from the Pokemon Gym*
"Wo-bbu-ffet. Meowth, that's right!"
Me: "Oh no. Not them again."

Keith's current Pokemon: Mudkip, Silcoon, Poochyena

Latios Master
January 1st, 2005, 5:05 PM
Chapter 5: Showdown with Wally

James: "We're taking over this gym!"
*I rush into the gym*
Me: "I don't think so!"
Jessie: "Oh yeah, then you'll have to get past us first!"
At that moment, a shadow of a ninja showed up at the door, covered by a black ninja outfit and a black ninja mask. He also had a sword on his back with some strange item in it.
ninja: "You aren't going anywhere, Team Rocket! I am the master ninja named "ScizorX". Try to battle me if you dare."
James: "Alright then. Go, Cacnea!"
Jessie: "I choose you, Dust- what?"
Wobbuffet: "Wobbuffet!"
Jessie: "Wobbuffet! I didn't want you! Return! Go, Dustox!"
ScizorX: "Then I will choose, Hitmonlee!"
Hitmonlee: "Hitmonlee!"
ScizorX: "Hitmonlee, Double Kick them out of here."
Hitmonlee kicked James and his Cacnea right out the door. Then he kicked Jessie and her Dustox out the door too for his second kick.
TR: "Team Rocket's getting kicked out again!"
Then Team Rocket left the city.
ScizorX: "That should do for now. Hey, kid."
Me: "Me? What?"
ScizorX: "I saw your battle in the Petalburg Woods against Norman, and I am suprised. I am sure we will meet again somewhere far away. I must go to DragonWave City. Chaos is happening there and it must be stopped. Goodbye."
Me: "Bye." ScizorX then left.
Me: I better go heal my Pokemon at the Pokemon center and then I'll come back here to battle Wally."

Later on, I found my self in a big room. All steel with the color of purple smeared in it. There was also a big painted Poke Ball in the middle of the floor. There standing on the other side of the room to me was the Gym Leader, Wally.
Wally: "Are you ready for our battle? It will be 3 on 3. Let the battle begin! I choose, Swablu!"
Me: "Go, Mudkip!"
Wally: "Swablu, Take Down!"
Me: "Mudkip, evade and use Water Gun!"
Swablu charged down at Mudkip as Mudkip jumped to the side. Swablu smashed into the floor, hurt. Mudkip then blast Swablu hard with a Water Gun.
Wally: "Swablu, get up!"
Swablu looked up, still hurt.
Me: "Mudkip, finish it off with a Tackle attack!"
Mudkip slammed into the collapsed Swablu and Swablu fainted.
Me: "Yay!"
Wally: "Return, Swablu! You just got lucky. This time I won't be so easy on you. Go, Kadabra!"
Kadabra: "Kadabra!"
Me: "Mudkip, Water Gun!"
Wally: "Kadabra, Reflect!"
A reflection shield covered Kadabra, blocking the Water Gun from doing any damage.
Wally: "Now use, Psybeam!"
A psychic blast shot from Kadabra plowing into Mudkip. Mudkip fell back on the floor, tired out.
Me: "Mudkip, get up! Use Tackle!"
Wally: "Finish it with a Hyper Beam!"
Mudkip tried to get up but it was no use. The Hyper Beam slammed into Mudkip, fainting him.
Me: "No! Mudkip, return. Go, Silcoon!"
Wally: "A Silcoon?! You will never last. Kadabra, Confusion!"
Me: "Silcoon, Harden!"
A Psychic blast plowed into Silcoon right after using Harden.
Wally: "Ahahahaha... huh?!"
Silcoon sat there on the ground with minimum damage.
Me: "Yeah! Harden worked! Silcoon, String Shot!"
Silcoon blasted a String Shot at the suprised Kadabra. The String Shot covered his head so he couldn't see.
Me: "Silcoon, Tackle!"
Silcoon slammed into Kadabra, fainting him.
Me: "Yeah!"
Wally: "What?! How could that happen?! Return, Kadabra. Now you will see why I took over this gym! I will choose my strongest Pokemon. Go, Gardevoir!"
Me: "Oh no! What?!"
At that moment, Silcoon evolved into Beautifly from beating Kadabra.
Wally: Wow, I'm suprised. You trained him well, but not well enough. Gardevoir, Psychic!"
A psychic blast plowed into Beautifly, knocking Beautifly onto the ground and knocking him out.
Me: "No! Return."
Wally: "Ahahahaha! Did you think that you had a chance against me? Choose your last Pokemon."
Me: "Ok, go, Poochyena!"
Wally: "What?! Clever. You must of known that Psychic types are weak against Dark types. Gardevoir, try a Double Team!"
Me: "Poochyena, Howl and then Bite!"
Fake Gardevoir's filled the room as Poochyena Howled and raised it's attack.
Me: "Focus on the real one, and Bite!"
Poochyena studied the ring of Gardevoirs around him. Then he sprang up and leaped up at a Gardevoir to his right. It was the real one! All the fakes then vanished.
Me: "Yeah, now finish it off with Bite!"
Wally: "Teleport!"
As Poochyena chased the Gardevoir, Gardevoir vanished and showed up behind Poochyena.
Me: "Poochyena, Bite!"
Poochyena turned around and bit Gardevoir.
Me: "Finish it with a Tackle!"
Poochyena slammed into the unexpected Gardevoir and Gardevoir fainted.
Me: "Yeah! I won! Return, Poochyena. Good job."
Wally: "Return, Gardevoir. Wow, I truly am amazed that you beat me. Here is the Balance Badge and TM 42 as your reward."
Me: "Thanks! What's a TM 42?"
Wally: "A technical machine, or in other words, an attack that you can teach a Pokemon only once, called Facade. Good bye and good luck in your journey."
Me: "Bye!"

Later on, I healed my Pokemon at the Pokemon Center and headed into the Petalburg Woods one more time. After about half an hour of walking, I made it out and saw a flower shop ahead. I decided that that would be my next stop on my Pokemon journey.

Keith's current Pokemon: Mudkip, Beautifly, Poochyena

Latios Master
January 1st, 2005, 5:05 PM
Chapter 6: The Abandoned Rustboro City

In front of the flower shop, was a young woman watering flowers. Next to her was a girl that was my age, 15, that seemed to be compaining and was bored.
young woman: "June, no. You can't go on to be a Pokemon trainer when you don't have anyone to travel with. Plus, you have to hold up the family bussiness."
*I went up to them and said hi*
Me: "Hi!"
young woman: "Hello, may I help you?"
Me: "No, I was just watching you two fighting."
young woman: "Huh? We weren't fighting, we were just talking."
June: "Hello, who are you?"
Me: "Oh, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Keith."
June: "Keith? That's a nice name. My name is June."
Me: "Hi, nice to meet you."
young woman: "And my name is Becky, I am June's older sister."
Me: "Hi."
Becky: "Are you a Pokemon trainer?"
Me: "Ah, yes."
Becky: "Keith, how would you like to have a partner in your travels?"
June: "Really?! You mean it?! That would be great!"
Keith: "Sure, I guess."
Becky: "Ok! I need to ask my mother first."
Becky then went in the shop and back out.
Becky: "She said yes!"
June: "Yay! We must hurry to Rustboro City, Keith. We don't want to be late!"
Me: "Huh? Augh!"
June grabbed me by the hand and pulled me, running to Rustboro City.
Becky: "Goodbye!"

Later on, we made it to Rustboro City.
June: "Huh?! What happened?!"
The entire city was empty. Not one person around.
Me: "Huh? I hear something."
We went behind a house to hide. We heard someone talking inside the house.
Man: "Well, that went well, nobody is here to mess with our plans. The entire population is locked up underground.
Another man: Yes, but nobody is guarding the city. Somebody could just walk in.
Man: "Don't worry. Everybody everywhere else is too worried about DragonWave City that they don't care about here.
2nd man: "True, but we are the last remains of Team Magma and must watch out."
Man: "So what? We don't have Team Aqua to bother us anymore."
2nd man: "How do you know? There are only 10 of us left. 7 grunts, 2 admins, and our leader, Maxie."
Man: "Whatever."
2nd man: "Out of us 10, only 1 admin and 4 grunts are here."
Man: "Let's just go underground to report to admin Max.
At that moment, the 2 grunts left and went underground through a whole in the floor inside the house.
June: "We gotta go down there and save the people!"
Me: "No, not now. It's too dangerous."
June: "Then what should we do?"
Me: "I don't know."
At that moment, June ran into the house and jumped down into the whole.
Me: "Wait!"
I then followed her.

(Rustboro City underground tunnel)
We got up and looked around. We were in a long, dark, tunnel. There was the first grunt we heard before standing there.
Grunt: "Hey! How did you get here?!"
He then grabbed us and pulled us too the area in the tunnel where everyone who lived in the city was kept.
When we got there, we saw a masive cage where everyone was kept. He then was ready to put us in it.
Me: "Not so fast. I'm not going down without a fight!"
June: "Yeah, me too!"
Grunt: "Alright then. Let's see if you last this. Go, Mightyena!"
Me: "Go, Poochyena!"
June: "Go, Beautifly!"
Grunt: "Mightyena, Tackle them!"
Me: "Poochyena, same thing!"
June: Beautifly, fly out of the way!"
As Beautifly flew out of the way, Poochyena and Mightyena Tackled each other! Poochyena was knocked backwards from the blow!
Grunt: "Finish it off!"
As Mightyena got ready to attack, a ninja came! It was ScizorX!
ScizorX: "Stop this now!"
Grunt: "What? Who are you?!"
ScizorX: I am a ninja. That's all I'm going to tell you. Stop this fighting now and release the people of this city, or meet your doom."

Keith's current team: Mudkip, Beautifly, Poochyena
June's current team: Beautifly, ???

Latios Master
January 1st, 2005, 5:06 PM
Chapter 7: Rolling Rocks

Grunt: "I am not going to release the people!"
ScizorX: "Oh, really. Well, then just try to beat me in a Pokemon battle."
Grunt: "Why should I?"
ScizorX: "Why, you too scared to battle, that you think you'll loose?"
Grunt: *mad* I will not loose... I-"
Admin Max: "What is going on here?! Who are these people?!"
Grunt: "Admin! These people got here some how."
Admin Max: "I see. I will battle this ninja, not you. Your skills are weak next to mine. Your Mightyena is terrible at winning."
Grunt: "What?!"
Admin Max: "Mr. ninja, I will battle you. If you win, we will release these people. If I win, you will be my prisoner, along with the boy and girl, and I get to keep your Pokemon... deal?
ScizorX: "Deal."
Admin Max: "Alright then. It will be a 3 on 3. Go, Steelix!"
ScizorX: "I will choose, Charizard!"
Admin Max: "No! Steelix, try a Tackle!"
ScizorX: "Charizard, give it all you got in a Flamethrower!"
As the Steelix tried to Tackle Charizard, Charizard blasted a Flamethrower at Steelix, knocking him out instantly.
Admin Max: "You were just lucky. Return, Steelix! Go, Blastoise! No I have the upper-hand! Ha! Blastoise, Hydro Pump!"
ScizorX: "Charizard, Thunder!"
Admin Max: "Huh???"
As Blastoise blasted a Hydro Pump at Charizard, Charizard blasted a Thunder attack back at him!
Boom! Both Blastoise and Charizard fainted.
Admin Max: "How did your Charizard learn Thunder?"
ScizorX: "Let's just say I used a special TM/HM, called a XM, which stands for 'Xtreme machine', which is farr superior."
Admin Max: "Never heard of it. Go, Aggron!"
ScizorX: "Alright, go Scizor!"
Suprisingly, ScizorX's Scizor was shiny!
Admin Max: "Really? A shiny Pokemon?"
Me: "A shiny Scizor?! Is that my shiny Scyther?!"
ScizorX: "Huh? No. I have had this Scizor for years, so it couldn't be yours. Yours was stolen by a wild Fearow right after you caught it."
Me: "Huh?! How'd you know?!"
ScizorX: "Let's just say that I see a lot in Hoenn."
Admin Max: "Let's just continue our battle, alright?"
ScizorX: "Yeah, whatever. Scizor, Slash!"
Admin Max: "Aggron, Metal Claw!"
Both Metal-type Pokemon swung at each other, both taking damage.
ScizorX: "Scizor, Slash!"
Admin Max: "Aggron, try a Double-Edge!"
Scizor slashed Aggron, making Aggron fall backwards, unable to use Double-Edge!
ScizorX: "That's it! Finish it off with a Hyper Beam!"
Scizor blasted a Hyper beam at Aggron, fainting him.
ScizorX: "Yes, I win! Now release the prisoners!"
Admin Max: "Noooooo! How could I loose! Wait till the boss hears this. He'll be outraged!"

After awhile, Rustboro City was full of life again, and Team Magma fled. ScizorX then left for DragonWave City to help some more.
Me: "Wow, what a day."
June: "Yep. We were almost taken prisoners."
Me: "Now, let's go to that big building over there! It says: 'Devon Corporation'."
June: "Ok. That place is famous for it's research on Pokemon.

(Later at Devon Corp.)
Man: "Welcome to Devon Corp.! May I help you?"
Me: "Uh, what is here?"
Man: "What is here??? Lots of stuff! Hey, are you a Pokemon trainer?"
Me: "Uh, yeah."
Man: "Alright then, here is a free PokeNav!"
Me: "Hey, thanks! What does it do?"
Man: "It is a machine that has a map of Hoenn, list of Hoenn trainers, Pokemon conditions, ect."
Me: "Ok, cool. Let's go June."
June: "Ok..."

After the Devon Corp., I decided to try my luck at the local gym.

Roxanne: "So, you want to battle.."
Me: "Yep!"
Roxanne: "Alright then, go Geodude! It will be a 2 on 2, since I only have 2 Pokemon."
Me: "Ok. Go, Mudkip!"
Roxanne: "Ok, Geodude, Self-Destruct!"
Geodude then blew up, fainting, and fainting Mudkip!
Me: "No! Go, Beautifly!"
Roxanne: "Going as plan. Go, Nosepass! Rock Tomb!"
Me: "Beautifly, Gust!"
Tons of rocks came out of nowhere, as Beautifly used Gust. The Gust blew some rocks away, but the rest crushed Beautifly!
Roxanne: "Finish it!"
Nosepass then slammed into Beautifly, nearly knocking him out!
Me: "No! I can't loose this match!"
Roxanne: "You have no choice!"
Me: "Beautifly! String Shot! Then Tackle!
Beautifly got up and blasted a String Shot at Nosepass! It covered Nosepass's eyes! Then Beautifly finished it off with a Tackle! Nosepass fainted!
Me: "I won!"
Roxanne: "Wow, I'm suprised. You are stronger then I thought. Here is a Stone Badge and TM 39."
Me: "Thanks!"

June and I left, and went to the Pokemon Center to heal our Pokemon.

(Pokemon Center)
Me: "Wow, what a day."
June: "Yep."
Alex: "Hi! My name is Alex."
June: "Hello."
Me: "Hi!"
Alex: "I just came here to heal my Pokemon from my tough battles. Hey, you wouldn't mind having me hang around, would you?"
Me: "No."
June: "Sure! You can join us!"
Alex: "That would be great! Let me just get my Pokemon."

Later on, the three of us left for the next city.

Keith's current team: Mudkip, Beautifly, Poochyena
June's current team: Beautifly, ???
Alex's current team: ???, ???, ???

Latios Master
January 1st, 2005, 5:07 PM
Chapter 8: Stormy Seas

Me: "Where do we go from here?"
Alex: "There is a man with a boat south from Rustboro City and the Petalburg Woods that goes to Dewford Town. That's the where the next gym is."
Me: "Ok, then let's go there!"

On the way through the Petalburg Woods, I noticed a Taillow following me.
Me: "Um, there is a Pokemon following me."
Alex: "Oh? Let me see... it's a Taillow. Let me catch it!"
Me: "No! I want to!"
June: "Let me try too! We can all try to catch it."
Me: "Ok, I guess. Go, Mudkip!"
Alex: "Go, Grovyle!"
June: "Go, Torchic!"
The Taillow then looked very scared. It then flew in front of my feet chirping."
June: "I guess it wants you as it's trainer."
Me: "Really? (To Taillow.) Do you want me to be your trainer?"
The Taillow then chirped happily.
Me: "Ok then! Get into this Poke Ball"
The Taillow then got into the Poke Ball.
Me: "Yes! I caught a Taillow! Return, Mudkip.)
Alex: "Big deal. Return, Grovyle."
June: "Return, Torchic."

We walked on and on until we found the old man's cottage.

man: "Hello? May I help you?"
Me: "Uh-"
Alex: "Where is Mr. Briney?"
man: "He's on vacation in The Mystery Islands. I'm his son."
Alex: "Oh."
Me: "What's The Mystery Islands?"
man: "It's a group of mysterious islands kinda near Hoenn to it's South West. It's closest to Dewford Town."
Me: "Can you take us to Dewford Town in the boat?"
man: "Boat? Oh... my dad took that to get to The Mysterious Islands. Sorry. You could use a raft I have."
Me: "Ok."

Later on, Alex, June, the man, and I were on the raft on our way to Dewford Town. Then a storm rolled in. The huge waves flipped the raft and crashed it into a rock. It was then destroyed.
Me: "Go, Mudkip!"
I then called my Mudkip and he kept me afloat.
Me: "June! Alex! Mr. Briney Jr.! Where are you?!"
June: (From a distance.) Help!"

The next day, I found my self being pulled onto a beach by my Mudkip. I saw that the storm was over and that it was hot and sunny. I called back Mudkip into his Poke Ball and I stood up. I looked over and saw Alex with a Barboach. That was his 2nd Pokemon.
Me: "Alex, where is everyone?"
Alex: "I don't know. Scott checked us into a hotel. He's there now."
Me: "Who's Scott?"
Alex: "Mr. Briney's son."
Me: "Oh, ok."
Alex: "June is lost out in sea most likely..."
Me: "Oh..."
Alex: "Good thing where in Dewford Town."
Me: "We are?"
Alex: "Yup. Look."
I looked around and saw a city. Dewford Town.

Later on, Scott, Alex, and I were in the hotel.
Alex: "Let's release our Pokemon so they can stretch."
Me: "Ok. Go, Mudkip, Beautifly, Poochyena, and Taillow!"
Alex: "Go, Grovyle, Barboach, and Marill!"
Scott: "Good idea. Go, Wingull!"
Me: "We must find June."
Scott: "We can't now. June may not even be alive anymore..."
Alex and I then wiped away some tears. June was missing and it was our fault.
Scott: "Why not go out and battle some trainers?"
Me: "Ok."

In a dark, dark cave, there was an injured girl looking up with a Torchic at a big crystal Pokemon...

Keith's current team: Mudkip, Beautifly, Poochyena, Taillow
June's current team: Torchic, Beautifly
Alex's current team: Grovyle, Barboach, Marill

Latios Master
January 1st, 2005, 5:08 PM
Chapter 9: Dewford Defeats

There she layed, injured in a dark cave. It was June, and she had her Torchic out with her. In front of her, was a big, crystal Pokemon. It was a Regice! A legendary Pokemon.
June: "Torchic, use Ember on that big thing!"
Torchic shot a fireball at Regice, but it didn't do a thing! The Regice then got mad and used Explosion! The giant blast destroyed the cave, sending June and Torchic into the sea. June quickly recalled Torchic. The Regice was nowhere around. June grabbed onto a peice of wood floating by.

Hours later, I decided to take on the Gym Leader. I then went to the gym with Alex. Scott stayed back at the hotel.
(In the gym.)
I went to the front desk.
Me: "Can I battle Brawly the gym-"
woman: "He's not here. He's out surfing, unless you want to battle him out there."
Me: "Ok."

After that, we went to the beach and hollored to Brawly that I wanted to battle.
Me: "Can I battle you?"
Brawly: "Sure, but I won't go down that easily. This will be a 2 on 2. Ready?"
Me: "Yep!"
Brawly: "All right, then prepare yourself for your toughest match yet! Go, Machop!"
A Machop then showed up on a surf board!
Me: "Alright then, go, Mudkip!"
Brawly: "Not even a challenge. Machop, Karate Chop!"
Me: "Mudkip, dodge and use Water Gun!"
The Machop smacked Mudkip backwards, making Mudkip miss with Water Gun.
Brawly: "Machop, Bulk Up and then finish it off!"
The Machop then bulked up and hit Mudkip with an even stronger Karate Chop! Mudkip then fainted.
Me: "No! Impossible! Go, Taillow!"
Brawly: "Machop, Rock slide!"
Me: "Dodge 'em, Taillow!"
Taillow dodged the rocks, but was hit with the last one! Taillow then fell down into the ocean.
Me: "Taillow! Attack somehow!"
Taillow flew back up, and hit Machop with an incredible blast of light! It was a a Sky Attack! The Machop then fainted.
Brawly: "Wow, I'm impressed, but not enough. Go, Makuhita!"
A surfing Makuhita then showed up.
Brawly: "Makuhita, Faint Attack!"
The Makuhita dissapeared and then hit Taillow! Taillow then fainted.
Brawly: "Hahaha. You... lose."
Me: "No! But how?"

Later on, June came to land.
June: "Where am I?"
Archie: "Why are you here? This island is for Team Aqua only!"
June: "Oh, oh."
Archie: "Because you are here, you can never leave. You must become a Team Aqua member!"
Later on, June was in a building sitting at a table, in a Team Aqua uniform. Around her were other Team Aqua members.
Archie: "Attention all. Now is the time for us too raid Dewford Town!"
Then everyone ran for the door, got in a boat, and sailed off toward Dewford Town.

Later on, I challenged Brawly to another battle. He knocked out my Taillow with his Makuhita with a Bulk Up/Seismic Toss combo. Luckily my Mudkip sunk his Machop earlier on before Makuhita. I recalled Mudkip to send out Taillow.
Me: "Go, Mudkip!"
Brawly: "Makuhita, use Cross Chop!"
Me: "Mudkip, jump and use Water Gun!"
Mudkip jumped above Makuhita and blasted him with water!
Brawly: "Hmm, Counter!"
Makuhita then countered the attack hitting Mudkip back! The injured Mudkip then just floated there. he could barely move.
Brawly: "Alright, let's finish this- huh?"
At that moment, Mudkip bagan to glow with white light!
Me: "What's going on?"
Mudkip started to grow! The light went away, and there was a Marshtomp!
Me: "Not way, Mudkip evolved!"
Brawly: "I'm stunned."
Me: "Alright, let's take this battle! Marshtomp, Mud Shot!"
Brawly: "Makuhita-"
Boom! The blast of mud fainted Mahuhita!
Me: "Yes! I won! Return Mudki- I mean Marshtomp."
Brawly: "Congrats. I'm impressed. Here is the Knuckle Badge and TM 08."
Me: "Thanks!"

Later on, Alex and I went to the Dewford Hall, only getting in the head by a sludge bomb because I didn't like their 'trend'. We then went to the beach and both got Old Rods for fishing. We even got one for June. Scott joined us with his rod, and soon we were fishing. Not much happened. A Remoraid showed up on my hook, but got away, and a Corphish showed up on Alex's hook, and he caught it with a Dive Ball! Then at that moment, Team Aqua showed up...

Keith's current team: Marshtomp, Beautifly, Poochyena, Taillow
June's current team: Torchic, Beautifly
Alex's current team: Grovyle, Barboach, Marill, Corphish

Latios Master
January 1st, 2005, 5:09 PM
Chapter 10: Mystery at the Abandoned Ship

As Team Aqua got on land, everyone in town raced to get away. Alex then spotted June.
Alex: "Hey, June is over there... in a Team Aqua uniform!"
Alex and I raced over to her, and saved her. Then it was us vs. Team Aqua.
Team Aqua grunt: "This island is ours. Go, Crawdaunt!"
Me: "Not if we can help it. Go, Poochyena!"
June: "This is payback for what you did to me! Go, Beautifly!"
Alex: "Now it's my turn. Go, Corphish!"
Scott: "Don't leave me behind. Go, Wingull!"
Then all the grunts released their Pokeballs containing Crawdaunts. 30 of them.
Me: "Oh, boy. We are going to have a tough time."
Then all of a sudden, 30 Tauros came stampeding at Team Aqua. Then Team Aqua fled. Then I saw a shadow of somebody behind a big rock with 30 Pokeballs, the owner of the Tauros. He then was gone, and so were the Tauros. We then went to Granite Cave for a tour.
tour guide: "Welcome to Granite Cave tours. Please follow me."
Then about 10 of us followed her.
tour guide: "Before we begin, here are some rules: Do not go off somewhere. It is very easy to get lost. Also, no cameras. The flashes scare the Pokemon. Now lets begin... Granite Cave has been around for thousands of years. It is also home of many Pokemon.
Me: "Huh?!"
I had tripped over something. I looked and saw a Pokemon!
Me: "Ah, capture time. Go, Marshtomp! Water Gun!"
Marshtomp then sent a burst of water at the little Pokemon. The poor Pokemon was then sent crashing into the cave wall.
Me: "Go, Pokeball!"
The Pokemon was then caught.
Me: Yay! I caught another Pokemon! But, I couldn't even see what it was..."
Then the whole group of people were staring at me.
tour guide: "Another rule. No capturing Pokemon!"
Me: "Sorry. I won't do it again."
The tour then went on again. About half an our later, we were on a boat heading towards Slateport City. We also said good bye to Scott.

(On the boat)
Me: "Look, Abandoned Ship!"
Captian on loudspeaker: "On your left is the Abandoned Ship, a mysterious ship that was abandoned 100 years ago. If you would like, we will take a tour of it."
Later, many people were taking a tour of the old ship, including June, Alex, and me. I then left the group and went into a room. There was a bed and dresser on the right side, and something on the floor. I picked it up, and looked at it. It was an old card that said Eon Ticket on it. I then shrugged and put it in my backpack. I looked forward, and I saw some girl looking out the window! She said something like "Latias, I miss you." and then vanished. I then ran for the door, only to find it locked. Then a low humming noise filled the air in the room. Then a Pokemon showed up in front of me. It was a Dusclops! I then sent out 2 Pokeballs. One which held my newly captured Pokemon which turned out to be an Aron, and then Poochyena. The Dusclops rose into the air, humming some creepy music.
Me: "Poochyena, Shadow Ball!"
Poochyena sent a dark ball at Dusclops, only for it to be sucked up!
Me: "Poochyena, Roar!"
At that moment, Dusclops fled. Then, Poochyena started to glow! He evolved into Mightyena!
Me: "Alright! Return you two."
Then the door was unlocked and I got out. I told June and Alex what happened, but they didn't believe me. Not until I showed them the card I found.

Hours later, we got to Slateport City's Pokemon Center to rest. We then waited for a bus that would take us to Mauville City so I could get my next badge.

Keith's current team: Marshtomp, Beautifly, Mightyena, Taillow, Aron
June's cuurent team: Torchic, Beautifly
Alex's current team: Grovyle, Barboach, Marill, Corphish

Latios Master
January 1st, 2005, 5:10 PM
Chapter 11: Past to Present

Speaker: "Please board the bus as we will be leaving shortly."
As June, Alex, and I got on board, I thought I saw someone familiar. Someone I knew from my hometown of Littleroot Town... a rival.

As the journey went on, the bus got a flat tire.
Speaker: "Because of a flat tire, we cannot continue until it is changed. If you would like, you can continue on foot; either riding a bike on the bike path, or walking through the grassland."
As we got off, I heard a familiar voice, one that matched who I saw earlier.
voice: "Hey, long time no see! I would be happy to beat you again."
June: "Again? And who is this?"
Me: "This is Brandon, my next door neighbor. And what he said about 'beating me again', is that we used to have Pokemon battles when we were little. We both had 1 Pokemon. Mine ran away the last time we battled."
June: "You had another Pokemon?"
Me: "Yeah. A shiny Oddish that I got as a gift for my first birthday. It couldn't stand the tackles from Brandon's shiny Nidoran that he got the same way I got mine."
June: "How sad."
Brandon (He looks like the Fire Red/ Leaf Green Gary): "Alright, lets get this battle under way! 3 on 3. Go, Hitmonlee!"
Me: "Go, Marshtomp!"
Brandon: "Hitmonlee, try a Double Kick!"
Hitmonlee pounded Marshtomp on the ground.
Me: "Marshtomp, try a Water Gun!"
Brandon: "Dodge it, Hitmonlee!"
Marshtomp missed the quick Hitmonlee and was pounded to the ground again by another kick.
Brandon: "Hitmonlee, finish it off with a High Jump Kick!"
Me: "Marshtomp, hold on!"
As Hitmonlee leaped in the air, Marshtomp stood his ground. Then Hitmonlee came back down, right at Marshtomp. Marshtomp then grabbed Hitmonlee's leg, and threw him into the air, and then Hitmonlee came crashing down to earth, and fainted. Marshtomp then collapsed.
Brandon and I: "Return!"
Brandon: "You just got lucky, but your luck has just run out. Go, Beedrill!"
Me: "Go, Aron!"
Brandon: "Beedrill, Poison Sting attack!"
Me: "Aron, evade!"
As Beedrill tried to sting the little Aron, Aron jumped back and forth, making Beedrill miss.
Me: "Aron, Mud-Slap!"
As Beedrill came back at Aron, Aron covered Beedrill with mud, and Beedrill crashed on top of Aron, and both fainted.
Brandon: "Huh. Well, here is my prized Pokemon. I think you will remember him. Go, Nidorano!"
It was the shiny Pokemon Brandon always had. At that moment, a shiny Oddish riding on the back of a regular Nidoran (boy) came charging out of a bush and into the shiny Nidorino.
Me: "Huh?! Oddish! You're back!"
Brandon: "No, this can't be! It's not possible!"
Me: "Yes it is! Oddish, Sleep Powder!"
At that moment, Oddish sent a spray of sleep powder at Nidorino! Nidorino then fell into a deep sleep!
Me: "Yes, I finally win! And so does Oddish!"
Brandon: "Nidorino, return... Wow, you actually beat me."
Brandon went walking off. Then, Oddish jumped into my arms. It turned out that Oddish made friends with a Nidoran (boy), and wanted me to keep both of them. Well, off to Mauville City we go...

Keith's current team: Marshtomp, Beautifly, Mightyena, Taillow, Aron, shiny Oddish, In PC: Nidoran
June's current team: Torchic, Beautifly
Alex's current team: Grovyle, Barboach, Marill, Corphish

Brandon's current team: shiny Nidorino (boy), Hitmonlee, Beedrill, ???, ???, ???

Latios Master
January 1st, 2005, 5:10 PM
Chapter 12: Watts and Volts

As we walked through the Mauville City gates, I noticed the gym down the block.
Me: "Lets go to the gym!"
June: "Wait! We should rest first. I heard of a daycare that was just outside of the city. Lets go there."
After walking awhile, we found the dacare.
old lady: "Hello, welcome to the daycare. May I help you?"
June: "We just came to visit."
old lady: "Oh, I thought you came to drop off some Pokemon. My husband and I started this business many years ago, so we could talk care of Pokemon. Lately, our business has been failing. No more trainers come anymore, so we may have to quit."
Me: "No, don't do that. I'll drop off some Pokemon. How about my Beautifly and Taillow?"
June: "And you could take care of my Igglybuff."
Me: "You have an Igglybuff? You never told us."
June: "I guess I just forgot."
Alex: "And you could take care of my Barboach."
old lady: "Ah, thank you so much! And because of your kindess, I'll give you each two Pokemon eggs that we've had for awhile. They were abandoned and we have saved them. Here you go."
all: "Thanks!"
I then deposited my shiny Oddish in the PC in the corner of the room so he could play with his Nidoran (boy) friend. We then left for the gym.

Wattson: "Hello, trainer. Welcome to my electric gym. Our 3 on 3 battle should be a blast. (laughing) Don't worry if the weather turns stormy! Now, let's begin! Go, Electrike!"
Me: "Go, Mightyena!"
Wattson: "Electrike, Thunderbolt!"
Me: "Mightyena, dodge it!"
Electrike blasted lightning at Mightyena, but Mightyena dodged each bolt.
Wattson: "Spark, Electrike!"
Me: "Try a Take Down, Mightyena!"
Each Pokemon tackled each other. When they ran into each other, they both flew backwards, fainted.
Wattson: "Good, good. Try this one on for size. Go Ampharos!"
Me: "Go, Aron!"
Wattson: Bad choice. (laughing) Ampharos, Thunder!"
Me: "Aron, Tackle!"
Ampharos filled the room with electricity as Aron ran at Ampharos. As Aron got to Ampharos, Ampharos knocked Aron out of the way with his tail.
Me: Aron! Mud-slap!"
Aron ran at Ampharos again. This time when Aron got to Ampharos, he kicked mud in Ampharos' face. Ampharos tried to aim electricity at Aron, but missed!
Me: "Alright, Aron. Try to Tackle again!"
This time Aron slammed his little body into the Ampharos. Ampharos then fell backwards, out of strength.
Wattson: Good, job. Maybe this battle will be worth it after all. But, don't give your hopes up. Go, Manectric! Spark!"
The Manetric then slammed into Aron, knocking Aron out of the battle.
Me: (thinking) "I only have one Pokemon left, but my Marshtomp is a water-type, and doesn't stand a chance. What am I going to do..."
Just then, one of my eggs started moving.
Me: "Huh?"
Everyone stared at me holding one of my Pokemon eggs. It then hatched!
Pokemon: "Eevee!"
It was an Eevee!
Me: "Alright, new plan. Go, Eevee!"
Eevee: "Eevee?!"
The Eevee then started crying.
June: "You can't let Eevee battle! It was just hatched!"
Me: "But I have no choice! Marshtomp wouldn't last a second! Eevee, I'm counting on you. You're my only hope!"
Eevee then looked into my eyes, knowing that I cared for it and needed my help.
Eevee: "Eevee!"
Eevee then nodded his head in approval.
Wattson: "Very well. Manetric, Crunch!"
Me: "Eevee, dodge!"
As the Manetric ran at Eevee to bite him, Eevee jumped in the air and landed on Manetric's head. The Manetric tried to shake him off, but Eevee held on tight.
Wattson: "Manetric, Thunder!"
Then Manetric zapped Eevee and threw him onto the ground. The weak, little Eevee then looked up at the growling Manetric in front of him.
Me: "No, Eevee!"
Wattson: "It looks like it's all over." (laughing)
Then, Eevee stood up!
Wattson: "No!"
Me: "Yes! Eevee, Tackle!"
Then Eevee slammed into Manetric. Manetric then fainted!
Me: "Yes, we won!"
I then ran for Eevee who was almost dead laying on the ground.
Wattson: Good job. Here is a Dynamo Badge and a bag of Pokemon stuff as your reward."

Later on, we went to the Pokemon center to heal our Pokemon. Luckily Eevee was all better after that. We then headed for Verdanturf Town.

Keith's current team: Marshtomp, Mightyena, Aron, Eevee, egg; daycare: Beautifly, Taillow; PC: shiny Oddish, Nidoran (boy)
June's current team: Torchic, Beautifly, egg, egg; daycare: Igglybuff
Alex's current team: Grovyle, Marill, Corphish, egg, egg; daycare: Barboach

Brandon's current team: shiny Nidorino, Hitmonlee, Beedrill, ???, ???, ???

Latios Master
January 1st, 2005, 5:11 PM
Chapter 13: Speedy Traveling

After awhile, we made it to Verdanturf Town. At the Pokemon Center, we got an urgent call from Prof. Birch asking us to get to DragonWave City faster because of the Rayquaza that appeared there. We then left and headed to Route 111. Luckily a man was standing just outside of the desert area there and gave us Go-Goggles. There was an awful sandstorm going on. After some time, we seeked shelter at some ruins. We then saw two fossils sticking out of the ground. I then grabbed one. All of a sudden the other one sunk in the sand.
Me: "Huh, I wonder what kind of fossil this is."
Alex: "It is probably a fossil of a rare Pokemon. Maybe we should give it to a museum."
Me: "No way! I found it and I'm going to keep it."
June: "It wouldn't hurt to give it to people who would know what to do with it."
Me: "Well, I'm still not giving it up. I need another Pokemon anyway, since I only have 5 Pokemon with me right now. Actually 4 since one is an egg."
June: "But the fossil is a fossil- a dead Pokemon. You don't expect it to come alive do you?"
Me: "No, but I heard of a machine that can bring it back to life."
Alex: "Yeah, far away."

Later on, we made it to Mt. Chimney. There, we got a helicopter ride payed by Prof. Birch to Fallarbor Town. There, we found a meteor crater that had 2 more fossils buried in the sand, and a strange item. It looked like a berry with question marks on it. Then we went to the Fossil Maniac's house. He saw how I collected 3 fossils and so he gave me a 4th one. Now the adventure continues on to Meteor Falls...

Keith's current team: Marshtomp, Mightyena, Aron, Eevee, Egg; daycare: Beautifly, Taillow' PC: shiny Oddish, Nidoran (boy)
June's current team: Torchic, Beautifly, egg, egg; daycare: Igglybuff
Alex's current team: Grovyle, Marill, Corphish, egg, egg; daycare: Barboach

Brandon's current team: shiny Nidorano, Hitmonlee, Beedrill, ???, ???, ???

Latios Master
January 1st, 2005, 5:12 PM
Chapter 14: Battle at Meteor Falls- Part 1

It was night, and there was not a cloud in the sky, so the stars were very visible. Up ahead we could see Meteor Falls. Then all of a sudden a group of Swablu flew from a tree and into the sky, as if they were in danger. Then we could hear noises coming from a bush. Then, a Zangoose and a Seviper came out. They were fighting. They were natural enemies, and would fight to the finish. Before I could blink, Alex was right in front of them sending out a Pokemon.
Alex: "Grovyle! Leaf Blade!"
Grovyle then sent sharp leafs at the two wild Pokemon fighting. Both were then sent backwards, hurt.
Alex: "Go, Pokeballs!"
The two Pokemon were caught!

Later on, we made it to the entrance. We went inside and saw tons of cave with Zubat flying around. After awhile, we made it to a fountain made out of crystal. A hole in the wall let moonlight in, making the fountain sparkle. Then, an Absol jumped out of nowhere!
Me: "Wow! Let me catch him! Go, Eevee!"
The Eevee came out of his Pokeball and Tackled Absol, only to be thrown down. The Absol's blade on his head began to glow. He then sent the blade at Eevee. Eevee was blasted to the back of the cave.
Me: "No! Go, Pokeball!"
The Pokeball just bounced off Absol and Absol ran away. I then ran in the direction of where Eevee went. I then ran into something...or someone. Back at the fountain, Alex grabbed a crystal pearl out of the fountain water and put it in his backpack. Then June and Alex ran after me. Behind them, four eyes appeared in the darkness...

Keith's current team: Marshtomp, Mightyena, Aron, Eevee, egg; daycare: Beautifly, Taillow; PC: shiny Oddish, Nidoran (boy)
June's current team: Torchic, Beautifly, egg, egg; daycare: Igglybuff
Alex's current team: Grovyle, Marill, Corphish, egg, egg, Seviper; daycare: Barboach; PC: Zangoose

Brandon's current team: shiny Nidorino, Hitmonlee, Beedrill, ???, ???, ???

Latios Master
January 1st, 2005, 5:13 PM
Chapter 15: Battle at Meteor Falls- Part 2

I fell on the ground in front of the strange figure. I then felt Eevee run to me and return to his Poke Ball. The strange figure than started to talk...
Brandon: "So, we meet again, Keith. Well, since we are both here, lets start a match. Lights!"
Then lights turned on! We were both in a room that was a Pokemon battle arena!
Brandon: "Surprised? You would never think that this would be in a cave, but it was. Let the battle begin! Go, Furret!"
Me: "Go, Aron!"

In a different part of the cave, June and Alex were running from the 4 eyes chasing them. All of a sudden there was a bright flash and they saw what was chasing them! A Lunatone and Solrock! June and Alex then found themselves falling through different portals!

The battle between Brandon and me heated up.
Brandon: "Furret, Iron Tail!"
Me: "Dodge it, Aron!"
Then, Lunatone and Solrock appeared before Brandon and me! The room filled with extremely bright light. I found myself on the floor next to my Aron surrounded by nothing but white light. In front of me was... Deoxys! I then fainted...

When I woke up, I found myself surrounded by desert. I saw a broken down train in the distance. I got up, and started to walk there. I then noticed that my Aron was gone! I later stepped into the train. It was some kind of restraunt. I went to the man at the counter.
Me: "Sir, where am I?"
Man: "Where are you? Don't you know? This is the Orre region."
Me: "Orre region?!"

Keith's current team: Marshtomp, Mightyena, Eevee, egg; Daycare: Beautifly, Taillow; PC: shiny Oddish, Nidoran (boy); Missing: Aron
June's current team: Torchic, Beautifly, egg, egg; Daycare: Igglybuff
Alex's current team:Grovyle, Marill, Corphish, Seviper, egg, egg; Daycare: Barboach; PC: Zangoose

Brandon's current team: shiny Nidorino, Hitmonlee, Beedrill, Furret, ???, ???

Latios Master
January 1st, 2005, 5:14 PM
Chapter 16: United They Separate

June opened her eyes and found herself on a path to a cottage. She could see the sea to her right. She got up and walked to the cottage. She knocked on the door.
June: "Is anyone there?"
Someone then opened the door. It was a man.
Man: "Hello, may I help you?"
June: "Yes. Where am I?"
Man: "Where are you? Don't you know that this is Kanto? My name is Bill."

Alex still could find himself falling farther and farther down the vortex that he was in. He then stopped falling and fell on a train. He jumped off before it started moving again. He walked down the street and looked up at all the tall buildings.
Alex: "This doesn't look like anywhere that I've been to before... What does that sign say; Goldenrod City? I'm in Johto!"

I was lost in a land called Orre. Somewhere where I had never of thought of ending up. I thought 'What happened at that cave', 'Why am I here'; questions that may never be answered.
Man: "How did you end up here in Orre."
Me: "I was in a cave when there was a flash of light and I ended up here."
Man: "Strange. Did you see anything else?"
Me: "Actually, yes. Deoxys."
Man: "Deoxys! What?! You must be the one who will bring balance to Orre."
Me: "What?!"
Man: "Yes. Five years ago there was a boy who tried to stop a team of villians who raised shadow Pokemon and failed. He was an ex-member too. He was caught and killed, along with all his Pokemon. The team then made 10 more shadow Pokemon. At a shrine devoted to Celebi, appeared a prophecy: The chosen one has fallen, evil still remains, darkness has re-appeared. Only a new chosen one from a far land who has seen Deoxys will defeat the evil. He has finally come. You have finally come."
At that second, a small snatch machine appeared on my arm.
Me: "What's this?!"
Man: "A snatch machine. Just like the last chosen one's. You must now go on your journey to rescue the 10 shadow Pokemon. Here is a bag of different types of Poke Balls. Good luck."
I then left.

I was waking for a long time through the desert when I then heard my name being called. It was Brandon!
Brandon: "Surprising seeing you here. Of course, I don't know what to think after all that has happened lately. Especially when my Furret disappeared."

In another part of the desert walked two very sad and worried Pokemon; Furret and Aron. Then a shadow appeared above them.
A man's voice: "Well, well, what do we have here? Two helpless, little Pokemon. Well, you two will do. WHAHAHAHA!"

Keith's current team: Marshtomp, Mightyena, Eevee, egg; Daycare: Beautifly, Taillow; PC: shiny Oddish, Nidoran (boy); Missing: Aron
June's current team: Torchic, Beautifly, egg, egg; Daycare: Igglybuff
Alex's current team: Grovyle, Marill, Corphish, Seviper, egg, egg; Daycare: Barboach; PC: Zangoose

Brandon's current team: shiny Nidorino, Hitmonlee, Beedrill, ???, ???; Missing: Furret

Latios Master
January 1st, 2005, 5:15 PM
Chaper 17: A Shadow Revealed

Brandon and I went our seperate ways and I headed to what looked like a forest. I was so tired and thirsty from walking through the desert that I just needed something to drink. I then looked up and saw that the "forest" was really just a mirage. I then collapsed. When I came too, I saw a shadow over me...

(At Bill's Cottage)
Bill: "So you came from a strange vortex?"
June: "Yes. One second I was in Hoenn, the next second I was here."
Bill: "This is very strange."
(A knock at the door)
Bill: "Hello?"
Prof. Oak: "Hello, Bill, it's me, Prof. Oak."
Bill: "Ah, Prof. Oak! Come on in!"
Prof. Oak: Oh, I see you have company. I sure hope I'm not intterupting anything."
Bill: "Nah, I was just talking to this girl who came from Hoenn to here in a vortex."
Prof. Oak: "A vortex? Really? This is odd."
Bill: "I wonder how and why it happened."
Prof. Oak: "Hmmm... were you with anyone, miss?"
June: "Yes, with my friends, Keith and Alex."
Prof. Oak: "Keith? Not Prof. Eon's son."
June: "Who is Prof. Eon?"
Prof. Oak: "Oh, Prof. Eon was a Pokemon master from the past. He then some how disappeared and was never heard from again. He also had a son named Keith. Here is his Kanto Gym Badges. You should take them with you along with this Poke Ball of the only Pokemon of Prof. Eon's that was found. You should give them to Keith. However, this Poke Ball can't be opened. I've tried everything I could, but it never opens. It's also called an 'Eon Ball'. You can tell it's different because of the red and green color, along with the word, 'Eon'. Please give them to Keith."
Bill: "I think you should be able to get back to Hoenn through one of my portals here. Go through one of them and you will get back to where you came from. Good-bye!"
June then stepped into the portal and disappeared.

I looked up and saw a man in all black, along with a black cape, black hat, and black mask over his eyes.
???: "Hello. Who are you? A boy lost in the desert?" *snickers*
Me: "Who are you?"
???: "Maybe we should have a battle, double style. Go, Kecleon and Magikarp!"
Me: "Ok, go Marshtomp and Eevee!"
At that moment, a green light in a little screen at the end of my Snag'em machine started to blink. Then a picture of a Magikarp appeared. It must be a shadow Pokemon!"
Me: "Go, Poke Ball!"
???: "What do you think you are doing?"
The Poke Ball then captured the shadow Magikarp!
Me: "One down, nine to go!"
???: "Huh? How did you do that?! Oh well. Go, Ariados!"
At that moment, a sandstorm came and the strange man disappeared...

Keith's current team: Marshtomp, Mightyena, Eevee, egg, shadow Magikarp; Daycare: Beautifly, Taillow; PC: shiny Oddish. Nidoran (boy); Missing: Aron
June's current team: Torchic, Beautifly, egg, egg; Daycare: Igglybuff
Alex's current team: Grovyle, Marill, Corphish, Seviper, egg, egg; Daycare: Barboach; PC: Zangoose

Brandon's current team: shiny Nidorino, Hitmonlee, Beedrill, ???, ???; Missing: Furret

??? current team: Kecleon, Ariados

Latios Master
January 1st, 2005, 5:16 PM
Chapter 18: The Sandstorm

The sandstorm was the strongest that I had ever seen. I put on my Go-Goggles so that I could see, but the blowing sand was blinding. I could then make out a tree and some bushes farther ahead. When I got there, I noticed that it was a plam tree. I wondered why a palm tree would being doing here in the middle of a desert. I then looked down in the bushes and I saw a little Natu that was very damaged. It was also very scared. I picked it up and noticed that its left wing was broken. I felt very sad that it must of gone through a lot. I held it and noticed that it was also crying. I then took a rest among the bushes and beneath the palm tree...

A few hours later, I was on my journey again. The sandstorm was still just as strong however. I wrapped the Natu in a blanket and carried it as I braved the storm. I could then see a figure walking ahead. I could tell that it was my old rival, Brandon. I then ran up to him.

Brandon: "Keith? What are you doing in this storm?"
Me: "I was going to ask you the same question."
I then saw that he had a Snag'em machine on his arm too.
Me: "Where'd you get that?"
Brandon: "Oh, this? I found it buried in the sand by a cave. Someone must of left it there. I also found a motorcycle thing in the cave, but it wouldn't work, so I left it. This thing on my arm does something unthinkable. It lets me catch other trainers Pokemon! Only a few for some reason though. So far I caught a Feebas and a Duskull from two odd looking trainers. The two Pokemon are always angry for some reason. We'll, I gotta go. Hanging around with you is keeping me from getting out of this storm."
Brandon then ran off as I just stood there looking at my poor Natu.
Me: "Well, Natu, I guess it's just you and me, along with my other Pokemon. We should try to find some town around here. There must be one."

(Johto-Goldenrod City)
Alex walked around town as he looked at all the buildings. He had never been in such a large city in all his life. He then felt himself bump into someone.
Boy: "Hey, watch where ya going! If I get hurt, you will be in big trouble, because my brother is Bill. He is famous for making the Pokemon storage system."
Alex: Oh, I'm sorry. And you sure get made easily, don't you..."
Boy: "What does that suppose to mean?!"
Alex: "Nevermind...Hey, could I meet your brother?"
Boy: "He isn't in Johto. He is in Kanto, but I could bring you home to meet the rest of my family I guess. Come this way."

When Alex got to Bill's house, Bill's mom welcomed him. Then Bill came through the door.
Bill: "I'm back!"
Bill's mom: "Oh, welcome back, dear. We have a visitor. This is Alex."
Bill: "Oh, hi!"
Alex: "Hi! It is so cool to be meeting the famous Bill!"
Bill: "Yeah, I get that sometimes."
After awhile of talking, Bill found out that Alex was my friend too, and he also told him about Prof. Eon and that he met June.
Alex: "You met June?! How?"
Bill: "She was transported to my cottage in Kanto from Hoenn by a mysterious vortex, just like you, but to here instead. Oh, I gave her Keith's dad's Kanto gym badges and his last Pokemon too. I have his Johto badges too. Here you go, please give them to Keith. In the mean time, why don't you go to the bug catching contest north of the city? I will get this portal I have here fixed so I can send you back to Hoenn."
Alex: "Alright."

As I kept on walking through the sanstorm, I could see a city in the horizon. As I started to walk faster in that direction, I looked in the sky at something flying overhead. It was a Fearow that had a Master Ball in its claws...

Keith's current team: Marshtomp, Mightyena, Eevee, egg, shadow Magikarp, Natu; Daycare: Beautifly, Taillow; PC: shiny Oddish, Nidoran (boy); Missing: Aron
June's current team: Torchic, Beautifly, egg, egg; Daycare: Igglybuff
Alex's current team: Grovyle, Marill, Corphish, Seviper, egg, egg; Daycare: Barboach; PC: Zangoose

Brandon's current team: shiny Nidorino, Hitmonlee, Beedrill, ???, shadow Feebas, shadow Duskull; PC: ???, ???; Missing: Furret

??? current team: Kecleon, Ariados, ???, ???

Latios Master
January 1st, 2005, 5:17 PM
Chapter 19: Phenac Memories

I stumbled into the first city as I held on Natu. I looked up and saw a Pokmon Center near by. I stood up and started to walk there but then some guy about my age dressed in all black including black sunglasses and short, spiking, black hair but into me.

Kid: "Hey, watch where you're going!"
Me: "Sorry, but you bumped into me."
Kid: "Oh, yeah?! Well let's just settle this with a Pokmon battle."
Me: "I would, but I need to get to the Pokmon Center to heal my Natu. He is badly hurt."
Kid: "So what. We're settling this now. Go, Shuppet and Duskull!"
Me: "Go, Mightyena and Marshtomp!"
(At that moment the two ghost Pokmon disappeared.)
Me: "What?"
Kid: "In this battle, you must figure out where my Pokmon are to bet them!"
Me: "Hmmm... Marshtomp, use Water Gun in ever direction! Mightyena, use Bite on each Pokmon if hit!"
Marshtomp started to blast Water Gun all around him. Then one blast smacked into Shuppet who appeared. At that second a pic of a shadow Shuppet showed up on my Snag-em machine on my arm.
Me: "That is one of the shadow Pokmon that I'm looking for! Go, Great Ball!"
Shuppet then was captured and the kid that I was battling became very angry.
Kid: "You stole my Pokmon! How dare you! Go, Haunter! Use Giga Drain on Marshtomp! Duskull, use Ice Beam on Mightyena!"
My Pokmon were then knocked out from the Giga Drain and Ice Beam.
Me: "Ah, no! I quit! The rest of my Pokmon can't even hit yours."

Later on I got to the Pokmon Center to get my Pokmon healed. Nurse Joy told me that it would take awhile, especially for Natu to get healed. I got my shadow Shuppet from the PC, and took him, Eevee, shadow Magikarp, and my egg out to rest in the park. The weather was great. It was sunny and warm, and there was a small breeze. I took my egg and started to wipe it with a cloth. I kept the two shadow Pokmon in their Pok Balls but let Eevee lay next to me to rest. I then started to fall asleep when I heard a Pokmon battle going on. I looked up and saw Brandon capturing a Sneasel from some women. I also saw that Brandon was using his Hitmonlee and a Blaziken, who I guess was his starter. The women who was wearing a purple jacket and black sunglasses had a Hitmontop. I looked down at my Eevee who was sleeping and back up again. Brandon was gone. I looked back at Eevee, and then to my egg. I started to remember all that had happened. I remembered watching Steve and Lance on TV, I remembered getting my Mudkip (now Marshtomp) from Prof. Birch, I remembered dealing with Team Rocket members and meeting my friends, June and Alex. I also could remember my great gym battles. Memories from being a very little kid even came to mind. I remembered my shiny Oddish getting chased around by Brandon's shiny Nidoran (Now Nidorino). I looked up in the sky and saw a Fearow flying across. I shocking memory came back to me.
Me: "My Scyther! I remember that I captured what looked like a shiny Scyther with a Master Ball during the beginning of my journey!"
I stood up and looked up at the sky. Eevee woke up and looked at me wondering what was going on. I looked up and saw something round and shiny in the Fearow's claws.
Me: "That's the Fearow!"
At that point I felt rage building up in me. I wanted that Scyther back and that Fearow punished. The Fearow started to fly closer to the park, and closer to the ground. He then arrived in the park and landed. The Fearow then started to eat berries of off a bush near a tree. A grabbed a rock near me on the ground and threw it...

Keith's current team: Marshtomp(Pokmon Center), Mightyena(Pokmon Center), Eevee, egg, shadow Magikarp, shadow Shuppet, Natu(Pokmon Center); Daycare: Beautifly, Taillow; PC: shiny Oddish, Nidoran (boy); Missing: Aron
June's current team: Torchic, Beautifly, egg, egg; Daycare: Igglybuff
Alex's current team: Grovyle, Marill, Corphish, Seviper, egg, egg; Daycare: Barboach; PC: Zangoose

Brandon's current team: shiny Nidorino, Blaziken, Hitmonlee, shadow Feebas, shadow Duskull, shadow Sneasel; PC: Beedrill, ???, ???; Missing: Furret

??? current team: Kecleon, Ariados, ???, ???

Latios Master
January 1st, 2005, 5:18 PM
Chapter 20: Battle in Pyrite Cave- Part 1

The Fearow Looked back at me and saw the rock coming. He then flew away.
Me: "Ah, he got away again."
I then took my things and went to get my Pokmon from the Pokmon Center. I also deposited my two shadow Pokmon into the PC. After that I left and headed out of the city.

(hours later)
I finally made it to Pyrite Town, and headed towards the middle of the city. As I was walking, I saw a man dressed in black run towards a big building. I then followed him, to see what he was up to. When I got in the building, the entire place was deserted, and the place was a mess. I ran up the stairs to the second floor, and then to the third floor, and there was still no one to be found. I then came to a cave, and figured that the man ran in there. I then went in, and walked for a long time, but could still not find him, or anyone. I then came to a place where you could see water below. As I began to walk farther, a man jumped in front of me! It wasn't the guy I saw before, but instead it was a man dressed in purple.
Man: "What are you doing here?!"
Me: "I just came in here for a little walk, that's all."
Man: "Oh, yeah? Well, let's have a Pokmon battle! Go, Noctowl and Gligar!"
Me: "Go, Marshtomp and Eevee!"
At that second, my Snag'em Machine told me that the Gligar was a shadow Pokmon!
Man: "Gligar, use Earthquake! Noctowl, use Hypnosis!"
Me: "Marshtomp, use Water Gun! Eevee, Tackle!"
The ground shaked from the Earthquake, making my Pokmon's attacks miss! Then Noctowl's Hypnosis made Marshtomp fall asleep!
Man: "Here, take this!"
At that second, the man pulled out some kind of spray, and sprayed it at Marshtomp! Then my Marshtomp started glowing, and devolved back to Mudkip!
Man: "How'd you like my Devolution Spray?! Hahaha!"
Me: "That was a dirty trick!"
Man: "I don't care. The boss gave this to me to spray at your Pokmon so you wouldn't interfere with our plans!"
Me: "Well, take this!"
I threw a Great Ball at his Gligar, and it was caught!
Me: "How do you like your Gligar now?"
Man: "Err, you're making me mad! Return, Noctowl!"
The man then ran away into the shadows, while I returned Mudkip and Eevee to their Pok Balls, and held my new Gligar.

I then walked on, hoping to find an end to the cave. I then finally came to a room with a platform in the middle. All of a sudden, strange music was playing! I then saw a man with a huge afro and yellow clothes walk up to the platform.
Me: "Who are you?"
Miror B.: "I am your worst nightmare! Behold your destruction, for I am Boss Miror B., and I will make you scream at my music and dancing! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!"
At that second, the power went out, making the music stopped, and the lights to go out.
Miror B.: "Wha?! What happened to my beautiful music?!
At that second, four Ludicolo came dancing in.
Miror B.: "Oh, you guys are too late! You were suppose to come in right after I did! You ruined my dance number!"
Me: (to myself) "What kind of weirdo is this guy?"
As Miror B. started screaming at his Pokmon, I snuck past them and ran into a room behind them, and pushed a button on a control panel that closed the door.
Miror B.: "Hey, where did that boy go?! You let him escape!!!"
Miror B. then started dancing, and tripped over his radio that was playing his music earlier. It crashed to the floor and got busted.
"Miror B.: "No, my music!!!"
I then breathed a sigh of relief, because I was so glad to get away from Miror B. I then saw someone in black standing in the middle of the room.
Man: "Prepare for your doom! For I will crush you like a cat with a mouse!"
Me: "What ever. Are you the guy that I was chasing?"
Man: "Yes, I am. Now battle me! Go, Rhydon and Aggron!"
Me: "Go, Mudkip and Mightyena!"
Man: "And, to make things more interesting, I have boulders on ceiling that will drop on your Pokmon, to insure my victory!!"

Keith's current team: Mudkip, Mightyena, Eevee, Natu, egg, shadow Gligar; DayCare: Beautifly, Taillow; PC: shiny Oddish, Nidoran (male), shadow Magikarp, shadow Shuppet; Missing: Aron
June's current team: Torchic, Beautifly, egg, egg; DayCare: Igglybuff
Alex's current team: Grovyle, Marill, Corphish, Seviper, egg, egg; DayCare: Barboach, PC: Zangoose

Brandon's current team: shiny Nidorino, Blaziken, Hitmonlee, shadow Feebas, shadow Duskull, shadow Sneasel; PC: Beedrill, ???, ???; Missing: Furret

??? current team: Kecleon, Ariados, ???, ???

January 1st, 2005, 6:23 PM
Try to post one chapter at a time please. ^^;

Script fics...mmm. The beginning started out interesting enough, but the length was a tad too short. I wish you could emphasize on the main character, because absolutely no information could be depicted, except for the fact I know he's going out on his first Pokemon journey tomorrow after watching a television show. In fact, this would be suitable for a prologue too...o.o;

Second chapter was mostly dialogue, without any real descriptions. It's a typical trainer fic, which isn't bad or anything, but Jessie [email protected][email protected]; Ash was way too sudden, blurting out something about a black rayquaza? The pace overall needs to settle down a bit. The fourth chapter- A shiney Scyther? When he barely began his journey? Let alone a master ball? And then the fearow...too fast, too fast...

I'm not the best at script fics, but don't they usually go like this:

[Ash walks over the the grass cautiously, hands prying through the plants to reveal a Greatball. He picks it up carefully, realizing what it is.]

Ash: [Happily] Look what I found!

I think the tone of your dialogues are missing, as how they're saying it. Happy? Sad? Surprised?... Then again, ask Yamato-San, or read his fic. I think it's one of the first proper script fics I ever read.

I would say you really have to slow it down, getting into those details that were a bit powerplayed. Try sticking to either script format or the regular fanfic format- you switched it quite a lot, aside from the dialogues. Now, involving a legendary in without totally OOCing it or dominating is hard, but keep it steady, not introducing thousands of crime teams and the same old capturing process.

It's a decent fic with potential, as long as you keep in mind the errors that can lead big. Good luck, Latios Master! ^_^

Latios Master
January 1st, 2005, 11:26 PM
Thanks for the tips, LilyPichu. I wrote the first chapters a year or two ago, and that is why it is so short, because I was just starting to write fanfics. I haven't made a new chapter since around the end of summer vacation, I think. I'll use your tips for the next chapters. Thanks for the help. :)