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December 18th, 2011, 5:47 AM
Welcome to Other Clubs!
Welcome to the Other Clubs forum! Here you can gather 'round the campfire with other fans to discuss your fandoms and other interests you may have. This is where you can talk about anything you want, from your favourite movie to your favourite anime or even your favourite foods if you want to. Anything like that is allowed here! If you want to discuss controversial topics as well (LGBT, Religion etc.) then that's allowed as well!

Other Clubs Rules:

If you're creating a club:Make sure it's not relevant to Pokémon
I understand that this is a Pokémon forum, and as such, we have a section for Pokémon-related groups. Coincidentally, it's called Pokémon Groups (http://www.pokecommunity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=24) so if you want to talk about your favourite Pokemon, that's the place to do it.

Don't be too broad or too specific
While the area is quite lax, we don't want to have clubs which are all over the place and can drift off-topic because the topic is too broad, or doesn't get any attention because it's too specific. Anything too broad/specific will not be approved. Please note that this includes multiple-topic clubs.- For example, a club about Naruto would be fine, but about Anime in general wouldn't be allowed because it's too broad.
- A club about The Big Bang Theory would be fine, but creating a club for Sheldon Cooper wouldn't be because it's too specific.
- Making a club about The Legend of Zelda would be fine, but having a club about that and Super Mario Bros. together wouldn't be.
Make sure your club doesn't exist
If you want to find out if your club exists or not, you can either search it or use the Other Clubs Directory (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=255749).

This is a positive area
Meaning we don't want any clubs which are against anything. Keep it positive around here.

This is a moderated section
This means that clubs need to be approved before they show up. This can take up to as long as 24 hours, so be patient and your club will be approved eventually.
When posting in clubs:Stay on topic
While the topic can drift slowly into something else, try to keep on-topic about the club itself. If you really want to talk about something else, consider making a club for it!

Follow the current discussion
If the club itself has a discussion going, don't try and start a new one. Instead try to add onto the discussion at hand. You're free to start a new topic though if no one is discussing the current one.

Don't post in inactive clubs
This is a big rule here. Don't post in clubs which have had no new posts in them for a month. These are considered inactive and won't really garner more attention. Instead of posting in an inactive club, consider remaking it.There is a big exception to this rule. If the person who posted last wishes to double-post in the club to revive it, they are allowed to if their last post was at least two weeks ago.
No "may I join/I'm joining!" posts
This is considered spamming and unfortunately isn't very constructive. While you can't be denied access to a club, it helps to add something to the current discussion of the club when you're joining one.
Tips for maintaining clubs:

Sometimes clubs can be hard to keep a good control of and to keep active, so if you follow these tips, you'll most likely have a very successful club.Try to create discussion for your club
Creating some discussion for your club will be a big help for activity in your club. You don't have to be the club owner to create some discussion in a club either.

Make your first post impressive
Making a club look good is one thing, but having lots of information about your club is even better. Give a brief description about your club's topic, include a sign-up sheet and some rules for your club, and keep it updated with new members. These things really show your commitment to a club and will really boost the amount of activity you get.

Don't forget about your club
You want your club to be big and active? Then don't forget about it! Keep chatting in it, post discussion whenever you can and just keep it alive.
Taking over a club:

If you want to take over a club, then you're more than free to do that. However, some requirements muse be met if you wish for a club to be in your posession. You may only take over a club:- If the club's current owner hasn't posted in the club for a month
- If you have contributed to the club in question
If you want to take over a club, you can contact myself, or the moderator of the section about it. From there the club will be checked over about you to see if you've contributed to the club, and if the owner hasn't posted in a month. If this process ends in satisfaction, you may then take over that club.

Question and queries:
If you have any questions or concerns about Other Clubs, you may contact the current moderator (Lightning (http://www.pokecommunity.com/member.php?username=lightning)) if:- You have any question regarding a certain club
- Your club hasn't appeared in 24 hours and you don't know why
- You want to make a club and unsure on how to go about it
- You have a question regarding how the area is run, or how it could be improved
- Anything else regarding clubs which I may be able to answer
As always, the PokéCommunity forum rules apply here as well. If you see someone acting out of line, please report it and I will deal with it myself.

Originally written for Other Clubs by Lightning. Content added by Alternative.