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January 15th, 2012, 3:19 PM
In Japan, Ash has beaten Clay and recieved his 5th badge! He also has caught a lot of pokemon in Unova.

Well, what I am trying to get across here is that do you think the season is just meant to be a stand alone?

Example, season one Indigo Leauge, Ash got all Gym badges in one season and participated in the Kanto Leauge.

But, I would also like to intrestingly point out that sometimes Ash gets delayed by his traveling companions, because they have goals of thier own and aren't particularly just traveling with him because they're friends. (Execpt Brock and Misty).

May and Dawn both part take in contests so that adds to the delay in Ash's Gym battles in Hoenn and Sinnoh. But in the Johto Saga I can't find an exact reason why Ash would be traveling so slow. (Other than Storyboard Reasons) He should pretty much wrap up Johto in one Season.

The Sinnoh Saga has the most seasons under its belt, Four in total. It's also the season I personally haven't watched entirely. I only watched Sinnoh League Victors (Which is awsome BTW) and a few of the opening episodes.

Take a look at the seasons, and the rate of which Ash obtains badges.

Note: I recived my information from Bulbapedia, and this information is current, so please don't take my information of badges as incorrect. Although, if there is something I missed please feel free to correct me.

In the end, I somewhat hope we can get a general prediction or assumption of the direction of the pokemon anime.

Kanto Season
All his Gym badges in ONE season and partcipates in the Indigo Leauge.
(Also, we can count this as a Stand Alone Season.)

Orange Islands
(Stand Alone Season.)

Johto Seasons
Johto Journeys - Ash only defeated TWO GYM LEADERS by the end.
Johto Leauge Champions - At the end Ash has 5 gym badges
Master Quest - Got the rest of his Badges ; Partcipates in Silver Conference

Hoenn Seasons
Pokemon Advanced- Three Gym badges at Seasons end.
Pokemon Advanced Challange- Three more badges; six in total.
Advanced Battle- Last two badges. Partcipates in Evergrande Conference.

Battle Frontier
(Stand Alone Season)

Pokemon Sinnoh Seasons
Pokemon Dimond and Pearl- Only TWO BADGES at seasons end.
Pokemon D&P Battle Dimension- Three more badges; Five in the end.
Pokemon D&P Galatic Battles- Two more badges; Seven in the end.
Pokemon D&P Sinnoh League Victors- Last Badge, Sinnoh Leauge.

Pokemon Unova Season(s)
Pokemon Black and White - Five Gym badges (Subject to Change)
(Stand Alone?)

January 15th, 2012, 5:08 PM
A lot of it would seem to be because of the lack of Contest and a lesser extent of filler episodes. Most of the filler occuring between Castelia and Nimbasa. Iris doesn't really have that many episodes dedicated to her outside of episodes like Emolga ones, one with Amy stating her goal to become a Dragon Master, the back story with her and Excadrill, and then the Deino episode. Cilan Connoisseur thing isn't heavily focused on either. I mean about the only other Connoisseur we have seen is Burgundy.

Kanto: April 1st, 1997 - January 28, 1999 (about two years give or take 3 months). Episodes 081

Johto Journeys: October 14, 1999 - July 27, 2000 (10 months, not even half the time as Kanto) Episodes 41 (again half of Kanto).

Johto League Champions: August 3, 2000 - August 2, 2001 (nearly a year) 52 episodes

Basically you have two seasons that are the same duration as one which is why it seemed short. There has been speculation that Season 15 is going to occur soon beginning with Battle for the Underground. So it would only be 52 episodes. As far as pacing it would seem to be four badges. I recommend you check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vy_TCHECVFs&feature=player_embedded#! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vy_TCHECVFs&feature=player_embedded#%21)

Tl;dr Kanto time frame could have encompassed 2 seasons if they needed to. But it would seem they were already thinking of Johto at the time considering Ho-oh appearance in EP001 then you consider the 35 episodes of Orange Islands.