View Full Version : RPing Rules (Improved again, XD) *READ*

January 3rd, 2005, 5:14 PM
Well, FT have been discussing some changes we'd like to make, so here are all of the rules:

1) No Plot, No RP. Simple as this, if you do not have a good enough plot to work off of, you have to get one, and we will lock your RP untill you get one.

2) *NEW* When to report. Reporting is only necessary if:
a) The thread is extremely spammy and pointless.
b) The thread is in the wrong forum.
c)There is flaming taking place in the thread.
d) When someone makes a very poor RP post.

3) *NEW* Four sentence minimum per RP post. We're tired of seeing RP posts that are only one sentence long. We know you're capable of better, and you can get the most of the RP if you post more. If you find yourself stuck on what to add, try being more description, another thing a lot of RPers don't use too well.

4) *NEW* No leet speak or abbreviations such as using "u" instead of "you." It makes the RP posts look spammy and is sometimes hard to read. If a thread is caught full of speech like that, it will be closed.

5) Keep Within PC Rules If your RP will break ANY PC rules it will be locked. Please make your RP PC friendly.

6) Have Fun! Well, of course!