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December 29th, 2011, 6:26 PM

The X-men hang out

Where all mutants hang

X-men is a movie (actually 3 movies), many tv shows, and a few video games. X-men has several Charecters like Professor X, Cyclops, Wolverine, Nightcrawler (my favorite), Shadow Cat, Emma Frost, Mystic, Toad, and many more. Its basicly about mutants, things they do like fighting, they're dilima with humans, and much much more. If X-men is your thing (and your a mutant) than this place is definitly for you! Brotherhood are welcome too.


miley810 (the owner)

Sign-up form:

Favorite x-men/brotherhood member:
Powers: (1-3)
X-men or Brotherhood: (which side your on)


Fallow all Pokecommunity Rules
Respect all club members
Put 'mutants rule' somewhere to show you've read the rules
Have fun
Try to stay on topic (I'll try to keep the topic(s) listed.


Who is your favorite X-men/Brotherhood member and why?
Have you ever played X-men Destiny? If so did you like it? Did you beat it?


Username: miley810
Codename: Fanged Matter
Favorite x-men/brotherhood member: Nightcrawler
Powers: matter changing, grows fangs and hair turns red when mad, telicinisis (can lift things with mind)
X-men or Brotherhood: X-men