View Full Version : I prefer the Old Pokemon Anime over the New Anime: Opinion Based

January 1st, 2012, 5:44 PM
When I was a young boy, I always liked to watch Pokemon, ALWAYS. I even played the games over and over(I was a noob back then), and that I remember watching Pokemon Master Quest(one of my favorite seasons), Pokemon before, made me laugh a lot, when Totodile was in love with an Azumarill, when Ash got shocked by Pikachu in the first episode because Pikachu was mean, and when Pikachu had a craving for ketchup and it broke because of a Scyther. I also laughed when Charizard keeps burning Ash with Flamethrower(it's disobedience must be because of it being overleveled and that Ash hardly had badges and trust into Charizard's new personality developed as a Charmeleon). Kanto, Orange Islands, and Johto was good and interesting. Ash was learning his mistakes and that I didn't really care if he was disqualified in the Kanto League because that he was a young trainer and that he needs to learn from it. But in the Johto League, it was epic, but I had to admit, Harrison was a cool and tough trainer. But when Hoenn started, it went down a bit, when Misty left, but it was still funny and that it was spicy. Max was ok, so was May.

Then when the Hoenn saga and the Kanto Saga ended(the Kanto saga was major changes, discussing that in Sinnoh review), it went down slightly. I can't really stand Dawn sometimes, I prefer May over her, I don't know why I can't stand her, but I just can't. And that Ash's voice has changed, it was worse. Ash sounded good in his original voice actor(he was originally played by Veronica Taylor), but he was replaced by Sarah Natochenny. And that 4Kids lost copyright of the anime and the TPCi took in charge, that's when it sorta went down.

But in D/P, it was sorta ok, Ash actually knew what he was doing, he had to think hard of his strategies and that he had to think of his past experiences. And that he had to use his previous Pokemon in the Pokemon League, that excited me. But Ash's Quilava's voice irritated me a LOT. It sounds like Cilan's Dwebble, and it doesn't even sound like a Quilava, more like a Sudowoodo or a Ditto. Paul was interesting, that he still uses his same team, he knew what he was doing, and that he seems to be a very good Pokemon trainer, but he's too cold, and that it must because of when he started his adventure, his brother lost at the Battle Frontier, it probably changed him, he is one of my favorite rivals.

Then after D/P ended, it went downhill dramatically. Brock left the show, and was replaced with Cilan, I had to admit, but I miss Brock. He was really reliable in the show. And that he never changed, he was the same old Brock. Cilan is ok, but Brock is more better than him, and that Brock is more interesting and fun. But Iris isn't better than Dawn, I don't know what to say about her either. And that Ash has gotten worse than before. He's back to Square 1. He's back to how he started in his first adventure, seriously, every region he goes, he's back to where he started, and that I was absolutely ticked about having to add Tobias in the Pokemon League, it isn't fair that they had to use a trainer with legendaries, they should do that near the end of the series(Series finale).

And that Pikachu is still the same, he's funny, he's one of the only interesting characters. But Oshawott is another funny character, reminds me of Chikorita(she was funny) and Aipom. He always wants to be with Ash and tries to catch his attention, and that the rest of the Pokemon, they seem to hardly show/have their personalities.

Tepig shows his personality when he battles, he always smiles, but his cry somewhat annoys me. Snivy is mysterious, similar to Ash's Treecko back then, she is calm, cool, and smart. And she is hard to get. Tranquill has no personality. There should be a time when something happens to her that is life threatening and that she needs to save Ash and the rest and to show her personality. She's only used for battle and for searching. Palpitoad is mischievous sometimes, but he listens to Ash. Roggenrola has no personality, just a soulless battler. Scraggy is hot headed every time, but he has a soft side. And that Swadloon has no real personality, he had one back when he started as a Sewaddle. I know that Swadloons are "metally" shallow, but he should have one when he isn't negative.

And that I can't sometimes stand the Pokemon cries. Dwebble's is weird, just weird. It doesn't even sound like the other Dwebbles, it's like Brock's Sudowoodo(almost). Roggenrola is weird too, I expected to have somewhat of a hardy voice, but it sounds like a robot obviously, it just does. And why did Pikachu have to lose to Snivy? Even though his Electric attacks failed, he should have used Iron Tail or Quick Attack, but he lost to one Leaf Tornado. I'm not saying that he should always win, he should've beaten that Snivy fine with 2 attacks that are not Electric and that he is speedy and tough as well.

Lastly, the plots are repetitive, same old, same old. Ash's dream was to complete the Pokemon league, he should have won at Hoenn, but he loses, and that he slightly became worse in Sinnoh to Unova, I just want him to complete his goal and that will be it. That's it, and that that's how I feel, I stopped watching the Unova adventures months ago(I hardly watch it, the last 2 were the Roggenrola and Scrafty one). But Pokemon doesn't seem the same, I liked it better in Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn. If you have nothing nice to say about it, say nothing at all, I don't want flame posts, this is how I think about it. I do enjoy the games still, just not with it's anime in Pokemon Black and White. I know that it's appealed to kids, but there should be previous knowledge that Ash still remembers and that the writers should regain their potential they had when it was in Johto, Kanto, and Hoenn.