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January 2nd, 2005, 12:06 PM

(This is what I got so far :D)

Ash stared at the islands with a look of great aspiration in his eyes. Ash knew that soon
he, Brock, May and Max were going to dock at the vast port of Engrove Island. Ash knew
that soon he would be walking through the metallic doors of Engrove Gym, home to Matt,
the gym leader, who specialized mainly in Flying type Pokmon.

Falkner protested against the gym on the grounds that there was already a gym that
specialized in Flying type Pokmon: his. The Pokmon League held meeting after
meeting about the new gym, but eventually, they made their decision and allowed
the gym to open because they thought the trainers would want the exciting venture
that was battling Pokmon to continue and a new task to overcome...

The ship was slowly edging towards the port. Ash couldn't bottle up the excitement.
He knew that he was going to defeat Matt because most of Matt's Pokmon were
Flying type, and Pikachu was a Thunder type, so the weaknesses were an advantage
for Ash, and a massive disadvantage for Matt...
"I just can't wait, May!" Ash exclaimed.
"Ash, we need to go to the Pokmon Centre before you go and fight Matt" May informed
"Why, May?" Ash enquired.
"Well, you deposited all of your Pokmon into Lanette's PC just before you left
because you wanted them to be safe because of what happened on the SS Anne..."
May replied.
"Oh, yeah...You could say I'm a bit paranoid about the safety of my Pokmon on ships
now..." Ash mumbled.

Eventually, the ship arrived at Engrove Island and Ash, Brock, May and Max walked
down the gangplank and towards the busy island.
"Well, we're on Engrove Island..." Max exclaimed.
"Let's go to the Pokmon Centre!" May suggested.
"OK!" Ash replied.

After walking around for a while, Ash, Brock, May and Max stop at a little bike
hire kiosk with a lone man standing at it.
"I've got a good idea!" Ash said.
"What is it?" May asked.
"Why don't we hire bikes?" Ash suggested.
"That IS a good idea, Ash!" Brock replied.
Ash walked up to the little kiosk and asked the man standing at it: "Can we hire 4
bikes for the day, please?"
"Yeah, sure, that's $80, kid..." The man said.
Ash stares at the man, shocked.
"$80?" Ash exclaimed.
May turned around and tapped Ash on the shoulder.
"Here's $20 for my bike, Ash..." May said as she handed Ash a $20 note.
"Here's mine..." Max added as he handed Ash a $20 note.
"And mine..." Brock added as he handed Ash a $20 note.

January 4th, 2005, 4:55 AM
Part 2 is coming soon! (25 letter rule)