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January 4th, 2005, 1:23 PM
Okay, this might be strange, but I thought it would be cool. Now, heres what it's all about. You begin as playing any animal you want to be, but they are not just animals, they are half human/ half animal. And they live in a world known as, Zerkina. You get to battle demons and many other creatures. But, your main mission is to kill a female snake demon named, Viper. Whom is the leader of all snake demons. She tries to destory Zerkina and it's our job to stop her. And during the story, you could team-up with others with other tribes or other people in your tribe. Okay, heres my animal:

Name: Topaz
Age: 18
Type: Fox
Gender: Female
Color of skin/fur: Yellow and Brown
Height: 5"7"
Weight: 117 lbs
Power/Wepon: Lightning
Personality: Hyper, but strong with a good heart and loves to fight anyone at anytime. She is also very wise when it comes to battles.
History: Trying to find the truth of her mother's death and her long lost sisters.

Okay, after I get more people to join, we shall begin....

EDIT: You can have powers too. I forgot to put that in. ^^;

January 4th, 2005, 1:45 PM
lol it's a great idea, i'll try it ^_^
name: Arayl
Age: 13
Type: wolf
Gender: Female
Color of skin/fur: white/silver
Power: able to heal, make force feilds and paralize foe from mighty scratch/bite (if we're haveing pokemon types i'm dark)
Weapon: bow and arrow
Personality: wise, patient, humorus, but very sly
History: her twin brother was kidnapped by Viper and she wishes to rescue him

January 4th, 2005, 1:49 PM
Someone joined my Rp, this is so cool.
Okay lets wait until two more people join.

January 4th, 2005, 2:24 PM
I wanna play too n_n

Name: Kit
Age: 16
Type: Fox
Gender: Female
Color of skin/fur: yellow orangish ears and tail while in human form, blue fur in fox form
Power/Wepon: can turn into a blue fox, uses a gun that shots water beams in human form, and can use all sorts of water attacks in fox form
Personality: Happy and hyper, a bit naive and will do anything for her friends
History: Wants revenge on Viper for stealing her pet

January 4th, 2005, 2:26 PM
OMG, my best friend has finally joined!!
I am so happy, but we have to wait until one more person to join, so we can begin.

Sumomo & Kotoko
January 4th, 2005, 3:29 PM
Maa,I might as well join.

Name: Pole'Jera
Age: 15
Type: Flying Squirrel
Gender: Male
Color of skin/fur: Red
Height: Human:6'1"-Squirrel:5"
Power/Wepon: Fire
Personality: Hyper, but strong with a good heart and loves nuts.He isen't so very wise when it comes to battles<--(lol)
History: Hes a sguirrel,what history can he have??<-(lol)

January 4th, 2005, 4:00 PM
May I be a mythical creature... since this is in an alternate dimension.

Name: Jasper
Age: 15
Type: Mini-Dragon
Gender: Male
Color of skin/fur: Green scales
Height: 2' 3" (When standing on hind legs)
Weight: 20 lbs.
Power: Fire Breath, Ice Breath, Claws, Poisionous fangs, and minor healing skills.
Personality: He is energetic, yet easy to anger, and what he lacks in strength and size he makes up for in determination and willpower. He is easy going, normally, but if you get on his bad side he tends to get out of hand.
History (of race): He is a hybrid dragon bred to be extremely agile, and a variety or elemental powers. (He doesn't have all his powers yet, he is still young)

paige pelletier
January 4th, 2005, 6:10 PM
Name: Paige
Age: 12
Type: arctic fox
gender: female
color of skin/fur: light red almost pink
height: 5 '6'
weight: 94
power: very agile can blend into shadows can go into dreams and create realitys ice powers too
Personality: varies is very kind and sweet once you know her
history: they are quick agile they mostly are hidden it is rare to see one out of an icey area

January 4th, 2005, 8:57 PM
Name: Cougra
Age: 17
Type: Cougar
Gender: Female
Color of skin/fur: Dark brownish red as cougar, also for tail and hair colour(human, black ears
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Power/Wepon: uses masks to transform into multiple animals and magic. Also uses a staff that can change its shape.Poison black rose darts. Can hypnotise people with her flute. Trained as a ninja.
Personality: Quiet and solitary. a bit of a bookworm and musician. A brave and agile fighter.
History: (her) Never knew her parents and has had very few friends. Is famous for making masks that hold animals powers. Viper kidnapped one of her fairies and stole one of her most powerful masks. (of race) Very rare. Cougars are masters of the shadows and are famous for their mask making abilities and that they protect fairies and weaker animals.

January 5th, 2005, 2:47 PM
Okay, we can begin the story now. ^.^

It was a dark stormy night, Topaz stood still in a middle of a wide opened field. Her eyes were closed, having flash backs of her dark past. Her hands started to shake, her legs felt weak, and her eyes started to glow bright yellow. She let out a loud scream, "NOOOOOOOOOO!!! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?!?" Blood came rushing down from a large gash in her leg. Just kept bleeding, bleeding, and bleeding....

January 5th, 2005, 3:51 PM
hang on i'll join:

name: Rancid
age: 16
type: Falcon
gender: male
color of skin/fur: black
hight: 2 feet
weight: 4 lbs
power/weapon: turns into a diving bomb and explodes and take 5 min. to gain power/creates guest storms/can stun enemy
Personality: playful , fun , excited , but feirce in battles
history: wondered the earth intill attacked by vipers warriors, now has joined forces with others to stop her

January 5th, 2005, 3:51 PM
I flew through the woods searching for someone in distress. Someone in need of help. I had become sort of a hero around my homelands, since i was the strongest creature around I just helped out with what needed to be helped out with. I then heard a loud screamed with blurred words that i couldn't understand so I flew as fast as I sould and came acroos a wide open field i had never been in before, it wasn't part of my teritorie, if i was caught by a local on their land it wouldn't be good, but decided that this was a special situation.

January 5th, 2005, 3:55 PM
as for I while searching for somthing i hear somthing fly by me at a low altitude so i fallowed only to find him stop and star at a field so i fallowed dodging lots of trees

January 5th, 2005, 4:00 PM
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January 5th, 2005, 4:02 PM
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January 5th, 2005, 4:04 PM
While out on a journy to find Viper so I could challenge her to a fight, I hear a blood curdiling scream coming from the North. I pull out my ball and transform into my fox form then start heading in that direction, my three tails trailing behind me...

January 5th, 2005, 4:14 PM
while fallowing the dragon i spotted a creature running in the woods north so i flew down and fallowed it intill it slowed down looking to see if it were being fallowed

January 5th, 2005, 4:16 PM
While running I hear a noise like the ruffle of feathers. I stop and look up to see a large bird above me.

January 5th, 2005, 4:18 PM
after seeing it see me i stop and get on the ground and turn to my human form to see it run in to a tree

January 5th, 2005, 4:21 PM
Gaaaaah! That's one big bird * falcons look big to a fox* I don't want to get eaten!! So I run into a tree to hide.

January 5th, 2005, 4:23 PM
That was minor powerplaying ANTI-SPAM GUN

I senced that many creatures lurked around, larger than I, but not stronger. I wondered what they were but waited for the scream again so that i could pinpoint this creatures location.

January 5th, 2005, 4:23 PM
so after seeing that i wait while it gets unconfussed

January 5th, 2005, 4:35 PM
While peeking out of the tree I notice the falcon turn into a human. "He has powers like me" So I come out of the tree and turn into my human form. "So I guess your not going to eat me?" "Then why were you following me?"

KoBRe LaiR
January 5th, 2005, 4:38 PM
If its possible can I join?

Name: Alex
Age: 19
Type: Falcon
Gender: Male
Color of skin/fur: Brown and White
Height: 6"5"
Weight: 110 lbs
Power/Wepon: Thunderbolts and Wind Cutters [Hurricanes]
Personality:Hidden, likes to keep secrets, and is always on the look
History: To discover meaning in life.

January 5th, 2005, 4:38 PM
"to see what everything is about!" "after being attacked by these weird creauters i can't figure anything out" so what r u doing running in the middle of no were?"

(ooc) EDIT: sure all may join i think XD (ooc)

January 5th, 2005, 4:45 PM
*welcom to th RP Alex*

"Well I've been looking for this Viper so I can kick her behind and get my pet back, then I heard a scream and..., Oh yeah I think someones in trouble!"

January 5th, 2005, 4:46 PM
" really!" "then lets go explain to me on the way" "who is viper?"

January 5th, 2005, 4:55 PM
"well she's this mean snake demon, whos trying to take over the land, didn't you know? She's already destroyed some towns."

"she blew up my home and stole my pet"

January 5th, 2005, 4:57 PM
"she must control those demons who attacked me"

January 5th, 2005, 5:15 PM
Topaz's eyes started to tear. She looked up into the sky and thought, "Why me? Why could it be me?

January 5th, 2005, 5:19 PM
"Hey I think I see somone ahead! Lets go see!"

January 5th, 2005, 5:20 PM
"right behind you" "hey it looks kinda big"

January 5th, 2005, 5:21 PM
Topaz thought she heard somthing, but she wasn't very sure....

January 5th, 2005, 5:24 PM
"That girl is in trouble! Lets help!"*runs in*

January 5th, 2005, 5:25 PM
"hurry or somthing might happen!" "wait!" "isn't that who screamed?"

January 5th, 2005, 5:26 PM
Huh? W-who are you....?
Then, she faints.

January 5th, 2005, 5:39 PM
"lets help her!" "we need help!" "start shouting help!"

January 5th, 2005, 5:43 PM
"Wait I got it" I put my hand above her face and use my water powers to try and wake her up. *cold water splashes onto Topaz's face* "I hope this wakes her up"

January 6th, 2005, 6:38 AM
I saw two creature head toward the animal that had just poked up, I didn't know if they were friend and foe so i extracted my clws from my feet and flew at them at top speed. When i reached there they didn't seem hostile and were hudled around a passed out animal. "Let me in I can help" I said flying above them a little bit.

January 6th, 2005, 10:25 AM
"sure!" " but we need to get her to safer ground!" "do u know anyone who can heal or somthing!" then i thought i heard a twig snap in the woods but i was to busy

January 6th, 2005, 12:22 PM
"I have minor healing powers, and I can do this much" i said channeling my energy into the creatures body andnoticing the difference immitiately. I then fell to the ground, I had fainted.

January 6th, 2005, 1:32 PM
W-what? What's going on? Where am I?
Who are you?

January 6th, 2005, 2:28 PM
"We heard a scream so we came to see if anyone was in trouble" You had fainted and that dragon over there gave all his energy to heal you" *points toward the fainted Jasper*

January 6th, 2005, 2:40 PM
She opened her eyes and saw a dark shadowy figure. Topaz said, "WHO ARE YOU!!!"

January 6th, 2005, 6:28 PM
i came out of the shadows and said "it's ok now u need some rest lay down" "Kit try to get Jasper up"

January 7th, 2005, 1:31 PM
"okay I'll try" *splashes water on Jasper* "please wake up"

January 7th, 2005, 1:39 PM
"alright" i said "we need to get them to safer grounds but will have to stay here intill they get better" "that ok with u kit?"

January 7th, 2005, 1:54 PM
She got a little scared and said, "Umm, hello, my name is Topaz....and you are?

January 7th, 2005, 1:57 PM
" I'm Rancid and this is Kit" *points to kit trying to wake Jasper up* "we heard u scream and we came to see what happened"

January 7th, 2005, 2:03 PM
A bloody tear came down her cheek and she turned away. "I don't want to talk about it, you just won't understand....." She said very weak.

January 7th, 2005, 2:39 PM
"Is it about Viper?" "I heard she attacked Kit" "and me" "u need rest lay down"

January 7th, 2005, 2:46 PM
"Viper is a women, not a man!!" Shouted Topaz.

January 7th, 2005, 3:07 PM
(ooc) urr.. sorry (ooc)

"lay down get some rest your badly injured" "you need the engery get some rest"

January 7th, 2005, 3:13 PM
"yes, you need rest if you want to get better" *looks at Jasper* "hope hes okay..."

January 7th, 2005, 3:15 PM
"Kit get some sleep i'll be on watch" "i'll wake you up if somthing goes wrong ok?"

January 8th, 2005, 9:33 AM
I sat high up in a tree oblivious to the things happening below me. I continued to read about advance tachniques of wolves as my two faeries, Tekko and Tsubasa, slept beside me. Finally relizing what was happening below I put away my book and yelled down, "Hey you guys need some help?!"

January 8th, 2005, 9:42 AM
i looked at a tree branch high above the ground "who are you?" i yelled "what do you mean?" i said

January 8th, 2005, 9:35 PM
"Well your not exactly cheering down there. I know magic, maybe I can help." I suddenly reconsidered my desision (Me being a bit of a wimp and all). But I began to climb down anyway.

January 9th, 2005, 2:59 PM
" Do you know any spells to heal?" "we got a couple people down can you help?"

January 9th, 2005, 4:47 PM
Hey guys but im sorry im gonna have to drop out of this one, im on too many rps, I'm sorry guys bye bye

January 12th, 2005, 2:19 PM
OCC: OMG, where are the other members who joined? Did they forget or something?
We need more members if we could do the role-play.... :(

January 12th, 2005, 2:35 PM
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January 12th, 2005, 4:25 PM
Well I'm still here, but how do we countinue?

January 12th, 2005, 4:27 PM
ooc i don't know were the only ones in this

January 12th, 2005, 7:28 PM
ooc: I'm still here my mind just took a little vacation.

January 13th, 2005, 7:48 AM
Well, thats 4 people I guess we can start it again n_n

I made a sprite for my character, it's for when shes in human form n_n

January 13th, 2005, 12:57 PM
XD u still got da one with da afro (it's me with da afro ...not in real life though XD)

January 13th, 2005, 3:03 PM
Well, I guess we can continue. Seeing as we have 4 people back n_n sooooo..... Let the posts begen!!!!

January 13th, 2005, 3:05 PM
Everything seemed dark, I kept hearing voices in my mind. "The past is all that's gone and the future is yet to come...."

January 14th, 2005, 11:31 AM
"Uh yeah I guess I know a few." I hopped onto the ground and opened my pack. " Lets see..... Loopholes..... Mad cow.... Ah hear it is! Magic!" I flipped through the book and found the page I was looking for. "Spell requires one mushroom from the Hiko forest...." I searched through my pack again and found the mushroom. "Okay now who's this for?"

January 14th, 2005, 12:41 PM
"Umm, she needs to be healed*motions toward Topaz*, I think the dragon just needs a little rest" "thanks for your help"

January 14th, 2005, 4:00 PM
"No problem." I placed the mushroom on the ground. "Oh ya..." I looked through my pack again and grabbed my staff. I tapped the mushroom with the staffand spoke the magic words, "Hiko Mizu." A light shot out from the mushroom to Topaz. "That should do it."

January 14th, 2005, 4:09 PM
"Thanx but how long does it take to heal her?"

January 14th, 2005, 4:21 PM
"Should take a minute or two." I began packing up my stuff.

January 14th, 2005, 4:24 PM
" Well thanks for your help are we ever going to meet up again??"

January 14th, 2005, 5:17 PM
"I'm going after Viper. But I'm in no hurry." Well I really am but I'm not telling anyone that. "Hey Tekko, Tsubasa! Get down here!" I yelled at my faeries. Who amazingly were still sleeping.

January 15th, 2005, 6:34 AM
"Wait, we're going after Viper too!" "We should team up, Viper has a huge army of snake demons" "We're pretty much toast if we try to take her on on our own, but if we team up, our chances our much better!"

January 15th, 2005, 10:03 AM
" Good idea kit but we all need rest so how about tomarroow we start?"

January 15th, 2005, 12:32 PM
*Yawns* "Yeah, its getting late"
I've been chasing after viper all this time,I thought, A little rest won't kill me. Hmmmmm,*pulls out ball*
"Okay then, I'll stay in my fox form, that way if anyone tries to sneak up on us I'll hear them and wake up"
*turns into fox* So I drifted into sleep, my ears pointed up, scaning the area for any sound that did not belong.

January 15th, 2005, 6:00 PM
"Well now that Kit is asleep what will you do Cougra?" "Help us or go it's up to you"

January 15th, 2005, 6:25 PM
"I'd prefer to work alone, but it would be smarter if I travelled along with others." Seeing as Viper had defeated me previously I could really use the help. "I'll keep watch, I already slept." With that I transformed into my cougar form and hopped up into the tree. Where my two faeries still slept.

January 15th, 2005, 6:47 PM
" Ok you keep watch then if anyhting goes on wake me up" Then i went to my falcon form and flew up to a tree and slept

January 17th, 2005, 5:36 AM
"Zereahgia Moveknoisia Noi Jezisxiona Kioinia?"
Topaz lost her ability to speak english, after being biten by Viper, she could only speak her language of the "Zeraynios." A very powerful fox tribe.

January 18th, 2005, 3:11 PM
after waking up from hearing Topaz talking a strange language "Cougra?" i said looking up in a tree to find her sleeping "Cougra!" "Wake up!"

January 18th, 2005, 7:10 PM
"I'm not sleeping I'm meditating! It calms my mind so I can listen better!" Some people are so un informed...

January 19th, 2005, 12:16 PM
"O right then" "But i thought you said it would heal her?" "She is speaking a different language!"

January 19th, 2005, 2:10 PM
"There has been a curse placed on her and I can't heal curses. Shes speaking a fox dialect and a powerful one at that. I know a fairy that speaks that language in fact." I started to think. "I got it!" I pulled out one of my whistles and blew into it.

January 19th, 2005, 2:21 PM
Kyonia Gerayina Nio, Zeonian Kanana Raynious Kit??

January 19th, 2005, 6:37 PM
"Hold on" "When will the fariy be here?"

January 19th, 2005, 7:06 PM
"Right...About...Now!" I looked at the little fairy on the horizen. "KIRI KIRI!" I yelled. "KURI KURI!" She lunged at me. "How have you been?" "Great!" "Can you do me a favor and translate her for us?" "Sure!" "Thanks Nikki!"
(ooc: If you don't mind can you translate what you say using Nikki? It'd make this a whole lot easier.

January 24th, 2005, 2:10 PM
Nikki: She is saying that her parnets have been killed during battle and she wants to talk to Kit.

January 25th, 2005, 1:51 PM
At the sound of my name my ears twitched, and I woke up. I transformed back to human form and asked "Eh, did someone say my name?"

January 25th, 2005, 3:27 PM
Kyoina! Kyoina! (That means yes in "Zeraynios.")

January 25th, 2005, 4:29 PM
"Oh, Topaz is awake!" I walked over to Topaz and said."Are you okay?"

January 26th, 2005, 11:04 AM
Ninjoi Kocyio Muuchicmoc Raynio? (I guess so, can you help me?)

January 27th, 2005, 2:02 PM
"Sure" I said after listening to the fairys translations. "Anything to help someone in need"